Undercover Rose 56 (Edited)

By Cindy and Walt

“While we are gone,” I said to Alice, as Jeremy and I headed out the door to plant the camera and relay,  “Why don’t you update those floor plans for the youth hostel.”

“I did as you suggested and made lots of cell phone pictures.  I will annotate the building’s interior with those,” Alice agreed.  “The Church must have liked three story structures.  The nunnery is the same basic design as the school.  It is smaller but everything else is the same, a center hall with rooms or cubicles on either side and like the shelter the third floor is empty.  They didn’t much want me up there, but I convinced them to let me at least verify there were no hazards.  None of the rooms seemed to be ready for use.  But they were basically the same as the other rooms.  They could be made ready in just a few minutes.  I planted the bugs as well as the infrared markers,” Alice said in a burst that stopped us from our chore long enough to listen.

“Okay get to your drawing while we are gone,” I suggested.

“You got your stuff?” Jeremy asked.

“What’s to have.  I have a camera, a repeater, and a deer hunters night scope,” I replied.  The taxi dropped me off two blocks from what had been the school.  It was the homeless shelter at that time. 

The playground, behind the school building, had been converted to a park.  At 2 AM the park was empty.  I made sure no one was using it as a short cut, then I slip into the darkness.  I quickly found the tree Wilson had pointed out.  I managed to locate a thick branch jutting out of the tree.  I would have liked it to be a foot higher but I managed by standing on the tips of my toes to mount the camera.  The base plate had a gizmo that looked like a short corkscrew on it with a tee handle.  I twisted it into the tree limb at a spot that would give me a decent view of the hostel’s rear.  I didn’t worry about prints or DNA since I wore gloves because of the cold.  Wilson had been extremely careful in prepping it for me.  I also hoped that it wouldn’t be found until several years had passed.  The repeater, which looked like a cheap cell phone, I placed on a different limb of the tree.  That I secured with a gray hose clamp.  It would not be noticeable.  Any passerby, who even bothered to look would mistake it for a tumor on the tree. 

The camera would also be able to pick up the heat signal of any thing, or anyone inside.  I was mostly interested in the third floor.  We wouldn’t be able to tell who, but maybe we could tell how many, I thought.

I left the park and called Jeremy for a pick up.  When he arrived at the pickup site a block from the compound, I got into the rear like any other customer would have. 

“Well?” Jeremy asked.

“The nunnery is on line now.  We should setup a site for people to watch what happens in there,” I suggested.  “I bet we would soon be the hottest porn site on the net.  Ghosts of nuns watching two girls having sex.”

“Not a bad idea when this is over,” Jeremy said.

“We will have to take turns monitoring the cameras and bugs till you go in tomorrow,” I suggested.

“Now that everyone knows about phone cloning, guys who have a lot to hide are extremely careful how they do business,” he suggested.

“Yes even if you clone his phone and I GPS mark his car, we still have to consider burners and the dead air spaces in his home,” I agreed.

“When the so called good guys get here, we may have to follow him with a directional mic,” Jeremy said.

“We will see.  Let’s get home, I need sleep badly,” I said.

When we got home, I checked the mail.  I had an email from Andrew.  It read simply.  ‘Guest will be in at 07:00 party of six.’  It was in what they called open code.  Any number given was to be modified based on the misinformation.  I knew there should be 3 people in the party.  So we had to add three to the original number making the arrival time at 10 AM.

“Now what?” Jeremy asked. 

“We check the DMV for his car,” I said.

“It’s a new Cadillac Escalade and I got the license number,” he said once he checked the info Wilson left us.  “I didn’t even have to look it up.”

“Let’s take the cab and go to his condo parking lot.  We can get a marker on the car.  Looks like you might get a reprieve from playing a homeless old man,” I said. 

It was a three and a half minute drive to the parking lot outside the condo.  Even though it was a gated community, the gate was open and unmanned.  There was a cctv camera on the post.  The homeowner’s association had no doubt exchanged a paid employee for a camera.  It was a heck of a lot more efficient.  It almost never needed a day off.

But it can’t question the people, not even the ones who arrive in a taxi driven by a man with a beard and knit cap. 

“There we are,” Jeremy said pointing to the caddy.

“Pull in behind him and stop,” I said.  I quickly slipped between the cars, and gently attached the GPS chip.  I did it so gently that it didn’t set the alarm off.  I was back in the cab within 15 seconds.  We left quickly enough so that the call might have looked like a mistake.  I don’t think anyone ever saw the taxi, even if they did, the neighbors might think it was a false call.

On the way home I had Jeremy stop so I could pick up some take out biscuits.  The sun would be up in a couple of hours and I was hungry. 

“I have the coffee pot on,” Alice said when we walked into the house.  “It is really hard to monitor all these cameras.”

