Investigators Weekend 1

By Cindy and Walt

Eddie was up at 6 AM which was his usual time.  He read the local paper on line with a cup of coffee made the night before.  While he did that fresh coffee brewed in the drip machine.  The machine was one of the old style Mr. Coffee knock offs sold in Walmart.  It might be a knock off, but it made good coffee.  Eddie joked that it should have been called Mr. China.

As was usual he ate a bowl of custom cereal which he mixed himself.  It was a blend of cheap cereals bought at the dollar store.  The kitchen cabinet that served as his pantry was filled with many food items from that particular store.  

Since it was the weekend he would be making a list and going to both the dollar store and the grocery section of the Walmart later that day.  Between the two he could find all he needed.  The two cheapest places in town were still way too expensive in his opinion.

After the coffee and the morning update of the news, Eddie took a shower and dressed for the wait.  He had no idea how long it would take the Home Depot installer to arrive.  They were seldom early, almost always late.


Mike was up at 10 AM more or less.  Like all young people he could never seem to get enough sleep.  Most likely because he stayed up until well after 1 AM.  Unlike his usual habit he used the time to compile information on the mysterious blond.  He had an advantage the others who looked for her over the years lacked.  He had access to many terabytes of information gleaned from the archives of the NSA.  

Tracking the mysterious blonde would have been hard, maybe even impossible without that information.  It might have been done previously if those archived files could have been accessed in real time.  In other words if there had been a system that could process all the data he had available, the mysterious blonde could have been identified before she did her killing thing.  At least she could have been brought to justice somewhere along the way.

Mike knew it was just a matter of time till he could identify her.  Courtroom style evidence was for the others to worry about.  His job was to identify her.  He hadn’t been officially told that, but in his mind the priority was to put a name to the gorgeous blonde’s always hidden face.

He lacked that one piece of information to nail her ass.  He needed something from the early days.  So far she was just the mysterious blonde, or possibly Rose Seabold, who at best was a ghost, or at worst no longer existed.  He knew that at present the ID was so murky that it made the investigation a complete cluster fuck.

Mike loved puzzles, which was why he was so good with a computer.  He was preparing to hunker down with his cup of coffee and power bar.  He was determined to learn to like black coffee.  Sure he knew it was just so that he would get to run with the big boys.  So what, he thought.

As he filled the coffee cup a stranger entered the kitchen.  The man looked terribly embarrassed.  Mike could see the indecision on his face.  He was trying to decide if he should back out or try to bluff his way through.

Stranger (extending his hand):  Hello, you must be Michael.  Your mother has told me all about you.

Mike (Ignoring the hand):  And you are?

Stranger:  I’m Simon and I have to go.  I just thought I would introduce myself.  I didn’t want to sneak off like a thief now that you are some kind of super cop.

Mike:  That’s not really what you thought.  You though oh shit busted.  And it was not alright to sneak around when I was Sarah’s son Michael the computer nerd either.

Simon:  That’s not what I meant, but I really should go.

Simon was obviously very uncomfortable as he left the room.  Mike returned to the basement with a power bar and his coffee cup.  He stayed with his computers until 2 PM when he took a break.  He rode the bike ten miles before he returned home to shower.  

When he found his mother in the kitchen with a smile on her face, he knew he shouldn’t but he just couldn’t help himself.

Mike:  So Mom did you get your itch scratched?

Sarah:  Michael that is rude.  I suppose I have your new friends to thank for that kind of comment.  (She paused then smiled)  Yes Simon stayed over and if you must know, we had sex.  This is still my house and I can do what or whoever I want.

Mike:  Yes you can.

He said that as he walked to the basement door.  Then descended the steps into the artificially dark room.


Salina had a steady stream of sick and injured people at her door.  She cleaned wounds and dispensed aspirin all day.  She also referred people to the free clinic if they were in serious trouble.  The poor, who could, made donations for bandages and antiseptics.  

The local Catholic Church brought aspirin and other mild pain meds over in huge bottles.  Those were donated by manufacturers or drugstore chains.  Many were nearing their expiration dates, but they were still effective.  

She often had to ask a patient to bite down on a towel, while she stitched a knife wound.  The gang bangers couldn’t go to the hospital emergency room, or the free clinic, since they were forced to report the wound.  

In exchange for her treatment of the gang bangers, she got protection and a few dollars for supplies from them.  Her apartment was declared a safe zone.

When the gang wars ravaged the neighborhood armed men from different gangs had stood by the entrance to her apartment to make sure she was safe.  She asked them to leave as it discouraged the poor illegals from seeking help.  Such was Salina’s life in those days.  

She often had dreams of her former lives.  Those dreams were filled with fear and agony.  She described herself as the junkie whore nurse, because it was accurate.  At least it had been accurate at one time.

