Undercover Rose 32 (Edited)

By Cindy and Walt

Take the phone to the courthouse square park and place it inside a Hardee’s bag.  Take a biscuit and coffee from the Hardee’s bag then deposit the trash in it after your breakfast.  Place the bag filled with your trash and the phone into the refuge collector directly across from the courthouse.  Move to a bench away from the refuse can and wait for it to be collected.  Do no allow the county to empty those cans until our man gets it.

I followed the instructions even though I was in a little pain.  It could have been worse.  Of course I felt as though I looked as bad as the homeless man who collected the bag from the trash.  I was pretty sure he walked around the block to be sure he wasn’t followed, then climbed into a Cadillac to drive to the Church Camp. 

No matter what he did, the phone was on its way to the Geek.  No one ever called him anything but the Geek, so it could have been a team of ten, or a lone gunman type.  I would never have known the difference, nor did I really care.

I went home, hung my hunting coat on the hook by the rear door, and for a change stayed out of bed.  For one thing I was on the half dose of pain killers.  Yes there was pain, but I was also thinking rationally for the first time in two weeks.  Since I had breakfast at the local Hardee’s restaurant, I was ready for a shower, then to greet the day. 

The only thing I had to do was be sure the water was hot.  To do that I turned on the water at the large plastic sink.  The ‘on demand’ fish tank pump sent hot water to the sink.  It was very hot so I immediately turned it off, then went to gather my clean clothes.

Carlos had dropped off my clean clothes, and picked up the bag of dirty ones the day before.  I threw my dirty clothes in a fishnet kind of bag hanging on a hook in the living room by the stairs.  Since I had the fire roaring from my morning labors, I was able to undress in the living room.  I put the jeans, the white tee shirt, the blue thermal shirt and the panties into the fishnet bag. 

Then standing in the living room nude, I tackled the pile on the second sofa.  I put the underwear in the shoeboxes in the rack near the rear door.  I hung the jeans on hangers from the bar above the rack.  Then I took one pair of panties, one long sleeve red tee shirt and a pair of jeans into the bathroom.

After my almost satisfactory shower I dressed for the day.  After my indoor clothing was in place I checked to be sure I was ready to leave the house on a moment’s notice.  The thick blue sweatshirt hung by the rear door, along with the lined mustard colored hunting coat I had worn earlier.  I had to look all over for that kind of coat.  It had hung there several months.  It hung beside the camo hunting coat, which I had purchased on the drive back from the Techno Park job.  Well I supposed a mountain girl could never have too many hunting coats.

Then I tackled the coffee pot so that I could sit by the stove to dry my hair.  It took and hour during which time I tried to plan my day.  I didn’t want to do too much again and spend another three days more or less unconscious.  So I planned to roll with the punches.  I planned to limit myself to one nap, if I could squeeze it into my not so busy schedule.

I picked up the cheap tablet which allowed me to check the Church Camp email.  I had expected a short open, but encrypted email saying they had received the phone.  Instead there was a long coded and encrypted email.  To decode it I would need to go to the grocery store and purchase a sleazy tabloid.  Since I had about half an hour before my hair was completely dry, I finished my coffee.

When I did, I took my half pill, then pulled on the thick blue sweatshirt and the mustard colored hunting coat.  I pretty much looked like an old hag with the stringy hair and no make up.  Not to mention the jeans and hunting coat I wore.  It was not the best look for a woman on the sunny side of thirty, especially one with a ten grand boob job.  No cut rate jobs for me, I thought.

I drove to the plaza and a Food Lion supermarket.  While I was there I picked up some frozen dinners to replenish my dwindling supply.  I also got a bag of the fancy rolls to which I was partial.  Then as a seemly after thought, I bought a Globe tabloid.  When I got home I put away everything, then settled in to decode the message.

