Undercover Rose 73 (Edited)

By Cindy and Walt

“You will do anything for Daddy, won’t you baby?” he asked.

“Yes daddy,” I said.

“You are a good girl baby,” he said.  He looked at me with a hard gaze then added, “Worship my cock.”

I immediately went to my knees.  I took it into my mouth and began to nurse on it.  I sucked him till my jaws ached, but I had no thought of stopping.  I was deep in the trance when he pushed against my throat.  His cock was much too large to fit, even if he managed to get past my gag reflex.  Then I realized why he pushed.  He began to flood my mouth with his semen.

“Just relax baby and open your throat to it.  Hold your breath and let it flow down your throat.  It is thick and slippery you don’t need to swallow.  It will just roll down if you keep your throat open.”  He pushed it even harder against my throat.  When he did I gagged.  “It’s okay baby, it took Lisa a while to learn to please me.  This is all new to you.”

I gagged and his cum ran out my mouth onto my tee shirt.  I had tears in my eye from the experience.  I was still sucking between gagging.  He loved it I could tell.  He kept pushing his cock against the rear of my throat even though he was no longer ejaculating. 

“I want you to get used to the feel of me.  I know you may have had others in your mouth honey, but they ain’t me,” he said. 

“I have had plenty and you are right they were not like you.  A couple were as big, but that is only half the appeal of your cock.”  It is a whole different experience for some reason and the teaching is part of it, I thought. 

“Just relax and let me do the work now,” he said.  He was very slow as he worked his cock against the back of my throat.  I still gagged but he just ignored it.  I kept telling myself to relax the muscles in my throat.  It didn’t work all that well, but I tried.  Somewhere along the line I was able to think past being uncomfortable. 

I don’t like the sensation, but it isn’t painful.  It isn’t all that uncomfortable, so I can do this, I thought.  I knelt in front of Sam and allowed him to gently probe my throat.  He might have continued for fifteen minutes after I stopped gagging.  He just seemed to be patiently working my throat.

“Biggest thing to do baby is for you to stop trying to use your throat muscles and just let it happen,” he said.  I couldn’t respond because my mouth was over stuff with his cock.

“Now I’m going to teach you to just let it happen when I cum.”  He removed his cock from my mouth and went to my coffee pot.  The coffee was on the warmer so he poured a large glass.  Then he put in a couple of ice cubes to cool it down.  Then he returned to where I was kneeling on the floor.  “Now fill your mouth with coffee.  Lean your head back and open your throat don’t swallow just open your throat and let is run down.”

When he said it, it didn’t even sound strange.  I just did as he said.  It took the whole glass full before I could actually do it.  “That’s a good girl.  Daddy is proud of you,” he said.  “Now you keep practicing.  I got a hard rubber piece of hydraulic hose that has never been used.  It’s almost as big as my dick.  I plugged it off with a smooth plastic water pipe fitting.  You can practice with that.  After you make sure your gag don’t come back, then drink a glass of warm milk like you learned,” he said. 

I looked skeptical so he added,  “Tell me you are going to do it at least twice a day.  And think of me while you are doing it.  After you get comfortable holding it and drinking without swallowing I will be even more proud of you,” he said.

He helped me to stand then led me back to my bed where I lay down and spread for him to inspect.  Then he lifted and turned me so that I was ready to take his massive cock from the rear.  He stood on the floor so that he had better control. 

I clenched my jaw muscles and tried to relax my other muscles as he worked his massive cock into my sore vagina.  “Does your cunt hurt?” he asked.

“Yes Daddy, but please don’t stop,” I said.

“Oh I’m not going to stop girl.  This time you are going to know how Daddy plans to fuck you from now on.”  With that he drove his cock into me with no regard for how I felt.  I bit down on the pillow to muffle my screams.  Sam plowed into me harder and deeper with every stroke.  I felt as though I was being split apart by his cock. 

He was deep into me and making short jabbing motions with his cock when I came.  The orgasm broke me.  I just felt my body convulse over and over.  I was out of my mind and he just kept plowing me over and over.  I wanted him to stop and then I never wanted him to stop all at the same time.

