Undercover Rose 72 (Edited)

By Cindy and Walt

Tuesday the rain continued but I decided to walk to the Cafe for breakfast.  When I sat down to eat, I felt like everyone was staring at me.  I felt as though they all know I had been with Sam and taken his huge penis.  No one overtly looked at me.  I just felt as though they all knew. 

I ate my food without making an effort to speak to anyone, which really wasn’t at all unusual.  Breakfast was more or less also lunch for me, since it was 10:30 when I entered and 11:00 when I left the cafe.  I still didn’t feel comfortable.

Back in the studio I took a good look at one of the images from the old farm.  The image I chose was that of a rusty old hammer I found inside the rotting structure.  I had propped it up in the frame of a warped and broken window.  It held the window in an open position.  I almost lost track of time just studying it. 

I made the ten minute ride to the family fish farm belonging to Sam.  I was right on time.  I was also wearing a parka over a low cut blouse and leggings under a short skirt.  I did it more for modesty than the cold, but I planned to use the cold as an excuse.  I parked outside the double wide mobile home that served as the office.  I found out later that it also served as Sam’s residence.

When I rang the bell, I knew nothing about Sam and Lisa’s life style.  I knew she and her father had sex of course, but I knew nothing else.  Sam opened the door in a pair of jeans and a tee shirt.  Sam was at least fifty years old and I didn’t care.

“Come in Iris,” he said moving away from the door.  I decided not to say anything unless he asked me something.  I somehow slipped into a different mind set when I was with him.  I was afraid to upset him for some reason.  I was also turned on by his almost dangerous persona.  “I saw you take off the leggings in the parking lot.  I suppose it was cold on that tricycle.”

“Yes Daddy it was cold,” I said.  I watched as he nodded.

“Come with me,” he said leading me deeper into the house.  “In here.” 

He opened the door to a bedroom.  He watched me walk past him into the room.  “Iris, I want you to take off all your clothes for me.  Will you do that?”

“Yes Daddy,” I answered.  Hell I wanted to be naked for him so it was no inconvenience at all.  I quickly took off the mostly unbutton blouse and the short black skirt.

“You are a sexy little girl aren’t you Iris?” he asked.

“Yes daddy,” I said falling into my part in the play he was running.

“But you are not clean Iris,” he said.  “You need to remove that dirty hair from your body.”  He was staring at my pubic hair.  “There is a razor in the bathroom.  When you are clean come back to the office.  I will inspect you.”

I was surprised but I was still in my role when I said, “Yes daddy and I’m sorry.”

“Just fix it baby,” he said kindly then he left me.

My hands were shaking as I shaved my pubic mound.  I was more than a little surprised and happy that I didn’t cut myself.  When I was smooth I walked into the office/living room.

Sam took a good close look at my pubic mound then said, “Very nice.  I never want to see even so much as stubble on you again.  Do you understand?”

“Yes daddy,” I answered. 

You will shave your filthy cunt every morning before you start your day.  You just never know when I might call for you.  Is that also clear?”

“Yes Daddy,” I said.

“Say it so I know you understand,” he demanded.

“I will shave my filthy cunt before I start the day,” I said.

“Good, now kneel and do your duty,” he said. 

I knelt between his legs and sucked on his cock with an urgency I had never known before.  I wanted him to cum, but even more I wanted to be the one to make him cum.  I whimpered while I sucked his cock.

“Baby I love the noises you make they are almost an animal sound.  You need my cock don’t you baby?” he asked.

I nodded.  I was afraid to stop sucking on his huge cock.  I was afraid he might cum without me.  I had a need to be the one responsible.  I couldn’t help the whimpering, so I stopped trying to control it.  The beautiful huge cock was everything to me at that moment.  It was the whole world.

I don’t know how long my jaws were stretched.  I knew that it was long enough so that I should have been in pain but I didn’t feel it.  I also no longer thought of anything not even what I was doing.  I was in some kind of a trance.  Then out of nowhere I felt his cock cum.  Like before it didn’t cum in spurts it came like a fountain.  It just washed over me and I felt myself cum as well.  I tried to keep sucking him but he pushed me away.  I felt myself being lifted and pushed and pulled across his knees.  He began to spank my naked ass.  He wasn’t gentle and loving, it was serious punishment.

“You know why?” he asked.

“No daddy,” I said whimpering again.

“What did you do that I told you not to do?” he asked.

“I masturbated.  I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself,” I said.

“I know everything you do,” Now get up and ride your bike home.  Dressed as you should have been for me,” he said.

“Yes daddy anything for you,” I said and I meant it at the time.

As he rubbed my stinging butt he pushed something hard into my ass.  “That is a butt plug, you will wear it until I see you tomorrow,” he said.  “Do you understand?” he asked.

