Undercover Rose 36 (Edited)

By Cindy and Walt

Thursday was Christmas day.  Of course we did not work at all that day.  I for one rode the tricycle almost all day.  I found a restaurant open in the plaza.  It was a cafeteria, so I went there for lunch.  I even had turkey.  It wasn’t great, but at least I felt like it was traditional.  No one anywhere was open in the evening, so I made myself a grilled cheese sandwich then went to the net to find other people like me.

On Friday morning when I arrived at the church site the only thing standing were the rocks of the dry stack foundation.  Those were common to old buildings like barns and houses in the area.  Sort of flat stones were piled on top of each other to create piers.  They comprise the support for the buildings.  Something about how they were stacked and the distribution of the weight of the building made them very stable.

Usually, some of them at least, went down to what the old men in the area call the living stone of the mountain.  We had a dozen dry stacks.  Some were larger than others because they supported more weight from the roof.

Carlos, Juan, Jose, and I all worked on the stacks.  We carefully removed the stones and stacked them in a spot at the rear of the parking lot.  We were all through with the demolition in exactly six working days.  The cost to me was almost $1,600 in labor.  I had another hundred in plastic sheets to cover the lumber and about thirty for a hammer and pry bar.  You might as well figure just a little under seven grand in all.  On the up side we were ready to build.

Some of that research I did on the web had been on ‘little house’ plans.  They billed themselves as adaptable to anything.  My plan was to adapt the plan to a cabin in the woods.  It was also my plan to build a cabin I could live in.  I figured if I could live in it, other people would find it appealing.  Men could get off on the rough shit, and women would appreciate my girlie additions, like a shower.  Men might buy a cabin that had no way to fight off their body odor for a week or so, but women?  I didn’t think so.

The floor plan I stole from the net did not have a structural plan.  For that I was relying on Carlos and Juan to wing it.  The building was sixteen feet wide and twenty four feet long with no real interior walls.  When I showed it to Carlos he looked at me and then at the piles of lumber.  Juan rattled off enough Spanish to be a speech.  He took a pen from me, Then drew a very rough drawing of the end wall.

“The Roof,” Carlos said.  “Must support a lot of snow without falling through.  It must also allow snow to slide off when it melts.”

“Yes I understand that,” I said.

“Juan thinks because the house is narrow the way to do it is to make one wall sixteen feet high and one eight feet high.  That would give you enough slope to drain the roof, but it would be a bitch to work on.  I think a shorter rear wall with heavier construction materials would be better, so you must decide.”

“So what would I have to buy with the different roofs?”  I asked.

“With Juan’s roof nothing.  We have all the material here.  With my design some 6×6 posts and some large beams.  Maybe $500 dollars in all,” Carlos said.

“I don’t want to buy any more new lumber unless there is no other way, so let’s build it with Juan’s roof plan.  That is, if it’s safe,” I said.

“Oh it is safe, just a bitch to work on,” Carlos said still hoping to change my mind.

“Do it then,” I said.  “What can we do the rest of this afternoon.”

“We can layout the foundation lines and maybe arrange for the digging,” Carlos said to me. 

Carlos had a friend who owned a trencher.  Once the stakes and strings were in the ground his friend would come and dig the frozen ground with his trencher.  We could never dig it by hand, I was assured.

“Lay the lines for two cabins.  One up near the road and one to the right and farther back,” I said. 

“Why,” Carlos asked.

“I have no idea, it just seems like the thing to do,” I said.

The one back the most would occupy a part of the old church space.  The one nearer the road would occupy the space the church used for picnics on the grounds.  Carlos was on the cell phone most of the time, while he and Juan laid out the foundation.  Around 2 PM he finished the strings.

“I got hold of my friend, he will try to trench it tomorrow.  He says the ground can only be trenched in the afternoon, so he will be here then.  If it were summer we could never get him on this short of a notice,” Carlos explained.

“How long will it take, and how much will it cost?” I asked.

“The complete afternoon at least and he wants $500 dollars,” he said. 

Carlos should never play poker, I thought.  “Carlos tell him I have $300 budgeted and that all I have,” I said.

Carlos spoke into the phone and then said, “$350 cash and he will try to finish tomorrow by five.”

“Done,” I said.  It was a dance I was learning to do well, since I started to deal with Carlos and his friends.

“You are going to need the concrete blocks for the foundation.  Juan and I could lay the piers but we can not lay the blocks and get them straight that is a skill we have no desire to learn.  However we do have a friend, who works for a company that does foundations.  Juan said he is not working for them this time of year.  We think he will do the work for you more reasonably than the company,” Carlos said.

“How much and how long,” I asked.

“I am guess three days for both foundations.  He would work for $100 dollars a day, I am sure,” Carlos said.  “Only if you furnish everything.”

