Undercover Rose 13 (Edited)

By Cindy and Walt


The time to dress for the dinner party arrived without warning.  I had to try to come up with something to wear.  Unlike those women who say I have nothing to wear, I really had nothing to wear.  Everything I owned had been provided by the Controller or I bought as needed.  I should have bought a dress before the party, but I honestly didn’t think about it.

What I did was wear a pair of skinny jeans which weren’t too stained.  I also wore a very tight, but thick tee shirt.  The fact that it was thick would have helped to keep if from being sexy, if I had worn a bra.  Naturally I didn’t.  It wasn’t just my idea to go into spy mode.  The Controller also wanted to know more about Jeremy and Alice.

It was obvious they weren’t stalking me, since they were living in Farmer’s Grove before me.  Still there were some questions about their background.  It would be nice to solve the mystery tonight and stop worrying about them.

I walked up to their door and found the outside light came on before I reached the porch.  The exterior lights were obviously on a motion sensor, since it took Alice several minutes to answer the door. 

When she opened the door, she had a more confident smile than the last time we met.  I guess being in her own home gave her more confidence.  “Hello, Rose,” she said still smiling.

“Hello, I stopped by Helen’s and brought you this,” I said handing her the banana pudding she had requested.

“Very good, Jeremy is outside grilling,” she said.

“Oh really, what’s for dinner?” I asked.

“Grilled pork loin and baked potatoes are this weeks special,” she said and smiled.  “I hope you like them.”

“I have no religious objections, so damn right I do,” I said.

“Good, we kind of thought with that beautiful blond hair you weren’t Muslim or anything.  Of course Jeremy does love pork,” she informed me. 

On the way out to the deck we stopped by the kitchen where she gave me a bottle of Michelob Amber Bock beer.  “Thanks Alice I do love bock beer,” I said.

“Good it’s the only kind of beer Jeremy drinks.  He insists we have beer with all our cookout food,” she also informed me.

“So how long have you and Jeremy been together?” I asked just before I stepped onto the rather large deck.

“All my life, Jeremy is my brother, not my husband,” she said.

“Oh I’m sorry,” I said trying to apologize for jumping to conclusions.

“Don’t be sorry.  People are always thinking that.  We were always close Jeremy and I,” she said. 

I fought off the urge to ask how close.  Instead I asked,  “Are you guys from Farmer’s Grove?”  I knew I was about to learn something.  We were on the deck by the time I asked.

“No,” Jeremy answered for her.  “Our father was an oil man.  We were born in Belize but we have lived all over.  We went to school in Europe then decided to come to America.  Now we live here.”

“Well I for one am glad you decided to come live in the colonies,” I replied with a great smile.

“Ah, a Yank with a sense of humor.  I like that.” he said.

“Good,” I replied.

“From the way he is looking at you, that isn’t all my brother likes,” Alice said with a full out laugh.  It almost startled me, since it was so out of character for her.

“You seem to appreciate Rose’s look as well Alice,” Jeremy said.

I didn’t know what to say so I changed the subject.  “That looks really great.  Where do you buy your meat?”

“The Country Meat Market, it sits about five miles past Helen’s diner,” Jeremy said.  “The have everything.  Where the owner gets it, he won’t tell his customers.  Since it is all government approved.  I don’t press him.”

“If it is as good as it smells, I don’t blame you,” I said taking a drink of my beer.

“Oh it is, I promise,” Alice said.  I noticed she kept staring at my body. 

It should have made me nervous, but I really didn’t mind.  Hell, as a matter of fact they both stared at me.  I guess it was wrong that I was flattered, but I was.  I was also feeling just a little sexually excited.

At almost that exact moment I realized Jeremy was putting the meat on a plate.  “Well the food is ready.  Let’s eat.”

Since Alice had set the small table on the deck, we didn’t have to go far.  I got to the table and started to sit, but before I could put my ass in a chair Jeremy asked, “Get us a beer Rose please.”  I didn’t much like his tone, but I figured it was my payment for dinner, so I returned to his kitchen and carried three of the beers out to the deck.