“Yes daddy I understand I will leave this in till I see you tomorrow,” I said.

“Excellent, I will know if you remove it,” he said.  “The exception is you may feel the need to use the bathroom.  You may remove it for that.”

“Yes Daddy,” I said.

“Good now go home and do not masturbate,” he said.

It was after dark when I got home.  I was exhausted and the thing in my ass felt weird.  It was like an anal probe.  I was expecting aliens to swoop down at any time.  When I was away from Sam I could think pretty clearly some of the time.

“I again slept wonderful even if I didn’t masturbate.  There had been a time in Farmers Grove that I had to masturbate daily in order to sleep.  Okay I had to orgasm in some form or other.  Since I left Farmer Grove there had been more nights than not, when it wasn’t imperative that I orgasm to sleep.  I was more in touch with myself I think.

All that changed with my meeting Lisa.  I thought she was looking for a pre-wedding fling.  I had no idea what she had gotten me into.  I knew that someday soon I would rationalize this and it would end.  It would probably end badly, but I wasn’t ready for it to end just yet.  I had memories of his beautiful cock and I planned to make even more.

I awoke the next morning with the strange sensation that I needed to evacuate my bowels, but of course when I removed the plug nothing happened.  I left it out while I showered paying special attention to my butt.  After my shower I dressed in jeans and the thermal short sleeve tee shirt.  I slip on an over shirt to hide my nipples just in case someone came to look at my prints.

I had the plug in my butt for only five minutes when I felt the urge to use the bathroom again.  It was going to be miserable unless I could distinguish between the false alarms and the real thing. 

I had an email from Lisa which surprised me.  ‘Hi I saw the proofs from my wedding on your site.  They are beautiful!!!  Thank you so much for making them for me.  I love them and so does Robert.  We are coming home on Friday, looking forward to seeing you.

Your Sis Lisa

Now that was weird, I thought as I closed the email.  I shouldn’t have been surprised, since she and her father told each other everything.  At least it seemed that way.  I had no idea what to think about them.  The way Sam explained it they had been a family only since Lisa’s mother died two years previously.  I sure hoped I hadn’t gotten involved with a serial killer cult.  I had to laugh at the thought.  I couldn’t see either of them as a psychopath.  Maybe they were sexually perverse but it’s a pretty big stretch from playing master and slave to killing the slaves.

As I moved around the studio I couldn’t get my mind off the thing in my ass and because I thought about it, I also thought about Sam.  I had no idea when he would be coming to see me but I anticipated it.  As long as he didn’t interfere with my life too much, we could manage the relationship such as it was. 


I definitely drew the line at moving into his house or becoming an assistant cat fish farmer.  I liked how my life was just fine.  Changing any part of it to please someone else was out of the question.  At least it had been a week before.  I was sitting in the studio anticipating Sam’s arrival like a school girl.

It had stopped raining and the air was pretty warm, so I took the trike out for a ride.  I needed to go to Williamston for more clothes.  It was obvious that Sam wanted me in more ‘Fuck me” outfits.  The short sleeve thermal tee shirts were impossible to find in the winter, but I could find long sleeve ones in colors.  I bought four because they showed my nipples and Sam liked that.  I also bought some very short skirts which I was way too old to wear comfortably.

When the cashier rang up the sale I remember what some woman had said, “It sure costs a lot to look so cheap.”  The expression suited how I felt about buying the clothes.  I stopped in Williamston for a late lunch then rode the bike home.

Sam must not believe in making plans, I thought when he parked his truck in front of the studio at 6 PM.  I had been expecting him all afternoon.  When he came inside I locked the door behind him.  I knew what he expected.  I knelt and removed his cock.  When it was free from his restraint I began to worship it.

I felt nothing but love and devotion to his cock.  It was a strange sensation for me.  It was making me excited yes but in a deeper way.  I can not explain it at all. 

“You know I don’t like you in pants.  Take them off now,” Sam said.

It was difficult but I released his cock long enough to remove my jeans then I was back on it.  Sucking it into my hot mouth and making love to it.  I was lost in the feeling coming from my mouth and radiating to the rest of my body.

“I like that tee shirt,” Sam said.  “Shows your tits but leaves something to the imagination.” 

To show my appreciation I sucked even harder on his cock.  It was an amazing feeling.  The plug even felt better while I was sucking him.  Maybe I was getting used to it, I thought.

It took a long time but he moan and his cock emptied into my mouth.  He hadn’t tensed at all.  He just began to flood my mouth in a steady stream.  I shivered, it felt so good to taste his warm sticky cum.  I loved him so much at that moment.

He took my arms and lifted me to a standing position.  He slipped his hand into my panties and felt my mound.  “I told you to shave first thing every morning you did not do that today.  I can always tell when you disobey me.  Now bend over and put your hands on your knees.”

