Undercover Rose 27 (Edited)

By Cindy and Walt

After work I drove to McDonalds for coffee and the use of their high speed Internet connection.  I used the tablet to check for any change in the meeting.  Since there was none, I drove to the parking lot across from the building where Roland worked.

I saw the large black SUV parked against the fence.  I didn’t leave my car but waited for the SUV’s driver to join me.  Of course it wasn’t Porter.  It was a man.  He was big and mean looking.  “So who are you?” I asked.

“You don’t need to know,” he said.

“We are starting out with a problem then, because I need to call you something.  If you want I can call you ass hole,” I informed him.

“You can call me Jethro then,” He said.

“Okay, what you got for me?” I asked.

He handed me a flash drive.  “This will put a virus on the system to wipe out all the video files of any kind.  You just need to plug it in and then click on the drive, it has a built in execute file on the drive.  That’s what the Geek says.  Any computer it goes in is going to lose all its video files.”

He had no idea how great that sounded to me.  I could clean the drive on Ari’s computer, when I finished with the one at Roland’s building.  I had brought the clone drive from the SBI as well.  I planned to clone Ari’s computer for Morris, just to keep her happy.  On second thought, I would give it to Mission, I decided.

“I got it, so when are you guys going to be ready?” I asked.

“How long do you need?” he asked.

“I had planned on another week to make the connection solid but I need a minimum of two days notice,” I said.

“Okay, I’ll tell the boss,” he said.  “One more thing.  Do you have a plan B if you can’t keep him distracted and he discovers us in the act.  We will likely be on the fourth floor if he sees us on cameras.” 

“If during our fifteen minute window he acts hinkie, he will die,” I said.  “But if he acts hinkie after sixteen minutes, I will bake you a cake with a file and ship it from South America.  So I suggest you finish on time.”

I went back to the McDonalds.  Once there I bought two very large black coffees.  I drove to the parking of the building Roland was guarding.  I called him on the cell phone.  “Hello,” he answered.

“Roland if you look out the front door in two minutes you will see a stripper bearing gifts,” I said with a laugh.

“I can’t leave my post,” he answered,

“Not even long enough to stick your hand out the door to pick up a cup of coffee,” I asked.  I could feel him thinking it over.

“Okay,” he said but I have to come right back to the console.  I’m not allowed to leave it,” he said.

“Where do you pee?” I asked seriously.

“Okay I do go to the bathroom, but everything is locked down tight,” he said. 

“Well pretend you are in the bathroom,” I said getting out of the car. 

“Okay they never review the files unless something happens,” he said.  He was also standing at the door with the cell phone in his hand waiting for me.

I slipped the coffee through the door, but didn’t try to go in.  He stayed inside and I stayed outside.  I was there just a few minutes then I left.  I had just plowed the soil as the old timers said.  For the next week I would need to cultivate it. 

The next day I awoke just in time to get ready for work.  I showered then packed my ass with the gel from the drugstore, even with the gel it felt weird.  I stopped for a burger then went to the Paradise. 

Just as he had the day before, Ari made me do all the work.  He stood stiff as a board while I moved on his hard cock.  It was something I never expected to happen but I came without rubbing my clit.  It was a surprise to me, but not to Ari.  He recognized the level of my arousal and he knew when I came.  He immediately began to stroke me and came quickly.  I sucked the dildo while I fucked him then I sucked him after he came in me. 

“See Princess, you can cum like that now,” Ari said.

“I am surprised,” I said.

“I know, you never thought you could do such a thing.  You can cum from that no matter who is fucking your ass.  It doesn’t have to be daddy at all,” he said.  “Is it your favorite way to fuck now?”

“I don’t think so daddy, but I like it,” I said trying to walk the line.

“Go out and dance.  Make us all some money,” he said with a softer smile than I had ever seen before.

I danced on the pole and felt more relaxed.  Even Roland should have seen how much more relaxed I was.  I don’t know why the anal orgasm relaxed me so, but it did.  While Roland was in the club the bartender motioned me to the bathroom. 

