Undercover Rose 38 (Edited)

By Cindy and Walt

The plane set down outside a coastal community two states away from our home.  We had literally flown most of the night to get there.  Once the plane was down on the grassy knoll we were met by a rather large older European Sedan.  It easily held the three of us and our bags.  The driver parked the car outside the sleaziest motel in the area.  Once the car was parked and before we were installed in the motel, he walked away leaving us to fend for ourselves.  Most likely to report his car stolen just in case the whole thing went sideways.

“So what is the plan,” Jeremy asked.

“Who the fuck knows.  It seems that someone at the Church Camp believes in improvisation,” I acknowledged.

“They did slip me this as I got off the airplane,” Jeremy informed Alice and I.  This turned out to be a preloaded syringe.  “I was told that it was an inter muscular horse tranquilizer.”

“So we know what they think will work for him.  That makes the plan simple, get him in his SUV with his pants down and shoot him in the ass,” I suggested.  “Then we get him out of town then we call home for a bus.”

“Sounds simple, if you say it fast enough,” Alice said.

“So have either of you ever followed anyone?” I asked.  “They both shook their head.”

“Okay, so I get to teach you how to follow him.  The game isn’t till 2 PM, so we have six hours to beg borrow or steal transportation,” I commented.

“Why not just use the car outside,” Jeremy asked.

“Oh we will for sure.  I would bet the trunk is just full of goodies,” I suggested.  I was wrong the trunk was empty except for two thousand bucks in cash. 

When I showed it to Jeremy he said, “At least I won’t have to use my own money to get into trouble.”

“Don’t get too confident.  It is still early.  So Jeremy look in the online yellow pages and find us a place to buy a moped scooter.”  I demanded.

“She is such a bitch, when she is working,” he said to Alice.

“I know and I love it,” Alice answered.

We drove the big sedan to breakfast at a chain restaurant.  I would not have been caught dead in it at home.  Even in the off season they had a good crowd, which is why we chose it.  It didn’t hurt that it was just a few blocks from the scooter store.

“You can only get the 50cc ones up to about thirty five miles and hour.  It’s fine for most in town driving but road driving it won’t really do very well.”

“I want to be able to do about sixty absolute max,” I said.

“The 150cc is for you then.  I can give you this beauty for $999,” he said.

“If you have a $899 version stripped down, I give you cash right now,” I said.

“The red one,” he replied.

“I’ll give you the cash, you give me the bill of sale.  I’ll come back on Monday to register it.  Call it a demonstration ride, if anyone asks between now and then,” I said.

“I can do that,” the salesman replied.

“So Jeremy, you want to follow our man on the scooter, or let Alice do it?” I asked.

“Let me Jeremy, I never did anything like this before,” she said.

“If you promise to be careful,” he suggested.

“Oh I will,” she said.

“I don’t have time to give you lessons in how to follow the bad guys, so try to make it look like you are out for a Saturday morning pleasure ride.  Smile and wave if he spots you, then call me on the burner cell.  It’s Saturday you can park in the elementary school parking lot till you see him come out of his house.  Pretend to be talking to someone on your cell phone,” I informed her.  “We will call you when he is on the move.”

Jeremy and I parked near the Mooch’s house and waited.  The wife and kid came out and loaded in a minivan.  It looked like they were off for soccer practice or a game.  Daddy was washing his sports car.  So he obviously would be driving the sports car to his game, if the Church Camp guys had it right.  I had a bad feeling though.

“That sports car looks really fancy and new,” Jeremy said.

“Yeah, I’m afraid he bought that thing recently and the CC doesn’t know about it,” I said.

“Well do we cancel the job,” Jeremy asked.

“Not just yet,” I replied.  I called Alice’s cell phone.  “There may be a change in plans.”

“How can that be?  There is no plan,” she said with a giggle.  I had no idea if it was nerves or she wasn’t taking the job seriously.  Well if it went sideways and the cops started coming out of the woodwork, she would take it serious.

