Undercover Rose 16 (Edited)

By Cindy and Walt

 I was surprised that Capt. Earl had scheduled my first day on a Friday, but I didn’t argue with him.  I just set my alarm clock to wake me at 5 AM.  I was out the door for my morning ride by 5:15.  It was a good six mile an hour bike at its worst, so I expected to make it to breakfast by roughly 6 AM.  I would have to eat in a hurry, but I should be able to do it.

I ordered a breakfast biscuit and left with it in the bag.  I ate it sitting on the bike so I could get a quick start.  I choked it down because I had to be at the office at 8 AM.  It had been explained to me that normally starting time was 7 AM, but training began at eight since Capt. Earl didn’t show up for work until 8 AM sharp.  At least that is what he said.

I had time for a quick shower, then time to slip into the clothes I had been given the day before.  I had to admit the outfit looked pretty good on me.  I had seen three other security people and none of them looked as good in their uniforms as I did.  I put on the belt I found in the bag with the uniforms.  The lady at the store must have guessed at the size since I never tried it on.

I was all dressed and out the door by 7:30.  I drove into the almost empty parking lot at 7:45 and was pressing the button for entrance to the lobby door at ten minutes till eight.  I was buzzed into the lobby, but not permitted past the day guard until Capt. Earl arrived to sign me in.  It really looked as though they had pretty good security.  It might take a while to crack it.

I thought all that while I sat waiting for Earl to show up.  When he finally did, he said, “I need to get you processed.  I’m going to send you to HR first for an ID card and a manual.”

“Okay,” I said.

“When you get through there we will get you a locker and a set of procedures broken down by post.  I want you to learn the front door post first.  Today you can watch what happens on a day watch, then tomorrow you can see what happens on the weekend,” the captain said.  “Read your procedures for each tour.  They are all different and you need to know them all.  I am going to be using you as a relief guard for a while.  You could be working any of the tours at any time.”

“That’s fine with me.  I have no life anyway,” I said smiling.  It was true at that moment.

“What no husband, or boyfriend?” the Capt. asked.

“An ex one of each,” I said following the biography.  “This is a new start for me in Capitol City.”

“Well I for one am glad to have another old cop,” he said.

“In case you didn’t notice, I’m not old,” I said with a smile.

“Oh I noticed, but I’m not about to go down for sexual harassment,” he said.

“Good then we understand each other,” I said.

“Today you sit at the desk with Trish.  She will be your mentor today.  When you aren’t busy read your procedure manual.  You will really find everything you need in it.  The things we do will make a lot more sense, if you read it first,” Earl said.

“Right boss,” I replied.

“Technically the boss is the lady who interviewed you.  We all work for HR.  Somehow they got put in charge of security for the office plaza,” Earl advised me.

“You are my direct supervisor aren’t you?” I asked.

“I make the schedules and make any decision that isn’t covered by the HR manual.  Otherwise I’m just like you.  They like to introduce me as Head of Security, but I’m not really.  I am more the Head Clerk is all,” he said.

Okay, well if I’m going to be working all shifts, I have a lot of reading to do,” I said.  Before I made waves I needed to know what the manual covered.  If not then I just get what I needed.  Failure was never an option with the Controller.  Morris was a much less likable person than Mission had been.  But in reality they were all the same, results or back to the pen.

The first thing I did was to learn the security camera procedures.  There were lots of cameras for us to monitor.  The person monitoring cameras signed in visitor as well as keeping an eye on the cameras.

I learned how to sign in visitors.  Visitors basically had to fill out a field interrogation card.  I was surprised that I recognized it as a FI card, since I had never been a cop.  I can only guess that I had a few filled out during my misspent youth.

After the visitor told us all we might need to know if the bank’s vault got robbed, I gave them a temporary ID card on a neck chain.  At that point I had them call a sponsor to come escort them to their destination.  “We allowed unescorted visitors to enter only one building on the campus. 

“It is a retail office supply warehouse big box store,” Trish said while teaching me how to sign in the visitors. 

“Is that because they have walk in customers from the community?” I asked.

“Exactly, they are open to the public at large.  We simply monitored their alarms.  They have a holdup alarm and an alarm on the loading door.  The loading door and the cashiers were also recorded.  There were cameras on each exit as well.  More to keep the employees honest I expect, than to catch thieves,” Trish explained.

Trish was probably a fifty year old retired lady.  She had once been employed by the County.  “I took my twenty year pension and ran like hell.  I saw that there were a lot more jobs with no pressure out in the world.  I didn’t need to be getting all that abuse from my clients,” she said.

