Undercover Rose 26 (Edited)

By Cindy and Walt

I felt myself being pulled down the hall by the fake fur jacket.  Then I slid on the floor into his office.  I found myself lying in a heap at his feet.

“Get on you knees whore,” Ari said to me.

I had the taste of blood in my mouth and I could hardly see out of my right eye.  I didn’t move until I felt his foot on my chest.  “Unless you want those fancy tits flattened, get on your fucking knees whore,” he repeated.

I struggled to my knees.  I knew what to do.  He didn’t have to tell me.  I reached for his zipper pulled it down then worked his rigid penis out into the air.  “That’s right whore you know your place.  I’m going to take care of you just as long as you respect me.  No more of that back talk.  You have to know your place,” Ari said while I was sucking on his penis.

I was not using my mouth to stroke his penis I was simple nursing on it as I had Joan’s breast.  Ari reacted much as Joan had at first.  He held my head lovingly and stroked my hair.  He allowed me to suck on it for a long time before he started to stroke my mouth. 

“Make your mouth cunt tight for me,” he said as he continued to drive into me.  I knew he was on the verge of an orgasm and I hated that I was turning on as well.  I pressed my tongue against the underside of his penis.  When I did that it felt like he was massaging my mouth with his cock.  “I can tell you love sucking my cock.  You are an accomplished cocksucker.  You love my cock don’t you Yankee whore?”

I nodded my head but that wasn’t enough for him.  “Say it,” he demanded.

“I love your cock,” I said after I removed it from my mouth.  I went right back to it.

“Now tell me you want it in your ass,” he demanded.

“No please,” I begged as I again removed his cock from my mouth.

“Tell me,” he said slapping my face again.

“I want your cock in my ass,” I said.

Instead of putting his cock back in my mouth when I finished saying it, he bend me over his sofa.  My breasts were in the seat and my ass was in the air.  I felt him lift the mini skit and rip my cotton panties off.  He then spit on my ass before he inserted his cock in me.  It hurt since I had sucked all the pre cum off his cock.  It was dry, but he continued to force it into me.  After a few minutes he was able to stroke that part of me as well.

I was groaning in pain and he knew it.  “Rub yourself whore,” he demanded.

It took only seconds for me to orgasm.  I was shooting fluid out of my vagina as he continued to stroke my ass.  “God yes.”  I screamed as I felt like I died from his cock being in my ass.  Even so I had a huge as well as a sloppy orgasm.

“Tell me you love me whore and that you will do anything for me,” Ari said.

“Yes I love you and I will do anything for you,” I said.  At the time I said it I meant it and he knew it.

My ass hurt when he pulled his cock out of it.  “Turn around and suck it,” he said.

I hesitated just a second and he slapped my ass hard.  I turned to him and took his cock into my mouth again.  It had a stale funky taste, but I could have just imagined it.  When he was satisfied that I had cleaned him he said, “Put your costume on and go dance.  Wash your face and put on some lipstick to hide the blood.”

I did as he directed.  I danced till the club closed at 3 AM.  My bikini bottom was filled with bills when I finally finished.  I walked off stage then went in search of my clothes.  I bumped into Ari.  It would have been impossible to avoid him since he stayed to make sure I didn’t bolt from the club.

“You want more of this?” he asked grasping his crotch.

I knew my lines,  “Yes, I want your cock again.”  I went to my knees to remove it from his pants.  Then I began to suck his cock.  He tried to stroke my mouth till he came, but he just couldn’t cum again.

“Go home and get some sleep.  Be here at 4 PM tomorrow.  Do not make me send someone to find you.”

I walked to my car on wobbly legs.  I had the shotgun in the trunk and was tempted to just go inside and clean house, but I fought back the urge just as I had fought the urge to use the bathroom for the hours I danced on the pole.  I went to the motel and changed my clothes and spent fifteen minutes in the bathroom.  I couldn’t move my bowels, but I felt his semen seep out of my rectum. 

