Undercover Rose 30 (Bonus Chapter)

By Cindy and Walt

I found out what she was talking about when I woke up in my room.  Actually I woke for a while in the recovery room, but then went right back to sleep.  When I woke up in the hospital room, Joan and Jose were waiting for me to return to the land of the living.

“I want to know if I should be jealous,” I asked when I got my wits about me.

“Probably,” Joan replied with a playful laugh.

“I was afraid of that.  Jose is a real heart breaker,” I said and watched him redden.

“So how are you Miss Rose.  Does it hurt much?” he asked.

“Not yet.  I expect that I’m under the influence of a lot of damn good drugs,” I said.

“So how is Cathy?” I asked Joan.

“She is just fine.  Mark is with her.  I’m playing hooky today,” she informed me.

“I’m sorry you had to waste a hooky day hanging around a hospital,” I said.

“I didn’t, you ninnie, it’s 7 PM.  I just meant a hooky day of being away from being me,” she said.

“What about you Jose?  Shouldn’t you be out on a date?” I asked.

“I am on a date with my two favorite women.  I’m the luckiest man on earth,” he said with a shy smile.

“You are right Rose, he is a real heart breaker,” Joan said.

“Yep, we are going to have to be careful around him,” I said.

“Well Jose we need to leave if I am going to get home by eight,” Joan said.  “Antiques road show you know.”

“Yes, we must keep our priorities straight,” I said with a laugh.

After they left I got a very late dinner.  The tasteless food served its purpose.  It satisfied my ravenous hunger.  The staff had just picked up the tray when Jeremy and Alice walked into the room. 

“Hello there, how you doing?” Jeremy asked.

“I’m doing better.  I can move a little without crying like a teenager,” I said.

“That’s good, but take it easy for a while,” Jeremy suggested.

“Looks like I’m on the injured reserve list for a while,” I said.

“So do you have any idea when they will spring you from this place?” Alice asked.

“The luxury vacation might end on Wednesday or Thursday depending on how good of a girl I am,” I informed them.

“Where are you going when you get discharged?” Alice asked.

“I am going home of course,” I said.

“How will you manage,” Jeremy asked.

“I will be very careful,” I suggested.

“You are more than welcome to come to our place for a few days,” Alice said.

“I’m supposed to rest,” I said and laughed.

“It would be hard, but we could control ourselves,” Jeremy said with a huge grin.

“I’ll be just fine at home.  Carlos will stop by to take care of the wood stove.  The rest I can manage,” I informed Jeremy.  I hadn’t exactly figured all that out, but I knew I could. 

The nurse came in at nine to shoot something into my IV.  After she left it took about five minutes before I was back in the land of oblivion.  They obviously had a shortage of nurses, so putting everyone out early was their answer to it.  Hell it worked for me.  I didn’t like having to call for drugs.

Tuesday I awoke with the ability to sit up with only a manageable amount of pain.  I could handle breakfast without nausea inducing pain.  Because of the reduction in pain I was looking forward to a good day.  After the soft scramble eggs and toast, I felt like a new woman.  It lasted about ten minutes before I drifted off to sleep yet again.

The down time didn’t last so long Tuesday morning.  I was awake for about an hour between breakfast and lunch.  The skinny broad with the bad hair came into the room.  I realize in my foggy mind that it was Sylvia Porter.

“Well damn, I must be hurt worse than I thought,” I said and smiled.

“Well, I sure hope you feel better than you look Rose,” Sylvia said.  She also smiled.

“I don’t,” I said.

“When you get out of here, we have a bunk for recovery at Church Camp, if you need it.  Most of us don’t have any family,” she explained.

“Thank you Sylvia, but I’m going to try it at home,” I said.

“Good for you,” she replied.  “By the way the Geek ran a simulation with all the facts.  You probably saved at least ten lives by getting that guard away from the monitors.  Just sayin.”

“Nice to know,” I said.

“We all know it Rose, you are one tough broad,” she said.  “You may not stand around in blood up to your ankles, but you can take it and you can give it back.  So if living alone is more than you can handle, send me a message and we will come for you.”

“That’s awfully nice of you, but I hope you didn’t come all this way just to tell me that,” I suggested.

“I had business at Church Camp,” she said.

“Where do you stay when you aren’t visiting Church Camp?” I asked.

“We have another compound in the Black Water Swamp, we just renamed it Camp Martin,” she said.  “I guess we will be looking for a name for Church Camp one day.  Well I have to get on up to the Church Camp now.”

“I think I would like to work for you,” I blurted out.

“I’m going to work on that then.  I have to figure a way to get the SBI off your ass first,” she said with a confident smile.  “I hear you have some rich bored friends.  Maybe you could recruit them as well.  We might be able to use a team with no known ties to us.”  At that point she was out the door.

