Undercover Rose 46 (Edited)

By Cindy and Walt

I was up early, even though I had stayed up late ordering scanners and drawing pens sets.  Yes I bought two of everything.  I had one of the scanners sent to Luis at the Senior Towers address in College Hill as promised.

I stoked the fire while I tried to think of a way to handle Luis, when I was in deep cover.  There was none.  I would have to feed him the oil rig story and hope he didn’t hock the computer while I was under.  Hell he could hock it while I was in town, if that was his intent, I decided.

I wasn’t nearly as depressed that morning.  I suppose it was because I was working toward something.  Whatever the reason, I beat Jeremy into the parking lot by a full trike length.  I couldn’t get off the trike before he made it into the parking space we share, but I was attempting it for sure.  Poor Alice never won.  I wondered why she bothered to race at all.  She was at least two bike lengths behind that morning.

The SMP officers in their Jackboots were waiting for us as usual.  “So we saw you pull in and it looked like Rose won again?” the youngest of the SMP officers suggested to Jeremy.

“He lets me win every once in a while, or I would lose interest,” I said it as I passed with the tray of food while Jeremy was getting coffee for us all.  It was restaurant blend but it was hot on a cold morning, so I didn’t bitch.

“So you gonna come by and look at the cabin today,” Jeremy asked when we were all seated.

“So, do I have to walk in,” I asked.

“You can drive up during the construction phase,” he replied.

“Then give me the GPS coordinates for the road entrance and I’ll be up there after lunch.  I have to go to College Hill for lunch,” I explained.  Jeremy wrote them on a sandwich wrapper, which seemed to be the only paper he ever had available when he was with me.

“So when are you going to put the cabins up for sale?” he asked.  What he really was asking was when was I going to have the deed redrawn.

“I don’t even know how to do it,” I said.

“First you need to separate the land into two lots.  I have a company doing surveying and plat maps for the resort.  I would be happy to have them come up and take care of it for you,” Jeremy suggested. 

I had a feeling he would take it off the price of the cabin, but I didn’t mind.  “Sure why don’t you do that,” I suggested.

Back at home after breakfast, I took a shower and then dressed for the day.  I still wore over sized sweatshirts and heavy jeans.  It was much too cold to think about trying to be sexy.

When I got to the park bench I was carrying the computer and the bag of sandwiches so I was pretty much a beast of burden.  He was waiting for me in the cold.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, there was a line at the Burger King,” I said.

“Yeah, I should have warned you.  So what you got for me?” he asked.

“It’s an HP laptop just like we talked about.  I need to know that you are going to teach me to use the inks,” I said.

“I gave you my word, but I’m not great on technology.  My friend Hector is going to help with the computer shit.  So write down how we gonna work this and send it by email.  If I need help Hector will explain it to me.  I promise to help you and it will help me to pass the time,” Luis said.  He put the computer aside and unwrapped the burger.  I handed him the canned coke he had also specified.

“Now there is one thing I have to tell you.  I do security work.  Some of the jobs last a few days, and some a few months.  It’s out on oil rigs usually, so if you don’t hear from me for a while, don’t worry we will catch up when I get back,” I said.

“You some kind of spy?” he asked.

“Lord no, I’m a glorified rent a cop.  That’s all,” I said.  “It takes a thief to catch a thief, that kind of thing.”

“So what you got for me?” he asked after I watched him eat the burger.

I have three drawings I made using the vector method.  They are really just sketch copies of photographs.”  I was a little embarrassed to admit that I used a camera to shoot the images. 

“These are what I would expect a copy to look like.  In the business we did that with snapshots, the customer wanted them tattooed on his or her body.  Put them on a copy machine, adjust the size, then copy them onto the skin.  The art work is in the finishing of the tattoo.  Not so much in the base plan.  Long as you don’t freehand it, you should be fine this far along.  Send me your attempts at finishing these, and I will tell you what is right and wrong.  Then explain the techniques to improve them,” he agreed.

“You need any help getting this crap to your place?  You do have a bad back.”

“Sweetie, with a young attractive lady like you, I would have more trouble fighting off the other old men, than I will carrying the computer.  Thanks for the offer though,” he said.

“I will carry it to the door anyway,” I said.  “Here is a card with my Email address on it.”

“Mine is tattoomanluis99@btg.com,” he informed me.  I figured I could remember that so I didn’t write it down.  I remembered his provider by the phrase buy the goat.  A memory of Molly came to mind. 

I wondered who would get Molly, since Carlos and I were not working together any more.  Maybe I’ll remember to ask, when I got to Jeremy’s resort project.  I might have to confront Carlos there.

