Undercover Rose 58 (Edited)

By Cindy and Walt

Time didn’t stand still.  It just became a blur.  It started while the other two were sleeping or whatever they did behind that closed door.  The trigger was the extremely terse cryptic email from Sylvia.

1. Re Dog… Jack Evans of Aberdeen.

2. Inside painting… It is taken care of but too late.  The damage is already done.

3. Eyes on the prize.


Of course when I got it, it was just a string of numbers.  So we were to stay and watch what happened next, but not participate.  Well that suited me fine.  I had no idea what to expect, but it should be interesting, I thought.  Besides I had my own avenue of investigation to do.

When the two of them awoke, I said, “Okay I need Alice to monitor the events.  There should be something happening.  Jeremy and I are going to visit Jack Evans of Aberdeen.”

“And Jack is?” Alice asked.

“A man who breeds dogs, or maybe he is a man who owns dogs, who breed woman,” I corrected myself.  “Anyway Jeremy you might want to bring along the curtain rod holder,” I suggested. 

Jeremy slipped the pump shotgun into the leg of the jeans he had worn previously.  They had rested in a pile of clothing headed for a Goodwill store drop box.  Earlier we had found one with no cameras nearby. 

As a simple peeking team we expected no real push to find us, so we were planning to drop things where they might do some good.  After the operation we would just pack up and go home.  Leaving almost everything we had purchased for the job behind.  I had no idea how Sylvia or Andrew planned for us to accomplish our egress, but they surely had something in mind.

Even though it was in an hour and a half drive time to Aberdeen we did it in just over an hour.  Yes we drove a little fast, but also Jack lived on the south side of Aberdeen and outside the traffic pattern of the city. 

Since we knew he had dogs, we decided to approach him through the front door.  I got out of the clearly marked taxi and went to the door.  He swung it open without question.  When he did I asked, “I’m looking for this woman,” I said showing him a picture I had taken of Izo with my cell phone earlier.  He opened the door as I had expected.  I hit him in the solar plexus just as killer had taught me.  I used more force than he would have, since I wasn’t nearly as large.

Jack went down like a chainsawed tree.  Jeremy came in carrying the trouser covered shotgun.  Jack was totally conscious but gasping for air.  What he saw must have looked like a bug.  The man had on a knit ski mask and tinted ski goggles.  He also had a short barreled shotgun.

He lifted Jack to his feet then placed him in a kitchen chair.  Jack was younger than I had expected.  He was only a few years older than my twenty six years.  I couldn’t believe how young I was to be in charge of something like this.  I should be home sitting in a white frame house breast feeding a baby, I thought.

Instead I was about to interrogate a man about some beasty porn.  Shit where did I go wrong, or should that be where did I go right.  This had to be more fun than running a vacuum and dusting.

Jeremy had him seated at the kitchen table.  He was still having difficulty breathing.  “I expected we would have had to kill Rover by now,” I suggested to Jeremy.

“So Jack can you speak yet?”  Jeremy asked.

“What the fuck do you want?”  Jack had to struggle to get that much out.

“Feisty little fuck, isn’t he?”  I made a real show of putting on my surgical gloves, then I walked around the kitchen opening drawers till I found a large knife.  “It isn’t a cleaver or pruning sheers but it should do,” I said.

“Not nearly as neat, but it will do the job,” Jeremy agreed from behind his ski mask.

“Now Jack let me assure you that you are not going to be our first rodeo.  There is a lot of competition in the porn market.  We work for one of the distributors you and Mistress Izo have upset.  So here is the deal, I’m going to ask you some questions.  If I don’t like the answers I am going to chop off a part of your finger.  So you have thirty chances to tell me the truth.  After that I give up and bury this thing in your chest.  Shall we begin?”

“You don’t have to threaten me, I’m not sworn to secrecy or anything.  I am just the dog’s manager.  He is owned by a friend of mine whose wife uses him.  I told Mark we could make a few bucks by renting the dog.  You know letting him use his talent,” Jack said.

“By making him a movie star?” I asked.

“See most movie dogs require a handler to help them in the movie.  Mickey is so well trained, the chicks just had to stroke him a few times.  Let him sniff her cunt, then get on her hand and knees and he will mount her.  It’s as simple as that,” he said.

“Well I have always heard you can teach a dog anything by repetition, that just proves it I guess,” I said.

“We didn’t hurt anyone,” he said.

“Jack see the problem is, I don’t believe you.  Oh I believe you about the dog and all, but I expect you have more than one client.  I also suspect that you own them.  That friend Mark and his wife probably just train them for you now.”  He looked worried.

“I’m not here to break your rice bowl, but I do expect the truth,” I raised the knife.

