Undercover Rose 57 (Edited)

By Cindy and Walt

Since it was on 40 degrees, we took the Taxi.  Finding her house wasn’t the problem.  Finding a place to watch it without sticking out like a sore thumb was.  A taxi parked near a restaurant blended, but one parked outside a house in the burbs tended to draw attention after a short time.

“So now what?” Jeremy asked. 

“You drive around as if you are looking for an address and I will take cell phone pictures of the house from every possible angle.  Then we have to place a GPS tag on her car before we leave.  After all that, we go back to the Motel and try to find a way to clone her cell phone.  We may or may not need to put a camera on the house.”   

A few moments later I added, “Okay, I have all the shots I need.  Let’s go put the tag on her car.  Then I will knock on the door and give her some bullshit story,” I said.

Jeremy pulled into the drive, dropped me, then left.  I dropped my clipboard.  When I retrieved it, I fell against her car setting off the car alarm.  I used the obvious confusion it created to put the GPS tracking device on the car.  Izo the Domme came out of the house in a huff.  I stood by while she turned off the alarm from her porch. 

I walked up to stand on the porch.  “I’m so sorry about that I bent then lost my balance.  I fell against your car there doesn’t appear to be any damage.  Please forgive me Mrs. Abrams,” I said.

“I’m not Mrs. Abrams,” she snapped.

“Mrs.  Abrams, I know you are upset about the alarm, but I’m from Bosco and Aries real estate.  I’m the appraiser,” I said staying with something I had some experience with.

“I’m not Mrs. Abrams and I have no dealings with Bosco and Aries,” she snapped.

“Are you sure?  Do you own this house?  I had this address on my email to visit today.  You do have a lovely house.  Could I just come in and look around,” I expected what happened next.

She pulled a cell phone from her pocket.  “If you don’t leave I am going to call the police,” she said.

I immediately triggered the cloning device in my pocket.  “Please Miss Abrams I know you are upset about the car alarm but I’m really just trying to do my job.  Why don’t you call your landlord instead?  I’m sure he just didn’t advise you about the sale,” I said.

“Don’t you understand you stupid cow, you have the wrong address,” she shouted.

“Very well, I’ll have the landlord call you,” I said.  Then I added, “Crap I don’t have his number.  I’ll need to got back to the office for it.”

“Get the fuck off my property or I swear I’m going to call the police,” she said. 

I had a pretty good feeling she would do everything possible so to avoid coming to the police’s attention.  “Very well,” I said walking to the curb to call Jeremy.  “Wait five minutes then come pick me up.”

“Were your ears burning?” Alice asked me when we got back to the suite.

“Why would they be?” I asked her.

“Because Mistress Izo used some choice words when she described you.  I have it recorded would you like to hear?” she asked.

“Oh yes,” I replied.

Jeremy and I sat down to listen.  “Hello what the hell are you doing selling my house out from under me,” Izo said.

“I’m not selling your house,” the male voice said.

“My god is that who I think it is?” I asked.

“It’s the Good Father,” Alice said.  Came in on his cell phone.  That’s how we have both sides of the conversation.

“Let’s hear the rest of it,” I suggested with a wide smile.

“That’s not what the bitch real estate appraiser said,” Izo replied.

“What did she look like?” the not so Good Father asked.

“Average looking except for her tits.  Definitely a set of cheap implants,” she suggested.  I shrugged.

“Well at least it isn’t the inspector bitch.  I thought for a second we might have a problem,” he said. 

“How do you know,” Izo asked.

“The inspector was a brunette and had sagging boobs,” the father said.  “I cleared her with the office, when she was here.  Did you call the office for the woman who came to see you?” he asked.

“No, I don’t even remember the name of the Realtor,” Izo said.  She had a form on her clipboard it probably had the wrong address.  She called a cab and it picked her up in front of the house.

“She came by cab?” he asked.

“Yes, I thought it a little strange but lots of people take a cab around these days.  The traffic is terrible,” Izo said.