“So what is the new plan?” Alice asked.

“We think the mooch has bought himself a sports car.  If so we are going to grab him in the parking lot when he first arrives.  You are going to need to get his attention while we sedate him and throw him into the sedan,” I explained.

“I can handle that but we still have at least an hour?” she asked.

“Yes I think so.  He will likely pass you, if he heads to the park.  We are going to move down the road.  Keep an eye out for the white van as well,” I suggested.

Jeremy and I found a convenience store parking lot where we could wait without drawing too much attention to ourselves.  We bought coffee and settled in for the wait.

“If he doesn’t show in time to make his game at the park, I say we let the Church Camp guys pick him up,” Jeremy suggested.

“If he doesn’t go to the park, we will reevaluate for sure,” I agreed.

We need not have worried, we saw he wife pass in the white van.  I noticed she wore a head scarf something I hadn’t seen when she left home.  Strange that she put it on after she left home, I thought. 

“Rose, he just passed me in the yellow sports car,” Alice said.  “I’m right behind him.”

Jeremy and I quickly drove by his house to be sure the van was indeed in the drive.  It was.  He stopped along the way to buy a power drink at a different convenience store.

The stop gave us time to all get to together.  “Alice can you distract him in the parking lot?” I asked on the phone.  I did it only because she was stopped in the convenience store parking lot.

“Yes I think so,” she said.

“Good we will be there waiting,” I said.  Jeremy drove us to the parking lot of the park, where the mooch played touch football.  Jeremy backed the sedan into a space.

I saw the little yellow car first.  “Here they come Jeremy,” I said. 

The car pulled in first, then right behind him Alice rode up on the scooter. 

First she took the motorcycle helmet off and shook her hair.  It was purely for effect.  “Did you know you have a tail light out?” she asked as she stood beside him.

“Really?” he answered.  He walked toward the back of the car to see for himself.  I was out of the sedan.  I walked apparently toward the field.  When I was beside them both, I hit him with the needle.  Jeremy appeared almost from nowhere with the sedan.  He jumped out to help him into the back seat.  Yes there was a small struggle before the drug paralyzed him.

He was in the car when I said to Alice “Go with Jeremy.” 

I rode the scooter to a spot in an abandoned service station in what looked like a rough neighborhood judging from the gang graffiti.  I called Jeremy’s cell for a pick up.  When he came I left the keys in the scooter, after I wiped it clean.  My guess was it would be covered with gang banger prints by the time the cops found it, if they ever did.

“Once I checked to make sure his heart was beating and he was breathing we called for a pick up. 

Jeremy drove us to a deserted gas station outside of town and we made the transfer to a van.

“Leave the car,” the pickup person said.  He also handed me a thermite grenade.  “Just pull the safety then tossed it into the car.”

Once the fire was going I got into the van for the ride to the grass strip.  The blond lady with the bad hair who I knew as Sylvia by then, landed the Yellow plane on the grass.  She helped us load the Mooch into the back seat and strap him in.  Then she took off.  Jeremy, Alice and I waited on the grass field for the next flight.  The van had long since gone, when the plane arrived.

We arrived back at the grass strip by Church Camp after dark.  The pilot landed the plane in the dark with just some runway lights.  It would have been nothing special, if the runway was paved.  To do it on grass in the dark seemed to be quite a feat.

Waiting for us was a Caddy SUV.  It took us back to the Camp where Andrew and the Sergeant Major awaited us.  We were taken to the dining room.  There we had whiskey and steaks, lots of whiskey.

“So Jeremy how did you like working with Rose,” Andrew asked.

“Actually I found it fascinating.  I had no idea she was some kind of secret agent.  We thought she was a super security guard on oil platforms,” Jeremy said.  “She really does think fast on her feet.”

“Yes her ability to improvise is quite impressive,” Andrew agreed.

