The 1000 word challenge

June 1 2030

“Miss Carroway, I’m your 2PM appointment,” I said.

“Good afternoon Mr. James it’s good to see that you are on time. You have no idea how many problems it causes when people don’t cooperate, after all this policy has been in effect for a long time now. “She said.

“I have to read the official order of compliance. Then we will go through the check off sheet and questionnaire.” She said.

“By order of the United Nations Population and Environmental control compliance division on the anniversary of your sixty second birthday you are to be terminated. This is necessary to maintain world environmental, population and economic balance as approved by the council.” She read. “Do you understand the order I have read?” She asked.

“I understand it but I don’t agree or accept it.” I said.

“Most people feel the same way, but you can’t escape the final solution with the continuous monitoring that is in place now,” She said. “I see that you had a rather large farewell party for the send off last night.”

“Yes it was nice,” I replied

“Let’s begin with the questionnaire.”

“Your wife is three months younger than you and scheduled to be here on September 1st is that correct,” She asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

“It also says that her ashes are to be scattered in the same park that you have chosen. That is so touching.” She said.

“We would have liked to have a traditional funeral so our offspring would at least have a connection to our family line,” I said.

“You know that traditional funerals are reserved for the special elite and top political leaders in order to preserve precious farm land and reduce ground water pollution,” She said.

“As far as far as future generations of your family tree there will be none. The computer has calculated by gene study that your line will have slightly higher medical cost over a lifetime than acceptable. The child that your daughter is carrying has been ordered terminated. And she and your son are ordered to be sterilized. “She said.
“She is four months,” I said.

“It will look like a normal miscarriage. No one will be the wiser,” she said. “Lets continue time is getting short,” She said.

“Your transportation unit has been reassigned to an official in Latin America.” She said.

“That explains the message on the panel when I shut off in the parking lot that my authorization of use permit had been revoked,“ I said.

“Yes, pickup has already been made.” She said.

“The computer shows that you wife has moved in with your son James Jr. for her remaining days. Your dwelling has been transferred to a newly married federal employee as soon as it’s renovated and inspected.

“Since both of you are going to be terminated so close together all her financial needs will be handled by the treasury and the treasury has confiscated all monies connected to your and her id numbers,” She said.

“But I earned and saved that money to leave to wife and then my children.” I said.

“No that’s not how it works. Government has always decided how much you made, how much you saved. It will do the same with your children. The treasury needs the funds more than they do. The term your savings is just a cover story to keep everyone working and productive,” She said.

“That just about wraps up everything that i need to sign off on your termination. The computer tracking of all your internet searches shows that you lean to oral sex scenes from red heads. Just sign on the indicated area and go through the door. A read head is waiting to perform oral on you and as soon as you orgasm you will be injected and terminated.” She said.

“That is an awful lot of pressure I’m not sure that I will be able to cum under that kind of pressure,” I said.

“She is a professional there will not be a problem,” she said as I walked through the door.

I had been daydreaming at my desk and slowly stroking my hard on hidden by my desk when I was jolted back to reality away by a knock on my door. She was a stunning redhead.

“Hi, I’m Miss Carroway, I’m your 2PM appointment. Shall we close the curtains and begin,” She said. She was the third sex therapist this month trying to help me to get mo over my fear of having an orgasm.

Jack Balls.

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6 Responses to The 1000 word challenge

  1. cindypress says:

    great piece on the affordable care act lol/.

  2. jackballs57 says:

    I thought it was so fitting with the idiots in control and the mindset they have grown into. LOL

  3. Kiwi Chris says:

    Wow! Great twist in the end. Nice writing

  4. Walt says:

    Good story Jack. Enjoyed it. From the way things are going it scares me that this could be real one day in the future.

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