“I left a county job, but I left before there was any retirement to speak of,” I explained.  She had no doubt been filled in on my problems with the recently deactivated Brevard County Sheriff’s office.  Since the SBI was taking over lots of rural law enforcement, I expected I would be using them for cover quite a bit.  The geek had access to their records.  He could doctor them any way he wanted.

My bio convinced the HR manager I needed to work.  I also needed to work all the overtime I could get.  So the Controller wanted me alone in the building at least now and then.  I could scout out the CCTV coverage while I ran the visitor desk or while I watched the monitors.  Too bad there were a hundred other details I would need to discover in order to do a clean theft of the contents from Mike Gold’s computer.

I would just have to be patient.  The thing I learned from the Commandant at Church Camp was never ask a direct question about your prey.  You just never know who will be suspicious.  Just look and listen give it a chance, if it doesn’t happen call the Controller for help.

Day one all I learned was how to log in visitor and what areas were monitored.  Actually that was quite a lot for one day.  “Trish can I carry the manual home?  I would like to get a head start on the learning curve,” I explained.

“That my dear is a no no.  They act like we are guarding a nuclear reactor or something.  It’s a fucking office park full of paper pushers,” she said with a laugh.

“Well, I guess I can read tomorrow.  Surely no one will come in on weekends?” I asked.

“You will be on the desk alone usually on weekends, but tomorrow you will be with a mentor.  There will be some employees to check in.  The CCTV has to be monitored.  Those are all the weekend desk person’s responsibility.  There is also one person on roving patrol.  You will get checked out on both jobs this weekend,” Trish said.

“So both of my weekend shifts are day shifts?” I asked.

“You will have to ask Earl but I think so,” she said.  “My first days were all days.  After two weeks the advanced training starts, if you last.”

“I need the job so I’m going to give it my best shot.  Looks like I made it through the first day without doing anything too monumentally wrong,” I said as Captain Earl approached the desk.

“Yes you did.  So tomorrow be here at eight again.  You will work the first four hours with Edith on the desk, then work the roving patrol with Roy.  I will try to stop by and evaluate your progress.”

“Good enough, any chance I can work Sunday?” I asked.

“Sorry our week runs Sunday through Saturday.  I want to save your time next week to schedule you more training.  I plan to use you to fill in on all the shifts till something comes available,” Earl said.

“Fair enough,” I said.

“Here comes our replacement,” Trish said.  “We run over fifteen minutes every day to fill them in on what, if anything happened.  Since we can only work four days a week, it is not overtime.”

“Oh I was hoping to get some overtime,” I said.

“Train on all the shifts you can, so you can fill in at the last minute.  You can make some time that way,” she said.

I had learned something and I had let it be known to Capt. Earl and Trish I needed money.  It was a profitable day.  I stopped for dinner on the way home.  Lunch for me had been a pack of Nekot crackers and a diet coke.  So for a change I was hungry.

I almost went to a nice steak house, but I got side tracked by an omelet restaurant.  It had never heard of Mr. Egg, so I thought I would give it a chance.  I probably should have waited till breakfast, but hell I could still eat again tonight, I thought.

It turned out to be a chrome and glass franchise thing.  The one thing about those places was you usually didn’t get food poisoning from them.  That was the upside to the slightly cardboard omelet.  Also on the upside it looked pretty as hell.  On the down side it looked much better than it tasted.  I think it was cooked in either an omelet maker or in a convection oven.  It just had no butter taste to it.

When I walked in the door, I removed the computer from my safe spot.  I checked that it hadn’t been tampered with, then I went to the refrigerator to remove the cover to a container of cream cheese.  As you might guess there was no creme cheese.  Instead there were three flash drives.  Two for use with my computer, and one to use when I cloned a computer.  I removed the two I used when checking my mail from the Controller. 

I made a pot of coffee while the drives warmed to room temperature.  They didn’t need to be warmed, but I felt better doing it anyway.  After my coffee I plugged in the flash drive with the Linux operating system and the Ram I planned to use.  It was super slow to use a flash drive as ram, but it kept everything in the flash drive including my history.

While it set itself up, I drank my coffee and assessed my first day.  I learned a lot about the office complex.  For one thing it was a lot larger than I had expected.  There were three security people on the first shift.  One monitored the cameras and checked in employees.  One dealt with visitors, which is what I was being groomed for eventually, and the third was on constant foot patrol.  I considered the foot patrol the worst one of them all.  It also had the most potential for allowing me to devise a plan.  To steal Michael Gold’s computer without his ever knowing it was taken.

