Undercover Rose 22 (Edited)

By Cindy and Walt

Alice and I left her house in my pick up truck.  She wanted to drive but I vetoed the idea.  We were about five minutes into the twenty minute drive when I asked, “Do you remember my friend Rachael?”

“Sure from the social you two attended.  How is she doing?” Alice asked.

“To be honest I don’t know.  She disappeared a day or so after that party,” I said.

“You don’t think it had anything to do with our social do you?” she asked seemingly concerned.

“Actually I don’t know.  The club where we are going is a known hangout for Rachael’s only friend I can find.  I am going to see if he knows anything.  The problem is he is involved in criminal activities so he most likely won’t want to talk to me, if he knows why I’m there.  I thought I would just party and see if I could work out an introduction. 

“Oh my how exciting,” Alice said.  I swear her eyes were lit with excitement.

“I don’t think it will be dangerous, but it could get dicey,” I said.  “I’ll understand if you want to go home instead.”

“Hell no, but I am glad we are not going to be too near home.  Since I wouldn’t want any of Jeremy’s friends to see me dressed like this,” she said with a laugh.

“Why not, I think you look sexy as hell,” I said.

“Thank you and I know, but Jeremy would never approve,” she said smiling a secret smile.

By the time we got that deep into the conversation I was pulling the pick up into the parking lot a very nice restaurant.  It wasn’t too classy just enough upscale not to be filled with kids.  I would hate to see mothers covering their children’s eyes when Alice and I passed.

Dinner passed quietly, since neither of us wanted to talk about our past and we had very little in common it seemed.  We didn’t have much from her party that we could share, since Rachel spent more time with her than I did.

I paid for dinner and signed for the 25% gratuity.  I thought it was the least I could do.  I was still expecting Alice to run screaming the closer we got to our entry into the club.  The Wilson device was disguised as a small LCD flashlight on my key ring.  I had the key ring in a small clutch purse.  I hated that purse, but it did come in handy to carry things when I didn’t wear pants with pockets.

It was almost nine when we enter the Green Door Game Room or whatever they called it.  The place was crowded and there was a smell of vanilla, which was being sprayed from one of those time release misters hanging on the wall.  I looked around and saw that it was easy to tell the gangsters from the prey.  Not by their dress but by their attitude.

“Oh my,” was all Alice said while we stood looking around.

“You want to leave?” I asked.

“Not a chance,” she said with a wide smile.

“If you get into trouble call 911.  Even better stay close to me,” I said.  “Since I’m going to be Violet, you need to pick an alias.”

“Oh what fun.  My dad chose Alice for ‘Alice In Wonderland’.  I always thought I should have been Wendy from Peter Pan,” she said.

“Wendy it is.  Let me do as much of the talking as possible,” I suggested.  We worked our way through the crowd to the bar.  “Could I get a Seagram and coke?” I asked.  “And a whiskey sour for my friend?”

“Lady this ain’t no fancy country club bar, I can give you a Bourbon and coke and a bourbon and seven up, that’s all I got even close to what you ordered,” the bartender said.

“Do it then,” I said.

A large black man moved to stand beside Alice.  “Now what’s two fine white ‘hos’ doing in this place?” he asked.

“We are looking for some fun.  A friend suggested we come here.  Said Marcus would show us a good time.  Are you Marcus?” I asked.

“I can be anybody you want me to be bitch,” he said.

“See that’s the problem Rachael said I could trust Marcus, but she didn’t say I could trust anyone else.  So I think I will just wait for Marcus.”  I could tell the bartender was listening.  I could also tell he went to tell a man at the end of the bar.  Once the man knew that I was looking for Marcus he made a call on his cell phone.

“You just don’t understand woman.  I can make two of the skinny little Marcus,” he said grabbing his crotch.

“Maybe so, but my friend says Marcus is not a serial killer.  Who you got to vouch for you?” I asked.

While the big clown was talking to me there were two soft spoken black men talking to Alice.  I turned to her.  “You okay Windy?” I asked.

“Why yes these two men asked me to dance.  I never danced to this kind of music, but I think I can manage.  I’m going to give it a try,” she said with a smile.  Then she let the two of them guide her onto the dance floor.  We were not the only white women in the room, we were just the only two white women who where not junkie whores. 

I expect they wanted to corrupt us, but I hoped we wouldn’t be there long enough for that.  A mild mannered black man came up to the bar.  He said, “Marcus is on the way.  He said to mingle and have a good time.  He should be about twenty minutes.”

“Sounds fair thanks,” I said.

“You want to dance?” the messenger asked.

“What am I going to do with our bags,” I asked pointing to my purse bag and Alice’s little clutch thing.

