Undercover Rose 14 (Edited

By Cindy and Walt


Sunday passed in a bit of a fog.  I chose not to do anything simply because I still wasn’t quite right.  I didn’t do my drawing practice, because I just wasn’t very creative in the fog.

The first assignment was to draw with a number two black pencil.  I had not done that since I was in high school, but I was looking forward to it.  The idea was to do shapes before we moved on to shading and the more advanced techniques.

I just hung out at home watching TV on the net.  I caught up on several of the shows I followed.  It really wasn’t a bad way to spend my time. 

Since I had the large freezer and one of the people at the picnic recommended the frozen pizza from Walmart, I decided to give it a try.  I needed milk and cereal, so I decided to give the frozen pizza a try as long as I was at the Walmart Store.

I bought three of them, a box of brand flakes, a box of raisins and milk.  I also bought some 16oz cokes.  Since my dorm sized refrigerator was made for an office, it had no freezer compartment.  That being the case I would have to store the milk in empty coke bottles down in the freezer. 

I was back home by 1 PM and had the food put away.  I had stopped by one of the drive-through windows in the parking lot of the Home Depot Plaza.  It happened to be a Burger King.  I remembered the big messy burger from my youth, so it’s kind of a trip down memory lane.

The worst of the dopey feeling was gone by four PM, but I still didn’t want to do anything.  I visited a chatroom to masturbate.  It was my substitute for reading or watching pornography.  It was kind of interactive porn.  To me it was a large step forward in pornography.  The one thing I never did was give up any personal information, like instant messenger addresses or turn on the web cam.  I had been warned to try to keep the chances of being hacked to a minimum.  Even without that warning I had learned enough from my new status in life to know how easy it was to get to a person if you had just a little information.

The concern about being hacked was why all the programs on all my computers were Linux.  There were so few users no one bothered to make commercial hacking software for them.  Even the Linux programs I used were heavily encrypted for the most part especially the emails from the controller.

I went around the Internet Sunday evening then fell asleep on the sofa again.  The sleeping loft bed wasn’t any more comfortable than the oversize sofa.  That being the case there was no loss of comfort in staying downstairs.  Not to mention it was cooler.

When I awoke on Monday morning, I was 100% myself again.  I rode the bike to Helen’s then chatted with the waitress.  We discussed tats in general.  She asked, “Do you have any?”

“I have to admit that I do not,” I replied to her question.

“Why don’t you consider it.  I could take you to a really good guy I know.  You could get a discrete one.  Maybe on your butt so your panties would hide it in all but the sexiest circumstances,” she suggested.

“I don’t think so, at least not right now.  That will take some thought,” I replied.

“Well let me know when you are ready,” she suggested.

“I will do that, thanks,” I said.

When I left Helen’s I rode a little farther before I headed home.  It was a nice ride actually.  I noticed that it was enjoyable only after it was over and I arrived home.  I also noted the car in the driveway.

“Well hello Jeremy,” I said upon recognizing him.

“Hello Rose, we are having a few friends over Friday night we would really like you to be there,” he said.

“I do hope it isn’t going to be like the last one,” I suggested.

“The sex is up to you, but it is a nude party,” he said.

“Well, I’m still not sure how I feel about that, but I will think about it and let you know for sure by Thursday,” I suggested.

“Fair enough.  Alice and I do hope you will join us.  You are sort of one of us now,” he said.

“I’m not real sure how that makes me feel,” I said.

“You should feel good about it.  We were very impressed with you,” he said.

“Well, I do hope you aren’t inviting me because you plan to do that again.  I think you drugged me,” I said seriously.  “If you did, I am not happy, and if you ever do it again, I will make you pay for it.”  I have no idea what came over me, but I really felt that Jeremy and Alice might need a lesson of some kind.  “It’s one thing to invite me to a party, it’s something else to drug me.”

“Okay we did give you a tranquilizer, but it would not cause you to do anything you really didn’t want to do,” Jeremy said.

“Yeah that’s what I thought, but don’t ever do that again,” I said.

“Okay,” he replied.  “So will you come?”

“Can I bring a girlfriend.  She might like it.”