It seemed I was meeting a lot of Latin types lately.  I wondered if the population of the county was heavily Latino at the time.  They did tend to form their own communities rather than live in single family units.  But that was true of most ethnic groups when they first came to America.

Since I had opted not to join Luis in the greasy burger, I stopped for a cup of coffee at Helen’s.  She was still pissed, but she had to let me have the coffee.  I had once threatened to file a lawsuit.  It had been a joke since at the time I was searching for Rachel.  Helen must have taken it to heart, because whenever I came in she had a snide remark or two, but she always fed me.

When I got to the road that ran to the Jones Lake property, I drove down the road very slowly.  I was afraid I would break an axle or some other important part of the truck.  I found a walk path with a sign that said #1 Jones Lake Drive.  Okay, I thought that was pretentious.  The track was suitable for a small ATV like they used at Church Camp, but not much else.  They obviously brought the logs in on a sled pulled by an ATV.  They might have used a snow mobile, but I doubted it.  The snow just didn’t stay around long enough for one of those things.  It was deep enough for a few days, but then the bright sun came and it started to melt.  There was probably a foot and a half on the edges of the path which made it hard on the ATV I was sure.  The path itself looked as though they kept it scraped down using a blade on the front of an ATV. 

“You looking forward to spring?” I asked Carlos, when I saw him.  I figured that was a pretty harmless thing to ask.

“I am grateful for the work, but yes I look forward to spring,” he said.  “How have you been?”

“Fine, how about Nita?” I asked.

“She is having a hard time.  She no longer blames you for what happened.  She now blames herself, and me I expect.  We didn’t keep a close enough eye on him,” he confided.

“If she needs to blame someone, she can go back to blaming me.  Jose met Joan at the hospital visiting me.  If I had done something then, maybe they both would be alive.  I don’t think blame does anyone any good, but if she needs someone to blame, let her blame me,” I suggested.

“Jose was not your responsibility, and you did not lie to hurt us.  You just didn’t tell us to protect us all.  We should have known  something was wrong.” 

There was a silence that followed.  After a while I asked, “Can I go in and look around?”

“Of course, I am sorry to keep you out in the cold,” he answered.

Cabin one was just as I had envisioned it on the outside.  Inside it was walls filled with rigid insulation, with thin plywood paneling over it.  The walls were solid but not very rich looking.  I had hoped to see the church paneling.  Then again there wasn’t much of it left so it was probably being saved for some project Jeremy had in mind.  They had built 2×4 frames inside the post for the insulation so the post showed through the walls.  There were the wall posts as well as the roof beams exposed.  They were rustic and beautiful at the same time.  I could see Alice’s hand in the design as well as my own.  We had used bits of the plan from the Internet as well.

“I like what you have done.  Did it take you long?” I asked.

“We had to clean the roads and the paths to get in to work so this one took too long.  I think we will be able to build one every two weeks.  I’m not sure how long it will take Senor Jeremy to sell them,” he said with a smile.

“Well he has big plans for the place,” I said.

“Yes I know, we will see,” Carlos said.

“I was wondering one thing.  Am I still going to have use of Molly the goat?” I asked.

“Of course,” he said.  Neither of us mentioned the woman who had done my laundry.  That probably was a good thing.

One of the consequences of my dependence on Carlos’ family was that I had to find someone else to look in on the Country Store and cabins if Andrew called.  After a lot of thought, during the drive home, I decided not to get anyone.  Instead I compiled a list of things I needed to do in order to winterize the place while I was away.  I assumed I could fill a backpack with my valuables and leave it at Church Camp, when we did our face to face briefing.

Things went along great for another week.  During that time I got my scanner one day after Luis got his.  After that we traded pictures during the next week.  At the end of that week I got a message by coded email.  It said to come home for a short visit that very night.  I packed a large backpack with a few things to leave there and added clean underwear.  I never needed my own things.  I never knew exactly what his cryptic messages meant except he wanted to see me.

When I arrived at the camp Andrew kept me waiting in the dining room.  At least I got to drink the coffee while I waited for Jeremy and Alice.

“Do you have any idea what the assignment is this time?”  Jeremy asked when he and Alice arrived.

“Not a clue, I have been waiting here in the dining hall the whole time.  Maybe now the man is here they will tell me,” I suggested with a laugh.

“More likely he just don’t want to do the briefing twice,’ Jeremy suggested.

“Or that,” I agreed with a laugh.  “So now it is time to get a move on.  The coffee is good, but I have had enough of it.”

“It’s been a long drive for us and I don’t mind sitting here and resting with a cup of coffee,” Jeremy said.

“Well aren’t you just the company man,” I laughed.

“And you are just a trouble maker,” he said.  It was quite noticeable that he didn’t laugh. 