“Open it,” he said.

Now at that point I looked around for something sharp just in case I wanted to make a point.  There was nothing close, so I opened the beer for him.

“Please sit Rose,” Alice said.

I sat down and Jeremy held up his glass and said, “To friends and family.”

He acted as if nothing had happen, though he could clearly tell I was irritated.  I tried to act as if I had taken no notice of Jeremy’s actions.

“I have to admit the food is delicious,” I said.

“Yes it is Jeremy as usual,” Alice said.

“Why thank you both, so eat up and enjoy,” he said.

During the balance of the meal Jeremy was nothing but genial.  The conversation was lively and filled with stories of Jeremy and Alice’s travels.  It seemed they had indeed lived all over the world.

Alice got the next round of beer and served us just I had done earlier.  I was struck by the thought that maybe Jeremy had a low regard for women, but it didn’t seem to be malicious.  It was more like maybe he developed it from some of the cultures he had been exposed to when he was young. 

“Here is to us,” Alice said.

“Yes to us all,” Jeremy agreed.

I just clicked the glasses and drank my beer.  I was getting over being pissed at Jeremy by that time.

Alice went in and got the banana pudding and brought us each a bowl of it.  It was good and topped off a great meal.

“Alice could I help you clear the table?” I asked.

“That would be lovely.”  The answer didn’t come from Alice.  It came from Jeremy.  He saw how I looked at him and added.  “Alice would never admit it, but she is hoping you two can become friends.”

“Why of course we can,” I said to Alice who smiled at me then at Jeremy.  It seemed a little weird, but I put it down to being brought up in a different culture.

“Good,” she said as she led the way into the kitchen.  I was holding Jeremy’s and my own plate filled with tableware.  “Jeremy won’t eat off paper plates.”

“Really that must make picnics difficult,” I said with a smile.

“I have to take plates from home, if we go to a picnic,” Alice said with a wide smile.  “Living with Jeremy can be challenging but it can also be rewarding.”

“I can see the challenge, but I have somehow miss the rewarding parts,” I said seriously.

“Oh Jeremy offers his own kind of rewards.  It’s just something you have to be willing to experience,” she suggested.

She seemed to be subtly pimping for him.  It didn’t matter to me to be honest.  I felt mellow from the beer, so I wasn’t really concerned nor was I in any hurry to find out what his great reward was either.  I mean I knew I should have been concerned, but I just wasn’t.  What I really felt was a little drunk from only three beers.  I usually had a higher tolerance for the stuff.

Alice handed me two more beers and asked, “Why don’t you carry one to Jeremy?  He would really like that.”

I didn’t have any objection to doing it.  I didn’t even resent his condescending attitude.  It was just a fact which I accepted.  When I handed him the beer he said, “Thank you Rose.  That is much better.  Now say thank you.”

I said it without bothering to analyze it, “Thank you.”

“Did you know that your nipples are hard, are you cold Rose?” he asked.  “Or are you just enjoying the company.”

“Was that a line from a movie?” I asked with a smile.

“Ah the Yank with the sense of humor shows up again.  I do hope this one stays and replaces the irritable one,” Alice said this time.

“I promise I will try to keep bitch me hidden,” I said.

“Has this Rose ever been naked in front of people who were not her lovers?” Jeremy asked.

I wasn’t so mellow that I missed the alarm going off in my head.  “What?” I asked.

“Have you ever been to a nudist resort,” Alice asked completing his thought.

“No never, I think I would be terrified in such a place,” I replied.

“Well I can tell you would be quite a hit, if you ever did,” Jeremy said.  “Maybe we could help you not to be terrified at all.”

“Oh and how would you do that?” I asked. 

Rather than answer he looked at Alice.  Without a word Alice stood up, then removed her knit top.  She stood there only a second in her bra and skirt before she removed the skirt.  She was looking deep into Jeremy’s eyes, as if they were lovers.  It was obvious she was stripping for Jeremy, and Jeremy alone.  I wondered what the true relationship was.  I also wondered if I was going to find out sooner than later.