“Of course you can,” he said.  “As long as she is good with nudism.”

“I’ll ask before I invite her,” I promised.

I didn’t invite Jeremy in and it didn’t appear to upset him.  He just nodded, then got back into his car and drove away.  I spent the day working on my house and playing around on the Internet.  Sure I wanted to do something more interesting, but nothing seemed to strike my fancy.

Tuesday I rode the bike then pulled into Helen’s for breakfast.  Rachel, the waitress with the criminal record, was working so I decided to mention the nudist party.  I planned to ask her out on a kind of a date.

“You want the usual?” she asked with her sexy smile.

“Yes the usual,” I said.  Can you imagine us going into a room full of naked people and introducing ourselves as Rachel and Rose?” I asked with a big laugh.

“What the hell are you talking about Rosy?” she asked.

“We are invited to a nudist party Friday night.  That is if you want to go with me,” I said.

“Of course I want to go with you.  I know where you live someone pointed it out to me.  I’ll be there Friday, what time?”

Make it something after eight.  They should have food there.  We can get a sandwich on the way just in case.  Liquor and naked old men on an empty stomach and I might just be sick,” I said.

“Yeah why don’t I bring something with me.  We can have a picnic on your deck before we leave for the party,” Rachel suggested.

“Fine, but Rachel how did you know I had a deck.  Are you stalking me?” I asked.  I wasn’t at all worried just in case she found out something, I figured that Rachel likely wasn’t squeamish, but then neither was I in case she had to go.

“Carlos told me he was working on your house.  I have never seen it inside, but I pretty much know what it is like from the outside,” she said.

“Well show up Friday between seven and eight, you will get the grand tour,” I suggested.

“Good, I’ll look forward to it,” Rachel said.

I have to admit I pretty much believed her.  I mean, I probably was the most interesting woman who went to Helen’s for breakfast, but then the others were retired or farmers.  It wouldn’t be much of a feat to be the most interesting.  Rachel probably asked around and was told about Carlos and the country store.

If Rachel was street smart, and I had no doubt that she was, getting the information from Carlos without his knowing would be simple.  If she did no more than satisfy her own curiosity, then all was well in Farmer’s Grove.  Anything else and Rachel might need to disappear.

Nothing to do now but play the hand I had been dealt.  “So bring the sandwiches and I’ll have the beer ready,” I suggested.  I spent the next three days at my routine and waiting for something to happen.  Either for the Controller to send me a message or just simply for time to pass.  In the end passing time won out.

Friday evening came before anyone saved me.  I wasn’t crazy about my agreement with Rachel, or even Jeremy and Alice for that matter.  Still it would be something to break the monotony.

I saw Rachel every morning for breakfast, and every morning in a whisper she asked me some burning question about the party.  “Rose when you say nudist do you really mean completely nude?” she asked the first morning after I invited her.

“Of course I mean completely nude.  Do you have a problem with that?  I can probably find someone else to go,” I said.

“No problem, I just wanted to know,” she informed me.  The day of the party at breakfast she asked me, “We don’t go into the house naked do we?”

“I don’t know about you, but I’m not.  I plan on making a big show out of getting naked,” I informed her.

Slightly before 7 PM on that Friday night Rachel showed up with a white paper bag filled with two Philly Steak and Cheese sandwiches.  I managed to find half a bag of potato chips on the shelf.  We had a single beer each with our sandwiches, then left for Jeremy and Alice’s place.  Even though Rachel asked, I told her nothing at all about the people throwing the party.

We drove the couple of hundred yards to the scene of the party in my pickup truck.  I was sure Rachel’s old car would make it, I just suggested my truck so that I could leave whenever I wanted.  The driveway led all the way back to a small parking area.  I knew from the last time that the parking area normally held only one car, since Alice didn’t drive.

Jeremy’s car was there plus three others.  I found that interesting.  “How many people do you reckon are here,” Rachel asked.

“Could be just one per car, or like us a couple.  However they could have run car pools.  The only way to know is go inside,” I suggested.

“Gee, why didn’t I think of that?” she said.

“It’s in the genes I expect,” I said teasing her.

