Undercover Rose 71 (Edited)

By Cindy and Walt

Lisa most likely made it to her car before I began to regret having had sex with her.  There weren‘t enough places to eat in town for me to avoid seeing her again.  She was literally meant to be a one night stand.  I sure hoped that she understood that.

For the next few days I worked on the images from the old farm shoot.  I really did like that kind of thing.  Saving small bit of a lifestyle almost lost.  I couldn’t do much to preserve it, but I planned to do my best. 

Saturday before the wedding I rode to Williamston and then to a big box electronics store.  I purchased another Panasonic camera and several more memory cards.  Enough memory for twenty pictures was fine when I was shooting in order to create a vector drawing, but it would not even be close to enough for the wedding.  I had been spending some time on line doing basic research.  I figured I needed enough memory for three to five hundred shots at the highest resolution possible. 

Since it was an evening wedding, I also researched and bought an off camera wireless flash and stand.  I sure as hell hoped the crash course I gave myself made me, if not competent to do the job then at least able to fake some degree of expertise.  I only charged a dollar, because it was going to be a learning experience for me. 

Unlike the old days, I would at least have an indication of what I had.  The old timers admitted to worrying their asses off till the proofs got printed.

I hardly slept that night.  I knew it wasn’t life or death, but I didn’t like to appear less than competent at anything I did.  I wondered what I should wear to the wedding.  Definitely not jeans, but what should it be. 

At least I wouldn’t be wearing a ‘fuck me’ outfit, since I no longer had one of those.  Part of the advice I got on line was that a female wedding photographer should never dress, so as to attract more attention than the bride was going to get.  That was going to be difficult to do.  Poor Lisa wasn’t very attractive.  I was sure that she was beautiful on the inside, as they say.

I spent Sunday morning worrying and drawing.  I made the simplest of all drawing type.  One bottle of ink and half a dozen pens allowed me to make my art.  Well that and a couple of thousand dollars worth of technology.  I still had not mastered freehand drawing.  It really didn’t matter, I was a damn fine draftsman.  The art, if there was any, lay in the making the picture come to life.  That’s what I told myself anyway.  Once I finished with a picture I either hung it on the wall or I packed it carefully away. 

I did not have to do either with the picture I was drawing on Sunday.  That picture I put away to continue after my first photography gig.  Maybe someday I would do one that really paid me something.  I really didn’t mind the freebie since I had nothing better to do.  Hell they might even have good wedding cake.

Four hours later the wedding was complete and I was in the parking lot ready to climb onto my trike for the ride home.  It was also dark, but I had a new high lumen LED light.  It didn’t reach very far down the road but I wasn’t supposed to be able to outrun the light.  I hadn’t really used it before that night so I wasn’t sure what to expect as I started the trike for the ride home.

I had always been very careful to plan so that a night ride wasn’t necessary.  I decided to take that opportunity to assess the dangers.  When I got back to town I decided that as long as there was no traffic and no deer crossing the road, the drive would be safe.  It was cool but not chilly at 48 degrees.  It was supposed to be in the low forties by daybreak.  Still it was much better than the 25 degrees back in Farmer’s Grove that night. 

It was unusual to see a car parked anywhere on Main Street at 10 PM on a Sunday night.  It was even more unusual to see one in front of my place.  The stranger was sitting behind the wheel and drinking from a Styrofoam coffee cup.  He looked a lot like a cop, but I wasn’t sure.  The cops really had no reason to be looking for me.  Everyone agreed that the aborted job did not constitute any criminal acts. 

I had decided months ago that I didn’t want to be bothered, but also that if they found me there was nothing they could do to me.  I did want to be left alone though, so I decided to confront the stranger.

“So who are you?” I asked pleasantly.  Just as a precaution I had my hand wrapped around a number two wooden pencil.

“Sam,” he said.  Since he didn’t sound formal and Sam probably wouldn’t be how homeland security would introduce themselves, my concerns were raised by not about going to jail.

“Sam, that doesn’t tell me anything,” I suggested.

“You don’t remember me from the wedding.  I’m Lisa’s father,” he said.

“Okay, so what are you doing here?” I asked.

“Lisa wanted me to meet you.  She said she hadn’t paid you,” he said.

“She told you to come to my house at 10:30 on Sunday night to discuss payment?” I made it a question.

“Not really, I just didn‘t want to go home.  The house is awfully empty without Lisa,” he said.

“You don‘t have a wife or other kids,” I asked.

“My wife is gone, and Lisa and I are all the family there is left,” he said.

“Oh I see.  Well I am sorry, but frankly I am tired and I‘m going to bed.  Call or come by tomorrow and we will discuss the wedding,” I said.