Since I only needed five to eight minutes to clone the damn thing, it should be easy, since I was the security.  Well this weekend I was being mentored but soon I would be alone in the building.  If I could just figure that CCTV system out.

After a hot steamy session on the net, I went to bed and slept a lot like a girl with a clear conscious.  Funny how the two gun thugs I slipped over the side never seemed to bother me.  I guess even though my motives were not pure, theirs were even more evil.  I told myself that evil came in degrees and I wasn’t really a sociopath. 

If anyone ever found out what Morris’s team was up to it would be likely that I would claim to be following orders.  I doubted that it would fly to tell the truth.  So I decided that I needed to prepare for the zombie Apocalypse by hoarding a bunch of cash.  In trying to decide how much I decided I needed at least enough cash for a good lawyer, and a couple of well placed bribes seemed to be in order.

Over the weekend I worked one full eight hour shift.  Half of it was on the desk logging in employees and trouble shooting things like air conditioner alarms.  The other half was walking the tour of duty.  I found that it took forty two minutes to complete an uneventful tour.  It then took five minutes to write it up which after a cup of coffee made it time to start again.  There was ten minutes every hour either in the break room or the bathroom. 

I had a plan but it required that I make the tours alone, which would take at least two or three weeks to complete the training.  Then I had to find a time when I could be sure that Michael Gold wouldn’t in the office.  I needed to go in and start the computer cloning.  I would have to leave it running in order to make the time requirements.  I could retrieve the drive on my next tour.  The plan required some courage and some luck, but not too much of either was necessary.

I made a dead drop Saturday after work.  It included everything that I had learned.  I also asked for an update on Jeremy and Alice.  I knew Morris was keeping me away from home till she was satisfied there was no security problem there.  If Jeremy and Alice were what they claimed to be, trust fund babies, then all should be well.

There was an email that night before I went to bed.  It was from Morris.  It read, ‘Continuing to look for a special dress.  I hope to find one you will like by next week.  We have time since it looks like the party is at least two weeks away.’ 

Odds were very good that the assignment would last at least two more weeks.  There was also the cooling off period after the computer theft.  The rule was they should wait at least a week before they pulled me out.  Then wait another week before they used the intelligence, since if they checked those with access I would jump out like a forty year old woman at a virgins only dance.

If I was going to be stuck in Janet Anton’s body for two weeks, then Janet was going to find a friend or two.  With that in mind, I went out to dinner then to a dance club Sunday night.  After a totally boring day I needed even the slight excitement.

When I went inside I found it dark and loud.  It was just the kind of place for which I was looking.  The place also had a counter with bar stools on every wall.  There was one row of booths for the VIPs, I presumed.  Us rabble sat at the counter which lined every wall.  We also stood in line at the bar to order.  I didn’t mind, since I was tired of spending my evenings alone.  The only responsible thing I had to do was manage to stay awake during the wimpy security desk job.  Since that was the case there would be little or no harm in a little action on the side, I told myself.  I did have the next day off as well, so there was no harm at all in a little action on that Saturday night.

So there I sat along the wall of the Club Orion.  The entire main room was a dance floor.  It was lorded over by a DJ who managed to have his photograph in the window by the entrance.  He was a tall thin black man, who most likely was a junkie of some kind.  He was just too thin to be healthy.  The music on his play list was heavy into black exploitation type songs.  Since it wasn’t a predominantly black nightclub, it just showed me how far that kind of music had entered the mainstream.  I expected to hear some version of ‘Kill Whitey’ before the night was over.

It wasn’t long before I was asked to dance.  It might have been the skin tight jeans and gold low cut top that did it.  Since I hadn’t spoke to anyone, it sure wasn’t my personality.  The man was Caucasian about thirty years old and dressed in a slick looking well fitting suit.  He was definitely slumming to ask me to dance.  But then he didn’t know anything about me except I had big boobs and blond hair.  I doubt that he could tell that both came from a factory somewhere, probably in China.

“So how about it you gonna dance with me or not?” he repeated after a short delay.

“It’s not a song I have ever tried to dance along with,” I said.

“Don’t worry nobody expects us white people to dance well anyway,” he said and laughed.  He also led me onto the dance floor.  I tried to emulate the hurky jerky moves of those around me.  I must not have been too bad since he followed me back to my spot at the counter.  He also offered to buy another drink. 

“Thanks,” but I’m good right now,” I said sipping my drink.