“See if you can get him for Monday.  Also tell him to give you a list of what we need to buy for him,” I demanded.  “Tell him the crazy bitch you are working for will be checking up on him to be sure he works a full day.  He might as well know that just because I am a woman I take no shit.”

If all went well, we would be back on site and building by the middle of next week.  Since it was 3 PM on Friday I paid the guys for a full day.  “So do you want me to swing by Home Depot and buy the necessary blocks and mortar for your foundation man.  If you want to work tomorrow you can pick the material or I can have them deliver it since there is time, either one would work for me,” I said.

“I don’t really like carrying that kind of load on my truck,” Carlos said.  “I would like to go with you to pick up the nails and roof straps we will need.  We could also get the roofing material and have it all delivered at one time.  Then I wouldn’t have to carry that heavy load in the truck either.”

“That makes good sense.  If we need a few two by fours later, one of us can run out for them.  At least the heavy stuff will be on site,” I said. 

I found that I needed nine squares of roofing at a cost of about four hundred dollars and about nine hundred dollars worth of blocks and mortar.  By the time I bought roofing straps and nails and other stuff Carlos needed I had almost $1500 dollars on the bill.  That bill I paid with my prepaid debit card.

The commercial account clerk assured me the material would be on site by the end of the next day.  Just in case they missed their delivery date and time, they would make mine the first delivery Monday morning.  Carlos left me to go home to his family.  I headed to my empty house.

It was too early for dinner, but not for a long hot shower and a good scrubbing of my hair.  I had done both on Christmas day, which was only the day before, but before I began work on the houses I washed my hair daily.  So it wasn’t unusual that I scrubbed it over and over to get all the grease out of it.  When I finished, I sat by the fire with a cup of coffee and brushed it every ten minutes.  It helped it dry, but it also gave my hair the illusion of even more body.

I knew for sure that I was going to be bored.  Even more than a visit to the adult rooms could cure.  I broke down and called Jeremy and Alice.  I had a huge fruit basket delivered to their house for Christmas a few days earlier.  They sent me a fancy fruitcake, but I didn’t hold that against them.

“Hey Alice would you like to go clubbing with me tonight?” I asked.

“I can’t but why don’t you come to our place for drinks.  We are having a few friends over,” She suggested.  “I think you might find it interesting.”

“Do I have to wear fancy underwear?” I asked with a laugh.

“You know that is always optional in our house.”  She did laugh as she said it.

“You are just trying to keep me out of trouble, but sure.  What time do I and my red see through panties show up?” I asked.

“You can come anytime, but most likely the fun won’t start before nine,” she said.

A quick glance at the large advertising clock told me I had at least three hours before I needed to leave.  “Fair enough, can I bring anything?” I asked.

“No everything is taken care of,” she said.

I checked building plans even though my shell was set in stone.  I could still move the interior fixtures about.  Since that was the case I kept right on checking on interior small house plans right up till time to dress for the party.

First I went back into the bathroom and carefully shaved my pubic hair.  Then I did indeed slip into a pair of red lace panties.  They were totally impractical, but they covered my most private parts while giving the illusion that they didn’t cover anything.  Then I pull up a pair of stockings and attached them to a garter belt that drove men wild.  To cover my breasts I wore a shinny gold blouse whose first button was well below my breasts.  To cover the red panties and garter belt I wore a skirt that was mid thigh length.  Nothing showed when I stood but everything showed when I sat down if one were looking from the front.  I had been told by the teenage store clerk that I shouldn’t spread my legs in that skirt.  I most likely would choose to ignore that piece of advice.

When I prepared to leave the house a few minutes after doing my hair and make up, I slipped on the longish camo military cut jacket from Walmart’s sporting goods section.  It made one hell of a contrast, I had to admit.

The three hundred yard drive up the mountain to Jeremy and Alice’s was uneventful.  Not so the drive into their place.  There were cars everywhere.  I found a place to park and hiked up to the house.  There was a sign on the door.  ‘Welcome to Jeremy and Alice’s After Christmas Orgy.’  Well at least they were honest about it.  I wondered why I hadn’t been invited, till I invited myself.  Sometime during the party I would ask someone that question, I decided.

“Well hello neighbor,” Jeremy said.  He seemed stone cold sober.  I wondered if he were saving himself.

“Thanks,” I said as he made way for me to enter.  “You have no idea how lucky you men are.  Nights like this in an outfit like this will give a girl pneumonia.”

“Yeah but on you it would look so damn good,” he said.  It made no sense but I laughed anyway.  “Come on in and get a drink.”

The drink buffet had lots of wines and beer.  There were bottles of liquor as well.  I settled for a glass of red wine.  “Are you finding everything,” Alice asked.

“I sure am.  This is quite a spread,” I suggested.