I smiled for hours it seemed.  Why, I had no idea.  The last job I did for CC was a mutha, but it was also kind of rewarding.

It was afternoon when Doctor Evers came into the room.  He appeared to be in a hurry.  “So how is the shoulder?” he asked.

“I can’t move it without pain, but I can move the rest of me.  I think with a sling I could get out of this bed,” I said.

“I can get you a sling and a footed cane.  You won’t be able to use a walker though,” he said.

“You mean, I won’t look like a seventy year old woman, damn,” I said.

“You do know you have a hell of a good attitude.  Most of my patients whine and complain.  You laugh and complain,” he said.

“I did my share of crying,” I said.

“Well just hang in there and do a little more each time you get out of bed.  We will see about you going home in a day or two,” he said.

After he was gone the nurse removed the catheter and I sat on the side of the bed.  There was a dull pain, but I could handle it.  I knew that it would get worse without the hospital drugs, but that was a problem for another day.  I laid back down.

“I am going to remove the IV from your arm.  You will be able to move around even more when I do,” the real nurse advised me.  I knew she was the real nurse not just because she was going to do nursey things, but because she had an Indian accent.

I nodded while she pulled the needle.  When it was gone I had the urge to use the toilet just to see how well I could move around.  I found that moving hurt even with the good hospital drugs.  I had a feeling life was going to be tough without them.  There will be pain, the voice in my head said.  There will be serious pain.  More than aspirin and Tylenol pain, the voice insisted.

I was going to need Jeremy and Alice, I feared.  If for nothing else, to go to the drugstore thing for me.  Then again, I might be able to drive myself.  I didn’t expect that to be the case, but like Sylvia said, I was a tough old broad.

I was still getting shot up with God only knew what, but I needed it for the pain.  Everything went along with people being extremely nice to me until Wednesday.  That is when they started to get bossy.  I was told they would not release me without someone agreeing to at least check on me.  And that same someone had to come to take me home.  Since Joan was unreliable due to family commitments, it became Jeremy and Alice. 

I didn’t feel too bad since Alice and I had seen each other in a compromising position, I figure they were as good a caretaker as any.  The ride back to my place wasn’t at all painful since they had a nice car and I was also pretty high.  I didn’t feel high, but I did feel like I was in a fog.  The hospital had called the drugstore far enough in advance for them to have my prescription for Vicodin.

“So you’re coming to our place period,” Jeremy said.

“Bull shit all the nurse said was I needed someone to look in on me.  That is more to call 911, if I can’t.  Like I died in the middle of the night kind of thing.  So drop me at home and call me a couple of times a day,” I said.  “I want you to know I could have gotten Carlos and Nita to do this, so don’t expect feet kissing gratitude.”

“She is an even worse bitch when she is out of the hospital,” Jeremy said.  “All right Rose have it your way, but we are going to get your drugs and some basic food item for you.”

“Drop me first and then go to the drugstore please.  I think I need to lay down,” I said.  I made it into the house and was on the sofa when the first of the phone calls came.

Jeremy and Alice were unloading groceries while I told Joan, “Look I know you have family.  I have it all arranged.  Jeremy and Alice have a thirty day supply of drugs and a dozen bags of food.  Carlos brought in enough wood for a week and he will be back before I need more.  Just come visit when you can. 

Once I got rid of Jeremy and Alice I managed to sleep a little.  I woke up in terrible pain whenever I moved.  I managed to dry swallow the pills.  I knew being an accomplish cock sucker would someday pay off.  I could swallow anything without water.

For the next couple of days I lived from one dose of Vicodin to the next.  I did manage to sleep a lot more than I ever had before.  However going to the bathroom was a bitch.  First there was getting off the sofa and bouncing my way to the bathroom.  Then there was the easing of myself on and off the toilet.  Not to mention I was a right handed wiper and suddenly had to become a lefty. 

I was extremely tired of trying to clean myself in the large plastic sink by the weekend.  I decided that the shoulder had healed enough to allow me a shower.  The incision would be fine with just a little antibiotic ointment and a clean white tee shirt.  That being the case a shower with no scrubbing was the plan.

The house was warm Saturday morning when I decided to go for it.  I was all bent in pain as I worked my way into the shower carrying two clean towels thanks to Carlos’ aunt.  I could barely stand long enough for the shower.  If there was such a thing as a hair salon that made house calls, I would have had my head shaved.  It was almost impossible to do anything with my hair except let it hang wet and limp.  That made me almost as miserable as the greasy feeling. 

I had managed to wash it with a bar of bath soap an unheard of thing ordinarily, but desperate times, etc.  I just couldn’t get it very dry.  Before I even tried I had to sit down and calm myself to help with the pain in my shoulder.

