Notes On The Story

Effective Monday, 31 March, we will increase to 4 chapters per week on the following days:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Secondly, the new format that Cindy mentioned last month will begin this Friday in Chapter 105. We hope you enjoy the change.

Cindy and Walt


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sorry it is a mystery.
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9 Responses to Notes On The Story

  1. Allan says:

    Just a quick hello to say I am still reading or more properly l;listening to the story. The story is still great and i love that you are increasing the number of posts per week and I am so happy that you continue to be well enough to write. Thanks again to you and Wilson! Keep up the great work.

  2. jackballs57 says:

    It will be interesting to see the new format and how it works out. The extra chapter a week is a nice bonus. Thanks for all you both do. Jack

  3. April 2 2014
    Been looking for Rose 105. Haven’t found it yet. Will it appear
    in the same place Rose 104 and earlier did?
    Enjoying the story and looking for more.
    Thanks, Bob T.

  4. 4-3-14
    Still no sign of Rose ch 105.
    Am I looking in the wrong place?
    Eager to see what happens.
    Thanks, Bob T.

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