“I suppose so,” the not so Good Father said.  “Well just calm down.  Nothing has changed.  Just be ready when the time comes.”

“That’s all there was,” Alice said.  “The Father just drove his car to the shelter and has been there since.”

“So what do we now?” I asked the two of them.

“There have been no changes at the hostel or the shelter,” Alice said.

“We know the not so Good Father owns more real estate than we thought,” Jeremy said.

“What if the Good Father didn’t want to meet the pros personally.  He is pretty well known around here.  What if he had Izo deliver the payment for whatever they are going to do?  The big envelope filled with money or something else valuable.  We can’t track her from last night, but we can if she held the money over night.  She might be going to deliver it today or tomorrow,” I suggested.  “Alice keep an eye on her movements and plot them.  Also I cloned her phone while she was threatening to call the cops on me.”

“Christ we need a surveillance team,” Jeremy said.

“Jeremy, we are the surveillance team,” I suggested.

“Okay, a bigger team,” he replied.

“There is one of us for each shift.  That should be plenty now that we have all out targets tagged and bugged,” I demanded.  “You know what I would really like to know.  If that was the payment and if so has it been delivered and what was in the small change envelope?”

“I want to know, why the Blow Job,” Alice said with a leer.

“Because in her world it shows who the boss is.  He may be a part of the BDSM crowd,” I suggested.

“Maybe we should take a look at her website,” Alice suggested.

“Surely she isn’t stupid enough to post anything,” I suggested.

“Won’t know till we look,” Jeremy said.

Several minutes later I said, “So I was right.  Nothing on her website but advertisements and links to porn.”

“And one hell of a lot of advertising for more porn and dating sites,” Jeremy agreed.  “There is nothing illegal here and nothing on her notes to the visitors.”

“Let me take a look,” I suggested.  “You know second set of eyes and all that.”

After checking the forward to links, I found a porno bulletin board. “There was a few major contributors to this board and I’ll bet you one of them is Izo, the great.  I have no idea how to find which ones, but I bet Wilson can find out.”

I sent an encoded email to Sylvia.  I managed to spend a few hours trying hard to forget why I was in DC before my turn at the monitors rolled around.  When I sat behind them, all I could think about was which one I should be looking at or listening to next. 

It was 7 PM when I noticed that Izo was on the move.  Her car drove straight to the shelter, I thought.  Then I looked closer and it was the youth hostel.  I was pretty sure that the almost Good Father was still at the shelter, so he could easily be meeting Izo at the hostel. 

I quickly got the camera for the rear of the hostel up and ran the file back.  There were no shots of the almost Good Father going to the hostel.  Actually I had his voice in the office talking to a shelter security officer, something about a scuffle in the dorm the night before.  I had no interest in it at all. 

The thing that did catch my attention was Izo’s arrival at the rear door of the Hostel.  I watched her go through the rear door after unlocking it.  After the door was open she returned the key to the small envelope from which she had taken it.  Then I checked the drawing Alice had made as I listened for her voice.  I couldn’t find her talking anywhere.  There were several of the cubicles occupied, but Izo spoke to no one.  She was in the hostel a half hour, then she left.  No one would have seen her coming or going since there was a stairway from the rear entrance.  It would have taken her to the upper stories without passing the front desk.  That was most likely why the rear door was lock to the outside but could be opened in case of fire.

I followed her GPS tag until she went into the restaurant where she failed to meet the Father the night before.  I couldn’t see, but I could call up her cell phone.  It made a pretty fair transmitter. 

It took me a second to get the right file, but when I did I heard her say, “I picked up the camera.  The third floor has no more recording devices,” she said.

“Good, if it even looks like we are interfering with them, we could be killed.  These men are psychopaths.  If not that, they are at least paranoid to the most extreme degree,” the Father said. 


We have them, I thought.  The abduction team would be coming to town and staying in the hostel.  If Izo hadn’t met them to deliver the money, she would be expecting them at any time, I decided. 