I knew he came only because he stopped moving inside me.  I felt my insides cling and try to pull him back inside as he removed his cock from my tight and sore canal.  I couldn’t relax because my body was on fire. 

He rolled me over so that he had a better view.  “God I love to see your cunt gaping open.  I know now that I am ruining you for other men.”  I looked down and saw my vagina open and a round hole in the middle almost the exact size of Sam’s cock.  “Do you like your cunt gaping from Daddy fucking you?” he asked.

“Yes Daddy,” I said.  I tried to get off the bed but I was in too much pain.  He had hurt me and he had no remorse whatsoever.  That bothered me some, but not enough to refuse to do it again, if he wanted.  Fortunately he had enough of me for a while.  As he always did he just left me there to deal with the consequence of his actions.

That night the sheets were covered in blood.  I had stopped bleeding quickly but not before I ruined the sheets.  “I might as well buy them by the dozen,” I mumbled out loud.  Standing was still painful but I managed to put a towel under my ass so I could sleep.

I woke up again in the night to throw up.  I wondered what was going on.  Was Sam’s cum somehow toxic?  That wasn’t very likely.  Still something was different. 

When I left my bed the next morning I was in pain.  I manage to make it to the Tylenol before I collapsed in pain.  I took the drugs before I warmed up what was left of the day old coffee.  After half an hour of sitting at the table the pain eased bit.  I managed to make it into the bathroom.  I found there was crusty brown blood.  It looked as if I was having my period, but it wasn’t due for at least two more weeks.  Daddy Sam had caused some internal bleeding.  Since it appeared to have stopped, I continued with my shower and carefully cleaned myself.  When I left the shower I shaved in spite of the pain. 

There were actually two pains.  One was a burning pain which I attributed to the stretching and tearing of my body.  The other was an almost muscle pain which was either caused by my muscles action while I came, or the tissue which Daddy Sam had punished with his cock beating into me.  I decided that I probably needed to go to the emergency clinic, but I hoped the feeling would pass I would be terrible embarrassed.

The pain did ease up a bit after two hours and more drugs.  It still hurt deep inside me but the burning pain had eased.  The pain in my body overall had dulled, if not gone away so I didn’t even try to work.  I napped on and off between doses of Tylenol and Ibuprofen.  I also didn’t eat all day.  I had absolutely no appetite.  The sun was almost down when the doorbell rang. 

I check on the computer security program and there stood Daddy Sam.  I almost didn’t go to the door, but I struggled to answer it.  He could tell I didn’t feel well.  He probably even expected it to happen.  When I opened the door he walked in without a word.

“Show Daddy your cunt Baby,” he said.

I hadn’t changed from the tee shirt I slept in.  I hadn’t replaced my panties after I cleaned away the blood.  I lifted the smelly, wrinkled tee shirt to show him my mound.  He rubbed his hand over it and smiled.  “You are a good little girl,” he said.

I couldn’t help myself I said, “Thank you Daddy.”

“What do good girls do?” he asked.

“They worship their daddy’s cock,” I said.  The nausea had passed but I still had the pain deep inside.

He just stood staring at me until I knelt in front of him.  He might have known something was wrong because he used his hand to feed me his cook.  He did that to make sure I took it.  I allowed his cock to penetrate my mouth and began to nurse on it like an infant.  I sucked him for a while but it was more a chore than an erotic experience.  Still I couldn’t say no.  I felt his cock against the rear of my throat.  Again I had to work to keep myself from gagging on it.  But I didn’t dare gag.  It would be the same as admitting I hadn’t practiced with the piece of hard rubber pipe.  Even with the smooth plastic tip it had felt terrible.  Yes I did try it when I managed to suppress the pain in my belly.

Sam continued to play inside my mouth and I continued to nurse on his cock.  Sooner than usual his cock began to stream semen.  I opened my throat to it even though I felt like shit.  I had to swallow a couple of times but I went back to letting him drain into my stomach as soon as possible.

“You are beginning to suck me like your sister.  There are a few things she can teach you, but all in all you are doing just fine,” he said.

“Thank you Daddy,” I replied.