“You really only need to monitor the door cameras right now.  If you go wide angle you can see the driveway entrance and just watch where the cars or trucks go.  To be honest I’m expecting the good guys to call us, if there is a problem.  Then we will be on duty.  Somehow tomorrow we need to clone the Good Father’s phone.  Jeremy get some sleep you still might have to go in there.”

“Okay, I know you are beat, but can you give me a couple of hours break?  I promise I will be back to the monitors soon?” Alice asked with a suggestive smile.

“Sure, but do what you have to do by noon.  I expect you to give me a break then.  Nothing is going to happen till after 10 AM for sure.  You haven’t heard anything that might be a plan have you?” I asked.

“No I would have told you, if I had,” she said.

The Good Father showed for breakfast with the homeless and the hungry immigrants.  I could hear him on the inside bugs.  “How are the eggs this morning?” he asked a woman with a young child,

“They are very Good Father,” she replied.  “Thank you so much for the food.”

“It isn’t me you should thank, it is all the good people who donate to the charity.  They are Compadres and some North Americanos as well.”

He walked past her then asked a homeless man, “How did you sleep last night?”

“I don’t like sleeping inside.  If it wasn’t so damn cold, I would be outside where I can breath,” he said. 

“The weather will change soon, but you will always have a place here padre,” he said then moved on to his office.  The office was bugged thanks to Alice.

I wondered why I hadn’t picked him up on the alarm companies microphones in the Good Father’s house.  I should have heard him dressing before he left for the shelter.  I wondered if the microphones were turned off or something.  Then I found it.  For some reason Wilson had turned the volume of the device that monitored the Good Father’s house almost off.  Too much sensory stimulation I suspected.  It was too much for me for sure.  He and possibly Alice knew which ones to monitor.  The bugs were spread over three tablets.  The cameras required the use of two more notebook type devices.

The cloning of the phone became less important, but I still wanted to do it if for no other reason than to be thorough.  Jeremy and I also needed to purchase a motor scooter.  It was going to be another full day, I expected.

Jeremy got out of bed when Alice did, so I had them both to deal with at lunchtime.  Alice went into the kitchen to reheat some frozen pot pies.  I didn’t hate them, if there was enough hot sauce on them.  While she ate in front of the monitors, I explained to Jeremy.

“We need to get that scooter today.  The man should be here by now,” I suggested.  “Even though we aren’t going to follow him, I have an idea about cloning the Good Father’s phone, maybe even the burn phone.

“Oh yeah what kind of idea?” Jeremy asked. 

“I will follow him on the scooter and when he gets on the phone while driving, I will pull up along side and clone him.  So we need that scooter today,” I said.

“What if you can’t keep up,” Jeremy asked.

“Then you pick him up with the taxi and let me know where he is just to be sure I don’t lose him.”

By 3 PM I had the scooter with its paperwork in the name of Lillian Anderson.  I have no idea where Andrew came up with those names and fake IDs, but I had plenty of them yet to go.  I paid $2500 for 150cc scooter and the man threw in the helmet.  I chose it because it was a small scooter with a big engine.  It would do what I needed it to do and still look small enough so as not to need registering.  I would need to fake it for only a week or so, I suspected. 

The weather was still cool enough, so that I didn’t draw any attention wearing gloves even during the warmest part of the day.  If I had to bail from the scooter, I wanted to leave no fingerprints behind. 

Jeremy and I sat down the street from the shelter with Alice carefully monitoring all the equipment.  My burner rang, “The dog is on the prowl,” she said.  I had no idea where she got that, but I understood it.

Jeremy started the taxi and we stood by.  I got out of the warm car and into the chilly afternoon air.  The sun was also over the horizon when he finally hit the road.  I fell in behind him on the scooter with the visor tightly secured.

I followed the Good Father through the streets until we ended up in front of a fancy restaurant in a fashionable part of Washington.  I was dressed for warmth not for posh, so I had to wait outside.  I did want to know who he met, but I couldn’t do it myself. 

I called Alice and told her to put on a dress and Jeremy would be by for her shortly.  When she got inside I told her to wait in the bar for her date.  I also gave her a few other instructions.  Then I sent Jeremy’s taxi service for her.  I told him not to take time to change, but to hurry back.

I could only hope that in the fancy setting the Good Father would not recognize Alice as the building inspector.  I had that thought over and over until Jeremy pulled over beside me.  I pushed the phone cloning device through the taxi window to Alice.  I watched as the taxi delivered Alice to the restaurant.    

The taxi came back after dropping Alice so I could get out of the cold.  Jeremy was dressed well enough to go inside the restaurant, so we moved the scooter to a parking garage where I locked it up.  Then I drove Jeremy to the restaurant in the taxi.