When she removed her bra her breast sagged but they were a respectable size.  If she had worn a push up bra, she would have had breast as large as mine.  Unlike me she had very large flat nipples.  They were somewhat erect, but the tips were small.  They were enough to make Jeremy smile.

“So what are you thinking?” Jeremy asked me.

“That your sister obviously enjoys pleasing you,” I said trying to make it sound less accusing than I felt.

“Yes Alice does try to please me.  She is in many ways a traditional sister like those in some of the Indian tribes of Peru.  In those tribes the girls show off their bodies everyday.  The never wear clothes in their houses.  Alice is like that, aren’t you dear?” he asked.

“Yes Jeremy,” she said softly.

“Well it would certainly save them a lot of money,” I said with a smile.

“Well they are very poor, but that isn’t the reason.  It is because they enjoy being seen by the men in their families.  Isn’t that right Alice?” Jeremy asked.

“Yes it is father,” she said.

“Father?” I asked confused.  It would be physically impossible for Jeremy to be her biological father.

“Yes Jeremy is my spiritual father,” she said.  “He takes care of me and ask nothing.  Nothing except I do the right things.”

“That is correct.  Now finish your task,” Jeremy demanded.

“Yes father,” she said as she removed her skirt, then her panties.  She stood there naked for Jeremy and I to view her.  I was so relaxed I enjoyed the view.  Her hips were a little wide and she had a small tummy but other wise she was quite lovely.  Her short blond hair was badly styled.  It made her look like a dowdy housewife, but the look in her eyes belied that.

“Rose wouldn’t you like to join Alice?” he asked.

“I don’t think so,” I heard myself but I didn’t recognize my own voice.  I felt like I was losing control.  I also felt like Jeremy knew it.

“Rose I would like it very much if you just relaxed, and take your clothes off for us,” he said.  “Now please stand up.”

I stood up without commenting on it.  I still wasn’t sure I would take my clothes off.

“Now remove that shirt you are wearing,” he said.  He obviously knew nothing about women’s clothes, or he chose to defeminize me.  Even so I removed my top revealing that I wore no bra. 

“It’s obvious that she enjoys our attention,” Alice said to Jeremy.  I noticed again that she was standing close beside me.  “Just look at her breasts.  I’ll bet when she take those jeans off she has soaked through her panties.” 

She turned her attention to me.  “Have you soaked your panties Rose?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” I replied.

“Of course you know,” Jeremy said very gently.  I would have expected him to be stern but he wasn’t at all.  He was kind like a friend with my best interest at heart.  “Now Rose answer Alice truthfully.”

“Yes Alice I have soaked my panties,” I said.

“And you are sure of that?” she asked.

“Yes I am sure of it,” I said quietly.

“You should not be ashamed of wetting your panties,” Jeremy said.  “It happens quite often to Alice.  Doesn’t it dear?”

“Yes Jeremy and you like it, don’t you,” she asked in return.  She was almost standing up to him, but not quite.

“Yes I like when you are turned on.  It softens you and adds more depth to your character,” Jeremy said.  “Now Rose, please remove your jeans and show us your wet panties.”  It was a demand not a request, but I really didn’t mind at all.

I removed my jeans with some difficulty, then stood there in only my white bikini panties.  I was sure Jeremy and Alice were staring at the wet spot which began between my legs and radiated out.  It would be visible from the front and rear.  I was making so much lubrication that my panties were uncomfortable.

“Would you like to remove your panties Rose?” Alice asked.  “We would like for you to remove them.”  I slipped my thumbs inside the band but Alice’s voice stopped me.  “No answer me first.”

“Yes I would like to take my panties off for you,” I said.  I realized that I really did want to do it.  If I had just gone ahead and done it, I would have been just obeying a command.  When Alice made me say it, I realized that I enjoyed the effect I had on them. 

Alice put her hand between her naked legs and rub her clit.  Jeremy just smiled, but his eyes showed a heavy dose of lust.

“Now that the panties are gone,” he said.  “You look so much better.”

“Oh I agree,” Alice said.  She seemed to be enjoying my nudity as much as Jeremy.