“Has your cunt been painful today,” he asked.

“Yes it has,” I admitted.

“I’m sorry, but I am going to fuck you again tonight.  I just need a few moments rest then we will begin.  That is unless you do not want to fuck Daddy.  Do you?” he asked.

“I want to fuck you Daddy.  I don’t care about the pain,” I said and I meant it at that moment. 

“Since you are the one in pain, you can be on top tonight,” he said moving to the sofa bed.  He removed his pants then lay down on the bed wearing only a sweatshirt.  I struggled to climb onto the bed.  When I straddled him like I did a bike, I felt his cock bend.  He was too long for me to clear it.  I had to bend it to get it into me.  When I manage to get half a foot in me, he said, “God yes fuck me hard.  Long deep hard strokes baby girl.”

Even though it cause me more pain I pushed down completely burying his huge cock inside me.  I rode him and I rocked oh his cock driving it even deeper than before.  I could feel the gut wrenching pain, but it didn’t stop me from trying to orgasm.  My body betrayed me I couldn’t cum but Sam’s did.  He filled me full of his semen.  I collapsed on him and I cried.

When I struggled off of him he said, “Look at your beautiful cunt gaping for me.  I love what you do for me baby.  You are such a good girl.”

“Thank you,” I said even though I was in pain.

He stood up and forced me onto my hands and knees.  He slowly removed the butt plug from me.  He said, “I love seeing your ass gaping just like your cunt.  You are a beautiful whore.  Much more beautiful than your whore sister Lisa.” he said.  I couldn’t tell if he was upset with Lisa or it was just a part of the story line.

While I was on my knees he took his cock and tried to work it into my ass.  I struggled against him.  “It’s still to tight.  Come to my place tomorrow after five, I have a bigger plug there,” he said.

He was just gone after that.  I couldn’t believe that he just walked away and left me suffering.  When I was sure he was gone I spread a towel over the sofa bed and then I went to bed.  I woke up in the middle of the night again.  When I did I was just sore.  I was happy that I wasn’t nauseous again.

When I awoke the next morning I felt like crap.  I was sore deep inside and my vagina burned and seemed even more sore to the touch than the day before.  I was too sore to shower, so I pulled out the trike and rode it to breakfast.  I suffered hoping to meet Lisa and have her tell me what to expect next.

I went to the Dairy Queen for breakfast, but Lisa wasn’t to be found.  So I returned home and suffered through a shower that made my skin burn. 

After the shower I went into my studio.  I spent the morning working on Lisa’s portrait.  I wanted to complete it so that I could show her when we met next.  I knew she was home from her honeymoon.  Even though I hadn’t found her, I expected to see her at anytime.

I saw Miss Sadie at lunch but I didn’t eat with her.  I switched my attention to a customer who walked through my door at three.  We talked about doing a portrait of her son.  She left without finalizing anything.  When she left I stopped by the cafe for a sandwich before my date with Daddy Sam.  I had time before I had to leave for the catfish farm. 

I found his old truck and a small car I recognized as Lisa’s from the wedding.  I parked my trike beside her car then walked inside.  Lisa was sitting naked in the office chair.  She also had Sam’s cock in her mouth.

“I’m glad you’re here now you can watch how Lisa worships me,” he said.  I didn’t know what to say so I just nodded.  Unlike me, Lisa used her mouth like a vagina.  She stroked his cock with her mouth.  It appeared that she was able to take a small amount of his cock down her throat.  She whimpered when he withdrew his cock.

“Now Iris you should show Lisa how you do it,” Daddy Sam ordered.  “First Iris remove your clothes.”

I was naked when I knelt to take his cock in my mouth.  I began to nurse on it as Lisa watched.  I could feel his cock hitting the back of my throat and I found the small gag reflex hard to resist but I managed it.  I found it made me even hotter to know Lisa was watching me.

I knew that Daddy Sam wanted to put his cock in my throat.  He hadn’t put all of it in Lisa’s throat just the head of it.  I knew that eventually he planned to stretch my throat to allow that.  I didn’t care how much he hurt me. 