The door was opened by Alice who was in the party mood.  She turned us over to a pretty dumpy looking woman.  The woman was naked as the day she was born, and in her case I would have paid her to put her clothes back on.  She was painfully unattractively naked.  She had the belly thing going.  It wasn’t bad, but not at all attractive on a naked lady.

“Come this way I’ll take your clothes then introduce you around,” she said.  Alice told me her name but frankly I found her extremely forgettable.

She led us to a walk in closet with hooks on the wall.  I removed my jeans and top.  Then I hung them on the hook numbered 14.  Since all the other hooks had clothes on them, my guess was there were 13 other guest at the party, a sign that the others had indeed carpooled.  With the size of the parking lot carpooling would make sense.

“So you doing okay?” I asked the naked Rachel.

“When you invited me, I though you and I would be the party.  Then when it sank in that you weren’t kidding about a party, I wasn’t sure how I felt about being naked in front of strangers.  I still don’t know how to keep the panic down,” she said.

“Relax you look great,” I said.

“Not as great as you,” she replied.

“Yes but mine is the best body that I could afford, yours is all you.  Not only that you have gorgeous tattoos,” I explained.

“The best that money can buy,” she said smiling at me.

“You probably have more in your tats than I do in this body by fisher,” I said with a smile.

“I would kill for boobs like those,” she said. 

“Careful someone might overhear you,” I replied with a laugh.

“Right, careful what I say in the house of strangers, especially strangers who are all naked.  These people are going to say worse before the night is over I’m sure.  They will probably do worse as well,” she suggested.

“Remember Rachel, you do not have to do anything you don’t want to do.  You knew it was nudist, so that shouldn’t be too much of a problem,” I said.

“Nudism and perversion aren’t the same,” she said.

“No they aren’t and I’ll back you, if you want to opt out anywhere along the line.  I have no idea how rough it gets, but I do know where my clothes are hanging,” I said with a smile.

“You know this is kinda weird,” Rachel said.

“Oh this from miss conventional,” I said pointing to her tats.  She was covered in them they went from Japanese to the cartoon ones.

“Hey that is art,” she said.

“Yes I know it’s art, but I don’t think high society is ready for it yet.  This is the kind of party were you can show them off,” I said.

“Okay Rose, I’ll suck it up and get along with the nice people,” she said.

Just then Jeremy came over.  He kissed me quickly and then kissed Rachel on the cheek.  “My god Rose, who is the gorgeous creature?” he asked.

“This is my friend Rachel,” I said with a smile.

“She is absolutely beautiful,” Jeremy said.

“Thank you, but my breast sag and my ass is too wide,” Rachel said.

“That isn’t important you have the soul of an artist, I can tell,” he said.  “You have that beautiful body that just glows it is so beautiful.”

“Well they tell me I’m the illustrated woman,” she said.  “It’s my one addiction these days.”

“Well I can’t think of a better one,” Jeremy suggested.

“Thank you,” Rachel said.

“Well get out there and mingle,” Jeremy said. 

At first both Rachel and I were nervous but after a while we seemed to be getting into the swing of being naked.  Neither one of us was exactly super moral girls, so we slid easily into our parts.  We walked around posing since I was the youngest and Rachel the most unusual looking women there.  We spent a lot of time on the dance floor and entertaining people as well.  Many of those present were doing drugs, but I managed to avoid them.  I was almost positive Rachel turned down the coke as well.

I did have one problem by midnight.  I was developing an itch that Rachel couldn’t scratch.  It was going to be a problem, but I was sure I hadn’t been drugged this time.  I was too alive and excited.  It was from seeing a half dozen men with their cocks hanging out.  Most were just an average size, within and inch of six inches, but of course Jeremy’s cock was larger.  I could remember it well.

“You are on the prowl for dick, aren’t you?” Rachel asked.  “I can tell by the look in your eye.”

“No offense but you just can’t scratch this itch,” I said.

“Just remember who you came with,” she said with a knowing smile.

“Oh I will,” I said.  “Right now, see that white hair guy by the bar.”

“The sixty year old one?” Rachel asked.

