Undercover Rose 47 (Edited)

By Cindy and Walt

The large, heavy Mercedes sedan had to be carefully maneuvered going out the unimproved road from the compound to the checkpoint.  The terrible road into Church Camp was meant to slow down approaching vehicles.  It worked very well for its intended purpose.  A broken axle was very likely, if one attempted to drive at anything near surprise attack speeds over the heavily washboard roads.

After the checkpoint the road was still terrible.  Even though it was filled with potholes it was paved.  After the heavy European sedan reached the county road, it was easier going.  Jeremy volunteered to drive, I agreed.  I had no desire to drive on the interstate highway for ten hours.  We were on the county and state roads for a half hour more or less, then we were on the Interstate for over four hours before we stopped two hours from D.C. for lunch and gas.

“So what’s the play?”  Jerry asked.

“We stop in D.C. at a Walmart store, one near the highway.  We wont stand out because there will be lots of auto traffic there.  We buy everything we need because everything we have now is going into the trash,” I said.

” Do I get to use the debit card?” he asked.

“Sure dark glasses and a toboggan.  When we leave there, make sure you have everything you need.  You need to go through the check out line alone.  Do you still want to do it?” I asked.  The purchases would make him the most likely to be on a surveillance tape which we counted on not being checked.

It was almost dark when we left the Walmart store with our purchases.  Some of the purchases caused Jerry some embarrassment, but it couldn’t be helped.  They were all part of the plan. 

It was dark when we returned to the highway.  Since we all went to the bathroom before we left the Walmart, we didn’t need to stop till we were within and hour of New York City.  After the coffee and pee break we were back on the road with cookies from the convenience store where we had stopped to pee.

Two more hours put us in a small motel in the fairly small town of Teaneck NJ.  The room Jerry Wilson checked us into was a clean room with two full sized beds.  I had no idea what arrangements he would make in advance and I didn’t care at that moment.  I was road weary and just wanted a shower and to sleep.

“I’m going to take a shower, unless one of you wants to go first?” I asked.

Jerry Wilson looked at Alicia who shook her head.  “Looks like you can go first.  I hope they have enough hot water,” Jerry said.

I went through the bags to find the panties I had bought at Walmart.  When I finished searching I had several empty bags.  I took them into the shower with me.  There I stripped off everything and stepped under the shower as hot as I could stand.  I washed my body and then my hair, Then I spend a few minutes washing inside my vulva and anus.  It made me feel better.  I mean sure it felt nice to massage the openings, but it felt even better to know that I was clean there. 

The room was warm thank god, since I entered it wearing only panties.  Not only that my hair was wet.  Alicia had chosen to purchase a blow dryer, so I used it. 

“That bag is full of your own clothes?” She asked.

“Yes and the canvas shoes I wore to Church Camp,” I said.  “Tomorrow we can find a dumpster and put the bags inside.  We can put the other purchases including the extra clothes in the trunk of the car, before we go to bed for the night.  Take your showers tonight.  In the morning we will brush our teeth, check the room then go to breakfast.  We are going to live like that as long as we are on this job, okay?” I stated.

“Sounds like over kill on the security,” Jerry said.

“We have done two jobs, and had not one question asked of us.  This over kill is the reason why,” I explained.  “Nothing from our cover life can show up at the scene of a crime. 

The more we move around, the less likely they are to find a trail to follow to our real lives.  If they find one place where we have been, there has to be nothing to connect it to the one before it.  The trail has to end with that one, or the one before.  See what I mean?” I asked.

“I get it.  I got it when Church Camp explained it as well,” Jerry Wilson said.

“So after breakfast tomorrow let’s go to NYC and check out General Juju’s hotel for ourselves,” I said.  “For now I’m going to bed.”

I went to bed alone, so I got to spend my time listening to Alisha and Jerry doing their thing.  It is impossible to sleep in a motel room with another couple screwing especially if the female is telling you constantly what you are missing.  Not to mention the animal noises.

When we left the motel the next morning, we loaded the Walmart bags filled with our clothes from the day before into the trunk of the Mercedes.  We found an apartment complex with an unattended dumpster and filled it with bags.

Afterward we went looking for a restaurant before we got back on the highway.  What we found was a German pancake house.  I really hated the pancakes and half cooked bacon.  The coffee wasn’t all that bad, but it wasn’t worth coming back to the place again.

We were trying to get into NYC when the phone rang.  Since Jerry Wilson was driving, I answered it.  “Lillian Fox speaking how may I direct your call?” I asked.

“Very amusing,” the voice on the phone belonged to Sylvia not Andrew.  “The General you code named Juju is staying at the Wonderland Hotel in Harlem.”

“Good, have you been able to hack into the outgoing calls and messages?” I asked.

