Undercover Rose 37 (Edited)

By Cindy and Walt

When I awoke at home, it was Saturday at 10 AM, almost lunch time.  The sun was shining through the patio doors.  I managed to make it up to light the fire ring and heat coffee in the microwave.  I sat down carefully to stoke the fire.  The pain in my butt made me wonder if it had been worth it.  After adjusting to the burning sensation and the sensation that I needed to use the bathroom, I decided it had been worth it.  I had a huge orgasm from the actions of Harold’s wife Jen, the aging trophy wife.  I wondered if men like Harold were dumb enough to think that trophy wives never aged.

I drank two cups of coffee before noon.  Even with my discomfort I forced myself to dress in multiple layers then to head out into the frigid air.  The trike was so much better on the mountain roads then the cruiser bike had been.  I was passed by a Rural Protection Officer.  I thought then that I might want to get some lights for the trike.  It would be easy to run me off the road.  The defense would be that I was more or less invisible without a light on the trike.

I stopped at Helen’s because she serves breakfast till 3 PM when she closed.  I ate the breakfast special which was no longer on special.  It was only good till 10 AM when she started to serve sandwiches and fries.  It was well into the noon hour, so I wasn’t surprised that my check was for 25% more than usual.

I got back on the trike and rode it to the construction site.  The truck with the trencher was in the parking lot and the operator sat in the cab.  I did a fancy turn swinging the rear of the trike in a 180 degree turn pulling it up beside the truck.

“Hey there, I’m Rose Seabold,” I said to the man in the cab.

“Hola,” he said.

Oh shit, I thought.  “Are you ready to start?” I asked.

“Si,” he said but made no move to step down from the cab.  I didn’t have my translator device, since the driver came as a surprise.  I was about to call Carlos, when a second smaller truck pulled into the parking lot.

“Senorita Seabold, I’m Hector and we will be starting now.  You should stay a few minutes.  You may have to make some decisions.  I climbed into his warm truck cab and waited while they got their machine on site.  One man drove it and the other guided him in a straight line.  That is at least how it should have worked, but first he had to stop and talk to me again.

“Senorita, the ground is as I thought it might be.  Ordinarily we would trench down a foot for the footings, but there is a rock layer less than half a foot down.  We can not dig it even if you wanted us to do so.  It would be best if we dug down to that layer and stopped.  Your foundation will be stronger than it would with footings.  The problem would be with water pipes, but there are no County water pipes and you are not going to be able to dig a well here.  I’m afraid you will have to use an alternate water source,” he explained.  “We can pack up the machine and go home, if you do not wish to build here.”

I was not surprised.  From the moment I realized the church had no water or sewer system, I knew that it was a possibility that water and sewer would be a problem.  I hadn’t planned for it, but there was always a way to handle things.

“Trench as deep as you can go down till you hit rock then move on,” I said. 

The trench on the first footings went from ten inches to six inches.  “That isn’t unusual for this type location,” Hector said.

“Well let’s get the other one done before dark,” I said.  I left them at that point.  I had a feeling that, if he didn’t finish before dark, there would be a Sunday work day for him.  The previous church congregation might not like it, but it didn’t really matter to me.  They gave up the right to bitch when they took my money.  I would be happy to explain that to the deacon if he wanted. 

I spent Saturday night doing research.  I switched between lights for my trike and water and sewer systems for a self contained habitat.  I was pretty sure I could use a recreational vehicle waste system as well as their water system.  It would put me back to a funky hot water system again, but it was doable with some creative plumbing by Juan.

Then I found a bike headlight which I could attach to the head of the front fork on my trike.  It came with a taillight as well.  I bought one on Ebay.  It cost me almost fifty bucks but it would be worth it, if it kept me alive.  It did require C size batteries, so I bought two sets of rechargeable ones and of course a charger.  I honestly expected the light to show people where I was rather than to show me the road.

I spent the rest of the evening in a chat room.  Being single was really exciting I thought sadly as I went to bed alone.  That’s why the team at Church Camp liked me so much.  I was a natural loner.  At least that is what they thought.

Sunday I rode the trike over to the job site the first thing I noticed was that the blocks and other building material were on site.  Then I noticed the trencher was almost finished with the second cabin’s footings.  Even thought he wasn’t quite through, I handed him the envelope with the money inside, then left.  I did that because I didn’t want to stand around in the cold for the next hour or so.

Sunday night was pretty much a repeat of the night before except I dropped the bike light research.  It was all about the water and sewer for the cabin and of course the chat room for that little bit of interactive porn.  As always I pissed a lot of guys off. 