“Drink up, you are pretty far behind us,” he said.  For the first time I realized we had been joined by his friend.  “By the way I’m Tommy and this is Willie,” he said.  Willie was one of those very light skinned black men.  Since he wasn’t too black and he wasn’t a thug, he would have been acceptable to any of the white girls in the club.

“Nice to meet you both,” I said.  “I have to go pee.”  I stood and walked to the bathroom.  I was in there about five minutes.  When I came out Tommy was in the relatively quiet hallway. 

He leaned forward and said,  “Why don’t you come with us to our place.  I promise it will be worth your while,” he said.

“Oh how can you make that promise?” I asked.

“Well we have had more than a dozen girls up there in the last couple of months and everyone of them have enjoyed it,” he said.

“You probably should call one of them.” 

“I’m just here to dance and have a drink,” I said.  The reason I shot him down was I really didn’t get off on arrogant men.  I know what you are thinking, I’m a bit of a submissive but there is a difference between being told to come here, and a man trying to sell you on doing it.

“Your loss,” he said and walked away.

“I’ll be devastated, when I realize what I have passed up,” I said.  When I got back to the dance floor, before I even finished the almost empty drink they had moved on.  I laughed.  It was so loud in the club no one heard me laugh.

I had two more drinks then went to pee again.  When I came out of the bathroom, Willie was standing in the hallway.  I tried to push past him but he shoved me back into the bathroom.  I had the ballpoint pen with the skull on the end without a point, but I never considered stabbing him.  Hell Control would have a fit if I murdered him.

“Don’t worry Janet, I just wanted to show you what you are passing up,” he said as he pushed me into a stall.  He closed the door and forced me to sit on the toilet.  He stood in front of me to unzip his pants and fish out his penis.  Unlike all the men in chat rooms, Willie really did have at least a ten inch penis.  It was also almost as thick as the drain under the bathroom sink.  “So what do you think?” he asked.

“I think it is beautiful,” I said quietly.

“You think you could handle that dick in you?” he asked.

“Yes I think so,” I said.  There was no sense in going over my background and history with penises like his, I thought.

“Then take off those jeans while you suck it,” he said.

“What about Tommy?” I asked.

“You need to worry about my dick not Tommy,” he said.

I let him put his penis in my mouth.  Obviously the DJ took a break because the bathroom got busy as I sucked him.  There were women talking as he pumped my face.  It grew quiet when he came in my mouth.  I was sitting on the toilet not sure exactly what had happened when he walked out and left me.  I still had my jeans on, so it was a kind of a victory I suppose.

When I went back into the club I was a little nauseous, but not too bad.  I felt like I needed to go home.  So I went into the parking lot where I had left the Hyundai.  Tommy must have followed me since I was trying to open my door when he pushed me over the hood of my car.  “You can take your pants down or this is going to get ugly,” he advised me.

I was still against the car with my back to him so I did as he ordered.  I just hoped he didn’t want to do anal, if he did it would hurt like hell.  No matter how much smaller he might be than Willie, it would still hurt.  He bent me forward then lifted me some.  He got his penis started in my vagina and I quickly lubricated around him.  Soon he was sliding his cock in me with very little pain.  Somewhere along the way I turned on to him.  Probably because of my earlier encounter with Willie had left me wanting more.

“I knew you were a cunt when I saw you standing there at the counter.  It just took someone to get your attention.  Now tell me you are a cunt,” he demanded.

“Yes I’m a cunt,” I said.

“Do you want your cunt fucked?” he asked.

“God yes, fuck my cunt,” I said.  I have no idea if I orgasmed in spite of what he made me say and do, or if I orgasmed because of it.  It made no difference I had a wonderful orgasm.  It just went on and on.  When he pulled out of me, he was just gone without a word.  The only reason I was sure he had been there was the seeping semen I felt on the drive home.  Once in the apartment I stripped off my clothes and put them in the laundry.  I also put on clean panties even though I knew that they would be full of semen stains the next morning.  Even so I went to bed and just let it happen.

I awoke in the middle of the night and felt his semen between the cleft in my butt.  I simply smiled and fell back to sleep.


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5 Responses to Undercover Rose 16 (Edited)

  1. The Mage says:

    Rose best be careful or that submissiveness will get her into some serious trouble. 😦

  2. jackballs57 says:

    Sometimes having fun will bite you in the ass.lol

  3. The Mage says:

    So glad that Mon. Is here. I’m so in need of my Cindy’s story fix! I’m now counting the minues. Lol. 🙂

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