‘I received your phone and contacted our expert.  I am not used to dealing with these things, since we are more of a training and rehab facility.  A complex of safe houses and other out of the ordinary functions for our parent company.  So we have no procedure in place for this kind of thing.  I was prepared to ship the whole thing to him, but I was advised to send him the serial number.  He sent back detailed instructions as to how to unlock it and to clone it.  I copied the whole memory onto a CD.  We need to meet so you can pick up the CD.  I will also return of the phone at the meeting.  Andrew.’

Holy shit, I thought.  They have the phone open and ready for me to view the contents.  Now that is fucking good service, I thought.  I encoded a much shorter message.

‘I am back to 50% of normal…  Use the fucker for target practice.  Am I finished with Morris and how did you do it?’

The answer was short and simple.  ‘All will be revealed at the meet.  The phone shows you are being followed.  He seems to be horny teenager, but be careful you are not followed here.’

My answer was, ‘Yes but he can’t follow during school hours or far from my house.  It isn’t a 24/7 kind of thing’

His answer, ‘Come home at 2 PM today.’

My response, ‘Can do boss.’

I spent the two and a half hours prone on the sofa.  That time was well spent, since I gave my new situation some thought, as well as reliving my past successes with the undercover work.  I realized that telling lies and being someone else was the only thing I had ever been good at.  Also for the first time in my life I felt like I was doing some good.  It was quite a break through for me.

I realized that people actually cared what I did for a change.  People also depended on me for a change.  Best of all people had lived and died because of me.  Now that was power no one ever though I would have, least of all me.

When time came I made the long drive to the CC.  It was a lot of miles but the roads were crap making it a disproportionately time consuming drive.  When I got to CC, there was the usual security entrance.  Very low tech, but I had no doubt very deadly.

I sat in the outer office of the commandant.  He had no receptionist.  Instead a cctv camera watched me.  It never had to pee or fix its makeup.  Speaking of which, I actually wore makeup.  It had been a time consuming and painful experience, but I looked pretty much like myself.  I wore a little too much eye shadow and liner because it was the hardest to control.  They weren’t the raccoon eyes of a teenager, but they were a little thick for an adult.

“Come in Rose,” Andrew said as he leaned heavily on one cane.

I was sitting when I asked, “Am I your first asset?”

“My first administratively controlled asset.  I have been a Mission Commander many times,” he said.

“I hope my assignments ends better than yours,” I said not understanding why I was being bitchy.

“As do I,” he replied.

“I know you have questions, and I do as well.  Why don’t we start with yours,” he said.

“Okay, how did you convince the SBI to let me go and not send me back to the joint?” I asked.

“Well first of all the threat of a return to the state women’s maximum security facility is still on the table.  The difference is now I Control your return, not Agent Mission.  The how was simple Commandant Porter convinced Agent Mission’s superior, that it would be easier to hide your existence if we ran the ops and just leased you to them.  We don’t have any auditors from which we need to hide off the books operations.”

“I see.  Well I have been impressed with your support so far.  That phone clone was amazing,” I commented.

“Well I was surprised with how well it went myself,” he said reaching into his desk and removing the CD.  “Now we need to get this kid off your ass without killing him.”

“Oh, I’ll take care of him,” I said.

“You have till Monday.  We will have the monitoring capability in place by then.  If he shows on our radar after that, he will be dealt with by me,” Andrew said.

“You will not kill him!”  It was a demand, one that I was in no position to make.

“Of course not, who do you think we are.  We will neutralize him by alerting his parent, and the SBI, who are responsible for the routine police work in that county these days.  They will visit Jose and his parents.  Lots of document checks of him and his extended family will follow.  It will be hard for him to stalk you from Mexico,” Andrew said.

“You do play rough,” I said.

“Sylvia should have told you that,” he said.

“She really didn’t have to tell me,” I said.

“Okay next order of business,” he said sliding a paper across to me face down.  “You are going to need to laundry money.  That is best done with a small business.  I’m sure if we supply you with a framework you can manage to hide the cash we pay you.”

“I can manage to spend it.  I shouldn’t have to hide it,” I said.

“I would think you should listen to us.  The C.O. has a lot of experience with running dark operations like yours.  She set the pattern that most everyone uses these days.  So pick something that interest you.”