I had to leave Roland sitting alone watching the other girls dance while I went to jack off an old man.  They paid the bartender for the service and I got half.  It was an easy way to make ten bucks and I didn’t mind even when Roland knew what I was doing.  It would help to make me more sympathetic. 

Roland was gone when I returned.  I quickly called and talked to him on his cell phone.  “I’m sorry Roland but the boss get pretty abusive, if I don’t do it when someone asks,” I said.

“You aren’t turning tricks are you,” he asked.

“No Roland, if that becomes an issue I will leave,” I said.

“Okay, well are you coming by after work again?” he asked.

“Sure, I’ll bring the coffee,” I said.

It turned into a repeat of the night before.  I sat outside the lobby drinking coffee and Roland was just inside the door.  By the time the coffee was gone Roland opened the door and moved to a blind spot in the cctv coverage to kiss me good night.  It was for Roland a passionate kiss, which made me feel even better about the viability of plan.

When I got to the club the next day Ari met me at the bar.  I allowed myself to hope it meant he was going to skip the day’s workout.  He was standing with another Middle Eastern looking man.  He spotted me but allowed me to get ready to dance.  I began to think everything was going to be alright. 

“Come with me,” he snapped when I returned from changing into the bikini. 

I followed him into his office.  His visitor from the bar followed me.  “Is something wrong?” I asked.

“Johnny tells me you have a boyfriend?” it was a question, but also a statement of fact.

“Not really, I have a regular who likes to think I am his girlfriend.  All the girls should have a customer who likes them more than the other girls,” I said.

“Listen to me bitch.  If you are screwing the customers I will find out and I will personally fuck you up,” he said as he drew back.  I could have killed him then with a sharp jab to the throat, but I knew I needed him just a bit longer.

Instead of killing him I turned to take the blow on the side of my head not my face.  It still put me on the floor.  I expected him to kick me, but he didn’t.  Instead he said, “Get up.  You know what to do.”

I stood walked over the desk and pulled down the bikini bottom.  I leaned over the desk.  For the first time he unhooked the top of my bikini revealing my breasts with the nipples at attention.

“See Safi, she loves it,” he said as he pinched my nipple.  Tell Safi you love me Princess,” he demanded.

“I love Daddy Safi.  Please put it in me Daddy,” I begged.  Some of it was play acting, but I found that I also wanted his cock in me.  He made me cum like no other man ever had.

He entered me easily since my ass was packed with the drug store gel.  My body heat had dissolved it and I was lubricated by that time.  His cock slid into my ass easily and began to massage me from that strange angle.  It also had the strange feeling of being all wrong, which added to the emotional excitement. 

After only two deep strokes he held his cock deep in me while other hands pulled my head to the side.  I was faced with Safi’s cock almost touching my lips.  I didn’t hesitate at all.  I opened my mouth and sucked it in deep.  He was less in control than Ari. 

Ari stroked me with wonderful massaging smooth strokes and Safi jerked and pulled at my mouth.  Within a moment I was cuming like mad.  I couldn’t believe I came so quickly.  Not only did I cum, I continued to cum until they both had finished using me. 

Safi finished first but he kept his limp cock in my mouth until Ari finished.  I was exhausted by the time they finished.  “This fucking makes you a better dancer doesn’t it?” Ari asked.

“Yes Daddy, it makes me feel sexy all night.  I feel your cum seeping out of my ass,” I said.

“Good now get out there and dance.  Make the Americans want you and pay to have you jack them off,” he said.

I danced for the customers and Roland as well.  At the end of the evening I went through the drive through then carried coffee to Roland at work.

“That guy Ari came to my table.  He told me he is the only one who fucks you in the ass.  If I wanted to pay, I could fuck you vaginally or fuck your mouth, no problem.  Is that true?” Roland asked.