“I told you the truth just not all of it,” he said.

“Next time the whole truth.  Do you understand?” I asked.  Making a small cut over one of the joints in his pinkie.  He bled some so I handed him a dish towel.  I took some of the blood to make a mark on his forehead.

“So who pays you?” I asked.  “Izo or the Priest?”  He looked at me like he was trying to decide whether he wanted to give it up or not.  I made sure the knife was the deciding argument.

“I bring the dog and when he does his thing, the Latin guy pays me,” Jack said.

“How much do you charge?” Jeremy asked.

“Three hundred dollars,” Jack answered.  “The dog don’t get a cut, so it’s all mine.  The couple don’t even charge me to train the dogs.  They might even pay me for it, if I was really greedy.”

“Okay, so where does Izo come into it?” I asked.

“She directs the actors,” Jack said.  “I’m pretty sure they are all street kids.  She gets them cleaned up and dressed, or undressed.  Then she directs the fifteen to thirty minute videos, then they make compact discs for sale,” he informed me.

“So who does the camera work?” I asked.

“It is always her or the Latin guy.  They kept it small, since it is still illegal to make that shit.  The kids are too young and the animal thing is pretty taboo,” he said.

“Yeah, so how many did you make?” I asked.

“Three or four dozen,” he replied.

“Did you know about the others?” I asked.

“I knew they were making more, I have no idea how many,” he said.

“So what ages were the kids?” I asked.

“I’ve seen some girls without any boobs at all hanging around.  I don’t know how old they were, but I expect they were pretty young,” he said. 

“You heard them speak.  How young do you think they were?” I asked.

“Maybe ten years old,” he said.  “I swear I didn’t have anything to do with them.  I just did the dogs nothing more.  I did not recruit the kids.  It was someone else.”

“And who was the someone else?” I asked.

“That dominatrix woman and the priest,” he said.

There is probably a war coming between our boss and yours.  If I were you I would forget about me and the bug.  If you warn them it’s coming, we will be back to finish you.  You do understand that?” I asked.

“We just have his word that the perverted father is involved,” Jeremy said once we were in the outside.

“Jeremy, do you think he is guilty?” I asked when I was in the taxi.

“Of course I do,” he said.

“Then we aren’t going to need to take him to court.  We just have to work out the proper punishment and then arrange it,” I informed him.

“So what would be proper?” Jeremy asked.

“I sorta of had exposure for what he is in mind.  Also we probably need to take all his money,” I suggested.

“And how do we do that exactly?” Jeremy asked on the drive back to the suite.

“I don’t know.  Usually you find what a person wants most, then you use that to steal their money,” I further suggested.  “In the priest’s case, I think he wants to be a saint.  But more than that he wants to keep on making money while pretending to be a saint.”

“So we expose him,” Jeremy said.

“That’s part of it.  We play the tapes for a reputable reporter after this show is over,” I suggested.  We need to have the cops raid the hostel, his home and Izo home as well.  All as part of the kidnap attempt that is going to be foiled.  If they do that there should be plenty in the public record on the perverted priest.

“How do you know it’s going to fail,” Jeremy asked.

“Because Izo is going to meet them at the hostel to deliver their payment.  On the way she is going to lose it.  When she doesn’t have it, the bad guys are either going to go take their payment from the priest, which would be fine, or they are going home.  Killing the priest on the way out of town is optional,” I said.

“What makes you think she hasn’t already met them,” Jeremy asked.

“They aren’t going to want to be here more than overnight, then hold the ambassador for a few days.  Coming in and hanging around would just be stupid.  Izo is making the payment, because the priest doesn’t want to be seen with them. 

I promise you she will get a call after which she will leave the house.  Then she will lead us right to them.  Shortly thereafter there will be a raid and most likely they will all die.  But before that happens someone will steal their payment from Izo.  It will be the easiest way.  Since they will not be paid even if that is all that happens they may just leave.  Their presence will be known to the world, the priest will most likely have to answer to someone for that.  If there is to be trouble, then my muckraker friend will be interested in the muck I have for her.  So we explain the ties to a very nice reporter I know.  I know her from another visit I made here once, so we can trust her.

I will give her a call and warn her that information will be coming her way.  Information she will have to verify for herself.  We can let her watch and listen to the tapes.  She will have to track it down on her own after that.

When we arrived at the suite Alice said, “Listen to this.”  She played a telephone conversation for us.

“We are at the train station.  We need an address for the meeting,” the strange man’s voice said.  They must have felt secure they made no attempt to disguise the call. 

She gave him the address of the hostel.  Then told him she would be there at 7 PM as the plan specified.  When the call ended, she got back on the phone to the Perverted Priest.