It was 5 AM when I got into my car.  I was sleepy and in pain as I drove to the industrial park.  I found a spot in the parking lot where I could keep the door under close watch.  Roland sat at his post and pretty much did his job, which seemed to be nothing much.  No one came or left the building until the cleaning crew arrived at 6 AM.  They were the only people in the building from 6 AM till 6:45 when the replacement guard showed.

I waited another twenty minutes, then followed Roland out to breakfast.  I let him settle in before I went inside to sit at the counter near him.  The restaurant was busy but not slammed so I noticed that he took an interest in me.  I’m pretty sure that by then my face looked like hell.  If he hadn’t take an interest in me and wanted to help me, I had taken the beating for nothing.  It hadn’t been part of the plan but now that I wore the punch face I planned to use it.

I sat on the uncomfortable bar stool and pretended to cry.  My plan had changed since I had the chance for the even more dramatic rescue by Roland.  If he didn’t bite on this, I planned to go with the ‘Oh damn my car won’t start’ ruse.

It proved unnecessary since he didn’t speak to me while I sat with my coffee shedding a tear or two.  So when I saw he was finished breakfast I checked out.  That put me in the parking lot before him.  I raised the hood of the car and removed the pre loosened battery terminal.

Just as I had hoped he walked to my car and asked, “You need some help?”

“Yes sir.  I seem to be having a bad day already,” I said.

“So what seems to be the problem?” he asked.

“Last night my boss beat the crap out of me, and today my car won’t start,” I said.

“Your boss beat you, did you call the police?” he asked.

“He has the police in his pocket,” I said.  “They won’t do anything to help a stripper, and he will just beat me worse next time.”

“I see.  Well I can’t do much about him, but maybe I can fix the car for you,” he said looking under the hood.  “Here is your problem.  Let me get a wrench and I’ll have you back on the road in a minute.”

I watched him walk away.  He was a little pudgy, but not really fat.  It was an overall proportioned heavy look.  He came back with a few wrenches, then reattached the battery cable.  “Try it now,” he said.

Of course the car started right up.  “Oh my god thank you.  You are my knight in shining armor.  I just couldn’t afford a car repair.  I just started work last night,” I explained.

“Maybe you should consider a new line of work,” he said with a warm smile.  “My name is Roland Gillispee.  What’s yours?”

“Laura Ingram,” I said.  Giving him another of my false Identities.  It was the one I had used since arriving at the industrial park.  I had already dumped the first one from the CC.  Then I added,  “It isn’t unusual for the boss to do a number on the new dancers.  This isn’t like working in a bank,” I said.

“Which club do you work in?  I might come see you dance,” he said.

“I work at the Paradise Club and I would really like it if you did.  I don’t know anyone here,” I said.  He wasn’t hooked yet, but he was definitely biting.  The fishing metaphor reminded me that I bought the fishing gear and used it only once.  Come spring I would be fishing again.  That is if the club manager didn’t kill me before then.  “I don’t have any money but I would like to do something to repay you for helping me.  I will be working at the club from four till 2 or 3 AM.  Maybe you could come in at closing and we could get coffee after.  I would pay of course.”

“I’m sorry I work on the midnight shift.  But if you get a day off we could go to dinner,” he suggested.

“I would like that.  I haven’t met any real people yet.  Here let me give you my cell phone number,” I said removing the pen from his pocket and writing the number on the palm of his hand.  I gave him a quick kiss and then got into the car and drove away.  I went to a fast food restaurant and went through the drive in window.  I made sure he didn’t follow me, then I went to the drugstore where I bought a large bottle of generic aspirin and one of the generic equivalent of Tylenol.  I took two of each before I got in the car to drive home to eat my biscuit and drink the only average coffee.