“The bartender will put them behind the bar,” he said.

I handed over my bag, which I was sure would be searched.  ”Sure why not,” I said as I joined Alice on the dance floor.  She was sandwiched between the two younger black men and seemed to be enjoying the body rubbing.

“Having fun,” I shouted to Alice.

“Oh god yes,” she shouted back.  I decided that she was in full control of herself and to just let her enjoy it.

I watched as one of the two men stood behind her and rubbed her butt.  Wendy/Alice pushed back at him.  The one in the front moved to the music but his hands were under her blouse and caressing the cups of her pushup bra.  She showed no signs of being drugged, so I let her be.  I left her alone even when she began kissing the one behind her.  He whispered something in her ear.  She nodded then left the dance floor.  Both men stayed put so again I didn’t interfere.

When she came back she handed one of the two men what was obviously her wadded up panties.  She still didn’t look like she was under the influence of anything except a healthy dose of lust.  The song I was dancing to ended so I headed back to the bar.  There had been some rubbing of my body but nothing too distracting. 

First thing I did was to recover my clutch purse.  I wanted that key chain light/ cell phone cloning device handy for when and if Marcus showed.  I had one more drink which I kept a close eye on while I waited.  A really tall skinny black man approached me.

“You looking for me?” he asked.’

“Yes I’m a friend of Rachael Rankin.  She told me you could show me a good time,” I said.

“How come I never met you before?” he asked.

“My husband was home before.  He has been deployed now and I got a little lonely,” I replied.

“How about your friend, she seems to have found her own good time,” he said.

“Well she had me to take care of her, I need you to take care of me or so Rachael said,” I replied.

“Yeah Rachel, she knows how to take care of a brother do you?” he asked. 

“I think so,” I said.  “If not I can learn.”

“And your friend?” he asked again.

“Take a look, doesn’t she appear to be able to take care of a man?” I asked as an answer.

“Yeah she does but the question is do you?” he asked.

“I can’t very well show you here,” I said.

“Sure you can.  We just have to find a quiet corner and you can show me what you got,” he said looking at my breasts.  “That is unless you are just full of shit and a tease.”

He knew he was backing me in a corner, and he was happy about it.  “Where?” I asked.

“That corner, I’ll get your friend and her boys to cover you.  Let’s just see what you got,” he said.

“Come on then,” I said as I took my purse and walked to the corner.  I laid it on the table with the device on stand bye.  It would clone any cell phone that was active within five feet. 

He followed me to the table stopping along the way to pick up Alice and her two new friends.  They were all gathered around when he sat in one of the cheap plastic chairs.  He spread his legs then looked me in the eye and pointed to his crotch.  I knew what it meant so I knelt between his legs and worked his cock out of his pants.  My purse was on the table within a couple of feet of where he sat.

I was holding his cock in my hand, when I looked up at him.  “Get your cell phone and take pictures.  Just you none of the others.  I said.  When he took out his cell phone and turned it on to make the pictures, I knew the clock was running.  I stroked his cock up and down.  The clear fluid appeared from the tip almost instantly.  I leaned forward and licked it off his cock he groaned and made another picture.

I looked up at him and saw him struggling to maintain control.  I tried to slow it down but he pulled my head down onto his cock.  I sucked it since I had no choice.  I knew that at least a minute had passed.  When he eased his grip I lifted my head and looked around.  I could see Alice with her blouse open and her bra raised.  The men on either side of her had a breast in his hand.  They were also taking turns kissing her. 

I might have watched Alice a while but Marcus pulled my head back down.  Before I bent to his cock I watched him point his cell phone at me.  I moved to make the angle of the photography bad enough that I would be unrecognizable. 

“Take off your panties,” he said.

I felt like the required minutes had passed, but I wasn’t sure so I reached under the short skirt and pulled the panties down over my thigh high stockings.  One of the stockings came down with my panties.  I didn’t bother repairing my outfit, I just went back to his cock.

“You know when I see Rachel I’m going to thank her for this,” he said with a moan.  He laid the phone on the table and shot a load of semen into my mouth.  His cock was deep enough into my throat, so that I had no choice but to swallow it.

I felt myself being lifted and twisted so that I was face to face with a much larger cock than Marcus’.  I quickly took it in my mouth both to maintain my cover, and because I needed to orgasm.  Sucking men didn’t usually do it, but I was very high from the whole experience.  I thought I might be able to do it. 

I was thinking that when I felt a cock in my vagina.  I gasped around the cock in my mouth, because of the one in my vagina.  The man behind me pushed his cock deep into me then pulled it back. 