“The painters are in town.  They will be on the job at seven as we expected,” she said to the Perverted Priest.

“Good don’t call me again unless there is a problem.  I am a known sympathizer of the cause,” he demanded.  Since she was a North American she was less likely to arouse suspicion from anyone seeing her come and go from the hostel.

“You know Jeremy, we can prevent this without all those commando types,” I said.

“Yeah, I had thought of that.  Just rob the bitch,” he said.

“You read my mind.  At the very least the Good Father will have to scramble.  They may decide the robbery is related to the kidnapping and scrub the job all together.  Then again the Father might round up more money.  Either way it’s a win, win for us,” I suggested.

“Let’s do it.  The criminal in me is screaming for it,” Jeremy said. 

“Alice check those GPS tracking maps we have made for her,” I suggested.  Alice not only did that.  She also pulled up shots of the neighborhoods she drove through to get to the hostel. 

“Take a look, she goes through Marque Park.  Most of those houses are deserted and the park is hardly ever used during the week.  Let’s stop her there and take everything of value she has with her in the car,” I said.

“How you going to stop her.  She isn’t going to stop without a pretty good reason, not in that neighborhood anyway.  She would drive away and leave you to die, if you faked an injury,” Alice said.

“Wilson left me a present.  I never thought we would get a chance to use it,” I said showing the black box to Jeremy.  It was the size of an old time lunch pale.

“What does it do?” Jeremy asked.

“It puts out an EMP that will stop anything within fifty yards of it.  When I see her bat mobile I’ll trigger it and she will stop.  It fries the computer on board.  The car will just stop no fuss no bother.  As soon as she stops I will turn it off and you can come roaring up in the cab.  She isn’t going to report the theft to the police,” I explained.

“So I drop you at the park, then come back when she is disabled?” he asked.

“What if the Pros come,” Alice asked. 

“They are going to be busy with our own Pros,” I suggested.  “I don’t know about the security officers hired by the embassy, but our guys are very proactive.  I sent a coded email to Sylvia.  ‘Tonight the Hostel at 1702‘.  That should tell her it was 1900 hours.  I waited till the conformation came in, then I went to the auto parts store.

I made my purchase in time to pick up some chicken for us all, then went home to eat before the night’s entertainment began.  I enjoyed the chicken which I almost never ate.  I was just so tired of beef since most of the food seemed to have some kind of beef or cheese.  It made a nice change.

After dinner we said goodbye to Alice who was expecting to make a call to our commandos.  When the bad Pros showed up, she would call them.  The Good Pros had reconnoitered the hostel with our intelligence in hand.  We all came to the same conclusion independently.  Hit them in the parking lot, if possible.  I promised to try to delay their contact.  They didn’t even ask how or why they just accepted it.

It was 6 PM when Jeremy and I kissed Alice goodbye and headed out.  We sat in a church parking lot till Alice called.  Then Jeremy dropped me and my bag of tricks at the bus stop.  It was outside an old abandoned shopping center.  The few people who lived in the area were home from work and having their dinner, so the bus stop was empty.

“Lilly; she is about a block away,” Alice said. 

“Got her thanks,” I said.  I flipped the switch and killed anything that was turned on within a fifty yard radius.  Since the neighborhood was shit and mostly empty the damage would be minimal except for Izo’s car, it was toast.  She rolled to a stop maybe ten yards from me.  I pulled the ski mask down and placed the goggles over my eyes.  I walked up to the car and used a piece of iron pipe to break the passenger side rear window.  Then I struck the highway flare and tossed it into the back seat of her car.  She quickly opened the driver’s door to get clear of the car. 

It sure beat arguing about her getting out I thought.  I took a quick look there was nothing on the seats front or back.  Of course there could have been a trunk full of cash for all I knew.  I could cover my ass even, if we didn’t get any thing of value from her.

By the time Jeremy came to my rescue, I had her against the wall of the bus stop and was about to gut her like a fish.  It was at that point she decided that the package wasn’t hers, so she didn’t want to die for it.  I told her what a good decision it had been.  I took her pocket book with the envelope inside it. 

I jumped in Jeremy’s cab and off we went.  “That is one cool toy,” Jeremy said.

“Yes I will have to give Wilson a blow job for that one,” I said.

“That highway flare wasn’t a bad idea either.”  Just then we passed a fire truck headed that way.

“I’ll bet my ass she doesn’t report any of this.  They won’t be looking for us for days,” I said.

“We need to dump this cab though.  Cops or crooks makes no difference they are going to run down this cab pretty quick,” Jeremy said.

“Then we need to go to Walmart again,” I said.