“He isn’t sixty maybe fifty,” I said.  “I think he is the one.”

“Do you have any idea how to go about it?” she asked.

“No, I hope he does though,” I laughed.  “Since unlike us this isn’t his first rodeo.”

“Okay, you go for that and I’m going to buddy up with Alice.  She has been giving me sexy looks since we got here.  I’m going to fuck her.  If not tonight then soon,” Rachel said.

“Good for you, but I think they do that here, if they do it at all outside the confines of the club.  You might find she is joined at the hip with Jeremy, so if you can’t handle both try one of the many dumpy wives,” I suggested.

“Oh no you tried her.  If she is part of the package with Jeremy, I guess I will just go for it,” she said walking away from me.  Before I knew it Rachel was dancing with Alice and rubbing her ass as well.  I liked that Rachel wasn’t acting jealous and I liked that she knew she couldn’t compete with a man on his own terms, but neither could a man compete with Rachel on her own terms either.

After a while I looked around for Rachel and Alice.  I couldn’t find hide nor hair of them.  I laughed to myself.  The convict found a warm bed, I could tell.

“So what’s so funny Rose?” The somewhat older owner of the bed and breakfast asked.

“Oh just all of us,” I replied and laughed again.  “Running so hard so as not to get stuck in the mud.”

“There is a lot to that,” he said.  “So this thing is winding down some, you want to take ride back to the B&B.” 

“I came with someone.  She is a missing person right now but I’m sure she will show up.”

“We could wait and all go together,” he suggested.

“Frankly I failed sharing as far back as day school,” I said.

“Ah well I’m sure you don’t need to share,” he said smiling.

“I don’t think I do,” I agreed.

“Well your illustrated woman is off with the Ice Queen.  She probably won’t be showing up anytime soon.  We could at least work a quickie in,” he suggested.

“Well you know Alice better than I do.  What did you have in mind?” I asked.

“Well frankly I would be happy with a blowjob in the parking lot,” he said with grin.

“Well that ain’t gonna happen,” I replied.

“One never knows unless one asks,” he said.

“What do your friends call you?” I asked.

“Fred, we were introduced when you came in,” he replied.

“I really didn’t pay much attention to names.  I do remember you are the owner of the B&B,” I suggested.

“Yes I am,” he said proudly.

“And where is you partner and wife?” I asked.

“She is visiting her mother.  She spends a lot of time visiting her,” he explained.

“Sounds like the recipe for a long marriage,” I suggested.

“Could we go to your place it’s right next door, I’m told.” he suggested.

“No afraid not, I don’t invite stranger into my home,” I said.

“Then where are we going to do it?” he asked.

“I guess we aren’t,” I replied obviously a little disappointed.

“We could do a quickie on the deck,” He said.

“To cool for me,” I replied.  At that point he shook his head and walked away.  About fifteen minutes later Rachel walked into the room alone.

“So how was it?” I asked when she sat down beside me.

“My guess is that she isn’t near as good as you.  She lacks a certain enthusiasm.  She reminds me a lifer who walks around going ‘whatever’,” Rachel said.

“Yeah that’s pretty close to my opinion as well.

“So how was old silver hair?” she asked me.

“No idea, it didn’t work out,” I said.

“What happened?” she asked.

“Logistical problem, another time maybe,” I replied.

“Bullshit, you are pissed,” she laughed.

“Yeah, I’m pissed,” I replied.

“Well give me twenty minutes or so,” she said.  “I’ll be over Alice.”

“No thanks,” I replied.  “I’m not in the mood for crack.  I did that not long ago.”

“So you aren’t really into chicks.  For you it’s just a sideline,” Rachel said.

“Not even that just something to do when there is nothing else available.”  I noted the disappointed look on her face.  “Hey I took you to a party and got you laid, you want love as well.  Don’t you think that is asking a lot?” I asked.

“Yeah I guess so.  Especially since you didn’t get laid,” she said and then the bitch winked at me.

“Right,” I replied.

“See that middle aged lady over there with the really good dye job?” Rachel asked.

“The red head?” I asked in returned.