“Yes Jeremy loves this party.  We do it every after Christmas.  It’s a tradition,” She informed me. 

“Well it looks like it’s off to a good start.”  If drunken orgy is what you have in mind, I thought. 

After my second glass of wine and having met everyone I was ready for a more in depth relationship.  Not long term just deeper than a Hi what do you do for a living asked by one of us.

“So who wants to dance for us,” Jeremy asked.  All the women seemed to be shy.

I didn’t have that problem since I had taken my clothes off for men many times.  I walked into the front of the crowd where Jeremy stood.  “I guess, if no one else wants to I will,” I said. 

“Well everyone make room for our first dancer of the evening,” he said.  Then he whispered to me, “You do know we expect you to be nude by the end of the dance?”

“Of course, I would expect no less myself if someone else were dancing,” I said.  With that someone turned on some music with a very heavy base line.  I began to sway and move to the music.  Since I had left my coat at the door, the gold low cut blouse was first to go.  With it gone I was left to sway to the music topless.  I danced like that a long time before I removed my skirt.  As I had expected the garter belt was a real hit.

I unhooked the right stocking.  I was forced to lean against the grand piano to slip the stocking down my leg and over my foot.  Then I repeated the motion with the left one.  Men were actually groaning as I shook my ass to the rhythm of that base line.  I slipped the garter belt off leaving on my red lace panties and the men grew very quiet.  I leaned back against the piano and slipped the bit of red lace to the floor.  There was a trail of slippery lubricant running down the inside of my thighs and it caught the light so that every person in the room knew that I was turned on by the dance.  I had my back to the crowd when I pushed my panties down, then I turned and gave them a look at my totally smooth mound.  I moved seductively for several minutes then the music stopped and I reached down for my clothes.  I folded them carefully and placed them atop the grand piano.

I had gone from stripper to house frau in less than a minute.  “Very impressive,” a man’s voice said.  I turned two see two men standing in front of me. 

“Do you mean the dance or my body?” I asked not hiding anything from him.

“Both,” he said.  “You are not only more beautiful, but a much better dancer than any of the other women.”

“Does that include your wife,” I asked noticing the woman standing near.

He looked over his should before he answered.  “Absolutely, what do you think Jen?”

“As always dear, you do have an eye for talent,” she answered then moved away.

“Your wife is very attractive,” I said.

“Not the same way you are attractive.  She is attractive in the soccer mom way.  You are attractive in the way that all men crave for their piece on the side.”  He laughed at his one joke while handing me my wine glass.

“Is it safe to drink this,” I asked.

“I assume if you are here, you do not need to be drugged,” he said.

“Well that is true enough, but I am free to choose with whom I sleep.  A drug would make it more likely that I would choose everyone.”  I said it looking around at the assembled group of men and women.  I had a feeling, since they were all older than Jeremy, Alice, or me that the invitation list was more than a few friends getting together.  I could imagine that it was about keep these people in line.  Still it was none of my business.  I came to get laid not to make waves.

“Have you ever tried anal?” he asked.

“Yes, as a matter of fact I have,” I replied.

“Did you like it,” he asked again.

“It takes some getting used to,” I replied.

“Did you get off on it?” he asked again.  “After you got used to it of course?”

“As a matter of fact I did a few times.  Not as many as the guys did of course,” I replied being totally honest.

“Of course not, but still you did it every time he demanded it?” he continued to interrogate me.

“Yes,” I said looking away from him.  I just couldn’t bring myself to look him in the eye.

“You realize that is the one thing almost no wives will do for her husband,” he said.

“No, I didn’t realize that.  Women don’t talk about that kind of sex,” I said honestly.

“I’m sure they don’t.  My wife’s only conversation was no, there is no way.  I married her because she was young and adventurous, but the adventurous part stopped on our wedding night,” he lamented.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” I said it, but I really wasn’t.  It didn’t matter one bit to me.

“Frankly my dear I would like to fuck you in the ass,” he said.

“I’m sure you aren’t the only one Harold.  It looks as though our little Rose is going to be very popular,” Jeremy said intruding into the conversation.  “Now Harold you should circulate so people don’t get the right idea.”

After Harold had moved on Jeremy said, “You know I would like to do that as well, but if we are going to be working together, we should keep it all business.”

“What makes you think we are working together?” I asked.

“Your friend with the really bad hair asked Alice and me to dinner last week.  She had a file on each of us.  I have to admit at first I was angry, but then I was quite impressed.  She knew quite a bit more than your government knows,” he said.

“Did she blackmail you?” I asked.

“Not at all, and she didn’t offer us money either.  What she did was promise us that we would never be bored when we were with you.  I thought at first she was about proving a point, but alas that seems not to have been the case.  It seems you knew nothing about it.  So how about a little tit for tat?  The gentleman who owns the land I am trying to buy is here.  It would be a good idea, if you were nice to him,” Jeremy said.