“Alice find me a boat ramp near here,” I said into the phone twenty minutes later.  She gave me the address before I dropped Jeremy at the suite, then I drove the taxi to the boat ramp which was empty.  The CCTV picked up someone in dark clothes and a knit cap removing something from the trunk on the taxi.  Then that same someone drove the taxi into the Potomac River.  I made sure the taxi was wiped clean even though the water would do a number on any forensic evidence.

Then I calmly pedaled away on the 21 speed bicycle.  It was about an hour back to the suite.  I left the bike parked in the outside courtyard.  I didn’t expect it to be there the next day.  When I got inside I asked, “Well what has been happening?”

“Here watch the camera you planted in the tree,” Alice commented.  She cued it up on the largest monitor we had which wasn’t very large.

“It’s 6:45 and nothing has moved apparently,” she said.

“Yeah it looks the same as it did at five,” Jeremy said. 

“Keep your eye on the right side of the screen,” Alice warned.

“Did something just move,” I asked.

“I don’t think so,” Jeremy said.  “Wait I’m wrong something did move.”

“It moves only inches at a time then stops and waits another five minutes,” I said.

“Right.  There are three people moving toward the Hostel.  They started when it got dark.  Now here comes the car.  It just parked in the parking lot behind the building.  It looks like four or maybe five men in the car.

“Now watch this,” Alice said enjoying her job as narrator.  “The light in the parking lot went out.  Not a sound they just went dark.”

“That’s a .22 caliber compressed air gun.  I saw them at Church Camp in the gun closet,” I said.

“What happens next isn’t an air rifle,” Alice commented.  The shots rang out from behind the car.  I could tell because there were flashes of light.  The men were ambushed, just like it was a war.

“Now the cops are on the way,” I said.  “Did you blow the camera relay?”

“Just like I was supposed to.  They won’t be tracing that to us.  I also shut down all the other feeds and the bugs as well.  Our business here is done,” I said.

“Then we need a way out of here,” I suggested.

The hard line phone on the end table rang.  “Yes.” I was in my careful mode.

“Miss Lillian Smyth?” the slight Asian sounding voice asked.

“This is her,” I said.

“A gentleman came in with an envelope for you,” the voice said.  “You can get it at the desk at any time.  You will need your driver’s license.”

I walked directly down to the desk and retrieved the envelope.  I opened it and took a quick look.  I held a set of car keys out to Jeremy as I said, “Before you finish loading the bags go in the parking lot and find this car.”

The bags we loaded were black trash bags.  We placed everything except our money into the bags.  Well we did keep the shotgun. 

“Did you two get the scented bleach?” I asked.

“Yes so it’s time to wiped down all the surfaces.  Everything thing you can think to do, do it.”  It’s good practice, I thought.

I called my reporter contact and arranged a meeting right away.  I took the scooter while Jeremy and Alice finished clean up and went out to a midnight breakfast. 

I met the reporter in an empty park.  I spent 30 min letting her watch the tapes and interviews then I packed up the monitor. 

“Why are you doing this?” she asked.

“Doing what?” I asked as I turned toward my scooter. 

I rode it to the restaurant and left the keys in the ignition.  Inside I had a big breakfast while I opened the package Izo had in her purse.  It was filled with pasty looking green rocks.

“Uncut and unpolished emeralds.  Probably half a million,” Jeremy guessed.  “Who said crime doesn’t pay?”

“It wasn’t me for sure,” I said.

“Let’s get out of the DC area then go to ground for a couple of days.  I don’t want to deal with any of them,” I said.

“Then we need to dump this car and get another one,” Alice said.

“To much trouble, the debriefing can wait.  If someone comes looking for us, we will just let them know that,” I said.


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7 Responses to Undercover Rose 58 (Edited)

  1. demitheus says:

    Great chapter, keep up the good work

  2. jackballs57 says:

    Nice clean and quick always the best way.Thanks

  3. KO says:

    When the shit hits the fan, things get serious in a heartbeat! Great action as always!! Glad that they didn’t have to personally to kill anyone although Rose is more than capable and willing if the need arises. 😉
    Great way to end that job also, especially with some additional rewards for our hero’s! (Providing they get to keep those emeralds that is!)
    Another wonderful chapter, in a LOOOOONG series of great chapters . . . . THANK YOU!!!!

  4. jackballs57 says:

    I posted another chapter to my story tonight.

  5. The Mage says:

    Thank you for all of the hard work you put into you writing. Like stated above, I’m glad that R. didn’t have to ice anyone this time out. Please keep up the great work! 😀

  6. cindypress says:

    Im working on making her more human.

    • The Mage says:

      I see R. as a person of greater than average intellect that had made some mistakes. Now as she lives through the various trials that you give her she is becoming more human. Soooo… you’re succeeding.

      Thanks again for writing. 🙂

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