“Damn this bitch is so hot I’m gonna cum already,” he said behind me.  After a few more pumps he suddenly got very stiff, then drove as deep as his oversize cock would allow.  It actually caused me some pain.  It also caused me to orgasm and the cock in my mouth emptied as well.  There seemed to be a line forming to gang bang me, but I decided I had enough.  I was still shaky, when I stood to look for Alice. 

She was on her knees in front of one of the black men she had been dancing with.  She had his only average sized cock in her mouth.  The other one had her in a very awkward position, but he was entering her from behind anyway.  It took me a moment to realize that Alice was taking it anal.

I recovered my clutch purse, then stayed to watch Alice.  Several men asked me to suck their dicks but I ignored them.  When the two men finished with Alice they were in no condition to object as I led her out of the club.

She couldn’t seem to get comfortable on the seat of my pick up.  “God you really know how to show a girl a good time,” she said.

“Yeah well, if you tell Jeremy is he going to come over and kick my ass?” I asked.

“No, ours is not an exclusive relationship,” she said.

She has just admitted she did the dirty with Jeremy.  “Well that’s a good thing,” I said.

She still seemed to be in a lustful fog.  “Do you know what I would like to do?” she asked.

“Stop for breakfast,” I guessed with a laugh.

“No, I would like to clean you up,” she said.

I expected her to laugh or leer at me or something.  Instead she reached over and put her hand on my thigh.  “I really can’t Alice.  We are neighbors and I know your brother or whatever he is,” I said.

“Jeremy is my brother.  That’s our relationship,” she said.

“Is that all,” I asked.

“We share things, but if you don’t want to go along, you don’t have to.  After tonight I don’t see how it could be a problem,” she said.

“Trust me it would.  Even if I wanted to, which I do, I could not explain the whole thing,” I said.

“What’s to explain?  We went out and had a nice dinner.  There was some entertainment after dinner, that’s all,” she said.  “There is absolutely no need to justify it.”

“You mean that?” I asked.

“Of course I do.  Jeremy and I are committed to each other and no one else.  Everything else is just to pass the time,” she explained as her hand moved higher.  “You know I love that neither of us have our panties on.  It somehow makes me feel close to you.” 

Her hand reached my vagina and I gasped.  “Yes you do feel good with all that cum seeping out of you.  Don’t you love it?  I do,” she said.

“Yes,” I said.

“Yes what?” she asked.

“I love how that feels,” I said.

“Do you want to kiss me,” she asked.

“Oh yes,” I replied.

“Do you want me to kiss you?” she asked.

“Yes I do want you to kiss me,” I said.  “All over.”  I felt her finger penetrate me and I moaned.  I also jerked the steering wheel.  “Don’t, you are going to get us both killed.”

“You will have to concentrate on your driving,” she said as she began to work her finger in and out of me.  “I promise I won’t touch your clit.  You should be able to deal with this and drive.  Just concentrate on your driving.” 

“That is impossible you are making me crazy, ” I said.

“Good, watching you suck that black dick made me crazy.  That’s why I was on my knees ten minutes later.  God you were beautiful.  You know you are gorgeous anyway, but nothing ever looked as beautiful and erotic as you sucking that black cock.” she said still moving her finger in and out of me.

“When I get through sucking the cum from your pussy, I am going to take you in the shower and shave your pussy smooth.  You want to be smooth for me don’t you?” she asked.

“Yes, I want to be smooth for you.  God I love you Wendy,” I said using her alias for the night.

“Good, Violet take me to your house,” she said.  She probably chose my place to be sure Jeremy didn’t find out she had been unfaithful.  She could always say we had too much to drink and she slept over.  I had no idea how it would play with him, but I would have to give her the benefit of the doubt, if it was me.  At that moment I didn’t care.  I was within five minutes of home.

We stepped into the house.  I would never have thought to fill the stove except that it was cold in the house.  “Give me five minutes to stoke the fire,” I said.

“You build the fire in the stove and I’ll build one in you,” Alice said.  She flipped my skirt up as I bent over the wood box.  Before I knew it I felt her thumb penetrate my rectum.  I moaned and stood perfectly still.  “Who’s bitch are you?” she asked.

“I’m your bitch,” I said as she began to pump my ass.  “I always take it there, I noticed you don’t seem to like it.  Do you like the feeling of me in your ass Violet?”

“Yes I love the feel of you anywhere,” I said.

“But do you love it more than those black men?” she asked.

“God yes, I love the feeling of you in me better than anyone else,” I said. 

“Now continue on with your work but be careful not to lose me,” she said.