I gathered up all of the evidence then sent it attached to an encoded email.  I used the tabloid code.  I also sent the on line location of the tapes, along with a written recap the conversation between the Father and Izo.

I also wrote, ‘my conclusion is that for whatever reason the Father is the American paymaster for the insurgency.  I have no idea where the money comes from, but there is most likely lots of it generated right here in the US.  Criminal enterprise money laundered through his charity most likely.  I also think they plan to store the kidnapped victim on the third floor of the hostel or the third floor of the homeless shelter.

I sent it, then went to bed. 

‘You have the mind of a criminal.  No wonder Morris fought so hard to keep you.  The IP address of Mistress Izo and Lady Blue are the same.  Wilson tells me she directs people to websites that have been abandoned by legitimate sales companies that went broke.  She sells underground porn on them for a couple of weeks then moves on to other sites.  The sites go back to being abandoned.  The very special clients don’t complain, so she has gotten away with it.  Anytime you want we will get her busted.  It would be interesting to see how she does in prison.’  Sylvia’s email read.

“I had hoped that we would be through with the field work, but I guess not,” I said to Jeremy and Alice as they walked into the room.  “So keep track of her movements and I will head her off on the scooter.  I can stay in the taxi for warmth, then just spring out to follow her.  Alice has been blown and so have I, so Jeremy it’s going to be up to you in the taxi,” I said while drinking coffee at the nightstand we had pressed into service as a dining table.

“To do what?” he asked. 

“I have no idea, but anything that risks a contact with her is going to be done by you,” I said.

“Well what’s our next move?” he asked.

“We are going to watch our monitors like we were tasked to do.  We are also going to try to figure out what that camera, she took from the Hostel, was used to record,” I suggested.

“You know what it was used to record.  There is no way you could not know,” he said.

“Actually I don’t know.  Porn sure, but what kind and where was she getting it.  We have her distribution network figured out, but what kind of porn is she selling?” I asked.

“I guess we follow the leader to see what we are heading into,” Alice suggested.  She used the only computer which was not being used to monitor something we all considered important.  Alice went from the Izo website, to the bulletin board where she was called Lady Blue.  She was posing as a female police officer.  Alice moved to bring up a five minute excerpt from a piece called ‘beautiful beast’. 

The video was exactly what one would expect.  The beast was a rather large animal.  It made the footage all profit I expect, since a street junkie was the actress.  Since it was a single camera production, she could easily be the only other person involved.

“Surely the film wasn’t made with that small camera,” Jeremy asked.

“It’s supposed to be amateur video,” I suggested.  “So maybe it really is.”

“I suppose you are right.  It kind of adds something to the whole concept.  That kid can’t be more than thirteen.  Some kids get lost to the streets so young,” Alice lamented.

“Where does the Good Father fit in, other than allowing her use of the hostel for the recruiting and production of the amateur porn.  I mean what does he get for it?” Jeremy said.

“We saw what he got, that and a trusted courier.  Trust is a valuable commodity,” I said. 

Jeremy just nodded his head in agreement.  “She gets unfettered access to a pool of talent, a place to shoot it, and he gets a blow job and courier.  Don’t sound quite like a fair trade,” he said.

“One partner always works more or gets less, that’s just the way it is.  There is no such thing as equal partners,” I said looking at Jeremy carefully.  “There might have been more going on than met the eye, then again maybe not.”

“Our problem is we still don’t know whether she has met with the pros.  If so who are they, if not when is the meeting?” Alice asked discharging some of the tension.  “If the not so Good Father, delivers the contact information, we might get a chance to intercept it.”

“He didn’t use a dead drop to hand over the payment.  He was supposed to hand it over in the restaurant, but she didn’t show for some reason.  The blow job was her way to make amends for not showing?”  I asked.

“Yeah, so he forgives her and gives her an envelope, but doesn’t tell her what to do with it.  So did she already know or did the envelope hold the answer,” Jeremy suggested.