I finally gave up and took a pill.  I sat by the fire to let my hair dry.  It was hardly the optimal method but it was the best I could do.  I tried to stay away from the free standing full length mirror in the living room, but since I couldn’t put a sheet over it, I had to pass it.  When I saw myself in the mirror I wanted to cry.  My hair looked like the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz.  I wore no makeup at all and unlike my usual minimal make up look, I had all the color of a movie zombie.  Plus my clothes were wrinkled and stained.

Since the power had been restored, I checked the secret email accounts then went to the chat rooms.  I could only type one handed, so I gave up on the chat.  I went to one of the free TV show sights and tried to find TV shows I had missed.  I had missed the complete seasons of some shows.  Especially the BBC shows.

Joan called, “Hey I’m headed your way, if that is okay?”

“Of course it is,” I replied.

“Do you need anything, other than a working right arm?” she asked.

“No, I have every thing I need.  I might take another shower while you are here and let you help me with my hair though,” I said.

“Sure, I will even help you wash your back,” she said as she giggled.

After she hung up the phone I immediately went into the bathroom to turn on the heater.  It was warm in the house, but it didn’t hurt to have some additional heat in the bathroom.  It hurt like hell when I stood from a sitting or twisted from a laying position but it had to be done several times a day.  The walk to the bathroom was no exception.

I gathered my clothes and looked forward to the second shower of the day.  I probably shouldn’t have been so excited, but I really needed to see Joan and to do something with my hair.  Joan arrived fifteen minutes later.  I was surprised to see that Jose was tagging along.  I really didn’t feel right about him being in my house without his parent’s permission, and I doubted he asked permission to be with me and Joan.  I knew that I needed to ask Joan what the hell was going on. 

I tried to be civil, since I wasn’t really in a position to kick ass at the moment.  “So where did you find the urchin?” I asked.

“Which one?” she asked showing me that Jose carried the car seat with the sleeping Cathy inside.  “Oh Jose and I have been to the park with Cathy.  Mark went to his parents house, so I convinced Jose to help me with her,” Joan said.

“Where do your parents think you are Jose,” I asked.

“I told them I might stop by to see if you needed firewood brought into the house, so dad knows I’m here,” he said.

“Okay, as long as you don’t lie to them.  And yes you can fill up the wood station while Joan and I take a shower.”  I said making sure he understood where he fit in the group.  Then again, I was no longer sure where I fit.  I had no idea if Joan and Jose were doing the dirty or not, but they were all giggly, so I thought they might be.  What the shy Joan had on her mind I didn’t know, but I planned to find out.

I went into the bathroom leaving the two of them in the living room.  I was already in the shower very carefully washing my body for the second time that day.  I turned to see Joan step naked into the shower.  I saw her body completely naked for the first time.  She had heavy hanging breasts, but then she was nursing.  She also had a tummy and wide hips.  Both were left over from her childbirth.  I stood under the water as she washed my hair.

“The hot water won’t last much longer,” I warned her.

“Okay, let’s get your hair washed first.”  With that she took the lid off the shampoo and poured it into my hair.  It was something I could not do.  She also washed my hair but since it had been washed earlier that same day it lathered very quickly.  The quick wash was enough she turned me around and washed my ass.  How she knew to slip a finger inside me, I had no idea.  I leaned against the shower wall while she slipped her soaped finger in and out of me.  I actually had my first orgasm in a week.

She kissed me and said, “Now you owe me two.”

“At least,” I agreed.

I put on the antibiotic cream and clean white tee shirt so I didn’t need a bandage, then the fleece running pants.  Joan and I went into the living room where she towel dried my hair in front of the stove.  She used my blow dryer as well to finish the job.  Then she brushed it thoroughly, something else I could not do.

“There now, you look more like the Rose I know,” Joan said.  “Doesn’t she Jose?”

“She looks beautiful to me,” he said turning red.

“Come in the kitchen Joan lets see if we can find something to eat,” I suggested.  When we were in the kitchen, I asked Joan, “Are you sleeping with that kid?”

“That’s none of your business.  This is an uncommitted relationship remember?” she said.

“He is a minor and the son of a friend of mine,” I said.

“Then you should be happy for us and stop acting like a jealous bitch,” Joan said.

“Look, I don’t much care if you play pinch and tickle, but don’t use me as cover, and not in my house,” I said.

“Bull shit, if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t be here.  You know the first time is the only one that is hard.  After that it gets easier,” Joan said.

“Joan, there was no first time for us,” I said.

“Of course there was, now you are involved like it or not,” she said.  “I don’t think you will Narc on us.”

“So I know you aren’t up for anything else, but you could at least baby sit for us while Jose and I do it again.  It will be so much better, if it’s not in the car,” Joan said.