I very carefully finished loading the stove.  Then I turned to her forcing her to remove her thumb.  She pulled me to her and kissed me roughly.  We ended up somehow on my oversized sofa.  I had bought it from a furniture store in a much larger town.  No one had anything like it within a hundred mile radius.  I search for then bought that sofa just so that I could sleep downstairs.

In the height of the summer, it was hotter than a vacation to hell up in the sleeping loft at times.  In the winter, there were nights when the heat just couldn’t make it up to the loft in enough volume.  On those nights I pushed the back cushions off the metal frame so that the sofa became a twin bed.  The second part of my sofa pit was just like the first.  It could be pulled away to make a second bed for guests.  Since it had took living in the house to figure out what I needed the living room had been empty for some time.  But I had it down by the time Alice decided to do her sleep over.

I also had two throws over the sofas to protect them from spills.  When I bought the two reproductions of vintage eighteen wheeler images, I had no idea they would be protecting the sofas from biological hazards.  I had more peanut butter and jelly in mind when I swiped my debit card at the department store.

Of course when Alice spread my legs and knelt in front of the sofa, I definitely did not have peanut butter on my mind.  She licked and sucked me until I came a half dozen times.  Then she stood and led me to the kitchen, then through it to the bathroom.  There she forced me to stand in front of her while she shaved my pubis.  It had only a month’s growth, but it obviously was enough to bother her.

“Let’s go to bed,” I suggested.

“I’m sorry Rose, I have to go home.  Jeremy will be calling in the morning.  Well in three hours now and I should be there.  He will worry,” she said.

“And well he should,” I replied.

“Not at all Rose.  You knew from the start that this was all in fun,” She said.

“Yes, I’m not used to women who think like me,” I said.

“There are more of us than you think.  Rachel was one of us.  When she left me, so that you could drive her home, she never even called.  I expect it will be much the same with you,” she said.  “Before I leave tell me did you accomplish what you wished at that dreadful club.”

“Dreadful?” I asked.

“Certainly not the kind of place where one would care to return,” she said with a smile.

“Speak for yourself,” I suggested.  “It remains to be seen what information I managed to get from Marcus.”

“Well good luck.”  With that she went to get dressed.  She didn’t bother with the push up bra.  I could understand I found them less than comfortable myself.  I no longer wore one, but there had been a time when I did.  I was familiar with the sensation of what seemed like five pounds strapped to my chest.

I had her in front of her house when I asked, “Did you know Rachel was scouting out our houses to be burglarized?”

“She was awfully interested in the door security, but she didn’t ask anything.  I suppose if she was casing the joint, she decided yours didn’t have any valuables and mine was too difficult to break into,” she suggested.

“Could be,” I agreed.  “If one looked at my house there was nothing to hint at money inside.  I heated with wood and the house was an old gas station.  I drove an older pick up truck and rode a thrift store bike.  All in all I did not look like someone who would have real valuables in their home.”

I left Alice and started to drive home, I was hungry but I was also exhausted.  I compromised by going through a drive thru window at the plaza, before I headed back to my house.  The all night restaurant had a limited menu, so I had a burger instead of breakfast.  I couldn’t be too choosy since it was 4 AM.

I slept on the same sofa where Alice made me absolutely crazy with desire.  I slept until noon.  I woke up feeling drugged or maybe it was hung over.  I had the feeling before after a night filled with especially rough sex.

The first thing I did upon shaking the cobwebs out of my head was to send the email to arrange a drop.  I got the answer back while I was eating a peanut butter and raspberry jelly sandwich.  The drop was for a county park across from the courthouse in the small town of County Seat.

To make the drop I had to go by McDonald’s for a small coffee.  I poured the coffee out, then used a paper napkin to dry the cup.  Once the cup was dry I replaced the contents with the key ring flashlight.  Then I covered it with another dry napkin.  The package was ready, so I delivered it to the post office, which in that case was a trash can in the park.  The cup went into can at a particular spot in the park.  The park was less than a block in size so it was important that I get it right so the mailman wouldn’t look suspicious. 

He probably watched me drop it.  After the drop I went across the street to window shop, so that I could make sure it got picked up safely.  A seemingly homeless man took the metal cans out of the trash in all the receptacles in the park.  He also got my cup.  I left convinced it would all work out.  Even though there were other cell phones in the club, I doubted any were within five feet of me or Marcus at the time of the cloning.

Sure I wished that those pictures of me weren’t on the phone, but as usual I did what I had to do.  It was what I always did.


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5 Responses to Undercover Rose 22 (Edited)

  1. KiwiChris says:

    another good chapter. the characters are unfolding in ways i didnt expect 🙂

  2. jack says:

    Very nice Alice may turn in to a great plaything. thanks.

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