They didn’t seem to understand or didn’t want to understand how easy it is to get stalked if a woman gives any real information, like her messenger name.  It’s why I never went to an instant messenger or used a cam.  It was far too easy for any idiot to use the settings to keep track of a woman’s movements.  They missed the point that it was an anonymous chat so why would I give them any real information.

Monday morning I was on site sitting in the warm cab of my truck.  I had arrived about thirty minutes before the foundation man.  “You are planning to work till five thirty aren’t you?” I asked.

“Well I planned to give you a full day’s work for the hundred bucks.  That is unless you plan to hang around and watch me work,” he said.  The foundation man was white, not Latin, and he was arrogant as hell it seemed. 

“Well I plan to check back every couple of hours to be sure you are okay,” I suggested.  I decided we might as well establish who the boss was in the first hour.

“I think maybe we are not suited for each other,” he said, but he made no moves to leave.

“Actually, I think you are right.  You obviously don’t need the money enough to work for a mere woman,” I said angrily.

“Look you ain’t gonna find anyone better, or anyone at all without losing a couple of days, why don’t you just let me do this for a flat three hundred dollars,” he suggested.

“I never did get your name,” I said.

“Gene, my name is Gene,” he said.

“Gene, I don’t think we can work together, so a contract rate is fine but I’m going to check on you like it or not.  But three hundred dollars is unacceptable.  Working alone you will spend most of your time carrying blocks and that is unacceptable, because it will take you twice as long to finish.  So you will cut corners.  So have a nice day, sorry to have gotten you out of bed for nothing.”

“What did you have in mind,” he asked.

“Well I’ll still give you a hundred bucks for a days work, but I will call Carlos’s son to carry blocks for you.  Until he gets here, I will carry blocks and you can get started mixing your mortar,” I said.

“Soup,” he said.

“What?” I asked.

“We call it soup, sometimes we call it chunky soup, if it’s dry.  Alright make the call and let’s get to work,” Gene said.

He had a flatbed wheelbarrow onto which he wanted me to load blocks, then wheel them to the spot where he was working.  I couldn’t manage it.  My shoulder would have been a wreck.  My alternative was to put twenty-five blocks on the back of my truck then pull it up to where he was working.  I let him unload them himself one or two at a time.  I would never admit it to Gene, the prick, but I couldn’t hold out much longer.  Fortunately Jose made it to the site within an hour so I didn’t have to wreck my arm too badly.

“Jose, I’ll give you fifty dollars a day to haul concrete blocks for this ass,” I said with a smile.

“That is fine, and Rose I wanted to thank you for the scooter cover.  It will make the scooter easier to start, and I won’t have to sit on a wet seat,” he said.

“I had to get you a present or explain why I didn’t.  That would not have been good for either of us,” I explained.

“It was still a nice thing to do.  You didn’t get Joan a present,” he said.

“How do you know,” I asked.

“She told me of course,” he said.

“I haven’t seen her in a while,” I said.

“I know.  I’m sorry, I know the fight was over me, ” he said.

“Yes, but it isn’t just the fight.  She has a husband and a boy friend that doesn’t leave a lot of time,” I said.  I knew she was keeping busy.  “Maybe now that Christmas has passed, she will have more time.”

“She knows you are involved in this project with my father.  I think she will wait, so as not to tempt you to tell all,” Jose said.

“That’s not going to be a problem for me, but it might be for her,” I said.

For the next two and a half days Jose worked with the foundation man.  I lived my life as usual.  On the same day Gene finished the foundations, we settled the payments.

“The foundations would be best if they sit a few days,” Gene said.

“When will it be safe to build on top of them?”  I asked.

“By Monday they will be settled about as much as you can afford to wait for them,” Gene said.  He took his two hundred and fifty dollars then offered Jose a job carrying blocks for him.

When I got home, my headlight and taillight had arrived.  I managed to mount the headlight on the head set holder of the front fork.  It hung off to one side, but I made it fit.  The light’s body contained the three AA batteries.  I managed to mount the taillight facing the rear and attached to the back of the seat.  I took it out that same night, just to see how it did.  It worked really well to my surprise.  I could actually see holes in the road with the aid of the headlight.

When I pulled in the drive there was a rural patrol car parked at the rear of my house.  I placed a quick call to Church Camp’s emergency number.  “I have a rural patrol vehicle parked at the back of my house.  There is absolutely no reason for a car to be here,” I said.

“Can you turn around and leave?” the voice asked.