“So you want to whore me out.  Well I suppose this one time I could manage it,” I said.  “After all one hard penis is as good as another.”

“My kind of woman,” Jeremy said.  “Let’s go find the man with the land.” 

I was nude of course when Jeremy introduced me.  “Edward, this Rose.  I’m sure you want to meet her.”  The prick laughed when he said it.

“Hello Rose, you are one hell of a dancer,” he said.

“Thank you.  I honestly just go with the music.  I guess I kind of feel it in my soul,” I said being just as melodramatic as possible.

“Would you like to go somewhere more quiet?” he asked.

“If you mean another part of the house, fine.  If you mean someplace else, I will have to get dressed,” I said.

“Oh covering that body would be a crime,” Edward said.

Within a couple of minutes I found myself in a small bedroom.  Edward kissed me passionately as soon as I stepped into the room.  When we broke the kiss, he undressed quickly.  I noted he had a slightly longer than average penis.  It was also much too thin for it’s length.

Edward said, “Would you kiss it for me?”

“Of course,” I said slipping to my knees.  I took his penis in my mouth and began to nurse on it.  I sucked it slowly and made my mouth tight on it.  After a very short time nursing it, he began to pump me wildly.  Because his penis was thin it slipped into my throat without choking me.  I had worked on my gag reflex for years, and could never fully tame it, till Edward.  His penis slipped easily in and out of my throat. 

I had always hated deep throat with a man but with Edward, though not enjoyable exactly it was very harmless.  I swallowed against his penis several times.  I was surprised that even that caused no adverse sensations.  I didn’t mind the sensation of his penis moving in and out of my throat.  I can’t say I enjoyed it, but I almost did.

I felt him tense and drive his penis deep in my throat.  When he came, I didn’t even know it.  I just felt a throbbing in my throat as he shot wads of semen down my throat.  When he withdrew I knew he was finished for the night.  He was but I wasn’t.

Edward fell asleep, so I wandered back into the great room.  I saw that a few of the people were missing but some were still present.  “Hey you finished your job for Jeremy?” Harold asked.

“Well I didn’t do it with Jeremy, but he did introduce me to someone interesting,” I said.

“Well could you do it again?” Harold asked.

“Gee that is so fucking romantic,” I said with a laugh. 

“Well, how about if I tell you Jen is coming over to watch,” he said.

“It still isn’t romantic, but I don’t mind her watching,” I said.

“She wants to see me fuck you in the ass,” he said.  He also looked over at his younger wife.  She had removed her clothes to expose a very nice body.  Her breast were even larger than mine but they were also man made.  Her ass betrayed her real age, by the amount of sag.  She had a lot of work done to cancel her age, but that saggy ass told the tale.

“What do you say Rose,” Harold asked.

“Oh what the hell why not,” I said.  “But you better have some lubricant, because without romance, I want lubricant.

Harold turned to his wife and said, “She wants lubricant.”

His wife approached me, then said, “Lean over the piano.”

I did as I was told.  Then I felt Harold’s wife spread my butt cheeks.  She also inserted something like a vibrator in to my butt.  I felt something warm inside me.  I realized she had injected me with a gel of some kind.

“Now just hold on to that piano nice and tight,” Harold said as his penis slipped gently into my ass.  He was only an average size.  I could feel him in my ass, but he wasn’t painful at all.  He also didn’t seem to stretch me at all. 

Harold pumped me several times before I felt his muscles tighten.  I also felt him try to force his penis deeper in my rectal tract.  Harold came in me, but I wasn’t anywhere near where I needed to be.  When Harold pulled out, I tried to stand, but his wife forced me back down.  I felt something very hard and very big force it’s way inside me.

I heard his wife whisper in my ear.  “I know Harold can’t make a woman cum from anal stimulation, but I can.”  

She used the dildo to fuck my ass rough.  I couldn’t believe that I lost myself to a woman and a dildo but I was moving and moaning for her, as if she were Ari.  “You love it don’t you.”  She waited a second then said, “Say it bitch.”

“Yes I love it,” I said.

“Beg for it,” she said.

“Please fuck my ass.  God yes please fuck my ass,” I almost screamed.

She continued to move the dildo in and out of my ass till I gave up and started to cum.  I came till the muscles in my stomach hurt.  My insides were on fire from the rough fuck and I needed to cum again and again.  When Harold’s wife removed the dildo, I was ready to curl up into a ball.  Jeremy who had been watching had to stop the others from gang raping me.


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    Nice! great chapter to read on a busy Saturday Thanks. Have a great week end.

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    I posted a new chapter to my story this morning.

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