Undercover Rose 84 (Edited)

By Cindy and Walt

Getting home late was just part of my problems.  I needed to think about the new plan, but first I had an engagement with the old plan.  I wanted to see the two Joes, so I needed to get back to my cover story.  I got home by two on Friday.  I managed to get loaded and out the door by five.  The two hour drive put me in the small but picturesque Louisiana town by eight.  I barely had time to check in, text Billy Joe, and eat half a pizza before they were at my door.

It was a repeat of the weekend before.  Bobby had me undress then he pushed me down on the bed and manipulated me into the doggie position.  Bobby inserted his hard cock into me from the rear while Billy forced his cock into my mouth.

When Bobby finished cuming in me he left without a word.  Billy spent the night.  At one time or another during the night he had his cock in both my mouth and my slippery vagina.  He was getting more bold that was for sure.  Saturday morning I was up at 5 AM.  I left Billy sleeping and power walked for an hour total. 

When I got back to the room, I found Billy going through my purse.  My reflexes kicked in, so I hit him on the bridge of his nose.  Since I was standing and he was seated naked on the bed, it was a one strike and down fight.  I made the strike with an open but curled fingered hand.  That one blow across his nose took all the fight out of him.  Since he lay there bleeding onto the sheets, there was no doubt his nose had some real damage.

“You broke my nose,” he said.

“Suck it up you bloody wimp,” I said with almost a giggle.  “It’ll make you look less like the wimp you are.  Now get your clothes on we have to get the hell out.”  I reached into the bathroom and threw a damp towel to him.  I knew that raiding my purse was his father’s idea.  There was nothing incriminating in the purse.  He was going through the Iris Martin ID when I caught him, so they wanted information for some reason.  I wanted the underage kid out of my room fast.

“Hold that towel on your nose and get in the truck,” I said.  I dressed quickly without my morning shower even.  Then I picked up the small purse.  I removed everything from the room which was what checking out of the room ordinarily required.  That morning I stopped by the office, I left Billy sitting in my truck. 

“My friend had an accident.  Bumped his nose on the bathroom door.  I’m sorry I had to take a towel for his bloody nose.  I’m checking out and taking him to the ER just in case it’s broke.  I need to pay you for the towel.  So how much?”

“Twenty dollars,” the manage/owner said.

“I could buy four for that,” I said putting the bill on the counter.  Even though I hadn’t shown them any ID, I had given them my Iris Martin name and address.  I paid to keep them from coming to look for me.

When I got to the camp ground his family members were all up and moving.  I said to Billy.  “Get your ass out of my car and you bumped your nose unless you want to admit a girl kicked your ass.  Just consider it a learning experience.  This time you just ran into a bitch badder than you.  Shit like this happens in life.”  I almost pushed him out of the truck.  I looked hard at his mother and father before I drove away.

I almost skipped the show to avoid any further complications, but I decided I would rather have them on me in Louisiana than in Mossberg.  To my surprise the whole family avoided me completely.  Possibly Billy had sold the door bullshit to his mother and sister at least.  His father pretty much knew I had shit on him so he had to go along.  As for me, I ate nothing from any of their carts that day.

I drove home from the show wondering what the hell had happened.  Why would Bobby Joe want to get information on me?  Was Billy was planning to rip me off?  Either way there were going to be repercussions I expected.  People like those who were part of a gypsy clan were not very forgiving.  At least that was their reputation.  I spent the day with the short barreled shotguns close at hand.

Nothing happened either Saturday nor or Sunday, so on Monday I started work on the new plan.  I couldn’t do more than make a few calls until the things I had set in motion started to move freely. 

I lined up an accessory distributor.  One who would sell to me wholesale the brewing gadgets I could resell with the tea.  It meant dealing with a Chinese supplier, but I supposed that I could do that.  He was willing to sell me plastic tea infusers.  It was actually no more than a reusable stiff plastic tea bag.  I could buy them by the hundred count.  I could then repackage them with the tea.

I forced myself at noon to go back to drawing. While I drew, my mind went back to the two Joes. Things with them could turn nasty at any moment. If Bobby came to town with his extended family, things could get dicey. I really didn’t fear him, but there would be some nasty consequences to killing a couple of his guys. I didn’t have access to a catfish farm, since Sam’s daughter sold it when she left town. The bodies could easily stack up in the alley behind my house.

I was also expecting Buddy the former legionnaire and Swamp Dog operative.  If they came after Buddy, it could easily turn into a war, one which I couldn’t hope to control.

I spent the night on the Internet doing research on tea accessories and packaging machinery.  I was going to have a huge investment in machinery, if I decided to start work in any volume whatsoever.  It just got worse as I looked into it.  I got so discouraged I went to an adult chat room to masturbate, then went to bed on one of my two sofa beds.  I had them from the start, so I wouldn’t have to buy anything to accommodate Buddy.