I fell into the bed and slept until 2 PM.  When I got up I sent an Email to the CC double secret email.  I sent a message using the daily book code,  ‘Contact’.  I sent just the one word.  I didn’t feel that such a small thing, especially the way I felt, warranted a dead drop.  Besides I didn’t want to be late for work.

I carried the shotgun case down to the car.  I had a new incentive to carry it.  If Ari decided to beat me again for no reason, he would find the twelve gauge up his ass.  Still, I needed to play the victim just a while longer to see if I could hook Roland with it.

When I walked in the front door of the Paradise I was wearing jeans and my fake fur jacket.  I had on a heavy tee shirt on as well.  I spoke to the bartender as I entered.  “Hello, do you have a name?” I asked.

“John, they call me John,” he said.

“John do you have a coffee pot going?” I asked.

“No coffee sorry, I can give you a coke or a lime drink of some kind,” he said being kind.

“No thanks, maybe later,” I said.

“I see that you met Ari.  I’m sorry about that, but he does it to all the new girls.  He really can be a shit,” John said.

“I agree, but a girl has to work,” I said.  After that short exchange I went to the bathroom and changed.  Then I went out and started to work the pole.  I acted like I needed money just to stay in character.  The tips were only fair.  After a very few minutes Ari came out of his office.  He motioned me over, then went back inside his office.

I left the stage, then walked to his office.  “Yes,” I said when I was inside.

“Your ass hurt me, it is too tight.  You need a lot more work on it,” he said.  I couldn’t think of anything to say so I said nothing.  “Say, please stretch my ass Daddy.” 

I gave him a hard look but said, “Please stretch my ass Daddy,”

“I am going to fuck your ass till you come around my cock.  Do you understand what I am saying,” he asked.

I nodded my head. 

“Say it whore and you will call me Daddy from now on,” he demanded.

“I understand you are going to fuck my ass till I cum Daddy,” I said.

“Bend over and put your hands on my desk,” he continued.  I did as he said and he worked his dry cock in my ass.  It hurt like hell and I groaned.  “You will learn to love the feel of Daddy’s cock in your ass.”

It took several minutes to work through the pain.  It moved from a sharp to dull pain and of course the feeling of something in my ass.  He pumped my ass and I waited for him to cum.  “You must cum first,” he said in a strained voice.

I reached down and worked my clit while I thought of other things.  It took only a few minutes to orgasm.  Once I started from the clitoral stimulus his cock in my ass kept it going until he came in me.  He pulled his cock out of my ass and I collapsed across his desk.  He turned my head to his cock and put it into my mouth.  “That right bitch, clean daddy’s cock,” he said.

After I finished he said, “Now get out there and make some money.” 

I danced the pole while I watched the door for Roland.  He didn’t show up for awhile.  In the meantime the workers from the offices around town came streaming in.  By nine o’clock I had made three hundred bucks in tips and made the club another hundred in lap dances.  Giving the lap dance was terribly uncomfortable so I took aspirin and the fake Tylenol.  It helped some but I had the memory of Ari’s cock up my ass all night.  I knew that was the idea to never be able to completely forget him.

It was nine o’clock when Roland came in.  I began to dance for him.  He watched and even sweated a little.  I figured I had him hooked by the time he left at 10:30, just in time to make it to work.  I finished my shift at 2 AM.  Fortunately Ari was out of semen so I left right away.  I set the small alarm clock I bought at the drug store.

I was up at 6 AM with only three hours sleep.  I drove to Roland’s favorite breakfast restaurant.  I was waiting inside when he entered.  I was all cleaned up and dressed appropriately for a young woman who was not a stripper.  I had my eyes on the door so I could wave when he came in. 

“Good morning,” I said.  “So how is my Knight in Shining armor?”

“Good, but tired of course,” he said.

“Well I made enough money last night to buy your breakfast,” I said.  “Payment for your good deed.”

“You look like you feel better, but that eye has bruised.  At least the swelling in your lip as gone down,” he said.

“Thank you nurse Roland,” I said with a laugh.