The paper contained a list of ten businesses that would fly beneath the radar.  Most of them were too girlie for me.  I saw the Antique Rescue and Sales name on the list.  “This one appeals to me,” I said pointing to it.

“Okay go back and when you feel better set up the business using the money in your credit card account for the traceable expenses.  Your secret money is for the non traceable.”  Then he reached into his desk for a red folder.  “This is a business plan and lots of information about how to make it work.”

“Thanks,” I said.

“Go home and get that kid out of your personal life or we will,” he said again.  “A lot of people will be hurt if we have to do it.”

“Right boss,” I said.

“We will continue to correspond by the usual method,” he said.  “Do you know how to remove the hard drive from the state laptop?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“Take it out and replace it with this one.  Then destroy the one you remove.  Give the drive a couple of whacks with a hammer.  Then take it outside and pour a bottle of drain cleaner over it.  Put it in one of those tin foil roasting pans and drop it in the county dumpster,” Andrew demanded.

“Got it,” I said.

When I got home I did everything Andrew had said.  Then after half a pill I fell into bed for a nap.  I didn’t wake up till my cell phone rang at 8 PM.  “Hello,” I said.

“Did you get the phone off to the Geek you know,” Joan asked.

“He already cracked it and send me the file.  I haven’t looked at it yet,” I said.  “I have been busy.”

“Would you wait for me.  I can be there in twenty minutes,” Joan said.

“I can, but you don’t need to do that.  I can let you know what I find,” I said.  I actually had intended to read the material on the Antique Rescue and Sales business that evening.

“Please I have to know before I see him again.  This could get pretty nasty, if he thinks I stole his phone,” she said.

“I can tell you without looking that we are both on the phone.  What we are doing I don’t know, but I can guess,” I said.

“No offense Rose but you seem pretty calm all of a sudden,” Joan commented.  “I can understand you have less to lose than I, but you still could lose the respect of a friend.”

“Most of the damage has been done already.  I just need to talk to Jose to end all this crap with me.  You have decided that you want to have your cake and eat it to.  That being the case, I’m looking out for myself.  But if you are such a glutton for punishment come on over.  I’ll wait for you.”

I got out of bed took and 1/2 pill and cleaned the house and myself best I could.  I was pretty much ready for her when she showed up.

“Hello,” I said.

“Hello, is it safe to kiss you?” she asked.

“Well you aren’t going to hurt me, if you are careful.  I promise I won’t hurt you, if you are careful,” I said.

“I’m not even going to try to figure that out,” she said as she kissed me gently.  She didn’t try to hug me as she knew my ribs and shoulder would still be sore.  When she broke the kiss she backed up a step then asked, “Do you have any popcorn?”

“You probably are going to need something stronger than popcorn, but then again maybe not,” I said handing her the CD.  I pointed to my new big assed desktop computer.  I watched as she walked over and inserted the CD. 

I sat quiet with a wireless mouse on the side table as the menu appeared on the thirty inch monitor.  I opened the CD and saw three folders.  “I guess we should look at the media files first.”  Inside the folder there was a sub folder and four files.  The sub folder was titled Rose.  The four files must have been the ones he has open last,” I said.

File one showed me nursing on Joan’s naked breast, and her holding my head.  The second was a shot of her climbing the steps to the loft.  The third was a shot of her walking toward the camera.  The last file was me between her legs with Jose’s semen covering my face.  It also showed Joan with her eyes rolled back enjoying it all.

The folder marked with my name held several files.  They showed me in different outfits, which told me he had been shooting pictures of me for some time.  I didn’t look too bad in them, some I looked sexy as hell, but mostly I was pretty plain looking.

In almost all the shots of Joan she was naked.  She had to know they were being made.  “My god I look so fat,” she said. 

“So, that’s all you have to say?” I asked.

“Well he swore he wouldn’t share them with anyone,” she said.

“Well let’s see what his voice messages are like,” I suggested.  I opened file one.