I pushed them across the floor with my foot.  It was interesting to see which of them would lean over to pick them up, if anyone did.  I wasn’t surprised that it was Alice who retrieved them from the floor and added them to her pile of clothes.  I wondered if she planned to keep them as a souvenir.  I really didn’t care if she did.  It was just a passing thought.

“Rose would you like to make Alice feel good.  You know she did work awfully hard on that dinner,” Jeremy said.  As if on cue Alice smiled sweetly, then opened her legs wide.  She was shaved smooth of course.  When I lowered myself into a kneeling position, I noticed beads of thick liquid clinging to her vulva.  It seemed that she was lubricating just like me.

I felt her hands reach around my head, then draw me to her.  I could smell her sexual excitement as I allowed myself to be drawn to her body.  I could feel her excitement and was happy for her.  I kissed her lips down there, then tongued her clit.

She seemed so into the sexual act that I think she almost hated when she orgasmed and collapsed onto the sofa where she sat.  She got very quiet.  I really did not know what to think.

“Don’t stop,” Jeremy said.  “When she comes around you want to be between her legs.  Alice can be very loving.” 

I continued to manipulate her clit.  I licked it up and down.  When she began to respond again, I licked the swollen lips below it.  Alice moaned and groaned.  She had slipped down until she was almost lying on the sofa.

“Finger her ass,” Jeremy demanded.  Even though I had never done that to woman, I reached under her and inserted a finger into her ass.  I didn’t feel the resistance I would have expected.  It was like she was ready for me, but I knew that was impossible.  She might have just been stretched.  If Jeremy had done it, he had a huge penis.  I didn’t make any judgments about that at all.  If he was doing her, there was nothing more to it than that.

When Jeremy gave me more directions, I followed them as closely as possible.  I was rewarded by a face that was covered with her lubricant and whatever other fluids she expelled during her wild orgasmic moments.  When she released my head I thought it was over for a while.  I was wrong of course.

“Come here Rose,” Jeremy said.

I moved down the sofa to where he had spread his legs.  He had also unzipped his pants which left me staring at the thick head of his penis.  He was smiling and holding his penis up for me. 

“Come on you beautiful cocksucker,” he said.  I couldn’t help it I shivered.  “I want to feel your beautiful mouth on my dick.”

I couldn’t speak because his cock filled my mouth.  I slipped easily into a place where I had been on my first undercover assignment.  I had his cock in my mouth and I nursed on it lovingly.  It wasn’t just a cock it was a warm, smooth piece of Jeremy.  I could feel the effect I was having on him.  He tried his best to drive his cock into my mouth.  I tightened my mouth against his cock using my tongue to push up on the under side.  He continued to pump me, so I had nothing to do but make my mouth as tight as a virgins pussy.  Yes I was thinking that way at that moment.

I could feel my skin crawl as he tensed and his cock grew in my mouth.  I knew he was about to shoot his load down my throat.  He pressed hard against the opening to my throat as he choked me with his cum.  I turned away and made noises which are usually a precursor to my stomach emptying. 

“Don’t you do it,” Alice admonished me.  I fought back the desire to retch.  “Don’t waste a drop of daddy’s cum.”  When she saw I was going to hold it down, she added, “That our good girl.”

I stood and tried to clear my mind.  Before I could Jeremy was up and kissing me.  His tongue drove into my mouth and raised my temperature drastically.  I was forcing my body against his as tight as I could. 

When we broke the kiss, Alice turned me to her and replaced Jeremy.  Her tongue was smaller but it had the same effect on me.  I could not get close enough and I couldn’t get enough of the feel of her soft breast pressed against my hard ones.  I wanted to suck on her nipples, but I didn’t dare ask.  They were running the show.  I couldn’t help myself.  I wanted to see what they had planned next.

“Rose, ask me to fuck you in the ass dear,” Jeremy said.

I shook my head but Alice came to my rescue.  “Rose honey you know you want Jeremy to do it, don’t you.”  I nodded.  “Then honey you need to ask.”