She found a day old pastry in her refrigerator and had that for breakfast along with a cup of strong coffee.  She was allowed out of her home only to work or go to the store.  She had to explain any deviation from her approved schedule.  So she stayed home and watched TV while she waited for the next crying child or injured worker who had no insurance and a fear of the system.


Wes was either hung over, drinking, or having really horrendous dreams all weekend.  He tried not to sleep since all sleep brought to him was a long line of victims, victims of his former employment.  He was in fact the personification of the evil men that do, in the name of the greater good.  


May woke up Saturday in her own bed with a young attorney.  She had met him as she left the Senator’s office.  He was one of the multitude of young lawyers who worked in the Senate office building.

He was probably a good judge of character as he recognized her available look.  He took her to dinner, then she took him to her bed.  After she dressed for the day, they caught a cab to his apartment so that he could shower and change.  May found his wife waiting.  She tried to think of some excuse for being there other than the truth but just stared at the woman stupidly.

She and the man’s wife had an awkward conversation while he showered.  He was planning to dress for a day in the park with May.

Tommy’s wife:  So you are Tommy’s latest whore.

May:  Would you rather I left?

Edith:  Why bother, we both know what the two of you have been doing.

May:  I didn’t know he was married.  I would never have come here if I did.  What is he some kind of sadist rubbing your nose in his affairs?

Edith:  It is some of that and some just plain insensitivity.  When he gets dressed, he is going to take us both to lunch.  We will sit and try to be polite.

May:  I have no idea how you can do this.  I mean you are so gracious.

Edith:  I do it because I love him.  Why did you do it?

May:  I guess because he was charming and swore he was great in bed.

Edith: Oh he is both of those.  He is also a narcissistic sociopath.  But I have to admit he is lovable.  (she was smiling)

May (trying to decide whether or not to run like hell):  This is a little strange.  I have never met anyone so understanding.

Edith:  I would expect that is true.  I know it’s very strange but honey it’s our life.  You might enjoy it if you try just going with it.  (She smiled brightly)

May:  Okay I’ll give it a try.


Lucille spent the weekend with her kids.  Soccer games Saturday morning in the park and kiddie movies in the afternoons.  She also pretended that her marriage was good, even though she knew it was the cold war with good manners.

She did give the investigation some thought as she reviewed the tapes from the office the night before.  Of course she taped everything that happened.  After the first day she also had cameras and microphones installed in the stairwell.  

After all she was in charge of keeping the Senator informed as to the progress of the investigation.  She had the feeling that if Steady Eddie got too close to the truth she would be shutting it all down.

Lucille pretended to enjoy the weekend even though she would rather have been working.  Not in that Hole In The Wall, but in the Senator’s office.  If she wanted, she could have an affair.  But it was like she told that May woman everything wasn’t about sex.  It was all about power, who had it, who didn’t, and what you would do for more of it.

About the whole family thing, she was one of those women with very low maternal instincts.  She had managed the pregnancy and delivery pretty well, but the actual day to day grind of motherhood was just not for her.  At least she admitted it and avoided it rather than drown the kids like so many unwanted kittens.


Eddie made the deal with Home Depot for the blown in cellulose insulation in the attic and the walls and for ten storm windows and two new storm doors.  The agreed price was over fifteen hundred dollars.  It was a bit much, but he was working again.  He could stretch his pension to cover the Home Depot, even if he worked himself out of the job.  He also knew that the job was only six months at the most, so he planned to pay off the Home Depot in just one month.

Eddie: So you are going to start on Tuesday?

Installer:  Well some of us will.  We can work on the windows and doors from the outside, but we are going to need to get in for the overhead insulation.  

Eddie:  Yeah the access is a trap door in the ceiling of my hall closet.  I guess I need to be here for the insulation work then.  Do you have any idea when that will be?

Installer:  My men can do it as well as the doors and windows.  We only need a couple of hours for the overhead so we can start with it first thing Tuesday morning.  If we do the ceiling first we can be out of your way by 10 AM most likely.

Eddie:  Let’s do this, you start work on the doors and windows.  Call my cell phone and I’ll come home to let you inside so you can do the overhead.  Then when that is done, I will go back to work.  It will take about an hour, for me to get back here from the city.

Installer:  That will work just fine.

On Sunday Eddie watched a couple of movies on his new Internet TV system.  In the early evening he heated a frozen dinner in the microwave before he sat down at the computer to check his email.  The kerosene heater was working as hard as it could but it couldn’t quite keep it warm enough.  If he used the rear of the house for a den he would have been very cold.  So he moved everything into the living room and left only the bathroom door open.  There was no door leading into the kitchen so there was a free exchange of air there.

By having his TV system and computer station in the living room the Kerosene heater managed to keep him from being terribly uncomfortable most of the time.  His next purchase had to be a heating system, he thought.