“I think you and Jose should leave now, while I still don’t know enough to tell his mother,” I said.

“You might not approve, but you wouldn’t hurt any of us.  You know that it would destroy us all,” Joan said.

“Yes it would and you should try to remember that.  You are going to get yourself and all the rest of us fucked,” I said.

She looked over at Jose and smiled.  “I know.”  She also moved over to sit beside me on the sofa.  She kissed me passionately then opened her blouse and guided me to her full hanging breasts.  I couldn’t help myself I took her left breast in my hand and lifted it to my mouth.  I nursed on it a couple of long minutes.  I was totally in a fog again.  Maybe it was the breast milk on top of the Vicodin maybe it was the clean smell of my own hair, hell I don’t know I just knew that I wanted her.

“Not yet Rose,” she said gently pushing me away.  She left me sitting on the sofa while she led Jose up the ladder to my loft.  I sat beside Cathy.  She was absolutely adorable.  She smiled and seemed to giggle at me.  I had no idea what the hell all the giggling was about.

I was forced to listen to Joan and Jose as they made love.  I could only thank god that I didn’t have to watch.  Joan moaned and seemed to cry.  Then she got quiet and her breathing was loud as she climbed toward and her orgasm.  When she did cum she almost shouted her intentions.

“I’m going to cum damn it, fuck me harder,” she said.

It was several minutes after she came that she returned to the sofa across from me.  She hadn’t bothered to replace her panties so I sat staring at her shaved smooth vagina.  The walk down the stairs obviously started Jose’s semen leaking from her body.

“Rose we have a present for you, I know you have to be horny by now, so come here and start by tasting me,” Joan said.  When I didn’t move she added, “You know you want to, so come here.  It will aid in your recovery,”

I felt pain, but I didn’t care I lowered myself to the floor and allowed Joan to guide my head between her legs.  I opened my mouth and licked the opening to her body.  Yes I could taste her body fluid mixed with Jose’s sperm and it was intoxicating.  I went from a simple taste to burying my face in her opening.  I licked and tasted her until she moan, “Clit please clit.”

“I moved up to lick her clit until she came.  I knew because her hips rocked then tensed and she actually gushed lubricant.  After I went back down and licked her clean, I managed to be back on the sofa in spite of the pain in my ribs.  The shoulder seemed to have stopped hurting but any little movement and my ribs made me want to scream.  Still I had ignored the pain for a taste of her and Jose.

“You need to suck Jose’s dick.  It is so nice to suck one so young,” Joan said smiling at us both.

“Absolutely not,” I said.  “You both need to leave and let me think.”  I was sure the drugs had a lot to do with me eating Joan out in front of the fifteen year old minor.  I sure as hell wasn’t going to have any kind of sex with him at all.

“Your loss,” Jose said as he kissed Joan.  “It’s time I got home anyway.”

It took a few minutes for them to get every thing together and then to leave.  “I’ll call you,” Joan said.

I nodded, since I didn’t trust myself to speak.  I was really seething, but she couldn’t tell by looking at me.  My relationship with Jose’s family was the only normal relationship I had, and Joan might have single handedly wrecked it.  I was almost ready to slip a Bic ballpoint pen into her I was so mad.

I realize I had participated in the happenings in my house.  I was angry at myself, as well as at Joan, which made it even worse.  She might not have known the stakes, but I did and I let her convince me to eat her out, even with the broken ribs.  I was just so pissed at both of us.

Calm down, I thought.  You have to work on your damage control with what is likely to happen going forward.  If he leaves for home as soon as Joan gets him to the park, he should get home before too late.  So maybe there won’t be a confrontation.  If Carlos asks me, I am going to say Jose brought in some wood while Joan helped me wash my hair.  Then we sat around and chatted a while.  Joan and Carlos left about seven and that’s all I know.  I intend to act incensed, if he asks me if Jose and I had sex.  I could pass a polygraph, when I say ‘no I did not have sex with that boy’.

Okay I had worked out my story and I planned to stick to it till the bitter end.  What I was going to do about Joan had not been decided.  I knew one thing for sure, I needed to turn the camera’s on anytime Joan came to visit.


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5 Responses to Undercover Rose 30 (Bonus Chapter)

  1. jackballs57 says:

    Twist and turns and a plot develops. A few day visit to church camp may be in order to let things settle out. Thanks.

  2. The Mage says:

    Me thinks that Rose has created a monster. Joan is turning into a real predator. 😦

  3. The Mage says:

    I feel for R. with all of that pain. A very good read. I think that R. will be safer with S. But it may take a Swamp Dog operation to achieve that fact. 🙂

  4. cindypress says:

    I never know what is going to happen either

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