“Hey call me dude.  I got those last pics of the chubby teacher.  She is really hot man.  Call me.”

File two:  “Where are you Jose.  Man I want to meet that chubby Ho.  Call me.

All the rest were like that except the ones that mention the blond.  They were a bit more graphic.  Something on the order of, “My god, that slut eats cream pie sooo good.”

“So do we need to read the text messages?  I asked.

“Do we have both sides of the conversation?” she asked.

“I don’t know let me check,” I said.  When I opened one of the files in the folder there was indeed both sides of the texting.

“Jose hru?  Bring that chubby ho to the party,” the text read.

“NCD, she is mine lol,”

‘Dbu dude,”

What is dbu?” I asked Joan.

“Don’t blame you,” she said.

“Well we know he shared the shots of you.  I have no idea if he showed the ones of me alone.  I had my clothes on, so they probably didn’t seem very exciting.

“He promised he wouldn’t share them,” Joan said.  She still didn’t seem all that angry.

“So what you want to do about it?” I asked.

“Since I don’t know the kids he sent them to, I guess I’ll just live with it for a while.  I guess I’m going to decide not to decide,” she said,

“I’m going to take care of him, but it only pertains to me unless you want me to give him a slap to the side of the head for you as well?” I asked.

I want to hear his side, before I throw him under the bus,” Joan said.

“Well that’s up to you.  I’m going to let it go until the weekend, then I’m going to have all the information processed.  When I am confident, I am going to drop the hammer on him,” I said.  “Do you want to be here for that?” I asked.

“I think he will talk more to you alone than he would with me in the room,” Joan said.

“Okay that’s how we will play it then,” I said.  “I’m going to explain the consequences to him, if he can’t undo this.”

“Do you feel up to being with me tonight?” Joan asked.

“I really need to get back into bed alone right now,” I said.

“Okay, but you and I need to spend some quality time together,” Joan suggested.

“Sure, maybe this weekend,” I suggested.  I meant after I dealt with her boyfriend. 

After Joan left instead of going to bed, I sat down at the big computer to check out the result of my camera first.  I showed us both in very high definition.  Much better than the cheap cell phone images.

Then I went over the cell phone images.  The ones of me were harmless until he got to the ones from the night the three of us were together.  Even then my face was not clear in any of them.  Even if they hit the net, it was no big deal.  However his dad might recognize me and I intended for Jose to know that.  I also intended to put the fear of god into him about the stalking.  While I was at it, I wanted him to know he and Joan were not welcome in my house together. 

I would tell him that he could come here with his father, and that I wouldn’t treat him any different when we met.  That seemed to be the easiest way to go.  As for Joan, I planned to explain what she had to lose and what she could do to cause him trouble.  I expected he already knew what kind of trouble she could be in.  If so he didn’t care and most likely still wouldn’t care when I finished with him.

I couldn’t type worth a crap so I just went to bed.  I was tired and I had the 1/2 pill, so I drifted off to sleep very quickly.  When I awoke the next morning at five, I wanted to exercise, but my body still screamed no way.  I did my morning routine carefully.  I also forgot about the morning pill for a couple of hours before my ribs began to hurt with even the slightest movement.  I took the half pill while I waited for my hair to dry.

I had seen the complete files from Jose’s cell phone but I didn’t have an excuse to see him just then.  I wanted to wait till at least Saturday or Sunday to have our talk.  He might have some idea that I knew what was going on, or he might not know I had his cell phone or could get into it.  It might or might not be a shock when I confront him.  A lot depended on what Joan told him in the meantime.

I had a full day before I would have a chance to confront him.  I did not plan to waste the day.  What I planned to do was ask Jeremy for some advice.  I didn’t want the advice.  I wanted to plant a seed in his mind.

“Hello,” Jeremy said into the phone.

“Hi Jeremy,” I said.

“Rose, are you feeling better honey?” he asked.

“Yes, it looks like I might be a day or two away from trying to go out again,” I said.

“Well that sounds good, do you need anything?” he asked again.