Jeremy knew we were being watched.  I wondered if he was looking for a promotion to the leader’s position.  I really didn’t mind so much, I figured Alice would be good looking enough with just a little surgical help.  Maybe I could get Andrew to hand me that pardon, with no strings attached.

Before I could figure any way to make it happen, Andrew’s assistant came into the room.  He walked right up to the table where we sat drinking coffee.  “We need to go see the Commandant.  You can bring the coffee, if you like,” he said.

I left mine.  I have had more than enough of the Camp’s coffee, I thought.  I was the last person through the door.  Andrew waited until we were all inside his office then stood and shook hands.  He shook my hand first then Jeremy and finally Alice.  It was a kind of recognition of our place in the team, I thought.

“So Commandant what’s the job this time?” I asked.

“First of all,” Andrew asked, “Are you a hundred percent?”

“To do what I do yes, to repel down a seven story building probably not,” I replied.  The funny thing was, I had been expecting the call to visit Church Camp and that question as well.

“Funny you should mention the repelling.  You will be working in a high rise, but I doubt you will need to repel down it.”  From a folder on his desk he took an ink jet picture and moved it across for us to see.  The picture was of a very black man in military fatigues.

“So who is the handsome devil?” I asked sarcastically.

“General Julius Armorist, he is a rebel leader in an African country you probably never heard of.  He is coming to America,” Andrew said.

I saw something in his eyes.  It was disgust.  I had to wonder if it was meant for me or the General.  “So I suppose you want us to grab General Juju?” I asked.

“No that would be impossible.  He has a really good security team,” Andrew said.  “However the General has been a bad boy.  There are a dozen claims of war crimes against him.  He has however been guaranteed safe conduct by our government.  We have discussed it and decided he needs to be brought to justice.  We had a trial in the Swamp and convicted him.  He was unfortunately sentenced to death.

“Any idea how we are going to do it?”  I didn’t even bother to argue that we weren’t assassins.  Andrew knew what I had done.

“The General will be in New York for two days and three nights.  He is a man who likes whiskey, drugs and ladies of the night.  I think we can get him to make you an offer.  Well I think you can convince him to make the offer,” Andrew stated flatly.  I could tell he didn’t approve.

“And if he doesn’t?” I asked.

“We will get him another time, but it will be messy if we have to go for him,” Andrew said.

“Messy as in body bags?” Jeremy asked.

“Most likely,” Andrew said.

“How much intelligence do we have,” I asked.

“None right now but we have hacked the communication system of the hotel where he is staying.  We are also going to assign a team to him.  They will report to me and then I will tell you what you need to know.”  He said that as he slid a cell phone to Jeremy.  “That also has been rigged with a mic so I can hear what you hear.”

“Just don’t destroy those recordings.  I might want a copy,” I said.  Andrew smiled.

“Rose make your plan tonight if possible.  Regardless you leave in the morning,” Andrew said.

“Okay,” I agreed.

Once we were in the cabin, I began talking out loud.  “I want your suggestions,” I said.  “I’m thinking hookers.  The General isn’t the type to bother trying to pick up real girls,” I suggested.  The information came from the background profile in the envelope we were given.

“Yeah, just pay them and be done with them.  So we arrange for you to be the hooker?” Jeremy asked.

“I think we need more than that to make him want to go with us.  I’m thinking both Alice and me,” I said.  “What do you say Alice you up for it?”

“As long as you don’t leave me alone with him,” she said.

“We will both be with him I hope,” I said.  “He is most likely going to have a suite.  He will have bodyguards in the living room and maybe even in the hall.  The file says he travels with four.  He probably wants a show of force.  It is likely how he does things at home.  Here the number of bodyguards might help keep him alive.”

“Okay two of them outside the bedroom, and two in the hall.  So how are we going to do it?” Jeremy asked.

“I have no fucking idea.  I’m going to have to sleep on it,” I said.  “Alice you should probably stretch yourself, he might be huge.  Most of those leader types are for some reason,” I said.  I was only screwing with her mind but she nodded as if it were an order.  I should have corrected the misconception, but I didn’t.

We were all nervous as we went into dinner.  As usual it was really well done southern style food.  There were home fries they actually made at the Church Camp kitchen.  The Barbecue and banana pudding came from the Swamp I was told.

After dinner we stayed in the dining hall and listened to the men tell tales.  They must have heard the same ones a hundred times, but they were telling them to entertain the three of us, I was quite sure.  It was 9 PM when we excused ourselves and went to the cabin.

The door was hardly closed when Alice removed her cargo slacks and panties.  “You heard the lady,” she said.  “We need to stretch it out.”  She draped her body over the table. 