He was playing with Lisa’s breasts while I nursed on his cock.  Lisa was on her knees beside me by that time.  We were both concentrating on Daddy Sam and his cock when the sounds came.  I had no idea what they were.  It was just noise outside my all consuming concentration on Sam’s Cock.

Suddenly his cock was pulled from my mouth and I was sprayed with something wet and warm.  I thought Sam had orgasmed.  Then I heard the sound of Lisa’s scream.  Sam went down in a heap in front of me.  The warm wet fluid that covered me was Sam’s blood.

“What the fuck?” I asked.  I looked behind me and saw a slightly familiar face.  The Manager of the Dairy Queen and Lisa’s new husband was standing behind me with a small revolver.  He was as upset as Lisa and I.

That is all the fuck I need, I thought.  Two amateurs and a dead body whose DNA was all over me.  I had gone from my new life back into my old one in a second. 

My experience with the old life kicked in.  “Lisa shut the tears off till we figure out what to do.  The first thing we have to do is decide do we call the police or do we clean this up and forget it even happened.  Listen to me carefully the only way this ever goes completely away, is if Robert shoots us both and puts the gun in his mouth.  Is that what you guys want?” I asked.

They both shook their heads.

Sam lived an isolated life, so there was no rush to make our decision.  I waited ten minutes at least for them to realize what Robert had done.  Lisa was the first to speak. 

“I hated him you know.  It wasn’t just the things he made me do.  It was the fact that he didn’t love me.  To him I was just an object, something to shove that huge dick inside,” she said.  “But I couldn’t break the connection with his dick.”

“Then stop crying and start thinking.  How many people knew for sure you were fucking him?” I asked.

“Nobody, but there are movies,” she said.

“Great,” I thought.  I knew that to cover myself I had to cover the two of them.  I had not broken any law up to that point, but if I help them destroy the evidence I would be breaking a law.  Hell not reporting it was breaking a law as well.  I wasn’t in for the penny yet, but I could be.  Alabama still had the Sheriff’s system of Criminal Justice.  I tried to keep that in mind when deciding what to do.

“Lisa you and Robert come outside and let’s think about this.  We still have the option to call the police.  Once we do anything to cover this up, that option is gone,” I explained.  I pulled on my skirt and Thermal tee shirt.  Once we were outside I pulled on the nylon parka from the trike.  I wore it when riding.  Lisa was dressed in a short skirt and tight sweater when we walked out the door. 

“You have blood on you,” she said.

“Stay here both of you.”  I went back in the house and got some paper towels from the kitchen area.  I wet the towels and wiped my face and legs.  I went back out front.  “Here clean yourself as best you can,” I said handing the towels over to Lisa.

“Listen up I’m going to give you some lessons in Forensic investigations.  Don’t worry about how I know this shit, just trust me I do.  Before I touch anything I have to know.  Robert do you want to go to jail for twenty years to life for killing Sam?”

“No,” he mumbled.  I could tell from his shaking hands he was going to be less than useful.  He might be able to help with the grunt work, but probably not any thinking at all. 

“How about it Lisa, Sam is gone.  He can’t hurt or control you any more.  Do you want your husband to go to jail for setting you free?” I asked.

“No, I’m glad he is dead,” she said.

Can you both live with this for the rest of your lives?” I asked.  “Because that’s what we are talking about here.”

They looked at each other.  Then Robert said, “Yes just tell us what to do.”

“Making a plan on the fly is difficult.  We have no way to dispose of the body.  So we will have to alter the scene.  We will make it a smash and grab scene.

You are going to want to destroy everything you are wearing now.  Do you understand?” I asked.

“Yes,” Lisa said.

“Go take off those clothes and put on something you have here.  Get me something as well,” I said.

The clothes she came back with for me, I carried to the trike.  Then I went back into the house and rolled Sam over. 

“Lisa get me some of your dads clothes.”  While she gathered those.  I found work gloves in the shed and a needle nosed pliers.  I wore the gloves while I helped the two of them search for the tapes.  We found the tapes locked in metal lock box and hidden in a dresser drawer.  Who would have thought Sam knew enough to use digital recorders. 