I fell asleep looking at the stars outside my window.  There was no skyline or city lights to interfere with my view of the midnight sky.  I liked that, I thought before I went to sleep. 

It was 3 AM when the persistent beeping woke me.  The beep was the alarm I had installed to warm me when a customer entered the shop downstairs.  It beeped in the apartment.  Since I knew there were no customers, I reached for the short barreled shotgun. 

I had gone to bed afraid that something might happen, but not really expecting it.  If I had been expecting it, I would have been in the corner behind the beds.  As it was, I was sitting on one of them, when the man came up the open steps.  It was dark as sin inside and outside the apartment.  I had no doubt that it was Bobby, or one of his kin.  Buddy would have known better than to try slipping in on me.

“Whatever you have in your fucking hand drop it and lay down on the floor.”  As I spoke he attempted to extend his hand holding something.  The heavy number four pellets hit him in the chest.  He literally flew against the wall, where he covered it with blood.  I couldn’t see the blood, but I was sure it was there. 

I knew he was dead or a least no longer a threat so I checked to see if there was anyone else in the house.  Someone ran out of the downstairs and pulled away quickly.  I didn’t get a look at the car, so I wouldn’t be of any help to the cops on that.  My first call was to the Swamp Dog, not the Church Camp nor the cops.  I told the duty officer to get me a lawyer, who knew how to handle the situation.  I knew the Swamp had a lawyer I could trust.

Then I thought, I have way too many fake IDs around. 

I collected them and put then in a bag, Then I walked the ten yards to the rear of the diner.  I opened the lid and dropped the bag into the Cafe’s garbage can.  I hurried back to the store where I called 911.  I was still in my sleep outfit.  It would be hard to sell the story I intended to weave to them if I bothered to dress first.

“This is Iris Martin.  I just shot an intruder please help me.”  I tried to make my voice panicky.  I probably could explain the missing time, if it came to that.  I doubted that anyone had heard the blast since no one else lived in town.

Shit, I thought.  Buddy, my new friend, will probably think I’m some kind of homicidal maniac. 

The rural police showed up before anyone else.  “So what happened?” the blond young woman in the black fatigues asked.  She came to the door with her gun drawn.  I was unarmed and still in my sleep outfit which was mostly nothing.

“My open door alarm woke me.  I knew someone was in the shop at 3 AM.  I got my shotgun and waited to see if they came upstairs.  If they had simply robbed the store, I wouldn’t have come downstairs to stop them.  Someone came up the stairs.  I told them to drop whatever was in his hands and lay on the floor.  He took a step toward me and raised his hand. 

I guess I panicked and shot him.  I know I hit him pretty good.  I took a minute to compose myself then called you.  I called my lawyer as well and left word on her service.”

“Where is the intruder?” she asked.

“Up those stairs there is a light switch down here, I didn’t turn the lights on up there,” I repeated.  “I didn’t want to see him.

“You stay here while I check on the man you shot,” she said.  I was a little surprised that the rural police rode one to a car.  She had called for backup and the second car was pulling into the parking spaces in front of my shop.  I just pointed to the stairs when the second policeman came through the front door.

“He is dead,” she said to her partner.  I burst into sobs when I heard it.  The sobs were real.

“He was carrying this,” she said, holding a nasty looking knife.  She was holding it gingerly even though she wore rubber gloves.

“My god,” I said obviously upset.  I actually was pretty upset.  I had no idea where this was going to lead.  But I was glad that he was headed to the morgue rather than me.

When Buddy showed up my place was a crime scene.  “What the fuck is going on?” he asked the cop guarding the door.

“Who are you,” the female rural police officer asked.

“Buddy Baker, I’m a friend of the lady who lives here.”  He knew at that point it was time to shut up.  “So where is she?”

“She went to the hospital to be checked I think,” the cop said.  “Could I see some identification.”

Buddy went to his wallet to find a driver’s license in his real name.  Unlike Rose he had always been either Buddy Baker or Hagar. 

“Thank you Mr. Baker.  You might call the hospital or the headquarters in Mobile,” she suggested even though she knew that Iris, as she knew me, at some point I was going to be held in the Williamston substation. 

“Look I told you I made a statement to the investigating officer and I’m going to wait for my lawyer to answer any questions,” I said.

“You are not under arrest Miss Martin.  You are the victim of a crime not a suspect,” he said.

“I know that but that can change any second.  I was involved in a criminal investigation last year.  I intend to protect myself,” I explained.  “If I’m not a suspect or under arrest for discharging a firearm I want to go home.”

“You can go, but you can’t go home.  It’s a crime scene,” the detective explained.