“Hey guys, if you didn’t notice I’m sitting here,” I said with a laugh.

“She has the intelligence of a master criminal and the morals of a stray cat.  That is quite impressive,” Alice agreed.

“Was there a compliment in there somewhere.  If so I missed it,” I said with another laugh.  I found it just a bit disconcerting to listen to the critical analysis of my actions.

“Well it was a job well done.  His friends reported him missing, but his wife didn’t seem to want the police to investigate.  We managed to throw them off the trail by issuing an alert for him as a known terror sympathizer,” Andrew said.  “That should keep them running in circles for a while.” 

“The only loose end I see is the motel,” I suggested.

“We had a very nice forensic scientist and his friend check into that room after you left.  When they check out there will be nothing of value in there,” Andrew said.

“You guys think of everything,” I said.

“We have a very good Forensic man on call,” Andrew said.  “By the way Jeremy, how would you and Alice like to stay and learn a thing or two.”

“Like what,” Jeremy asked.

“Well there is a weapons course, a first rate self defense training class, and of course a tactical situation course.  Rose can tell you about those things,” Andrew suggested.  “Think about it over night, let us know in the morning.”

We were all taken to the same cabin with two sets of bunk beds.  “Most of these cabins have bunk beds I think,” I commented.

“Well this should prove interesting, so Alice top or bottom,” Jeremy asked with a devilish look.

“You know I can go either way,” Alice said with an equally evil smile. 

I went to the bath house to shower, since I thought the two them might want to work out a plan.  I also wanted to use their shower because it had unlimited hot water.  I stripped off my clothes and showered in the warm room for about twenty minutes.  When I finished, I slipped into panties and a thermal tee shirt.  Then I pulled on my fleece running pants.  I was pretty much in the outfit I usually slept in when home.  I ran quickly from the shower to the heated cabin. 

I knew it would be warm in the cabin, since I personally laid the fire.  I had to admit that Jeremy watched my work.  He seemed to almost admire that I could make the stove come to life.  When I slipped into the cabin, I could see that Jeremy was in one lower bunk and Alice was in the other.  They had left me to climb the ladder to reach the top bunk.

“You know if you don’t want to climb the ladder with those cracked ribs we can share,” Alice said.

“Sure,” Jeremy agreed.  “It is the least we can do.  This has been the most fun weekend we have had in a long time.”

“I’ll climb the ladder.  I wouldn’t want one of you to feel left out,” I said.

“I assure you there would be no hard feelings.  We operate on the share and share alike.  Besides if we are all lovers, Alice and I would feel more comfortable.  We would be less likely to be left behind.  We feel you would look out for our interest.”

“Surely you aren’t trying to blackmail me into having sex with you?” I asked.

“I’m just giving you and additional incentive,” he said.

“Oh fuck, we are supposed to be celebrating,” I said.  I went to the bottom bunk Jeremy occupied and leaned forward to take his penis in my hands.  I didn’t need both hands but I used them to massage him.  When his penis was hard I stripped off my pants and panties, then I straddled him and eased myself down on his hard cock.  When I had taken all of him inside me I rocked slowly with the same motion riding a horse produces.  I have to admit that it felt wonderful to me as well.

His hands moved to capture my hips, so that he could control the speed with which I rocked.  He was too ‘in control’ I thought.  I was aroused but it wasn’t all consuming like taking it up the ass, or even having a cock in my mouth and throat.  Still it was a very arousing and satisfying experience. 

I rocked on his cock until he came inside me.  I felt his penis throb and jerk with every wad of semen he shot inside me.  I suddenly noticed Alice beside me.  She turned me so that I was sitting beside Jeremy with my legs spread.  Alice was suddenly on her knees with her head between my thighs.  I felt her tongue and hot breath on me as she sucked all his cum out of me.