When I was in that position he began to hit me with his belt.  It was not hard or especially painful.  What it was I really didn’t know but I wanted him to fuck me badly.

Has the pain in your cunt stopped?” he asked.

“Yes Daddy,” I said trying not to upset him again.

“Then spread it and show me your dirty cunt,” he said.

I leaned against the desk while I spread my legs and the lips of my vagina.  I felt like the world’s biggest slut and I didn’t care.  I only knew I needed his cock in me.  I tried to convince him to fuck me.  “Please Daddy I need your beautiful cock in my dirty cunt,” I said.

“I want to see your cunt as smooth as your sister’s.  Then I will decide,” he said.

I went directly to the bathroom and shaved.  I made sure that I got everything then went back to my apartment where he waited.  He ran his hand over my naked mound.  “Yes that is much better.  Now go lie on the bed and spread your legs for Daddy.

I did exactly as I was told.  Sam walked to the bed and smile down at me.  “Daddy’s little girl wants his cock doesn’t she?” he asked.

“God yes I need your cock so badly,” I said.

“Take it in your mouth and leave it wet when it comes out.  You need the lubricant,” he said.

I did exactly as he directed.  “Please Daddy I’m going crazy with desire for you,” I said.  He pushed me onto the sofa bed.  Then he put me on my hands and knees.  He must have done that so that it would be easier to work his cock inside me.

He stood on the floor behind me.  “Your cunt is so tight,” he said as he worked his cock inside me.  It wasn’t easy on him or me.  I felt things rip and tear but I didn’t care I just wanted his cock in me.  “You won’t be this tight long.  Soon other men won’t be able to satisfy you at all.  I am going to spread your cunt so wide,” he said.

“Yes please spread me with your cock,” I begged.

“Doesn’t it hurt?” he asked.

“Yes it hurts, but I know it will stop someday.  I don’t mind the pain if you are satisfied,” I said.

“I have gone as deep as I dare to go for now.  You will bleed inside if I force it further.  So now I will fuck you.  Are you ready baby?” he asked.

“God I am so ready.  Please fuck me now,” I said.

At first it was so painful as he push and pulled at my body.  He had to push me away as well as pull me back to him.  I was so tight I wanted to scream with the pain.  Not only was I in pain, I also felt my butt burn as he moved the plug around inside me. 

I had a mind blowing orgasm but he kept fucking me till he came.  I was exhausted when he finally pulled out of me.  I don’t remember him leaving.  I think I must have passed out.  I only slept a few hours when I awoke feeling nauseous.  I went into the bathroom and threw up.  What came up was mostly semen.  It burned my throat.  I washed my face and went back to sleep.  I was still exhausted.

I walked around in a daze the next morning.  I felt drained for some reason.  I know I orgasmed hard, but I had done that before.  I was just dragging all morning.

I did manage to ride to the Dairy Queen for breakfast.  While I ate, I half expected to see Lisa.  Since she didn’t show, I rode the trike home.  I still felt like I might be coming down with the flu or something.  Still I went home to work on some drawings.  I was thinking about finding a festival to show the prints.  It had worked for the artists of the Village.

I went back to the studio and buried myself in the drawing.  I was trying hard to keep a clear head, but it wasn’t working.  I could not shake the feeling that things were coming apart on me.  I had no idea why I should feel that way but I did. 

I couldn’t think clearly at all.  All I could think of was Sam and his cock.  It was making me almost unable to function.  I needed to see him even though there had been blood on my sheets that morning.  Even so I needed his cock in me. 

To distract myself I went from the studio up to my apartment.  I had put off my morning shower.  I didn’t like the idea of shaving before I was wide awake.  Since the hair on my legs and arms was thin, it took only a moment or so with the disposable razor to clean it off.  On my pubic mound I had to be more careful.  When I finished the delicate task, I stepped into the shower to finish washing. 

After I showered and shaved I went to work on the prints again.  I felt better physically, but I still had the black cloud of depression hanging over me.  I had not felt so depressed since prison.  It was the helplessness I decided.  I wanted to break free of Sam and his influence on me, but I also knew I was becoming dependent on him.  I loved him in a sick way, but I wanted to be free as well.  I wondered if that was the mentality that made the equivalent of a zombie. 

The Cult mentality is to hate being where you are but being emotionally unable to leave.  You can not keep a person under guard twenty four hours a day, so you have to control them other ways.  Sam did it by making my body addicted to his cock.  I recognized what was going on, so I was one step up from the cult mentality.  I didn’t know when or if I would find the emotional stability to cut and run.  To go cold turkey from Sam’s cock seemed harsh with the plug in my ass. 