“I don’t think so,” I said running back the tape.  “Look at the amount of tape on that thing and it looks heavy, too heavy for cash.  If I were going to kidnap a high viability target, I would want a hell of a lot of money.”

“If it wasn’t money, what was it?” Jeremy asked. 

“Lets go back to the beginning and assume the facts are correct just the conclusions may not be.  Fact they kidnap government officials in that country all time to set policy.  The rebels get what they want, the victim walks out of the jungle.”

“That is true enough,” Jeremy said we found plenty of coverage of it in the online news services.

“Yes, we know that the rebels use the drug trade for their financing,” I replied.  “In exchange for the financial aid, they provide security for the drug business.  That is also a well established fact.  We also know the priest is in exile because the government decided he was giving aid to the rebels.  He sees it differently.  He was defrocked, but the church helped him land here as an exile.  A few years later he bought the former Catholic School for 1/10 its market value.  He then set up the homeless shelter, youth hostel and comfort kitchen.”

“All very admirable work,” Alice said.

“Yes but the charity is almost certainly a front for laundering drug money, and providing at least one sexual predator a place to hunt.  That nullifies the good works, so it’s a wash.  So his skimming from the charity for his own use puts him over on the sleaze ball scale,” I said.

“True,” she agreed sadly.

“Now, we know Mistress Izo was filming some really bad and very illegal Pornography inside the hostel,” Jeremy said.

“No Jeremy, we know only that she took a key from the not so Good Father and retrieved a video camera.  We know she did not have her own key, that seems a bit odd, if she were making the porn there,” I suggested.

“You are right she may not be the one making it.  She might only be the one distributing it,” Alice agreed.  “In which case the Good Father is behind it.  He surely knows about it.  I recognized the room where the film was made as this room,” Alice said pointing to a third floor room in the hostel.

“Judging from their conversation after, I would assume the room or at least the whole floor is going to be used for the storage of our proposed kidnap victim,” I said.

“No disagreement here,” Jeremy said.  “It is not an established fact but I think she had something for the bad guy team in that larger envelope.”

“The father is a pragmatic idealist a really bad combination.  He believes any means justifies his own ends.  So anything is possible.  None of this is proof positive that he even knows who the pros are.  It might have been a dead drop and they will just show up at the hostel after the fact,” I said.

“Yes we may not be able to stop it before it happens,” Jeremy said.

“We would need a very elaborate long con, to make her talk and keep her mouth shut afterward.  We don’t have the time or resources for that,” I said.

“Not to mention that the Pros from the Swamp would never hold still for it,” Jeremy said.  He was catching onto the fact that there were Swamp Dogs and Church Camp Curs and never the twain should meet.

“Well our assumptions hold up except for that key,” I said.

“What if both assumptions are correct?  She does do his courier work person to person.  Hand offs are more reliable than computer transfers of funds.  That is going to happen a lot more now that we know about the NSA spying and tracking of information,” Jeremy suggested.

“Okay his roots are in the rural societies, making it more likely that he would trust a human more than a machine,” I agreed.  “But why did he need to give her the key to get into her studio?”

“He is a control freak.  If he keeps control of her ability to produce her product, he controls her.  When he calls she will come.  The blow jobs are to prove to her he is in charge not her,” Jeremy said.

“Okay I can buy all that and it brings us back to square one.  Has she handed off the package to the pros?” I asked.

“No idea,” they both said.

“How do we find out,” I asked.

“Burglary,” Jeremy suggested.  “When she leaves her house today we follow her and when we are sure she is out for a while one of us breaks in and photographs everything in the house.”

“Remember Watergate,” I said.

“None of us were born during Watergate,” Jeremy suggested.

“True but it is the iconic burglary gone bad,” I said.  “This time the punishment might be the death penalty.”

“True enough but at least we won’t be bored,” he said.  “Boredom kills you just as dead.  It just takes longer.”