“Roland he does my rear.  I have to let him in order to keep working there.  If I don’t then I take a beating.  It’s okay that he does that.  It happens in all these strip clubs,” I said.  I knew Roland was at the point I needed him to be.  I took the pen out of his pocket and wrote the name of the motel and the room number on his palm.  I didn’t say a word I just left.

I took a shower before bed that night.  I also scrubbed inside my ass as best I could.  Then I slipped between the sheets and fell instantly asleep.  I didn’t really expect Roland so I wasn’t disappointed the next morning when he hadn’t shown up.  I had a feeling it would take him a little time to take that next step.

When I knocked on Ari’s door there was a different Middle Eastern man there.  He didn’t even introduce me that time.  Ari just said, “You are my white whore and you will get on your knees and suck my friend’s cock.”

I really wished the mission was on for that night, but I just did it without a word.  He remained seated and I worked his cock out of his trousers.  When I had it free I slipped it into my mouth.  He sat perfectly still while he carried on a conversation with Ari about my abilities.

“Ari you were right, she does know how to suck like we like.  Most American women think we want to fuck their mouth.  They don’t know how to massage it till we cum.  She will get it right I know,” he said then he shuddered and came in my mouth.  “In the belly of a whore.”

“Now go to the desk,” Ari said as he helped me to stand.  I went and stood by the desk.  When he stood behind me, I bent over.  He slipped easily into my ass.  Yes it was tight but it didn’t cause me any real pain, just the sensation of something being where it didn’t belong.  Ari began to gently stroke me.

“I believe she will work very well,” the second man said as Ari worked me.

“Yes her ass is open and she cums from the fucking there.  She sucks cock the way we like, and she is a beautiful blond whore.  Our father will love her,” Ari said as he came in my ass with a huge grunt.  I also came from the feelings of his cock in my ass and the feeling of warm cum spilling into me.

I lay slumped across the desk while they discussed my future.  “Will she be willing though?” the second man asked.

“You saw, she will do exactly as told.  I will have her ready before his birthday,” Ari said.

It sounded a lot to me like they planned some kind of abduction.  Ari didn’t mind me hearing because he thought he had me under control.  I had no idea why he would think that.  I lay there listening for several minutes before Ari noticed me again.

“Go out and get ready to dance,” he said.

I went through the night’s dancing without any real trouble.  Roland didn’t show and I sort of missed him.  I hoped I hadn’t misjudged my relationship with him.  I even drove by his work place.  Through the glass I saw a different man at the desk.  I was a little worried, but there was nothing I could do but wait.

The next day there was a knock on my door at noon.  I looked out and saw Roland.  I opened the door and pulled him into the room.  I pulled him to the bed and started to take his clothes off.  When I got his pants off I noticed the small belly on him.  I didn’t care at all.  I wouldn’t have, even if I weren’t playing a part.

I had him on the bed and had his hard cock inside me before I made a sound.  His was the first penis in my vagina in a very long time.  I rocked my hips on him slowly.  Even that was too much for him.  After a very short time he came inside me.  I quickly slipped my hand down to my clit and came very quickly.

After the short but intense sex, I slumped down beside him on the bed.  We lay there a second before he turned to fit himself against me from behind.  If his cock had been hard, I would have forced it into my ass.  Instead I just wrapped his hands around me to cover my breasts like a living bra.  He sighed a contented sigh.  Both of us drifted off to sleep.

When I awoke at two Roland was still sleeping.  He stirred when I left the bed and was fully awake when I returned from the shower.  I pulled the sheet off him, then took his flaccid penis in my mouth and sucked it back to life.  I was working it like Ari and his friends liked it when he reached down and flipped me over.  He quickly rolled on top of me then entered my vagina from the front.  I felt him inside me but not painfully just comfortably inside me.  I let him use me till he came. 

Recovery took several minutes.  “I’m sorry but I have to go to work,” I said.

“Don’t go to work tonight.  Stay here with me,” Roland suggested.