The only thing I knew for sure was that it wasn’t time just yet.  Knowing that didn’t really help.  I went back to work drawing.  I chose to work on one I was making of Lisa.  I had made the vector drawing first.  I devoted an hour or so a day to it each of the last two days. 

Between Lisa portrait and the old farm series the morning passed quickly.  Miss Sadie parked her car in front of my door as she had done most days before the rains set in.  I watched her get out of her car and step on the sidewalk.  I jumped up and ran to the door.

“Miss Sadie, you going to lunch?” I asked.

“Yes I am Iris, you want to keep an old lady company?” she asked.

“You are only old on the outside,” I said with a laugh.  “Yes I have been hoping to see you.”

“Now that sounds ominous,” she suggested.

“It’s nothing like that.  I just wanted to ask you about something.”  We passed those few words on the way to the cafe. 

We were seated in a booth for four when we ordered.  I would never have used a booth that large, but Miss Sadie sat wherever she wanted.  Not even the boxer dared ask her to move.  She most likely would have done so, but the riot or the boycott that followed would have devastated the Cafe.  In a lot of ways Miss Sadie was Mossberg.

I ordered the lunch lady special as I always did.  On Wednesday it was turkey hash.  I do not like turkey in any other form, but it is good when made into a hash for some reason.  The cafe’s turkey hash is made with stewed turkey and boiled potatoes then it is fried in a cast iron pan with bacon fat and onions.  It also has a huge amount of the cafe’s secret spices.  In other words it ain’t your high school turkey hash.  It is served with sweet potatoes fried and sugar glazed on the side.

When the food arrived and the waitress was gone Miss Sadie asked, “Okay what is the gossip you are looking for?”

“You know I took pictures at Lisa’s wedding on Sunday.  Someone said she grew up here then left town with her mother.  So what is the deal with her father?”

“They say she left for Florida when she was fourteen then four years later her mother died.  She supposedly came home and moved in with her father.  After two years, she met Robert and they married last Sunday. 

Not too long ago she took that job at Dairy Queen that is where she met him.  He is the Manager there.  She probably got tired of working on her daddy’s fish farm.  Free labor is hard to come by.  I don’t think Sam liked losing her.  I think he made her feel guilty about the job and the new husband.”

I didn’t say anything but thought that would explain her sending him to me.  Why she thought I would go along, I had no idea.  She had seen something in me not even I saw.  I had no idea what she saw, but it was something.

“You know I always wondered what their relationship really was.  She seemed awfully dedicated to him.  Almost like a wife.  But she was eighteen so no one did or said anything,” Miss Sadie said.

“You aren’t suggesting that they were sleeping together,” I asked.

“Well I don’t know how much sleeping was going on,” the white haired and wrinkled old lady said with a chuckle.

After lunch I went back to the studio.  I got a call from the leader of the State Senator’s office.  They wanted to send someone to look at my drawings. 

“My studio hours are ten AM till three PM.  If you want to look, come on down,” I suggested.

“We were hoping you might bring a sample to Montgomery,” the very business like woman’s voice said.

“Sorry, I’m not all that interested, but thanks anyway,” I said.  I knew enough about politicians to know that things were never as simple as their sales pitch made them sound. 

It was after five again when Daddy Sam entered the studio.  He walked up to me without a word and raised my skirt.  I had put on just minutes before his arrival.  I wore no panties, just as he liked.  He ran his hand over my pubic mount and I melted.

“Now you are learning.  Tell me Iris what do you want?” he said.

“I want to worship your cock Daddy,” I said without hesitation.

“You know being Daddy’s little girl is about more than worshiping my cock.  You have to be willing to do anything for Daddy,” he informed me.


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10 Responses to Undercover Rose 72 (Edited)

  1. jackballs57 says:

    Definitely trouble on the horizon , Thanks for the Saturday morning read.

  2. shooter says:

    Unless a significant personality switch has occurred, I doubt that Iris is going to take much more of his crap before her aggression comes into play. A number two lead pencil turned into a prince albert might change the old boys attitude.

  3. jackballs57 says:

    I posted a new chapter to my story today. Thanks Cindy for allowing me post an announcement here.

  4. Chipster says:

    I’m sorry, but I’ve been trying to keep reading this story for the last several chapters, but the turn you’ve taken in the last couple of chapters is just a bit much for me. I hate to bail on a story before the ending, but I have to at this time. You’re writing style has been improving over the past few stories and I commend you for that. Still some rough edges and too many, “I said,” but overall an improvement. Take care and thanks for the writings.

    • cindypress says:

      That is quite alright I know people don’t like everything about any story I write and I appreciate your telling me why. I honestly have no qualms about my style I’m not trying to write east of eden here just tell a tale.

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