Eddie decided that he would paint the kitchen cabinets.  Those most likely wouldn’t be harmed by the flooring contractor should he decide to hire one.  He sanded the dark stained wood before painting the cabinet skeleton white.  He decided after the first set of wall cabinets that they were going to make the place brighter.  He had to make some repairs to a drawer, but all in all it was a successful Sunday.


On Sunday morning May was still with Tommy and his wife, Edith.  She found that once they got past the uncomfortable first meeting, she and Edith had a lot in common.  Edith was a follower and knew it.  But she was able to turn the lack of alpha characteristics to her advantage.  She exploited the weaknesses of others.  May decided that she might just like Edith better than her husband.

She had dressed for dinner at a fancy restaurant with the two of them Saturday evening.  The sex after the date had been more than simply adequate.  There was something beyond simply erotic about the whole thing.  She had felt it even during dinner.

When she woke up in their king sized bed, she felt quite content.  The three of them went to breakfast, then back home for more sex.  It was quite a weekend even if she did sleep alone Sunday night.


Salina had a gang member come in who was experiencing loose bowels and vomiting.  She was sure he was suffering from flu, but didn’t want to rule out something more serious.  She suggested he go to the emergency free clinic on Monday if he wasn’t feeling better.  

Banger:  There are warrants out for me.  If I go there they will lock me up.

Salina:  You could have something much worse than the flu.  I don’t think so, but I have no way to test.  The only thing I’m sure of is that you aren’t pregnant.

Banger:  I would laugh but I’m afraid I would have an accident.

Salina:  Go to the clinic and give them the name of a friend who is not wanted.  They can’t refuse to treat you.  Maybe you can slip away after they determine what it is you have.  


Mike  (into the phone):  Hey Wes, are you there.

Wes:  What day is it.

Mike:  It’s Sunday man.

Wes:  What’s up that couldn’t wait till tomorrow?

Mike:  I guess it can wait.  You sound like you have been drinking.

Wes:  Yeah Mike, it’s what I do.  So what’s the news you are dying to tell me.

Mike:  You sure?

Wes:  Yeah I’m already awake.

Mike:  That former Swamp Dog operative was the Operations Commander on that cruise ship fiasco.

Wes:  Oh really?  Be sure the boss knows before you tell either of those women about this.  I don’t want him to be blindsided by any of this.  In the meantime keep digging.  Run the financials on all of the players we know so far, the guy, the woman who was in prison on the island, and that Swamp Dog lawyer.

Mike:  Sure thing Wes.  How about giving me a lift to the office in the morning.

Wes:  Okay but you call me before you leave on your ride.  That should give me enough time to get my run in.


Lucille spent the evening Sunday with her family.  The kids and her husband didn’t require a lot of time which was a good thing.  The kids were too young for boarding school, so that was a fight she and her husband would have time to prepare.  She waited until the kids were in bed to have a drink.  

She most likely would have only the one drink before taking a bath.  She usually masturbated in the tub, since it was her quiet time.  She had a very active fantasy life.  She imagined having sex with all kinds of men and women.  Lucille was not actually bisexual.  She simply fantasized about it.


Steady Eddie finished the second coat on his kitchen cabinets Sunday.  He was satisfied that they were at least clean looking.  He also decided that he could paint the kitchen, since the work for a new floor would be no more than replacing the vinyl covering.  It seemed structurally sound and didn’t seem to slope.  He decided that the kitchen walls and ceiling would be a good project for the next weekend.  After all he had planned to do some of the work himself.

He went online late Sunday evening to check the news.  He found one of the Sunday political recap shows.  There was Lucille’s boss talking about the hearings.

Senator Ames:  We need to get to the bottom of this whole affair.  We need to know who did what, and determine if anyone covered for them.  It looks like one or more people interceded to have investigations aborted.  We are still investigating and holding hearings.  I give the American People my word.  We will get to the bottom of this whole affair.

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6 Responses to Investigators Weekend 1

  1. KO says:

    A nice view into our new characters away from work, Thanks to you and Walt for consistently getting these chapters to us for our morning reading pleasure!! 🙂

  2. jackballs57 says:

    Thanks for all you and Walt do in keeping us in suspense. Rose better plant some fast growing trees and vines next to her shipping box to hide the heat signature from it these people are moving fast.

  3. Walt says:

    Thank you KO and Jack. I thought of one way to kieep people off your property. Put a quicksand pit at the entrance, electric wire fence around the rest of it. That would discourage all but the super die hards. But that isn’t in the story.

    • KO says:

      I’m liking that as an option though! High ground and a moat might also be an option!! I’m sure that it’s going to be tough for these guys to figure out who Rose is, let alone find her, and then perhaps cature her. I’m kinda thinking it’d be like hunting a bear with a pocket knife! 🙂
      You’re both doing a fantastic job and it’s much, MUCH appreciated!!

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