“Sorry, I have a bad habit of saying what’s on my mind.  I’ll try to be more discreet.  As a matter of fact you look great,” he said.

“Why thank you sir.”  I pretended to be coy but I did it so over the top he knew it was a put on.

“What are you going to do after breakfast?” he asked.

“I’m going back to my motel and sleep.  I worked till 3 AM last night,” I said.

“Okay, maybe we should wind this up I am pretty tired as well,” he said. 

I nodded and I paid the bill before he walked me to my car.  He did make the first move to kiss me and it was a sweet kiss with just a small edge of passion to it.  I went back to the motel and carried the shotgun into the room.  I actually liked the shotgun.  It gave me time to decide whether I really wanted to kill someone.

I took a short nap then showered and prepared for work.  I packed my rectum with lubricant since I knew what was coming.  When I got to the club I went to Ari’s door and knocked.

“Come in,” he said.  “Oh it’s you.  Did you come for your ass fucking?”

“Yes Daddy I came to get my ass fucked,” I said.  I still hated him but since it wouldn’t hurt as much I almost looked forward to it.  I hadn’t masturbated since I started at the club even though it had only been a couple of days.

Ari stood then dropped his pants.  I walked to the desk near him.  I dropped my jeans and panties to the floor.  I bent over the desk and prepared my mind for what was to follow.  Ari’s cock entered me with much less pain.  There was some pain but not nearly as much.  There was still the feeling of something being wrong back there, but there was no sharp pain. 

He pumped me until I began to move involuntarily back against him.  I was pushing to force him even deeper in me.  I felt him stiffen then I worked my clit until I came.  When my muscles clamped around his cock he drove harder and faster till he came.  I didn’t collapse when he came that time.

“God girl, you really learned to ass fuck quickly.  Now clean Daddy and get to work,” he demanded.

I sucked him clean.  The lubricant had a strawberry flavor so it was much easier to clean him than when it was the taste of my body.  When I finished, I didn’t bother to dress I just walked half naked to the bathroom where I tried to empty my bowels in vain, then I dressed and went to my pole.

Roland came in at nine again.  I looked into his eyes while I danced.  He had an erection I could tell.  I had noticed it the night before as well.  Roland was reacting in a purely animal way to me in the club.  He was almost a different man from the mild mannered man I had breakfast with.

It was midnight when Ari called me into his office.  “It is time you earned you keep here,” he said.

“What do you have in mind Daddy?” I asked.

“Some of the customers like to go into the bathroom and have the dancers jack them off.  It is not dangerous, so you will do it for Daddy.”  It wasn’t a question.

“Yes Daddy,” I said.  I had been expecting it.  He was going to ease me into the prostitution business that he ran from the club.

“Good go back to the stage and John will tell you when there is someone for you to jack off,” he said.

I left without answering.  Hell it was a small thing and I had no problem with it at all.  It was hardly more than the lap dance.  I was dancing an hour or so later when John motioned me to the bathroom.  I met the man in the hall.

“You are the most beautiful woman to ever work here,” he said as if the compliment would get him something special.

“Thank you,” I said reaching down to take his cock in my hand through his pants.  “Let’s go inside.”

Once in the bathroom I got down to business.  I took his damp cock in my hand and began to stroke it.  It quickly began to leak lubricant.  I used the clear fluid to make his cock slippery.  He went from almost hard, to rock hard in a few minutes.  He was standing over the sink when he ejaculated into it.  I should never be able to see a public toilet the same again, I thought.  Of course it really didn’t bother me at all.

He was the only one I did by 2 AM when I left for the motel.  Before going to bed I checked and found that Roland had called me to leave his cell phone number.  I quickly called it.  We talked about nothing at all for an hour then he had to go, and I found that I needed to sleep.  I wrote a message to the CC people then sent a coded email before I went to sleep.