“So we agree Izo is the key,” I said.  “I presume Wilson is finding out when she took her last crap, so we should ask him.”

“When she took her last crap?” Alice asked.

“Where the chinks are in her chain-mail,” I suggested.  “Do you guys agree?”

“Yeah,” Jeremy said. 

“Alice?” I asked.

“Yes but I don’t like it.  This isn’t part of our mission to investigate Izo,” she said.

“Look at it this way we get the goods on her and maybe save some other kids from doing it dog style with a real live dog,” I suggested. 

They both knew me well enough to know I wasn’t going to walk away and leave Izo and the defrocked priest in place.  How much shit we could rain down on them and how we did it wasn’t clear.  We would have to do some surgical cutting to get the priest’s head, while making sure that the shelter and other parts of his ministry stayed open.  That was a tall order in and of itself, even without saving the Ambassador and his family.

“Okay, I’m going shopping and one of you is driving and waiting in the cab,” I suggested.  “Izo doesn’t strike me as the type to move before lunch, but if she does call us on the cell.”

“I’ll drive,” Alice said.  “I have had the most sleep.”

“Okay let’s go so we can get back and relieve Jeremy.”  At the Walmart store I left her in the parking lot while I went in with the knit cap covering my hair.  I bought three black knit ski masks and three sets of tinted snow goggles.  I left all except one ski mask and goggles set in the bag.  I traded a ski mask for the knit cap that covered my hair.  I folded the mask so that it didn’t cover my face, but could be easily pulled down to disguise me.

After our shopping spree Alice drove us back to the suite, only after a stop for fast food.  I had a feeling I might never eat fast food again, well only breakfast.

“So did anything happen,” I asked Jeremy

“No, all was quiet, but I got to thinking about Izo’s animal porn,” Jeremy said.

“Of course you did,” I replied with a smile.

“Someone has to own that dog,” he said.  “Might be able to find him or at least use him for the excuse to question her.  At the very least it adds one more person who knows how the porn works.”

“Jeremy what would I do without you?” I said.

“Let’s see if Sylvia has kept up with us,” I said.  I sat down and encoded the email.  ‘Can you find out who OWNS the dog.”

The two of them drifted off for a nap which they both needed and deserved.  I watched and listened to the devices.  I also thought about the players.  I was convinced when it started it would all come crashing down in one swoop.  I felt partly that way, because I didn’t think the Pros would want to hang around waiting.

“So if they wanted to jump right in, they needed job specific intelligence.  They didn’t have time to follow him around looking for a weak spot in his protection.  They had to have someone inside.  That problem belonged to the protection team.

I sent Sylvia another coded message stating the obvious.  It read simply.  ‘Do you know who the inside man is yet?’


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8 Responses to Undercover Rose 57 (Edited)

  1. retrophil says:

    Sylvia e-mailed Rose, ‘You have the mind of a criminal.’ Shit, Cindy, likewise to you, This is brilliant work. I love the way you have Alice and Jeremy contributing to the discoveries. It isn’t just Rose’s dog and pony show. No pun intended. Well, maybe it was intended. 😉

    • cindypress says:

      rose is not going to have sex with that dog. when I was a wild teenager Daddy told me not to have sex outside my species. It was one of the few times back then that I listened/.

  2. The Mage says:

    You so know how to build the tension in a story, Cindy. WOW! What a chapter. Thank you. 🙂

  3. jackballs57 says:

    This has the makings of a prime time major tv who done it killer thriller. Thanks for the greatt Saturday morning chapter. Jack

  4. KO says:

    Yes, wonderful chapter! Love the back and forth developing between all of the players here! They really are becoming a “team” with everyong contributing, although I doubt that Jeremey or Alice would ever be able to take Rose’s place. She just seems to be the lynchpin of the group. Of course her background also seems VERY well suited for this kind of work. Fortunately, or not, someone was able to see that about her at some point. 😀 Keep up the excellent work!!!

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