“Yes but there is no information, since General Bad Juju hasn’t checked in yet,” she informed me.  “You want to just get the building’s location in mind relative to other buildings and parking lots.  In other words plan your escape.  Have as many alternative routes and methods as possible.  It is my experience that getting in isn’t so hard, it’s getting the fuck out that can be a killer.”  It sounded like good advice. 

“Good advice boss, we are trying to get into the city now to look around.  You know I am dying to make Alice in Wonderland jokes,” I said.

“That would be Alicia in wonderland and trust me, you aren’t near as funny as you think.  No one ever is,” she replied and broke the connection. 

“She’s a real bitch,” I said.

“Comes with the turf.”  The phone answered in her voice.  I had forgotten it was a microphone as well as a phone.

“Fucking big sister,” I said with a laugh.

The Wonderland Hotel appeared to have been built in the sixties part of the renaissance of Harlem campaign.  It was modern, but all flash no substance.  As the area improved, the bars came off the two lower floor windows.  The Wonderland was ten floors and had maybe a fifty foot frontage.  Not a big hotel more a boutique hotel, a super bed and breakfast kind of place.  There were alleys all the way around it. 

Cars were valet parked, if anyone was stupid enough to drive into the city.  Looked as if we might have a problem because there were no parking lots in the area of the hotel. 

“Okay the Mercedes will do as a car service vehicle, but we are going to need to get it washed and waxed,” I commented.  “Before that we are going to need to find a place to park it after you drop us, if it goes down that way,” I said.  “If he calls out for girls, we will go.  Sylvia, you will have to trace the call and cancel the girls,” I said.

“If we go for a club pick up we will have to find out where he is going in advance in order to be there,” I said aloud.  “Sylvia can you bug one of the rooms and make sure he goes into it.” 

“No, they may sweep the room.  If that happens, we will tip our hand and the operation will be over before it starts.  We will have to arrange to plant the bugs after they arrive,” she replied.

“How will you arrange that?” Jerry Wilson asked.

“We have our ways,” Sylvia said mysteriously. 

She won’t tell us because she might use it against us one day, I thought.  “Carrier pigeon,” I said with a laugh.

“Something like that,” she replied. 

“Most likely they will find that there are no towels in the room.  Some South American lady will deliver them while being all apologetic.  She will leave something on the floor in each room.  A rubber roach,” I guessed.

“You are smart,” Sylvia said.  “She is Egyptian and wears a head scarf to discourage any body searches.” 

“Okay, so now we have a way to find out where they are headed, before they leave.  You are going to hijack the calls to the desk in case he asks them to send up a girl?” I asked.

“I had planned to have the maid service include a brochure for discrete escorts.  But we can do both,” she said.  “I think we have covered all the ways to get you into his room.  Have you decided what you will do once you are there?”

“It’s a surprise,” I said.

“I don’t like surprises,” Sylvia said. 

“Oh you will like this one,” I replied.

We worked out several scenarios before General Bad Juju arrived.  They put him on the fifth floor in a room with a balcony that overlooked the skyline of the city.  The view wasn’t much, but it was better then the houses and newer low rise offices that surrounded the hotel.

“Too bad we can’t get a zip line to the ground from up there,” I suggested.

“It would be hard to hide the rope and harness inside the mini skirt and skimpy blouse,” Sylvia said.

“Not to mention trying to keep the ‘Fuck me’ high heels from falling off,” Alicia added.  She had suddenly found her voice. 

I turned to look at her.  “So the zip line is out of the question.  So is fighting our way out.  We are going to have to do what I always do.  We are going to have to walk right out the door with a big smile after killing him,” I said.

“That is going to make you one cold bitch,” Sylvia said with a laugh.

“You say that like it’s a bad thing,” I suggested. 

“I have other work to do, so you work it out,” Sylvia said.

“We are going to have to kill him in the bedroom, clean up, leave the body somewhere for them to find and walk out the door to Alisha,” I suggested.

We circled the Wonderland Hotel a couple of times, then expanded our area of surveillance to several blocks.  We found a small office building two blocks away.  There were three offices in the building one on each floor.  A fashion designer was on the first floor and an acupuncture practitioner on the third.  The second floor office was empty.

“I can’t find a place to park this car, if we squat in that building,” Jeremy said.  

“Forget it then.  We will need quick access to the car after General Juju’s untimely death,” I suggested. 

“How about this?  We wait in a hotel nearby.  When the call comes, either way we move on it.  We put a car company sign on the door so you can stand outside the hotel for a while.  We call you from the hotel when the deed is done and you come to the front door.  We will get there somehow,” I said.

“You won’t have any help, if we do it that way,” Jerry Wilson said.