“I can’t do that.  If I don’t go Ari will send his friends to get me.  It would be bad for both of us.  I have to go,” I said that as I pulled on my jeans and a tee shirt.  “Will you be here when I get off work?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” Roland said.

“Okay but I have to go.”  I said that and left.  I had time to compose the email inside the McDonalds dining room.  I used their wifi connection to send it.  The coded message was simple, ‘Go as soon as possible, we are ready’.

When I arrived at the club, Ari had a different man in his office.  Neither of them bothered to tell me his name.  “On your knees whore and suck his cock,” Ari said.  I moved to between the man’s legs and worked his cock from his trousers.  

I took his cock in my mouth and began to slowly nurse on it like a child.  Then I felt Ari pull my jeans and panties down.  He entered me.  It hurts some since I hadn’t packed my ass for him. 

“Oh yes whore you are tight again.  I like when you are a little tight,” he said.  “I also like to see your ass gape open after I fuck you.” 

I wasn’t sure why but the man on the sofa came at that time.  He came without showing any sign that he was ready to cum.  The hot thick cum just erupted from him without any warning.  The hot thick cum in my mouth and Ari’s cock in my ass sent me over the edge.  It was a strong orgasm, but not as strong as some of the other recent ones.

“She is all you said she was Ari,” he said.

“I knew you would love her,” Ari said.

“You must also teach her to be a good wife.  You know there is more than being a good cunt involved in being a good wife.”

“She will learn.  She is willing to do anything for me,” Ari said.

Roland didn’t show up for the dance that night.  I hadn’t really expected him to.  I went by his building and the same older man was on the desk at 2:30 AM.  I sat in their parking lot, while I hijacked their wifi network.  From the coded email I recovered the message.  Tomorrow night 3 AM promptly.

So it was on, I thought.

I went back to the motel and found Roland asleep on the bed.  I slipped into bed without waking him.  I woke him by rubbing his cock up and down.  It took only seconds for him to wake.  He began instantly kissing me and massaging my breasts.  I loved the foreplay since I never had any from Ari.  I was very turned on when Roland rolled onto his back while I sat on top of him working his hard cock into me.  I rocked gently on his cock while he moaned softly.  I rocked and moved on his cock till he tensed and shot his load into my waiting body.  I never really got into the game.  I had just used my body to masturbate him.  It was important I keep him interested until at least 3 AM.  It wouldn’t hurt to keep him occupied even after the raid.

After the sex we slept.  When I woke at 2 PM Roland was gone.  He left me a note saying he would be working and hoped I could stop by after work.  I took a shower and packed my ass.  I stopped on the way to work to have lunch.  I had gotten used to anal sex so the lube in my ass didn’t bother me at all.

Safi was in the office when I arrived at the club.  “Ari is not here now.  He will be in later,” he informed me.  I nodded and turned to go.  “I did not tell you to leave.”

“I am sorry may I leave,” I asked with my eyes on the floor.

“First come here and do what women like you are meant for,” he said in heavily accented English.

I went to him without a word and knelt in front of him.  I unzipped his trousers then worked his cock out.  It was almost completely rigid as I sucked it into my mouth and nursed it.  I felt the cum seep from his cock and waited for the gush.

He pulled me off his cock turned me around while still kneeling pulled my jeans violently over my hips.  Then he forced the largest cock into my ass that had ever been in it.  Even though it was the largest, I felt no pain.  I just felt something in my ass that should not have been there.

I began cuming with the first stroke of his cock.  “Beg for it bitch,” he said.

“Please fuck me harder.  I need your big cock in my ass,” I said.  He drove into me until we both were in the throws of orgasm.  My orgasm lasted from his first stroke till his last.

“Go change and dance for us,” he said.

Roland didn’t show up again and I was fine with that.  Ari came in about 2 AM and called me off the stage.  I knew it was my chance.  When I entered his office he motioned to the desk.  I removed my bikini bottom and got ready for the assault.

He slid his cock in easily using the lube I had inserted and Safi’s cum as lubricant.  “Your ass cunt is gaping did Roland fuck you there?” he asked angrily.