I also wiped down anything I might have touched on either of my visits to the office or bedroom. 

When I returned to the living room, I took a boning knife from the kitchen.  Back in the living room/office I used the knife and pliers to remove the two bullets from his chest.  Then I searched until I found what was in every southern man’s house. 

I dressed him, so no one else got more blood on themselves.  Then I shot him with the twelve gauge double barrel.  The one I found in the bedroom closet.  It made a mess out of his chest even at five feet.  The blood spatter would never match but I had a plan to take care of that.

“Now you are going to load these tapes and his computer into Lisa’s car.  Leave the monitor.  Then you are going to get the hell out of here.  Lisa, put the clothes you wore when you dressed the first time in a pile by the body.  Then go outside naked and dress there.  Then take your car home.  Robert when you get home with your car, go in the house and wash your hands with dish washing soap five times at least.  Meet me at the turn out by the Guest House.  Just park there and wait for me.

After they had gone I found Sam’s gas can.  I poured most of the five gallons over him, the pile of clothes by him, and throughout the house.  Then I put the top back on the can and sealed it tight.  I calmly picked up Lisa’s clothes and went into the bedroom.  I placed both our ‘fuck me’ outfits on the floor in the bedroom.  Then I calmly took a hot shower still wearing the work gloves. 

I went outside to dress in Lisa’s clothes, which bagged on me.  I wasn’t concerned about making a fashion statement at the time.  My final act in memory of Sam was to light his funeral pyre and spit on him.  I sat a moment until the fire spread and the two gallons of gas in the can exploded.

I rode the trike the five miles to the boat landing.  It was deserted and there were several hundred yards between it and the Guest House, which was probably empty anyway.  Robert and Lisa were in her car waiting.  At my direction they threw the computer into the Alabama River several yards down the bank from the landing.

It might not have been a perfect plan, but it would do, I thought.

“Now Lisa we spent the evening looking at wedding pictures and having a glass of wine.  Now go home take a shower and go to sleep.  It is all over.  Now you have to stay cool, or we all go down,” I said.

“Why didn’t you just call the police,” Lisa asked when Robert was in the car.  “You didn’t do anything.”

“Too much baggage,” I replied.

I lay in bed that night and thought of all the things I should have done and forgot.  I was pretty sure even with the loose ends I couldn’t change I had at least confused the issue enough to get an acquittal with a good lawyer.


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7 Responses to Undercover Rose 73 (Edited)

  1. The Mage says:

    Glad that slaver is gone! He was ruining those women. In fact I expect that there will be some PTSD comming due to his style of controlling–at least for Lisa, anyway. R. has the ability to compartmentalize enough to protect herself and I’m sure Liam will help.

    Thanks for a good read

  2. Mike says:

    One thing has been bugging me and I must have missed or mis-read a part. When Rose had to leave she traveled by trike, I don’t know about the USA but in UK it would have so easy to find and follow the progress of a person riding a three wheeled trike and trailer and I just think the same would apply in the US.

  3. cindypress says:

    I have tried three times to write an answer and it always gets into the minutia of my mind.
    1. So first of all tell me why the UK police would be looking for her specifically what would trigger their involvement. This happened in New York she is deep in the south so there would have to be a national manhunt. What would be the justification.

    2. How would they know she left on a tricycle?

    3. No one knew where she was headed all she knew was somewhere warm.

    4. Exactly how would they track her. She uses no credit card. All here bank transactions are laundered though different ID and internet payments. There are no CCTV on the kinds of roads she would be forced to use on such a slow vehicle.

    Im sure you are right and I am wrong but I did a lot of thinking before I wrote this but I’m always wanting to learn things.

  4. jackballs57 says:

    Wow talk about a left turn that was a turn.
    Even today with all the surveillance I think if you wanted to you could still disappear, burn phones and cash is the biggest answer and stay away from areas that are filled with cameras. Hoodies, heavy coats ect Just look how many fugitives they cant find.

    • cindypress says:

      seems like when they get a hard core fugitive he has been on the run well over ten years. A few months doesn’t seem that outrageous to me but like I said it’s what goes on in my head.


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