“Please fuck me in the ass,” I said.

“Get on the floor with those beautiful tits in Alice’s lap,” he demanded.  I did as he directed then he said, “Now spread for me.”  I reached back and pulled my butt cheeks apart.

“Do you want lubricant,” he asked.

“Yes please,” I whispered.  A second later I felt something thick and slippery enter my rectum.  He packed it in thick.  He was at least doing all he could to make it somewhat comfortable for me.  I was glad that he was doing that.  I still didn’t like anal sex, but at least he wouldn’t tear me, I thought.

He was bent over, not on his knees.  I knew why.  He would get more drive in that position.  I could only imagine the feelings he would create in me.  It always left me for at least a day feeling as if I had to evacuate my bowels.  I would also be reminded of why I felt that way every time I sat on the toilet.

I could feel his cock working its way inside me.  He had used enough lube so that he didn’t have to work it in.  He just pushed hard and forced his cock deep inside me.  I groaned at the weird feeling.  It was not a groan of pleasure, but not of pain either.  It was just the weird sensation of things being pushed the wrong way inside me.

Without warning I felt a hand move under me, then slide down between my legs from the top.  Within seconds a hand belonging to Alice was massaging my clit.  She held my right breast in her other hand.  I was fighting hard not to turn on but it was an impossible task.

“That’s right Rose fuck back at me.  Rock your ass for me cunt,” Jeremy said. 

I would have been offended, if I weren’t ready to explode.  I would allow nothing to get in the way of that orgasm.  When the orgasm broke I had to go with it.  There was no way anything would interfere with it.  I know I couldn’t bring myself to retake control of myself.  I simply gave in to it.  It rolled on and on.  I wasn’t sure whether it would stop before I went mad.

“You are one hot fuck,” Alice said to me.  I could not even comprehend what she meant let alone answer.  “Say thank you Mommy.”

“Thank you Mommy,” I said in a raspy voice.  The rasp was probably from the bile I had to swallow earlier.  When Jeremy withdrew his cock from me, I felt the semen being dragged with it.  I knew that my ass would leak semen most of the next day at the picnic.  I would have to wear a liner inside my panties the next day.

I staggered to my feet and my head began to spin.  “Now Rose, you need to come lay down dear,” Alice said.

I followed her to a king sized bed in a rather large bedroom.  I was ready for sleep for sure.  So when she suggested I sleep there, I was totally on board with it.  I was on the bed about a minute when I fell into a deep sleep.  I did wake up when they pushed me into the middle of the bed.  Alice was on my right and Jeremy on my left.  I didn’t realize it till I awoke the next morning.  I was surprised that I had no hangover, considering how I had felt the night before.

Before I knew it and without even asking Jeremy was on top of me pumping away.  I was in no mood to argue so I let him finish.  Shortly after, I got dressed and left.  They asked me to stay for breakfast, but I was out the door too quickly to even respond.

I went home, fell onto my cheap sofa, and slept some more.  I did wake up in time to shower and dress for the picnic.  Since it was going to be in progress all day, I didn’t rush.  I followed the directions to reach the small pond.  When I arrived almost instantly Carlos and his brother met me in the parking area.

“Juan will show you to the food, I have to stay and greet the guest,” Carlos said.

“Okay where do I make my donation?” I asked.  I wanted to be sure to get that done early and to be seen doing it.  I didn’t want anyone to doubt that I did things right.

“It is by the table with the food.  Please don’t feel you have to make a donation your work went a long way to get my family through the slow times,” Carlos said.

“That has nothing to do with this,” I said.  “But since I don’t want to seem like a rich Gringa showing off, tell me what the donation usually run.”

“Anywhere from five to ten dollars is enough really,” he said.  “You are also right not to give too much.  It might look like you were less than genuine.”

“After I eat I am coming back to the truck to get my fishing stuff,” I said.

“Very well,” Carlos said.  “The children will be glad to have you.”