“Lisa thought we might get along.  I really don’t want to go home just yet,” Sam said.

“Oh why is that?” I asked.

“The house is going to be so empty tonight without Lisa,” he said again.

I had an uneasy feeling that something was going on.  Something dark seemed to be hanging over Sam and maybe Lisa as well.  I was curious, but I didn’t plan to ask.  If he wanted to tell me, he would.  I probably should have been concerned that he showed up on my door, but I really wasn’t.  He seemed like a gentleman, and I felt sure he was pretty vulnerable.  I admit that I was also curious about his relationship with Lisa.

“Well come on in I’ll put on some coffee.  I need to take the trike around to the storage shed first.  I’ll come through the back and open the door,” I said.

“Okay,” he said with a smile.

I parked the trike in the shed then went through the studio with the battery in tow.  I stopped long enough to set the charger, before I opened the door for Sam.  “Well come on in,” I said once the door was opened.

“Thanks,” he said walking inside.  He followed me up the stairs and occupied one of the chairs at the table where I did my Internet browsing.  I put two cups of coffee into the microwave while I waited for more information from Sam.

“So Sam, what do you do for a living?” I asked.

“Fish,” he said.

“Fish?” I asked.

“I got a catfish farm,” he said.

“I have to tell you, I never knew anyone with a catfish farm,” I explained.

“Yeah it ain’t all that common,” he said.

“So tell me why Lisa thought we would like each other?” I asked.

He stood up and instead of answering he unzipped his pants and pulled out a huge penis.  “Holy shit,” I said.  I admit I was fascinated by the size of his penis.  It was by far the largest penis I had ever seen on a white man. 

I must have stared at it because he asked, “Do you want to touch it?” I shook my head.  “It’s okay hon, it doesn’t hurt to touch it.”

“I’m sure, but I really don’t want to,” I lied.

“I know you do.  Lisa loves to touch it,” he said.

“Does she really?” I asked.

“Yes she does,” he said.

“How long,” I asked.

“Her mother died two years ago.  She started around that time,” he said.

“I see.  I don’t understand, but I see what you are saying,” I said.

“Don’t you like a big dick.  Lisa said you would,” he said.

“I didn’t tell her that,” I said.

“You didn’t have to.  Now touch it,” he said with a sick smile.  He moved closer so I could reach his penis without standing.  I wrapped my hand around it at the base.  “Use both hands,” he said.  I did as he directed and stroked him with both hands.

“God you have an amazing penis,” I said.

“It’s a dick and yes it is amazing.  So are the sounds Lisa makes as she fucks me,” he added.

“I can imagine,” I said.

“She saw my cock and fell to her knees.  You want to do that don’t you?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said and I found that it was true.  I lowered myself from the chair and took his cock head into my mouth.  I sucked it while he talked.

“Lisa sucked me a dozen times before we made love,” he said.  “She was a great cocksucker, better than you I bet,” he suggested.

I didn’t answer I just sucked him deeper and did more things for him.  I nursed on it like a baby would have.  He responded by moaning.  I found that I wanted him to cum.

“You are going to be my new slut aren’t you baby?” he asked.

I couldn’t let go of his massive penis to answer so I nodded.

“I’m going to come here everyday and allow you to worship my dick,” he said.  “Would you like that baby?”  I nodded again.  “I will call you baby and you will call me Daddy?”

I nodded again.  “Good now I am going to fuck you baby.  Just like I did Lisa.  Turn around and get on you hands and knees.”

I did as he directed and then felt his huge penis trying to enter me.  He struggled until he could force it into me.  I was suddenly full but stretched painfully.  Then he began an in and out rhythm.  I screamed not anything intelligible, but a scream of animal sounds.  It was a good thing I had no neighbors around late at night.

I came for what seemed like hours, but I knew better.  He finally got stiff all over and just stopped pumping me.  I could feel his cum running down my leg.  I collapsed onto the floor.  The floor was hard and cold but I couldn’t get up.  I heard the door close a few moments later.  Then I saw his headlight as he drove away.  I staggered to my bed in some pain.  He had stretched and maybe even torn me some.  I will admit however that I slept like the dead that night.

The next morning in the shower there was a stinging sensation.  It seemed that I had been ruined at least temporarily.  I dressed for the day with the events of the night before in mind.  I had gone from dreaming about cock, to hurting for it, to hurting from it.  Finding men with that much cock was rare.

Sam might just prove to be a novelty or he might prove to be a regular in my life.  I wasn’t crazy about Lisa having been his lover, as well as his daughter, but I hadn’t heard her side of it yet.  If she had really initiated it, I would judge Sam less harshly.  I was hurting, so I wasn’t really thinking too much about sex at that moment.