“Spread your legs for me like you did for Jeremy,” she said then began licking my vulva.  She licked me until I was uncontrollably pumping his cum out of me.  She captured it in her waiting mouth.  Alice was a nasty little girl it seemed.

Each of us was emotionally and physically exhausted.  I did climb into the top bunk to fall asleep.  I knew something that they didn’t.  Six AM came early at Church Camp. 

“When I awoke at 6 AM it was because the camp was alive with activity.  There were trumpets and men shouting all over the place.  I enjoyed all the activity, but Jeremy and Alice tried to hide from it.  At least Andrew had not pulled any punches.  They should know that it was how the Church Camp worked.

I dressed quickly and went out to run with the others.  “Tell your friends if they stay they will run with us.  They probably won’t last an hour,” he said.

“Hard to tell Sergeant Major, you would have said that about me as well,” I said.

“I did say that about you.  I was wrong about you and I might be about your friends, but I doubt it,” he said with a smile. 

During the run I came in dead last of course.  It was just one of those things, I was definitely not a cross country runner, I thought.

When I went into the cabin, I woke the two of them again.  “Put on some clothes you lazy sluts.  It’s time for breakfast,” I said.

I waited a few minutes for them to dress, then I herded them to the Dining Hall for eggs and sausages.  “It’s eggs anyway you want them,” the cook said.  “As long as you want them scrambled.”  The bacon was sliced super thin so that it got very crispy without getting hard.  The only bread the Church Camp served was the thick sliced bread called Texas cut.  It was served with every meal.  There were no menu variations.  Jeremy and Alice might as well also know that when they made their decision.

“This way Jeremy,” I said and sat down at the table with six people.  I did know one of them on sight.  It was Andrew’s driver.  I had a feeling that he was more than that.

“So what are your code names,” I asked.

“You can’t ask that,” the driver said.

“Okay, I’ll just call you Casper.  You know the cartoon ghost,” I said.

“I understand you are called Lilly,” he said.

“Yes I am,” I replied.  “These two are Bonnie and Clyde.”

“I see, so Clyde you obviously are not an Ops kind of guy,” One of the others said.

“No Bonnie and Clyde are on my team.  Do you have a problem with that?” I asked.

“Sweetie you aren’t an operative, so you better mind your manners,” he said.

I took the Bic type ballpoint pen out of my pocket and drove it like a nail into the table between the fingers of his right hand.”  If we weren’t on the same side, you’d be wearing a sling.  I just got out of one, and it was no fun at all,” I said.  Alice shot Jeremy a smile that said it all.  She had fallen in love with the tension.

“Paddy, stand down,” the Sergeant Major said.

“So you are saving her ass?” the one he called Paddy asked.

“No Son, I’m saving yours.  Lilly there will screw you, then drive that bic in your chest while you are shooting inside her.  You should learn that people in Church Camp are never what they seem to be,” he said.  “As for you Lilly, I will thank you not to make any cripples during your visit.” 

“Yes Sergeant Major, I promise I won’t fuck anyone to death,” I said with a laugh.

After breakfast we walked back to the cabin.  Jeremy and Alice sat down at the table.  I looked at them and asked, “So are you going to be leaving with me?”

“I think we have decided to stay a while, at least to see what they have to offer,” Jeremy said.

“I’m sure it isn’t for the gourmet cooking,” I said.

“Or the early morning run,” Alice said.

“So will you call me when you get finished up here?” I asked.

“Of course,” Alice said kissing me goodbye.”

“Then, I guess I’m off,” I said.  I went out to find the driver waiting for me.

“I want you to know I would have stepped in, if thing gotten too rough,” the driver said.

“Well I can always use the help, but it wasn’t necessary,” I said.  “So it’s just going to be the two of us,” I said throwing my small handbag in the back seat.  I sat in front.  I didn’t say anything, but I wondered what Jeremy and Alice would do for clothes.

When I arrived home, I went inside and started the fire.  I checked and found that the water hadn’t frozen.  It was hard to realize I had only been away two days.  So much had happened in just two days, I thought. 