“Good,” I said as I turned to follow Juan.  I went through the line under the tent.  The women kept insisting that I was too skinny, so they overfilled my plate.  As I pass the donation table I dropped a ten dollar bill into the donation box.  I tasted everything, but really only ate a chili dish.  It was all delicious but one can only eat so many variations of the same ingredients. 

I ate with several people I had never met, but they didn’t mind.  They practiced their poor English on me.  Their poor English was much better than my nonexistent Spanish.

After I finished I threw my paper plate away, then walked back to the car.  I got my plastic bag with the fishing kit and pole inside.  It also held my worms so with that bag, I was ready to assault the fish.

There were two boys and a girl fishing in the pond when I got there.  One of the boys helped me put the kit together.  When he finished I shared my worms with them.  The shared their bread dough with me in return.  I stayed there with the children fishing for about two hours.  While I was there a lot more children passed by.  The younger ones to see the Blond Gringa.  The older ones, as Carlos had warned me, were there to stare at my tits.  It was okay since I expected it.

I spoke to the teenage boy who had helped me put the pole together,  “You guys can have the rest of my bait and good luck.”

“You do not fish like a girl at all.  You don’t mind getting your hands dirty, and the fish do not frighten you,” he said in return.

“They would frighten me, if they had guns or knives, not much else frightens me,” I said with a smile.

After the picnic I drove home and fell asleep on the sofa again.  It was much cooler in the living room than it was in the sleeping loft.  So I slept until 9 PM.  When I awoke it was to find my slightly off balance feeling was gone.

I thought about how I felt sitting on the sofa before I headed to the shower.  I decided that Jeremy and Alice had drugged me.  It wasn’t a very strong drug and certainly not a Ruffie.  More like a mild tranquilizer, I guessed.  I didn’t mind after all it wasn’t a zombie drug, just something to relax me, I concluded.  I could go back and kill them both, I thought.  That thought made me laugh.  I would hardly kill anyone over my virtue.  Especially when I had enjoyed the experience. 

It appeared that the Jeremy and Alice show would continue to run.  I wondered what they had in store for me next.  I had noticed a small pub in County Seat and made plans to visit it.  The plan had been for that Saturday night, but I just wasn’t up to anything resembling sex.  Before and after the picnic, I spent a lot of time on the toilet.  Most of it was false alarms but I wasn’t going to take any chances.

Sunday was a typical day in the life of a person who didn’t exist.  I rode the bike to Helen’s Crossroads Diner.  I had my usual and allowed the waitress to flirt with me.

“Want to see my new tat?” she asked.

“Oh where is it before I commit?” I asked as an answer.

“Oh you have a dirty mind lady,” she commented.  “The tat is on my back.  I got it to cover up some jail house tattoos of initials.  You know my girl friend in the joint.”

“Oh my, does Helen know you hit on the customers?” I asked.

“No, but you wont tell.  You got something to hide just like me and Helen.  I can see it in your eyes,” the waitress said.

“You are a lousy judge of people,” I suggested.

“If you say so,” she said.  She left without showing me the tat.

On the drive home I asked myself, was it really that obvious that I wasn’t who I said I was.  I doubted that she knew what I was hiding.  It was probably just a lucky guess.  According to her statement on a previous visit to the restaurant, she and Helen had done federal time.  Helen for a strong armed robbery of a customer inside a post office.  The things people do for a fix. 

Rachel the waitress did her time at the same prison.  Rachel had been part a group running guns to gang bangers in the north where guns were hard to get.  ATF put an end to the deal and the Federal Judge gave her five years.


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6 Responses to Undercover Rose 13 (Edited)

  1. KiwiChris says:

    Nice chapter!
    Jeremy & Alice are playing with fire 🙂

  2. jack says:

    A great read first thing on monday morning, Thanks

  3. The Mage says:

    Yet another great read! Thanks!!!

    I was surprised that after going through church camp training that our girl does not habitually carry Porter knives, or some other weapon. As a woman there is the fact that if forced to strip one usually keeps her jewelry on. With that in mind there are pendants that have hidden razor sharp knives hidden inside. How about our girl getting one of those? Just a thought.

    Again thanks for sharing your stories with us. 🙂

    The Mage.

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