“No, Safi fucked me when I came to work.  His cock is bigger, so it left me gaping I’m sure.  He made me say I loved it and I did.  His cock felt so much better in me than yours,” I said.  I knew his temper would get the best of him and it did.  He rammed his cock in me hard deep and painfully.  He also slapped my ass as he fucked me.  

When he finished with me instead of walking away, he pulled me naked from his desk and slapped and punched me till I was on the verge of fainting.  When he stopped I staggered to the bathroom and dressed in my jeans and jacket and carried the rest of my clothes out in my hands.

I left the club and went to an all night restaurant for coffee and lots of aspirin and Tylenol.  The pain was intense but not so terrible that I couldn’t manage it.  As was the case with most of Ari’s beating, it looked worse than it was.  I did nothing to minimize the look of the beating.  I didn’t wash my face or try to clean up in any way.

It was 2:30 when I left the restaurant.  I drove to the scene of the coming crime.  I watched the front door from across the street.  The arrangement was that the assault team would call me and say wrong number, when they were ready to go in.  At that time I would engage Roland and keep him from the monitors for exactly fifteen minutes. 

I sat in the parking lot and stared at Roland through the window.  I wondered if I could really kill Roland just to stay out of prison.  I decided that I could.  I would take no joy in it, but I could end his life.

It is possible that my willingness to do the distasteful but necessary thing was what Mission had seen in me.  It could also have been the thing that the staff at Church Camp had seen in me.  The willingness to take a life.  I doubted that they knew about the two gun thugs, but it was possible that they did.

I shook my head and thought about my own plan for the evening which was very different from Church Camp’s plan.  When their operative’s night was over, mine would be only half over.  My phone rang at exactly 3 AM.  I said, “Hello,” and waited for the go code.

“Oh sorry wrong number,” and the phone was dead.

I set my face in the best grimace I could manage and pulled the car around to the entrance.  I didn’t care that it was on the CCTV.  One way or another there would be no recording of any of us.  I stumbled from the car and limped to the door of the building.  I saw the look of panic on Roland’s face as he came to the door.

“Laura, what the fuck happened to you?” Roland asked.

“Ari and I parted company.  He didn’t take it to well,” I said.

“I’ll kill that son of a bitch,” Roland said showing his anger.

“No, you can’t do that he will have you killed.  I love you too much to let that happen.  I will be alright, but could you just hold me?” I asked.  I kept my eye on the clock in the lobby. 

After about five minutes he tried to move away from me but I said, “Please just a few more minutes I am afraid and holding you makes me feel better.”  I could tell he was getting antsy at about eight minutes.

“Roland, he kicked me.  Could you see if you think my ribs are broken?” I asked.

“I swear, I am going to kill him.  You are never going back there,” he said then he looked at my ribs.  Since I was naked under the jacket.  I could tell that even beat all to hell I turned him on.  I allowed Roland to run his hands over my ribs and along my ass.  He was breathing hard and had to step back at the fifteen minute mark.  I don’t think anything is broken.”

I had to keep him away from the control desk till I could run the virus.  “Roland, could you get me some clean paper towels and soak some of them in hot water please.  I don’t want to be seen looking like this.”  Roland turned and walked away.  The second he left I went to his control desk.  I remember from the pictures the Geek sent where to install the flash drive.  I found the control mouse and started the virus running. 

It seemed to take forever but it was finished and I had the drive back in my pocket.  I didn’t make it outside before Roland returned.  He looked a little curious about me standing in the lobby.  “I was a little afraid to be alone,” I said.

“I understand.  I sure hope the boss doesn’t pull the tapes,” he said.

“Tell him you were saving a lady in distress,” I said.  I used the towels to clean the blood off my face.  I feel better now that I have seen you.  I’m going back to the motel.

“Do you want me to go with you?” Roland asked.

“No you stay but will you come to the motel after your shift ends,” I asked almost pleading.