Jeremy looked at her and said, “If Rose wants you to be stretched, she is going to have to get me hard first.”

I really hadn’t planned on it but I hadn’t had any real sex in weeks.  I knelt in front of him and took his cock into my mouth without any foreplay.  I nursed on it as if I was a child nursing on her mother’s breast.  I touched myself to get the maximum benefit from his cock in my mouth.  Before he came he removed his cock and pushed it into Alice.  He ran his finger around my lips while I rubbed my clit until I came.  I had been having large orgasms for weeks so it was not a shock that I came very hard.

Meanwhile Alice was begging Jeremy to fuck her harder and deeper.  I wish you had our dildo, you could fuck my ass at that same time,” she said.  I was in the middle of an orgasm but it made an impression on me.

“Ass, fuck my ass,” Alice begged.  I wasn’t shocked but I was surprised.

When he finished fucking Alice in the ass, he moved to me.  I was still on my knees by the small table.  I turned away when he tried to slip his flaccid penis in my mouth.  Jeremy’s answer was to gently turn my head back.  When I was faced with his cock against my lips, I opened them to him.  His soft penis slip into my mouth as I sucked on it.  I nursed on his cock again and for a long time.  He didn’t get hard, but I got extremely turned on.  I rubbed my clit until I came again.

When Jeremy saw me shiver and pull at his cock, he pulled it out and went to bed without saying a word to me.  It was what I wanted as well.  I struggled off to bed alone as Alice went to bed with Jeremy.

The trumpet sounded at 5 AM and we all started to stir.  I dressed quickly so that I could run with the operatives.  I was surprised to be bumping into Jeremy and Alice while I dressed.  We got outside where the operative, code named X, was ready to lead us on a quick three mile run through the mountains.  It was a short but killer run.  I was gagging when I returned.  Riding the trike didn’t compare to that run.

“You are out of shape Rose,” X said.

“Probably, but I could still kick your ass,” I said just before I threw up.

“Right you are old girl.”  He said to my retching body bent forward at the waist.  I was surprised that I was hungry when I finished.  Breakfast was very good.  The eggs were freeze dried, but there was enough bacon fat mixed with them to make them edible.  I had always liked their smoked bacon. 

Someone had learned to make a passable biscuit since I was here last, I thought.  So I just put it all on a biscuit with a bit of strawberry jelly to give it a sweet smoky taste.  That I washed down with the way too strong coffee.  It made for a meal I enjoyed way more than I should have.  It was by far the best Church Camp breakfast I had ever eaten.  We went back to the cabin to pack up and get ready to go. 

Once I showered, I was ready to carry my pack to Andrew’s office.  “Hold on to this,” I said to his administrative assistant.

“You want a receipt?” he asked.

“Why, I know what’s in it and where to find you, if I come back.  If I don’t come back, I don’t give a crap what you do with it,” I said.

“Right you are Miss Rose,” he said.

“Son of a bitch, have I gotten that old?” I asked jokingly.

“Not at all,” the middle-aged man replied.  “I just needed something to call you.”

“Just plain Rose will do,” I said.

“Yes ma’am” he said.  I almost said something, but I gave it up.

“Rose could you give this to Jeremy.  Ask him to bring all the cell phones and other devices here please.”

“Mine are in the backpack, I know the drill,” I said.  “Sure I’ll remind him.”

After the short walk to the cabin I did remind him about cell phones and computers.  The envelope contained documents for a stolen car in the packing lot.  We would be driving it to New York.  That was going to put us there well into the night. 

“The note says the car is registered in my new name Jerry Wilson,” Jeremy said.

“Smart they kept your first name close so maybe we wouldn’t slip up at the wrong time,” I said.

“Alice, your new name is Alicia Fox and Rose you will be Lilly Fox,” he read.

“Fancy names for a couple of crack whores,” I suggested. 

“I think Andrew was thinking high class call girls,” he said.

“I’ll bet you a hundred bucks we windup getting picked up in a night club,” I said. 

“Either way we need to get to NYC,” he said being all business. 

“We need to stop and buy clothes, since this isn’t going to be an in and out.  Leave everything with Andrew.  I mean everything,” I said.  “We are going to have to interact with General Juju at least for a few hour.  We will be trashing what we wear north so I hope you weren’t in love with them.”

“Have you figured out how we are going to do it,” Alice asked. 

She seemed concerned and that was a good sign.  We didn’t need her to be a complete follower.  She needed to take responsibility for what I needed done.

“I’m going to put something sharp and shiny in his chest or cut his throat not sure which yet,” I said.  “Something will come to me.”  She didn’t need to know that I had a plan.


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