I went to sleep very early that Sunday night.  It might have been the excessive sex, it might have been the violent release of tension, but I like to think that I just had a hell of a good weekend for a change. 

I slept through until 6 AM.  Once out of bed it was return to the daily grind of being in Farmers Grove.  I stoked the stove to life, then I lit the water heater.  I found everything easier to do with that damn sling gone.  I still had to be careful, but I could use the arm carefully.  My ribs had begun to heal, so I was very happy that morning. 

I rode the trike to the plaza to eat.  I found the Motor Patrol officers in the Hardee’s again.  Not the rural constables, but what used to be called the Highway Patrol.  The Highway Patrol officers never looked like those guys.  They were a somewhat softer version of the Church Camp Operatives.  I tried to ignore them, but it was difficult.

I rode the trike back to the Country Store with the lights on.  Once I got home I went inside to remove one layer of clothing before I went to join Carlos and Juan at the rural Church site.

Juan was sitting in his truck with a coffee cup.  I thought that I should have done that as well.  “Since you are here and Carlos isn’t, I’m going for coffee,” I said getting back in my truck.  I drove to Helen diner for the large take out coffee.

When I returned, the two men were talking in the parking lot.  “Good to see you made it Carlos,” I suggested. 

“I had a busy weekend,” he said.  I almost laughed.  I wondered if Carlos had flown several hours to a strange city, then kidnapped a stranger.  I think I could top his hard weekend.  He definitely wouldn’t be getting any sympathy from me.

“Good, at least you weren’t bored,” I said.

“How about you Rose.  What did you do,” Carlos asked.

“Jeremy, Alice, and I went on a retreat.  You know one of those rustic things.  We were comparing them to what I am going to build here,” I said.

“Ah I’m surprised you didn’t warn me.  I went by your place a couple of times.  When I couldn’t reach you, I almost called the cops.  That was before I remembered your run in with them.  I was afraid then that they were the ones who had you,” he said.  Since he didn’t laugh, I figured he was serious.

“Well I’m glad you didn’t call the cops.  Not much they could do to help me.  Mostly cops are about punishing the guilty.  That sounds good, but it does nothing for the victims.  Since that is the case, l figured there was no sense in calling the cops.  If I had disappeared or I was dead I figured there was nothing they could do for me.  But that was just me.”

“So let’s start building.  What are we going to build first?” I asked.

“First we put in the floor frame.  We are going to use the 2×6 pieces from the church floor for the floor of the cabin.  There is going to have to be a 2×6 in the middle of the floor supported by a pier that will allow us to use shorter 2×6 pieces.” 

I spent the morning watching them do what they had explained.  They ran a 2×6 along the outer edges of the foundation.  Then they had a double 2×6 running down the center of the foundation.  It was pieced together to make a 24 feet long floor beam.  Shortly after noon they had the frame completed.  I began working on the sub floor.  It was the only thing they trusted me to do.  I bent a lot of nails sure but I also got a lot into the wood as well. 

When we stopped at five o’clock, I paid them each a hundred dollars in cash before I drove home.  I immediately turned the gas ring on so that I could take a hot shower.  It was nice to be back home and have my mind occupied with mundane things.  I had to wonder how Jeremy and Alice’s first day went at Church camp.  I thought about them as I showered.  I knew there was a good chance they would not finish the course there.  They might not be doing the full load, but it would be bad enough for them I was sure.


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  1. jackballs57 says:

    Nice quick qction just what the two beginners needed

  2. The Mage says:

    I’m sorry Cindy, I have been remiss of late in not thanking you for taking the time to write this marvelous story for us all. Thanks so much… 🙂

  3. cindypress says:

    I am always thrilled to hear for you guys no matter if its every day or every month or longer.

  4. Kiwi Chris says:

    Another good chapter… the list of players expands 🙂

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