I looked outside and saw that it was raining.  A cold rain was actually pretty miserable.  According to the weather on Yahoo it was going to rain steady all day.  It was definitely one of those days to just stay home.  From the freezer section of my refrigerator I removed a three pack of bacon strips. 

I prepared for the cold rain, just like I had prepared for the ice and snow of the mountains.  I left the bacon out to thaw while I poured last night coffee down the drain.  While the new coffee was brewing, I cooked the bacon on the small electric stove.  I almost never ate oatmeal except when the weather was bad, so I didn’t mind it so much. 

The oatmeal, when cooked with the salty bacon drippings, wasn’t bad at all.  I made some toast from the bread I kept it in the refrigerator year round in Alabama.  If not, it tended to mold.  Even refrigerated after a week, it was less than appetizing.  However toasted it wasn’t so bad. 

I ate my emergency weather breakfast in my sleep clothes plus a pair of jeans.  I had not turned on the heat after Sam left so it was chilly in the house for a while.  The small heat pump was struggling to make the room warm.  I helped it out some with a free standing plug-in electric heater.  Its only use was to help the heat pump now and then.  That morning was one of the now and then moments.

After breakfast I washed the dishes in the fish dressing sink.  After I completed that chore I was awake enough to begin drawing.  I was awake enough but I couldn’t get the image of Sam’s huge cock out of my mind.  I decided I would not draw until the shock of my encounter with Sam and his cock faded from my consciousness.

I went to work on Lisa’s wedding pictures.  After about five minutes working on the pictures I realized for the first time that Lisa had told me her dad lived in Florida.  So which was true I wondered.  Was Sam her father and she had lied to play on my sympathy, or was her father really in Florida and Sam was the impostor.

Even if there were lies floating around, Sam’s cock trumped them all.  I could not get the look and feel of it out of my mind.  I had been hypnotized by it the night before and probably still was.

I knew just who to ask about Lisa’s family situation.  My first choice would be Sam of course, but if I didn’t see him that day, there was always Miss Sadie.  She would most likely be in the diner for lunch.  She was there most days by noon.  She almost always parked in front of my building and walked to the diner.  She usually ‘stuck her head in door’ to say hello. 

Miss Sadie never showed.  The weather kept her home as well I expected.  I would have to come up with another way to find out exactly who Sam was.  I continued to work on Lisa’s wedding pictures until afternoon.  Even the simple photo editor, which came with the camera, worked, very well.  I was able with some patience to repair the most offensive of the errors.

I transferred some of the images to a memory card.  Some of them I kept as a permanent file on the computer.  The memory card would be hard to use so normally I would have put it aside to carry to Williamston and the Office Depot there.  I knew that Office Depot would convert them to a CD for me.  There was a thirty cent photo kiosk in the drug store around the corner.  I could have some paper prints made there while I waited.  I knew that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon after I checked the weather on Yahoo.  Since the weather was going to be bad I uploaded the files to a website.  That company would do it all and mail the package to me.

I couldn’t get Sam and Lisa out of my mind.  I decided if he didn’t come by the studio, I would go to his catfish farm.  I hated to admit how curious I was.  Well curious was part of it, but I also remembered the feel of that massive invasion of my body.  In other words I wanted to be sure he really had that massive cock.  It was possible that I had imagined a little extra. 

I admit I had cocks close to it in size.  To be honest Sam didn’t appear to be a thug.  It would be nice to have a friend with a cock like that, who I didn’t have to play.  I could just sit back and enjoy him and all his talents.  I assumed he did have talents.

I was considering riding my trike out to his fish farm in the rain.  Hell to be honest I had considered it all day.  It was 5 PM, and the sun was going down when his pickup pulled in front of my studio.

“Hello baby, how was your day?” he asked.

“I had a good day to be honest.  I managed to get Lisa’s images off to a processor.”

I was about to continue but he interrupted.  “You mean you got your sister Lisa’s images ready,” he corrected me.

I looked at him questioningly then said, “Yes.”

“Call me Daddy and say it,” he demanded.

“Yes Daddy, I got my sister Lisa’s images off to a processor,” I replied.

“Good, she will be so proud of you.  She is going to help you learn how to please me,” he said with a smile.  Then he opened his trousers and worked his long thick cock out of his underwear.  “You do want to please me don’t you Iris?”

“Yes Daddy I want to please you,” I said meaning every word of it.

“That’s my good girl.  When Lisa returns she will teach you how I like to have my cock sucked, but for now just do the best you can.”  He said that while he took long strokes of his long hard cock.  “You want to suck Daddy’s cock don’t you Iris?”

“Yes daddy,” I said.