“We wouldn’t have any once we get inside either way,” I said. 

“Our first priority is to get inside,” I suggested.  “Then we can figure out how to get out.  You just stay in the car and wait for our call.”

“What if you don’t get in tonight?” he asked.

“Then we find a cheap motel with easy access over in Jersey,” I suggested.

“Why Jersey,” Jeremy asked.

“Why not Jersey,” I replied.

“Because it will take us over an hour to get to Wonderland,” Jerry said.

“If after we clean up, we can’t get back to the motel, it has to be hard or impossible to find.  It’s all about the investigation and making it impossible to tie the ends together.  We can’t make the General’s body disappear, so we need to make us disappear,” I said.

Shortly thereafter we were in the parking lot of a Motel 6 on the Jersey side of the River. 

“I get it now.  The NYPD is not only going to be lost, they are going to be blind.  This place is out of their jurisdiction,” Jeremy said.

“I do hope all the hype is true that Jersey cops hate NYPD cops,” I said.

“So what now?” Jeremy asked once we were in the room.

“Now we wait for our chance to make some money,” I said licking my lips suggestively.

“You are such a slut,” Alice said, with a great laugh.  

We didn’t unpack the car during the afternoon.  Sylvia arranged for us to get a slightly delayed feed from the bugs the maid left in the room.  She was hoping we might pick up on something that she and her experts missed.

The conversation centered around the General’s testimony planned for the next day.  They also talked about how stupid the American government was.  To grant them safe conduct meant a license to do anything they wanted.

“So General sir, would you like to go out tonight?” One of the guards asked.

“I think I should find an American woman and fuck her tonight the way those weeping women in the United Nation want to fuck me,” the General replied.

“We have the name of a night club recommended by the ambassador.  He says it is very discrete,” the bodyguard suggested.

“I do not wish discrete.  I wish to spit in the United Nation’s eye.  To show them I do not fear them,” the general said.

“There is the one recommended by the Chuloe Brothers.  There will be many cameras outside the club, so I would not recommend it.  It would be hard to defend from attack in that commotion.” he explained.

“So where is the compromise,” the general asked.

“The dungeon is quiet.  They do not allow cameras in the club at all.  It is full of American whores, who like big black men as well,” he said.  “Native Africans would be much in demand I expect.”

“Then we will try that one,” the General said.

It was at that moment that another voice joined the conversation.  From the sounds of the door opening and closing it appeared someone had arrived.

“Hello General,” the new voice.

“Hello Mr. Ambassador, what brings you here?” General Bad Juju asked.

“I am here to see that you do not embarrass yourself and our government before the UN meeting tomorrow,” the voice said.

“I am a soldier, not a politician, how could I embarrass our country?” he asked. 

“It would be a simple thing.  Imagine this headline in the American paper.  ‘Accused war criminal parties in American night club.’  We do not need that kind of publicity before the general assembly meeting tomorrow.  So my dear general you will keep your cock in your pants tonight.  You will not go to any clubs and you will not have any women to come in here.  After you have testified and after the vote tomorrow you may do anything you wish.  Until that vote, you will comport yourself as if you were a priest,” the ambassador said.

“But I don’t like little boys.”  The general said trying to lighten the mood.  It didn’t work.  After waiting a moment he continued. 

“Alright, I will stay inside tonight and watch the American Television.”

“Good,” the ambassador said in a voice that faded away.

After that the bodyguard said, “So we are staying in?” 

“Of course not,” the general answered.  “However, we will be more discrete.”

“How do you mean General?” one of the bodyguards asked.

“We will go to a small club, and we will slip in unnoticed.”

“Shit,” Jerry said to me.  “We don’t have time to get to the hotel to tail him.”

“Yeah I know.  Sylvia are you listening?” I asked.

“She isn’t here, but head into Manhattan.  We will send you coordinates while you are en-route,” the agent’s voice suggested.

“You heard the man lets go,” I said.  “We can change in the car.”

It was very uncomfortable to put on a short skirt and small blouse in the back seat of a car even if it was a big assed Mercedes. 

“You need to be at the Green Door Adult Club on Central Avenue in Harlem,” the agent said.  I could hear the high pitch whine of a two stroke motor scooter in the background. 

By the time we got within a mile of the address the agent was back on the phone. 

“Sorry guys they have picked up two women and are pretty settled in with them.”

“What are the odds, we can make him a better offer?” I asked.

“How do you think that will work out?” he asked.

“Yeah, we need for him to approach us,” I said.  I guess we will head back to the motel.”

“Well we can sleep late tomorrow and try a new plan,” Alice said.

The two of them slept in the same bed as usual.  “Sure you don’t want to join us,” Alice said.

“No thanks honey, I’m going to sleep through your moans,” I said with a laugh.