“I’m on a bike.  I’m going to go in, but if anything happens find out who is driving unit 51 and kick his ass,” I said.

“Count on it,” the voice said.

I put my trike on the deck then waited for the officers to come to me.  “The call I made was to my lawyer,” I said.

“Look, I’m sorry we got off on the wrong foot.  I came by to apologize and to tell you the benches are back in the parking lot.

That’s good,” I said.  “Oh yeah, stop staring at my boobs.”  With that I turned and went into the house.

I almost expected them to crash in and begin searching.  I had a pretty good idea that Morris would want a full accounting for the money.  Some of the money from the fishing boat charter was still in the grease pit.  Fortunately they listened to their boss.  Well the older one did say something like, ‘if you didn’t want men to look, why did you have a boob job in the first place.’  I didn’t answer so they left.

To bad I didn’t get that on tape.  Morris might like to know what the SBI boob job hath wrought.  I laughed at the thought.  Too bad I had decided not to work the rural police case.  I am sure it goes a hell of a lot deeper than these little fucks, I thought.

I spent the next day riding the trike and watching my back every time I went out of the house.  At the end of that day I sent a coded message to Andrew.  ‘Sorry I panicked when I saw the cops.  They apologized and stared at my boobs some more.  I told them I called my lawyer… you know since I don’t have the SBI cover, I might could use a lawyer.”

The next day I called Carlos, “Hey Carlos when do we start on cabin one.  Gene said a few days but it’s been almost a week since he started on the foundation for cabin one.  It should be ready to go by now shouldn’t it.”

“Well I’m tied up today and tomorrow is Saturday, so how about we start on Monday.  Jose will be back in school but Juan should be able to help.  If not, put on your carpenter’s hat and meet me at 8 AM,” he said with a laugh.

“Okay Monday it is,” I agreed. 

Just as soon as he broke the connection I called Joan.  “This is professor Bradshaw.  Leave a message and I’ll get back to you.”

“I called to see when you were going to finish the portrait of me.”  I said that into her voice mail then I broke the connection.  Yes I had her on my mind thanks to Jose.  I didn’t want to see him, but I did want to see her.

Two hours later she called me back.  “So, I thought you had forgotten me,” Joan said.

“Strange that’s exactly what I thought.  You are the one with so many loves in your life,” I commented. 

“Yeah, before I met you my life was calm but boring, now it is full of people who want me,” she said.

“So, I guess this means you don’t have time for me,” I said.

“Oh I do, but you might not like the arrangements,” she said.

“If it involved a young man you are right I don’t like it,” I said.

“Well it’s a date I can’t break, sorry,” she said not sounding at all sorry.

“Well that’s how it goes I suppose,” I said and broke the connection.  For no reason whatsoever I suddenly was in a panic.  I had nothing to do for the next three days but think about myself.  I feared that more than any cop, any beating, or even any drug cartel’s gun thug.  I had to get away.  If I had to spend the next three days with nothing to think about but what a miserable person I was, I might well shoot myself.

I sent a coded message to Andrew explaining how I felt.  I knew there was nothing he could do, but I needed help of some kind.  It was just turning dark when the black Cadillac Escalade pulled into my drive.  First I thought it was the drug thugs come for their pound of flesh.  When the passenger door open and the tall straight man with the black metal cane struggled out of the door, I knew that I had been saved from myself.

“Pack a bag we are going dancing,” he said with a grin.

We slipped into Church Camp before 9 PM.  “So this is where the action is on a Friday night?” I asked.

“Sure,” Andrew said.  “Two weeks after Christmas, we all feel like shit.  Some of us have no homes, or families.  That is depressing enough, but some of us do have families and that can be even more depressing.  In general Rose, what I’m saying is that it’s the time of year.  Also you will be back in the field soon enough.  Try to stay positive and build your cabins,” he said.

“Sure, but what am I going to do tonight to avoid opening a vein?” I asked.

“You are going to suck it up and remember who you are.  You my dear are one of us now,” Andrew said to me.  “Actually there is something you can do for us this weekend.  We need to grab a man who is aiding a known terrorist.  Maybe you can save us having to send in a team for a hot extraction.”

“Are you saying you want me to lure him to his just rewards?” I asked.

“Yes I suppose I am,” Andrew replied.

“I like it, when do I leave?” I asked. 

“This is a snatch and grab without a plan.  Get your team up here tonight.  You can sleep on the plane,” he said.