When I awoke at noon there was a message from Roland on the voice mail, and an answer to my email from the CC.  I needed food so I killed two birds with one stone.  I made the call to the number and said sorry wrong number.

Then I went to the drop at McDonalds where I ate lunch and dropped a compact flash card into my empty coffee cup.  It was small enough to put into a napkin to keep it dry and still have room for it in the coffee cup.  Then I placed the cup on the edge of my table beside my tray.  Within a couple of minutes someone came by and put it on his tray as he passed.  It wasn’t as clean a drop as the homeless man in county seat, but it was clean enough.

I took a couple of aspirin and Tylenol substitute before I returned home for a short nap.  I also called Roland and got his cell phone voice mail.  “Just me I’m going to nap then go to work so I wont have the phone on till 2 AM,” I said.

When I awoke I got the coded message from Sylvia herself.  ‘We need to meet.  Tonight in the parking lot across from Roland’s building when you finish work.’ the decoded email read. 

I made a mental note to meet her then prepared to work.  I packed my ass with the lubricant and left the motel carrying the shotgun.  I drove to the club stopping only for a take out burger.  I ate it outside the club then went inside.  I went to the office door, then knocked. 

“Come in,” Ari said. 

I entered the room.  “I am here so you can fuck my ass,” I said.

“Good, you have learned your position in this organization.  So come here,” he demanded. 

I went to his desk and bent over in the position he liked best.  As he had done last time he removed his clothes.  He also opened his desk and removed a dildo that was larger then his penis.  “We are going to stretch that ass aren’t we baby?” he asked.

“Yes Daddy,” I said. 

“Do you want Daddy in your ass princess?” he asked.

“Yes daddy,” was my reply.

“Then we have to get that ass loose so it won’t cause me so much pain.”  With that he pressed his cock against my ass.  “Push back against me Princess,” He demanded.  He left it up to me to force his cock inside me.  I pushed against him till it popped through my sphincter. 

“God that feels so good doesn’t it princess?” He said to me.

I had to admit that it did feel better than it had ever felt before with anyone else.  “Yes daddy it feels so good.”

“Now take this in your mouth,” he said pressing the dildo to my lips.  It was bigger than any penis I ever had in my mouth.  I couldn’t believe that the thing really hurt my jaw.  Not only was it too big it had a texture not at all like a real penis.  That texture rubbed my mouth almost raw as he forced it in and out.

“Princess you need to cum on it,” he demanded.

I reached between my legs to work my clit.  I worked it for a long time till I began to head toward the orgasm.  He could tell from my violent movement when I came.  It was a gut wrenching experience.  I was in pain, and I was cuming hard while I looked up at Ari stand behind me smiling.  It all added to the intensity of the orgasm when I realized he wasn’t smiling for me.  The bastard was smiling for the camera.  He had the same kind of setup I was planning for Country Store.

When he removed the dildo from my mouth the relief caused the orgasm to roll through me one more time.  I collapsed on his desk again.  “Well princess you have become quite the whore for daddy haven’t you?” he asked.

“Yes daddy I am your whore,” I said.

“And a whore does as she is told doesn’t she?” he asked.

“Yes daddy, your whore does as she is told,” I replied.

“Good I am glad we understand each other.  Now go to work,” he said in a cold voice.


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9 Responses to Undercover Rose 26 (Edited)

  1. KiwiChris says:

    the plot is unfolding nicely

  2. The Mage says:

    This may sound a bit naive, but why doesn’t R. use an enema for the discomfort caused by her anal sex? Wouldn’t that help with the urges to go? Yes, yes I know that the soreness will still be experienced but still…
    Anyway, a good read as usual. 🙂

    • cindypress says:

      In my experience, small that it is, its the irritation of the track and the muscles that cause feeling of urgency that wont happen. Not that I’m and expert. One of you might no more than I do about it. but truthfully i never even considered an enema

  3. jackballs57 says:

    i see shotgun slugs in his future, thanks

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