The next morning I was up at five.  I didn’t wake them.  I left the room quietly, then went for a run up and down the road in front of the motel.  I stopped for coffee at the convenience store that seemed to be a required fixture at every access point to the major highways of this country.  The coffee was okay, but it still wasn’t the strength I preferred.

When I got back to the motel the two of them were still asleep.  It was 7 AM and late for any of us to be sleeping, but there really was nothing we could do.  The general was set to address a UN Committee investigating the government’s treatment of a village in his home country. 

“He ordered the shelling of a village, even though he knew there were no combatants in the area.  Then he went into the village and had all the survivors killed as a lesson to other villages about the dangers in aiding the enemy,” Andrew had explained.

His story to the UN would be much different, I was sure.  While he was at the UN building he was untouchable.  Most likely that same night would be our last chance.  His schedule called for him to make himself available for further questions for one more day.  He might or might not leave after that so our job had to be done that night for sure.

I felt like our plan had to be improved so I reworked our plan.  Even with no direct attack on the general possible till the end of day, I woke Jeremy and Alice. 

“Out of bed you lazy sluts.  I’m going to take a shower and then dress for the day.  It’s jeans and sweats this morning,” I said.

During my shower one of them came in to pee.  Since we had no secrets, I didn’t freak out.  They were at least out of bed, I thought. 

It took half an hour but we managed to move out of the motel room and into the Mercedes.  After a real breakfast we went shopping again.  First of all I bought a Hunter’s thermal coverall suit. 

“Now Jeremy drop me at one of those motor scooter stores,” I said and he did.  I had a burner phone on which we could communicate.  Jeremy had the phone connected to the General’s hotel room bugs.

“Good morning Sir, could I help you?” the salesman asked.  I had already slipped into the mustard colored thermal suit.  He had wrongly assumed I was a man, since the suit hid my body pretty darn well.

“Well I’m not a Sir, I’m a Ma’am, but other than that yes you can.  I am looking for a 50cc scooter.  Something that will start when I turn the key,” I demanded.

“I got this one here,” he said pointing out a black and silver one.  “It’s $950 delivered.  You won’t need a tag or anything.”

“Yeah, I have done my homework.  So can I take it on a test drive?” I asked.

“Sure we have a fenced in area down the street,” he said.

“Tell you what, how about I just leave you a $900 deposit on this demo scooter.  You should be able to let me keep it over night,” I suggested.

“I think I could do that,” he said writing me a receipt.  I let him do it since I wanted to maintain the cover that I might bring it back tomorrow.  I wasn’t going to of course.  It would be left outside the club, where the General touched down, with the key dangling from it.  I spent the day in the car with Jeremy and Alice while the scooter was parked in a city parking garage. 

We rode around checking on things.  We were pulling through the alley behind the hotel.  The general’s room was above it. 

“There is no way you are going to scale that wall to get out,” Jeremy said.

“That is true, but after the job is complete, we have time to search.  We might throw a pillowcase filled with documents off the small balcony.  You could retrieve them while we clean up the room,’ I suggested.

“You can’t seriously be considering cleaning up after yourself,” Alice said.

“I sure as hell am.  I always clean up.  That is why I’m not in jail,” I said.  I didn’t say I learned that in jail.  Jeremy was parked on the street but changing his parking space often enough to keep the cops from ticketing the Mercedes. 

I stood across the street in what was an empty restaurant’s summer ‘Eat on the sidewalk space’.  I pretended to clean the windows with supplies I had also bought from Walmart.  I worked very slowly on the windows, then I went to the building beside the closed restaurant.  It was a retail store of some kind.  Probably called a boutique, I thought.  I began washing their windows without being asked.  I continued until enough time had past so that the foot traffic wouldn’t recognize me when I went back to the restaurant to clean their windows again.

The General showed sometime after six.  I called Jeremy. 

“Well the bird is on the nest.  Come get me,” I demanded.

It was a short wait for me but I had been out in the cold for sometime so I was glad to have the warm car pull to the curb.


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6 Responses to Undercover Rose 47 (Edited)

  1. oldsilvertip says:

    Thanks for the chapter folks. Curious to see how Rose takes out Bad Juju. Jeremy seems to not mind stepping on toes. At some point it seems as if someone will be stepping back.

  2. cindypress says:

    I’m waiting to see if she follows my uncle Freds advice. With till the balance sheet is against a friend before you cut them off. figuratively of course

  3. jackballs57 says:

    Yes it will be interesting to shh how she takes care of him. Thanks for the great read.

  4. jackballs57 says:

    I posted another chapter to my story tonight.

  5. Max says:

    Thanks for these chapters – I look forward to each new posting. A nice balance of real story and sex.

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