“Actually I do.  A friend sent me some information.  I was hoping you might read it over and give me some advice.  You are the only one I know who knows anything about running your own business.”  I said applying the BS nice and thick.

“So what kind of business are you thinking about?” he asked.  He really did sound interested.

“You know I love antique shit.  Ever since I bought this place I have been picking things up,” I said.

“Yeah, I know you have some original elements from the time your house was a store,” he said.

“The business plan I’m looking at is for an architectural salvage business.  Buying old building to salvage them, or just salvaging old buildings for the materials,” I suggested.

“So are you planning to move,” Jeremy asked.  “I mean this place is too small for a retail store filled with vintage building material.”

“I know, I actually thought I might reuse them to build period cabins for sale.  Maybe even build a little turn of the century village kind of thing,” I suggested.

“Actually that sounds like a pretty good idea.  The whole rustic thing is getting big, thanks to cable TV.  You could probably buy some land pretty cheap.  Actually I have been talking to a man in Tennessee about a parcel of land in Browntown.  I expect it has some buildings you could salvage then reuse to build some period cabins,” he said.

“That would really be cool if I could find something like that, but I could never afford to buy it,” I said.

“If the owner gets his mind right, I am thinking about building it for a nudist resort.  What you are talking about might make a hell of a sales pitch.  Not just to visit but to own your own cabin in a clothes optional village.  We could work together on it,” he said

“I think I could get the building down and then get some cabins like my house put up reasonably, but I don’t know shit about selling houses or buying property for it.  If you would let me kind of watch you, I could learn as we go.  If you would let me build cabins on your land.  I could even buy the first lot from you and put a cabin up, just to see how it all would work,” I suggested.

“Well let me think about it for a couple of days, then we can talk again,” he said.

“Good call me when you think the time is right.  In the meantime I’m going to make plans to start up the salvage business,” I said.


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11 Responses to Undercover Rose 32 (Edited)

  1. The Mage says:

    Excelent chapter Cindy! Having been in construction myself I love the idea of the salvage bussiness. I look forward to you telling us all about the building process. 🙂

  2. cindypress says:

    guarantee it will be all wrong. I once pulled nails from a building my father and uncle tore down when I was a young teenager some things stuck with me but not much I’m afraid.

  3. Shooter says:

    Good chapter. Keep up the good work. Bet you will get a lot of “constructive” comments when you start building.

  4. retrophil says:

    Pride goeth before a fall. Having said that want you to know I got a real good feeling when I read how Rose felt so good about her life of making a difference. My character wants to make a difference on Jones Street after he spent most of his life fucking up. I know it’s silly but I felt akin to you when I saw the similarities there.

    I also saw how dialogue can turn a story from ordinary to interesting. Not meant as criticism but the start of this chapter was (as I am learning) lecture style. I don’t know what one might have done to spice it up and don’t know if it was even necessary. Later I could see how the conversation between Andrew and Rose made the story more lively and interesting.

    The dialogue is so real to me. Andrew is both kind and in command at the same time. His response to Rose’s telling him she could spend the money, revealed a lot about not only him but also Sylvia.

    I love and I’m sure your other readers love how Sylvia is re-inventing herself through Rose. It really honors Sylvia that her MO is now the model for operatives hiding their excess money.

    I don’t know about the others but I am anxiously anticipating Rose’s little talk with Jose. I never would have thought he would be such a big part of the story. I’m guessing that you didn’t either until you wrote it in.


    • cindypress says:

      I never know who will show up and what part they will play. My characters are like real people used as chess pieces. I put them on the board and make the first moves but thats where the similarity ends they take on a life of their own. Now that would make a good steven king type movie.

      Trust me if I read these again after a month I had what a poor writer I am.

  5. oldsilvertip says:

    seems that the real threat is Jose’s friend. He sounds like he’s trolling waiting to get something to set the hook into.

  6. jackballs57 says:

    Great Chapter thanks. If they could get into the phone that easy I am surprised they couldn’t run down all the numbers and names connected to the chats

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