A second Cadillac left the compound headed to Farmer’s Grove community.  This time I rode in the front passenger seat.  The driver was a young man who spoke with an Eastern European accent.  “Call me Michael,” he had said.

I had called Jeremy and told him to pack a bag and invite Alice to come along,” I said.  “I do hope your will is up to date.”

“Hell Rose, Alice gets it all if I die, and I get it all if she dies.  If we both die, we aren’t going to care what happens to the money.  By the time you get here, we will be ready,” he said.

They were ready and had one small bag each.  The three of us sat in the back seat and set up the video connection to the Church Camp.  The video began with Andrew.  “I’m Andrew your case officer.  This man is Washington Irving.  Yes it is an alias, but it is the name he is using now.  We would like to have a chat with him, so we would like for you three to bring him to us.  The packet you have been furnished is all I can tell you except that if you don’t get him, odds are someone will get hurt.  It might even be one of ours.  Oh yes, we consider him extremely dangerous.”

In the light from the white screen of the notebook, I could see Jeremy smiling.  Alice looked flushed with excitement as if she had just had an orgasm.

The file on Mr. Irving was on the video.  We found out what he was suspected of doing.  We also were told what he had done.  There were lots of details about his life in the file.  Most important of all was that he played in a pickup game of football in the park every Saturday.  After the game he would return home, and prepare to take his wife to dinner.  After dinner he and his wife would return home to spend the evening.  We were provided with the description and license number of the large SUV which he owned and presumably would be driving.

“We grab him at the ball park,” I said.

“Only if we can get him alone,” Jeremy added.

“I think Alice and I can get him alone.  He is a notorious womanizer according to his file.  Which is why they chose me I’m sure.  After the game one of us will rope him in, and find a way to get him alone somewhere,” I said.

“That might be difficult in a public park,” Jeremy said.

“I think that is why he has a large SUV,” I said.  We quickly worked out the details of our plan.  Then Jeremy decided what we needed to take Irvin down and keep him down.

“He will be easier to control, if he is busy when I hit him,” Jeremy said. 

“So are you good, if it is Alice he chooses,” I asked.

“Sure we knew it might come to this, and are ready for it,” Jeremy said. 

It was almost midnight when the driver dropped us on the grass strip a few miles from Church Camp.  The light STOL type aircraft landed and the three of us got on board.  We tried to sleep sitting up.  I for one had a hard time, but I didn’t want to discuss it any more that night.  Alice was curled up beside me while Jeremy sat in the copilot seat.

Since Alice was cuddled against me I put my arm around her to get more comfortable.  I felt her somehow get even closer.  Then her hand slipped between my legs and she rubbed my most sensitive spot.  I looked over at her and she was smiling with her eyes closed.  I slid down in my seat a little farther and spread my legs.  She did the same.  I slipped my arm around to cup her breasts.  There were no rearview mirrors in the plane, like there would have been in the car.  In order for anyone to know, he would have to turn his head around.  I should have plenty of warning.  It was also dark as my soul in the plane.  There was a tiny bit of light from the control panel which lit the faces of the two men sitting in front.  Nothing lit Alice and my movements.  We were both very quiet.

I massaged her breast and tweaked her nipple.  She responded by spreading her legs even more.  I knew what she wanted so I moved my hand down farther and raised her skirt.  I could remember teenaged boys in cars doing the same things to me.  I not only remember how excited I had been, but also the mechanics of it all. 

First they rubbed my clit through my panties making me very excited.  Then they slipped a finger into my body by pushing the gusset of my panties aside.  I was inside Alice and massaging her vagina slowly.  I couldn’t risk doing it hard.  I had no idea how Jeremy would respond to his sister being fingered by a woman.

As I pushed in deep and just held it there Alice tried to fuck my finger.  It was a turn on for us both.  Without warning she unzipped my jeans worked her hand inside and inside my panties as well.  She began to rub my clit and I was going mad because I couldn’t make a sound.  I wanted so badly to at least say fuck me, but I couldn’t let Jeremy know what I was doing.

Alice was excited from my finger in her and I from her finger in me.  But mostly she was excited that it was happening in front of Jeremy, but he didn’t know.  I could tell she was staring at him when she began to convulse while trying to remain quiet.  Her attempt drove me over the edge as well.  It was a very erotic for about ten seconds, then it was over.


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  1. The Mage says:

    Since there is a problem with bedrock perhaps R. could instal clivus multrim composting toilets. As to the water there are artisan wells and cisterns to be considered. Just a thought.

  2. jackballs57 says:

    AH The excitement begins, Thanks for the great early morning read.

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