“So how long is it going to be before I can go back there?” I asked. 

“It could be a couple of days.  This would go a lot faster if you answered a few questions now?” he said. 

“Not without my lawyer,” I replied.

“Do you know a Buddy Baker?” he asked reading from a message which had been handed to him.

“God it wasn’t Buddy I shot was it?” I asked.  I was truly concerned.

“No, but he showed up at your place a few minutes ago.  Would you like for us to have him come for you?” the detective asked.

“Yes, please do that,” I said.

They had me wait in the interrogation room.  The cop at the scene had removed a pair of jeans from the shelf, so that I didn’t have to run around in my tee and panties.  I ran around in my thermal tee and jeans instead.  I still looked like a slut, but maybe not quite as blatant.

Buddy walked into the police station all nice and calm.  He was led to the interrogation room.  He made a hand motion for me not to speak.  I already knew not to talk, but I nodded that I understood.  He led the way out to his small compact car.

“I thought you planned to move in for a while?” I asked.

“I do.  I also have everything I need in the back of the car.  My toothbrush and my visa platinum card,” he said.

“So you travel light,” I said with a smile.

“I travel fast and I travel light,” he said.  “This car is a rental.”

“Okay,” I said.

“So tell me Iris or whatever you are calling yourself.  Who the fuck did you kill?”

“Would you believe it was a just a burglar?” I asked.

“Sure and would you believe I sleep with the tooth fairy,” he said.

“I might,” I said.  “How is he in bed?”

“She is probably better than you,” he said with a smile.

“Oh I doubt that,” I replied.  “But I have no idea who the guy breaking into the place might have been.  But I may have pissed off a family of Gypsies over the weekend.”

“Do you mean real Gypsies?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I said.  I really wasn’t sure but the more I thought about it the more likely it became that they really were Gypsies.

“Did you do this just because you knew I was coming, or are you stupid enough to start a war with the Romani?” he asked.

“I must be that stupid.  I had no idea one could start a war with some food vendors,” I said.

“It they are really Romani, that is a front for something else.  With the Romani, things are never what they seem, never,” he said.  “I will say one thing it is not going to be dull helping you.”

“You have to be kidding.  Things around me are always dull as hell,” I said.  I figured he didn’t need to know about Sam, if he didn’t already.

“If that is true, then I am going to be good for you.  With this Romani thing, you are going to be glad I came to visit.” he informed me.

“Maybe you sent them,” I suggested.

“If you think that you are really going to want to keep me around, so that you can keep an eye on me,” he said.  “If not they underestimated you once, they won’t do it again.

“Ah a page from the Godfather script,” I said.  “I guess we need to find out who the dead man is.”

“Was, you mean.  At the moment he isn’t a person.  He is a corpse,” Buddy said.

“I suppose he is at that,” I agreed.  “I want to know, if he was someone I knew or a total stranger.  It he is a stranger then he was he a soldier of this Romani thing.”

“Probably just a drugged up punk,” Buddy said.  “Either way he probably was there just to scare hell out of you.”

“Yeah probably,” I agreed but I didn’t believe it.  “He did manage to do that even in death.  I don’t need any kind of war now.  I’m about to need a government issues license.  I don’t need that dangled over me by the cops.”

“So what do we do now.  They aren’t going to let you have your place back are they?” he asked.

“Not for a couple of days I expect.  The forensic people will probably be going over it.  Then when they are sure they have all the evidence that there is, they might let me go clean the blood and shit off the walls,” I said.

“You know it never occurred to me that someone actually had to do that,” Buddy said.  “You know that really sucks.”

“Tell me about it.  Not only do I have to scrub that, but that shotgun blast probably put some holes in the wall that will have to be patched,” I added.  I did not say worst of all I tossed my false identities.  Something else I figured he didn’t need to know.  I just hoped the cops didn’t find my fake batteries on the shelf under the stairs.  I couldn’t risk making an issue of anything.  The only person in the world who knew about those fake batteries was me.  So that wasn’t why I was burglarized.

“So if we can’t go to your place and I don’t have a place, where we gonna sleep tonight?” he asked.

“Well Buddy I don’t know about you, but I’m staying somewhere nearby,” I said.

“I think that is a good idea.  Where can we get a bed?” Buddy asked.

“When it gets on toward dark we can worry about that.  Right now I’m hungry are you?” I asked.

“Sure, I could eat,” he said. 

“Then we can go to the diner a few doors down from my place,” I said.

“Sure why not,” Buddy commented.  I couldn’t believe that it was lunch time.  I had been up since 3 AM with nothing but coffee in my belly.  It really hadn’t hit me emotionally, not even by the time we stopped at the diner.

“What are you going to have?” Buddy asked.