“Call me if you need anything,” I suggested.  “You know where the scooter is if anything comes up and I have to leave.”  After I dropped him I went to a street to park and wait for them to come out. 

After another hour the Good Father came out alone.  He seemed a little upset.  I was curious, but I decided not to follow him after all.  I expected to find out more from Jeremy and Alice.

When the two of them came out, I drove up to park by the door.  They got into the car and I drove away.  I could not contain myself I had to know.  “So what happened?” I asked’

“The Father sat at a table and waited a couple of hours, then he made a phone call.  He also lost his temper,” Jeremy said.

“So you didn’t see who he planned to meet?” I asked.

“No,” Alice said with a smile.  “But I did clone the man’s phone.

“We have as many passive devices on this guy as we can possibly get, so lets go home and watch TV,” I suggested.  For the remainder of that evening I watched the monitor and slept.  Everything we saw was also routed to the Church Camp where Andrew had more people available to watch the monitors than I did. 

We probably could turn the monitoring over to the CC completely, but I just wanted one of us to stay on top of it.  We would be the ones to decide what he was up to, if anything.  We would also be the ones to plan a way to counter it. 

I figured the real danger would come on Monday when people began going about their ‘out of the consulate’ business.  That being the case I felt pretty comfortable letting Jeremy and Alice sightsee during Sunday.  I kept an eye on the Good Father.  There was a distinct possibility that he would make contact in order to have a plan ready for Monday.  I was wrong, so I spent a miserable day trying to stay awake.

Early in the evening I was exhausted when Jeremy and Alice returned.  I gave the watch over to them to figure out who would take over the monitoring.  I went to bed exhausted.  It was about nine o’clock and I had been asleep only three hours when Alice came for me.

We might have something.  I brushed my teeth, since she didn’t seem to be in a panic.  Then I staggered to the multipurpose room of the suite.

“So what you got?” I asked.

“The Good Father called someone on the land line.  I got only his half of the conversation.  He was angry about getting stood up last night for dinner.  It seems that he is waiting for whoever he talked to arrive,” Alice explained.

About half and hour after the phone call, the doorbell rang.  The camera aimed at that door picked up a young blond woman.  She was attractive enough I suppose.  When she got into the condo, she opened the long black wool coat.  It was no surprise to me that she wore nothing under it.

She dropped the coat in a lump on the foyer floor.  Then she began undressing the father, who took hold of her hand immediately and directed it to his slacks instead of his shirt.

“My, aren’t you in a hurry?” she asked very calmly. 

With his pants open she revealed his raging hard on.  She took it in her hand then slowly stroked it, while looking up into his eyes.  She was either a pro or a very accomplished amateur.  She slowly began to lick his hard cock.  First it was under the shaft the down the shaft to his testicles.

Then she slipped her mouth over his cock and began to use her warm wet mouth to stroke it.  I could see it disappear into her mouth down to his pubic hair.  She seemed to make it last for a while before he got very stiff and pumped into her mouth.  It was obvious what was about to happen.

He groaned and then staggered to the sofa where he collapsed.  It took him a second then he reached into the side table.  He removed two envelopes.  One was a tiny one like a bank’s coin envelope and one was a brown letter size.  He handed both of them to her.  She gathered her coat, put the envelopes into the pocket then left the room.

“Damn that was short and intense,” Jeremy said with his own raging hard on.

“Yeah, so the larger envelope held her fee?” I asked.

“If it did, she charges a lot.  The envelope was fat presumably with money,” Alice commented.  The mousy Alice was becoming a full partner.

“Then she is a courier?” I asked.  “One whose ID is a blowjob.  That makes no sense.”

“Well she definitely isn’t a lover for sure,” I said.  “All she got from the encounter were those two envelopes.”

“She is either a criminal master mind, or she is a courier.  If she is a courier why two envelopes?” I asked.

“Coded Email from Church Camp,” Jeremy said.  “I’ll go get a tabloid.  Do you want me to get some food?” he asked.

“No, I’m going for a run,” I said.  “I need to clear my head.”

We both left the suite at the same time.  He went to the store and would decode the message before I returned.  I ran off down the road in the dark.  It was not the smartest thing to do.  There was a lot of traffic and few sidewalks along my route.  There were also a lot of Hispanic men hanging on the street corners.  I was gagging while fighting for breath, as I turned to walk back to the suite. 

The working theory I developed was that the woman was a Hooker or Escort.  She worked with a pimp or a service who used her to move other merchandise as well as selling her services.  Since the Good Father could be on the fringe of the drug trade what could have been in the envelope.  It was too large to be a drug sample and too small to be a wholesale shipment.  It sure as hell looked like money to me.  The envelope must have had twenty bills at least.

Since it wasn’t in the plan to bust the ‘not so Good Father’ for drugs or being a john, I decided to say ‘fuck it’ and move forward.  Moving forward meant getting back to the suite without having a major heart attack.