“Then kneel before me baby,” he demanded.

“But I’m open for business, people can see through the window,” I said.

“I am not pleased that you are finding excuses not to worship me,” he said frowning.  “Maybe Lisa was wrong and you are not the right fit for us.”

I knew that I should agree and tell him to move on, but the memory of that cock was debilitating somehow.  Maybe it was more than the memory, but I was helpless none the less.  I looked at the floor when I spoke.  “Lisa wasn’t wrong.”

“Good then come do your duty like a good girl,” he said.

I moved over to kneel in front of him.  His cock was out and he had made it hard waiting for me to do my duty.  I stroked it a couple of time to pump out a drop of lubricant then I stretched my mouth open as far as it would go and sucked his cock inside. 

“Yes baby, Lisa said you had a talented mouth and she was right.  You need to learn sacrifice, but you do love your work I can tell.  Just suck on the head like it was a piece of hard candy.  Later you will learn to take it deeper.  Lisa can take half of it no one else has ever done that.”

“Keep sucking it but show me your tits,” he demanded. 

I kept his cock in my mouth and sucked it even while I unbuttoned my blouse and raised the thermal tee shirt I wore most of the time.

“It’s good you don’t wear a bra.  I won’t have to break you of that habit,” he said.  “You know if you keep sucking me like that I will build up a huge load and you will have to try to swallow it all.” 

I shuddered at the thought.  “Oh I like that you do that when you think about my cumming in your pretty mouth.  You are prettier than Lisa, but she is more talented so far.  I will have to go slow with you.  Your body is not used to a cock this big is it?”

I shook my head because I didn’t want to lose his cock.  It felt so good in my mouth just like it belonged there.  Even the pain in my jaw muscle was an acceptable price to pay for that wonderful feeling. 

I must have lost track of time in my trance because he said, “You have sucked me longer than anyone ever has.  You are quite the cocksucker aren’t you?”  I just nodded.  I didn’t want to give up till he came.  When he came it was like nothing I ever experienced.  He didn’t cum in spurts and he didn’t give me any warning.  My mouth just suddenly filled with his hot gritty cum.  I swallowed as fast as I could, but I could not control the flow.  It was as if he had turned on a garden hose. 

I swallowed and continue to suck until he spoke.  “That’s enough.”  He actually had to push me off of his cock.  I had become lost in it.  I fell to the floor in a heap.

“God you remind me of Lisa when she first started.  You are more talented, but she was just as enthusiastic.  She used to come to my room after only half an hour rest and beg me to let her worship my cock again.  She was remarkable.

“Is Lisa your biological daughter?” I asked.

“Yes, why do you ask.  You are not offended are you?” he asked.

“No, it’s just that Lisa asked me to do her wedding, so she could send pictures to her father in Florida,” I said looking up at him.

“He is the step father.  Her mother left me.  She couldn’t cope with my needs.  She took my daughter Lisa.  After her mother died Lisa came to find me.”

“Whose idea was it to become lovers?” I asked.

“We didn’t become lovers, we were family.  Families help each other.  The first time she came to me it was after she saw me in the shower.  I heard her gasp and knew that she had seen my dick.  She didn’t even wait to be invited she just knelt and worshiped her daddy, just like you did.”

His version of how I came to suck his cock wasn’t exactly true, so I wondered if his version of Lisa was accurate.

My hand went to my stinging vagina.  “Your pussy burns doesn’t it?” he asked.  “That happens with everyone at first.  You may even find a little blood in your panties from time to time.  It will heal I assure you.  You must not masturbate any longer.  I and I alone will provide for you.  Do you understand?”

“Yes Daddy.”  I couldn’t help the words just slipped out.  “Please help me.  I need your cock so badly.”

“Not yet you need to heal and you need to earn my cock in your pussy.  You can always have it in your mouth, but you must earn a fuck.  Do you understand?” he asked.

“I understand the difference, but I don’t understand how I earn it,” I explained.

Come to my home tomorrow at one.  Wear a sexy top and short skirt, no panties.  I will show you how to earn a beautiful fucking,” he said then he just left without warning.  In spite of what he said I masturbated.  I felt like my body turn inside out when I orgasmed.


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7 Responses to Undercover Rose 71 (Edited)

  1. The Mage says:

    I have a bad feeling that Sam will push Rose too far and she will take him out, thus ruining her plan to build a new life in this town. All this when R. was gaining some respectability. However, you have fooled me before C. :/

  2. The Mage says:

    Huh… My smilie face didn’t work.

    Well let’s see if these two do.

    🙂 😀

  3. jackballs57 says:

    Hmm dangerous territory I think. She better be ready for real rough. And be prepared to defend herself. Thanks.

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