Monday’s ‘Lunch Lady Special’ is really good.  It is home made soup and a super pimento cheese sandwich,” I informed him.

“I have no idea what a Lunch Lady is, but I’ll try if you say it is good,” Buddy agreed.

“You will like it I’m sure,” I said after we placed our order.  We had been seated a few minutes.  I noticed people staring at me from the time I stepped through the door.  The food was on the counter waiting for the lone waitress to pick up, when I saw Miss Sadie walk into the place.  I really hadn’t given her much of a thought, but there she was standing just inside the door looking around.  I knew she was looking for me.  I caught her eye and motioned her over.  “We need to make nice,” I explained to Buddy as Sadie made her way to our table.

“I heard there was a burglary at your place last night.  Are you alright dear?” she asked.

“Miss Sadie have a seat.  He is Bobby Baker and he is a friend.  One I made last year while I was in the hospital.”  I got to give it to Bobby.  He knew how to play along.

“Miss Sadie it is nice to meet you.  Seems I came to town at a bad time,” he said.

“Maybe it was a good time.  I think Iris could use some help looking after herself.  She does look better these days, now that she is eating,” Miss Sadie said.  She said it as if she had some idea what she was talking about.  Of course she didn’t.

“So Iris,” she said turning her attention to me.  “What happened?”

“Miss Sadie I don’t want to upset you Ma’am,” I said being very respectful to her.  Even if she was blatantly prying.

“As long as you are alright girl, I’m not going to be upset.” she said.

“Somebody broke in last night.  I got lucky and heard him.  When he came up stairs I shot him with my shotgun.  It scared me to death.  Now I can’t get back into my apartment for a few days.  I invited Buddy up for a visit and now I have no place for either of us to stay,” I said.  “I don’t want to leave town but I guess I’ll have to.”

“You just go out to the fish camp.  I’ll call ahead to make sure they have a room for you.  You heard my nephew bought it?  I hear tell it’s a lot cleaner now,” she said in a steady stream.

“I hadn’t heard.  It must have happened while I was in the hospital.  I honestly hadn’t thought about that place.  If we could stay there a few days, it would sure make it easier to keep an eye on my place,” I said.

My cell phone rang while I was trying to eat.  “Hello,” I said.

“Hello, my name is Rita and I’m a lawyer for our mutual friend.  I’m licensed by a Federal Court to practice criminal law.  Now that the laws are all federal, I can go anywhere.  What I’m trying to say is I will be there tomorrow.  Don’t talk to anyone until I arrive.”

“You got it.  Would you make a call for me?  They have declared my place a crime scene and everything I own is tied up.  I would like to get some clothes, my credit cards and my truck keys.  If you call them maybe they will let me in long enough to get those things.  I mean it’s my home, so my fingerprints are all over the place.  They can have a cop go in with me,” I suggested.

“I can do that.  Is the station in Mobile?” she asked.

“No a substation in Williamston,” I replied.

Give it an hour, then show up at the crime scene.  Don’t call first they will try to bargain.  Just show up at the door and talk to no one till I get there,” she said.

I wanted to tell Buddy about Rita.  The coincidence that I had used the name Rita during the last week was monumental in my addled brain.  I couldn’t tell him because Miss Sadie was seated with us.

After the call Buddy tried to dominate the conversation to let me hide what I wanted to hide.  “You know that was really good soup.  The sandwich was as good as you promised it would be.  Now you have to tell me why they called it a Lunch Lady Special.”

I explained about the lunch ladies in the school cafeteria and the soup and sandwiches they make for a meal.  The one in the diner was at least a hundred times better, but it was still nostalgic.

Buddy and I walked to the studio and apartment after lunch.  The cop on the door called the dispatcher who checked with the detectives who cleared me to pack a bag downstairs.  I was also going to be allowed to take my pocketbook and my truck keys.  So Buddy helped me to do those things under the vigilant eye of the cop on duty.


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6 Responses to Undercover Rose 84 (Edited)

  1. The Mage says:

    Wow this could be a long term war if the enemy are truly Roma! Great new twist Cindy. You, again, have helped to pass the early morning hours. Thank you so much. 🙂

    • cindypress says:

      I like the serial format in that it makes people like you write an alternate story every day. I got a real kick out of having you guys working toward the ending. I know that it at least gives us all a little time to contimplate her next move.


  2. jackballs57 says:

    Another day another interesting twist. Thanks

  3. KO says:

    WOW! So much for my concern about the father/son duo, although as Mage mentioned above, it could be even worse going forward if they truly are Gypsies! Nothing like stepping in it BIG TIME! Glad that Buddy (Gerald? :-)) is around to help and that Rita has been re-introduced. It’d be good to have Rita available from time to time for sure!! Looking forward to the next chapter . . . THANKS!!

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