“So Jeremy what is the latest from the CC?” I asked.

“They identified the cocksucker within five minutes.  She came right off the Internet.  Mistress Izo, she is a Dominatrix,” Jeremy explained.

“This gets more strange every minute,” I suggested.

“Porter reached out to someone in the SBI and they reached out to DC vice.  It seems that the Demand for Dominatrix isn’t what it used to be.  Vice said she is most likely scrambling to find a soft place to land, when the business goes belly up,” Jeremy concluded. 

“Or maybe she already has.  She could be a courier, but she might work for the not so Good Father,” I suggested.

“Do you think we need to stick a black bag over her head,” Jeremy went on.

“Figuring out his scam isn’t why we are here.  We are here to be sure he doesn’t help the opposition,” I suggested.  “Trying to make sure everyone gets home safe.  Including the ambassador, is our mission.”

“Right Rose,” he said.

“I’m going back to bed.  I am completely exhausted,” I said.  “One of you needs to keep checking on the monitors and the CC email.  Now I have got to get back to sleep.”

Unfortunately that didn’t work as I planned.  I lay awake still trying to figure were the Dominatrix fit into our puzzle.  She didn’t have to be part of the kidnap operation, but she might well be the contact between the not so Good Father, and the pros hired to kidnap someone in the Ambassador’s family.

It was 8 AM, when I awoke naturally.  I went out to find Jeremy at the monitors. 

“Hey do you need a break?” I asked.

“God yes,” he replied.

“Do you want to go to sleep or go pick up food for us?” I asked.

“I can run through a drive in window.  Can you live with Biscuit Town’s breakfast sandwich?” he asked.

“That’s a new one, but I did see it last night during my run, so sure let’s give it a try.”  I said it while handing him a ten dollar bill.  “I’ll put on some fresh coffee while you are gone,” I promised.  It was early on a Monday morning so nothing much happened while he was gone.  The noise in the comfort kitchen was deafening, but I stayed with it till I was sure it was just an average day there.  I ran the tape back and found that the not so Good Father was still sleeping.  He had gone to bed after midnight. 

Then I rewound the tape from the hostel and found no one had entered the building over night from the rear anyway.  In other words everything was calm.  I hit the keys to listen to the noises on the third floor of the shelter.  I found that there were voices.  They were low but I tried the enhance feature in the listening program and they turned out to be a couple of drunks hiding out so they didn’t have to go out into the cold. 

I took a look at the CC email and found one.  I decoded it using the ‘Star’ tabloid.

“Your kitten with the whip is living in Arlington at 713 Amhurst Street.  I don’t want to send the protection team, so maybe you should go out and at least put eyes on her house.

I quickly looked it up on the map.  Her address was a few miles away.  I called up the satellite photos of the house.  It looked like a small frame house, not some dungeon thank god.  Maybe she would turn out to be normal after all.

When Jeremy came in we shared a cup of coffee with our breakfast sandwich in a soft taco shell.  “It’s not bad,” I admitted.

“No it’s not,” Jeremy said.

“So how long were you on the monitors last night?” I asked.

“I was on them all night, Why?” he asked.

“Church Camp sent the Domme’s address,” I replied.  “I guess I’ll take the scooter and take a look at Mistress Izo’s house.”

“Alice can take over here.  I can go take a look with you,” Jeremy suggested.

“Are you sure you have been up all night,” I said.

“I couldn’t sleep anyway.  I was supposed to wake Alice at 4 AM, but I couldn’t have slept.  I just got into seeing who was doing what.  Nothing happened at all but that didn’t matter,” he said.  “I was just mesmerized by the whole eavesdropping thing.”

“Admit it you were hoping Mistress Izo would return,” I said with a laugh.

“Well hoping or not she was one of the many people who did not show up again,” Jeremy said seriously.

“Alice, you need to get up,” Jeremy said.  “Rose and I have to make a field trip to the Dominatrix’s house.”

“Okay,” Alice said then staggered into the bathroom before joining us in the suite’s multipurpose room.


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3 Responses to Undercover Rose 56 (Edited)

  1. KO says:

    Another great chapter, thanks! Lots of setup to do and monitor everything they want to watch it would seem. All of the actual surveillance stuff seem VERY draining! I think I’d go crazy trying to do that. Of course that nice interlude with Mistress Izo had to be a pleasant break from the drudgery! 😀 It’s also good to know the habits and routines of those you’re expecting to interact with, especially if it could go from bad to worse in a heartbeat!! Keep up the wonderful work . . PLEASE!! 😉

  2. jackballs57 says:

    LOL Yep the set up takes days and the action only hours. It seems that way with everything in life. Thanks for another great chapter. You have an art to building the story and then moving it along.

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