“Of course, if anything happens call me and I’ll leave here and come to you,” he said.

I got to the club at 4 AM.  Ari’s BMW convertible was parked in the lot.  I went to the back door and used my lock picking tools and my training at Church Camp to get inside.  I wasn’t concerned about fingerprints or DNA since I had on dish washing gloves.  I also carried the pump shotgun.

It had been my intention to run the video virus and clone the drive then leave without being seen, but Ari was there.  Fuck it, it’s fate, I told myself.  I stepped into his office and saw myself spread over the table and Safi behind me fucking my ass on the big screen TV.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

“Oh I have a couple of things that need doing,” I said.  “Move over against the wall.”

“You cunt you are not going to shoot me with that big gun,” he said.  He had no idea those were his last words.  I shot him in the chest then watched him fly against the wall.  I knew better than to rack the shotgun thanks to the instructors at Church Camp.

I stepped around the body to insert the virus into his computer.  It took 30 seconds to run.  Then the video on the screen of me just disappeared and turned to snow.  I quickly cloned the hard drive of his computer.  I felt like I had done a good deed, since I was sure that I wasn’t the only dancer whose face and body was in the computer.

I left quickly since I wasn’t sure if anyone was around to hear the single gunshot.  I found a bridge on a lonely road over the city reservoir and tossed the shotgun into the black water.  I drove straight home and got into bed only minutes before Roland arrived.

“How are you feeling?” he asked when I awoke.

“I feel better.  I expect the soreness will go away in a day or two.  I’m sorry I was such a baby last night,” I said.

“Don’t be silly you are a brave woman,” he said.  I smiled.

Later that day at my regular time, I drove to the club but the cops had it taped off.  I got out and went to one of the officers on the scene.  I told him I was one of the dancers and asked what happened.  He didn’t say anything but eventually someone told me Ari was dead.  I shed big old nasty tears for him.

“Are you alright?” one of the Cops asked.

“Yes we were close, but he might have been close with all the dancers, I don’t know,” I said.

I was interviewed three times in the next month.  Roland was also interviewed.  He had an airtight alibi and I was never taken seriously as a suspect.  During that time I had no contact with Mission, Morris or Sylvia.  I was who I pretending to be.  The cops cleared me, but they took a hard look at Ari’s brother Safi.  It seemed that someone called the tip line with a connection between Ari, Safi, and his father who was high up in the political arm of the Taliban.  I was pretty sure the SBI was the source of the tip.

After two weeks I also read in the paper that a raid had taken place in Iran.  Everyone thought that the Israelis had been responsible since the intelligence was perfect.  It was almost as if the raiders had blue prints of the installation.  Speaking of blue prints, a complete set of blue prints for the facility arrived in the office of a London tabloid the day after the raid.

Roland and I parted friends even if he was curious about the timing of the computer virus.  It destroyed all the copies of surveillance files on the company’s computer.  Right up to the night I got beat up and Ari was killed.  I told Roland I always thought he did it, so I didn’t tell the police anything. 

I sent a message to Sylvia to see if the case had gone cold or not after a month.  She told me that it was time I left town and not to worry, no one was looking at me.


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8 Responses to Undercover Rose 27 (Edited)

  1. Bob says:

    Excellent story line. Loved it.

  2. jack says:

    It is always good when a plan comes together. thanks

  3. OkShadeaux says:

    Thanks for an outstanding story arc. I especially like the tie in among Rose, Sylvia and, of course, the Church Camp group! I’ve been lurking around since the Deputy Porter days, but just had to comment on your adventures with Rose. Very glad to hear you’re feeling somewhat better and hopefully you are enjoying your burst of creative energy. Take good care of yourself so all your fans can continue to enjoy your tales!
    Just an old stroked-out Swede from MN now roosting in OK

  4. The Mage says:

    Thanks for a good read. You took care of all of the threads nicely. Now the only question is who R. is working for, M., S. or will it be both for a while. 🙂

  5. cindypress says:

    yes that does remain to be seen.

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