“Yeah that’s her.  She is the County Clerk of Court.  She is such a prim and proper bitch, I’m more than a little surprised,” Rachel said.

“Just goes to show, you never know who the players are.  What I’m wondering is how did Jeremy and Alice find all these people?” I asked.

“Probably like they found you.  Some people just wear a certain look.  You know it says I’m game for anything,” Rachel said.

“Oh and I wear that look?” I asked.

“Hell Rose you are the poster child for bad girls,” Rachel replied.  She saw the look I gave her and added.  “Hey I didn’t mean that in a bad way.  You are just fun.”

After sitting quiet a while and watching she added. “You know we had a scandal in this town a few years ago.  The high Sheriff was involved in one of these kinds of clubs, so this isn’t the first swingers club experience for this backwoods area.

“So what happened to the other one?” I asked.

“It wandered into live entertainment and drifted over the line.  They all got busted.  I don’t want to go back inside, so if this one drifted in that direction, I was going to be leaving even if I had to do it naked,” Rachel suggested.

“I don’t blame you.  I hear prison isn’t much fun,” I admitted.

“You hear?  Come on Rose don’t make me laugh.  You might have been in a country club prison, but it is prison any time you can’t get up and make a sandwich and cup of coffee before bed,” she said.

“I have never been inside,” I lied.

“Right, but even Helen noticed it.  You get hinky in a room full of people,” Rachel said.

“Oh this is a room full of people,” I pointed out to her.

“Yeah but where are they going to hide a shank,” Rachel pointed out.

“Well it doesn’t look like I’m going to get laid, are you about ready to go?” I asked her.

“Sure, I had my trim and I’m ready to go home and go to sleep now.  Careful here comes the zombie,” Rachel said as Alice walked up.

“Well ladies, you aren’t leaving are you?” she asked.

“Yes, Rachel has to work tomorrow and things didn’t work out with the B&B man,” I said not even trying to sugar coat it.

“Yes Ed can be a bit of an ass now and then.  I think he might be bipolar,” she said with a laugh.

“Well call me when his mood changes,” I suggested.  “He has a nice look, but a miserable personality.”

“You are more than welcome to try one of the other men I’m sure they would be more than happy to have you.  Hell maybe you both could share a man, if I remember correctly you love that,” she said.

Rachel turned and stared at me until I explained.  “Jeremy, Alice, and I shared a bed when I slept over last week.”  I didn’t explain that they had drugged me because that had nothing to do with it.  The drug just made it easier to decide to do what I would have done anyway.

“Another time,” I said to Alice.

In no time we were in my truck and headed to my place where Rachel had left her car.  I was sexually frustrated, but I didn’t want Rachel.  I wanted something more than she could give me.  I wanted the feeling of a man emptying his semen in me.  I wanted to feel it seep from me for hours after.  Unfortunately I didn’t have a man I could call to come over and just breed me.  I guessed that was the downside of not being real.

Since Rachel really did have to work, she kissed me good night in the driveway, then she was gone.  I went inside and found a sort of fresh wax chocolate donut.  It was one of those supermarket things fit only to be covered in peanut butter.  I had it with peanut butter and reheated coffee, then went into to sleep on the sofa.  It was 3 AM so sleep was easy.

The sound of the phone woke me.  I had left it close by, so it was easy to find.  “Hello,” I said.

“You need be at the park across from the public library in Capitol City today at noon, so get on the move.  Don’t bother to pack just leave,” the voice of Morris said.



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11 Responses to Undercover Rose 14 (Edited

  1. M. Ferguson says:

    Oops …. 4th last paragraph… 2nd sentence …..

  2. jack says:

    Don’t bother to pack just leave does not sound good.

  3. cindypress says:

    had to have something different lol.

  4. KiwiChris says:

    definition of cliff hanger… 🙂
    Also good to see Rose doesn’t get things all her way.

  5. The Mage says:

    You now have me wondering which of the new people R. has recently met is the threat. OR is there an emergency assignment?



  6. The Mage says:

    Here I sit chewing my nails to the nub in anticipation of the next chapter! Why the rushed departure? Will Monday ever come?

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