The Investigators Day 14

By Cindy and Walt


Eddie found he couldn’t sleep past 3 AM.  He rolled around the bed half asleep from 3 AM until 5 AM, then finally gave up.  The motel was so cheap he heard the water run in Wes’ room when he flushed the toilet.  Eddie dressed then went outside in time to catch Wes before his walk.

Eddie:  So let get on to it.

Wes: Right, you want to lead and set the pace.

Eddie:  You set it, I’ll keep up.

Wes:  Good luck with that one old man.

Eddie:  This coming from a man with a hangover.

Wes:  No hangover for the last four days.  I have been on the wagon and suffering with sobriety the whole time.

They walked five miles more or less.  Three out and two back stopping at a restaurant on their route.  When they stopped for breakfast Wes ate a biscuit and jelly washed down with orange juice and coffee, lots of coffee.  While Eddie had the country breakfast special, lots and lots of burned animal fat and scrambled eggs.  He was able to swap the grits for hash brown potatoes since he had never developed the taste for grits.

Eddie: So how did I do?

Wes:  You did fine for an old man.  I expect Salina will be able to do better if we ever wake up in time to walk before work.

Eddie: (Nodding)  So how do you think today is going to go?

Wes: I respectfully refuse to answer on advice of counsel.

Eddie:  Maybe or maybe not.  If we can ask the right questions, we might learn something even from that.  Get him to talk about harmless stuff.  Then when we hit him with something we know.  If he refuses, we try something harmless again.  Keep going back and forth, then slip in something we aren’t sure of and see how he answers it.

Wes:  Questions like today is Thursday, oh and do you operate a safe house for spies?

Eddie: Exactly.  Or oh by the way where is Rose Seabold at the moment.

Wes:  So what should we do till Andrew calls us.

Eddie:  We should make their lives miserable, at least as miserable as we can.  First of all we assume that there is not going to be any new information from them.  So why not put a rock in their boots.

Wes:  Okay, how do we do that?

Eddie:  Why we start another line of investigation.  We talk to anyone who knew Sylvia Porter over in County Seat.  Get our own biography started.  Then when Andrew calls, we will be too busy to hold the meeting today.  Explain we are sorry but when they didn’t call we began a new line of investigation.  We couldn’t possibly get to them till 6 or 7 PM.  Maybe tomorrow would be better after all.

Wes: I like it, put them on the defense and try to tie Rita up for another day.  The least we can do is to let her know where the real power is located.

Eddie:  If you are going to play power games, it is best to know how much you have.  So let’s find out how much we have.  Let’s head over to the Courthouse.  The former Clerks and Judges haven’t been forced by this nationalization yet, so let’s try them.

At 11 AM they were talking to a local Judge.

Judge:  She was one of the best Sheriffs we ever had.  She was absolutely incorruptible.  She didn’t care a whit about money, so she couldn’t be bribed.  I generally hated her guts when she came before me, but I would love to have been her friend outside of court.

Just then the phone rang.  It was Andrew.  As Eddie had explained to Wes, he stonewalled Andrew.

Eddie:  Sure, let me know what you want to do before five.

Wes:  Even I knew you were gaming him.

Eddie:  I hope he realizes we are playing at whose is bigger and Rita explains that ours is.  Sure he knows, but Rita can’t prove it, so they have a decision to make.

Eddie and Wes continued to interview people who had known Sylvia.  One of them was The Brit’s friend Jeremy.  He told the stories about how he and Sylvia had gone to craft shows and the like, while she was between jobs.

Everything about Sylvia seemed larger than life.  Eddie knew better.  If he had enough time the dirt would begin to roll out.


Day fourteen started for Salina with a scrambled egg and cheese sandwich made in her own kitchen.  She then showered and dressed for work, which seemed more like a break from her real job.  The people of the projects depended on her to tell them how to manage their health care.  While keeping in mind a trip to the clinic could be a ticket home for some, and jail for others.  She advised them on the least dangerous option.

She made it out the door with no last minute emergencies, so she was at work early for a change.  Once she parked Wes’ car, and before she opened the office door, she saw the tiny bit of Kleenex on the ground.  It was the ‘tell’ which Wes had insisted upon.  Eddie then stressed the need to do it by every one of them.  

The last person out had to place the Kleenex bait on top of the door.  There was no way it could have fallen on its own or stayed in place, if the door had been opened.  If it had been opened by one of them, they would have known to replace it.  First she had to be doubly sure that none of the others had returned to the office after hours.  She was almost 100% sure they had not since Eddie and Wes had stayed in College Hill.  No one else cared enough to return to the office.

She went inside to start the coffee.  She decided to wait for the men to at least finish their interviews in County Seat and the Church Camp to share the news.  The remaining three of them at the ‘Hole In The Wall’ office were in very little danger she decided.  Every soldier knew what a threat assessment meant and knew how to do it.  The only one of them who wouldn’t be screwed if caught with a weapon was May.  The thought of May with a weapon was as terrifying as the thought of someone invading their space.  She decided she had to ask even if it created speculation among the others.  She needed to know who was the last one out and if they remembered to set the ‘tell’.  She sat down with her fresh brewed coffee and began to work on Sylvia’s medical records which arrived late the day before.

All she could find of any significance was the mention of injuries from altercations over the years.  They were nothing like those sustained by Rose Seabold.  She did find mention of an over twenty year old injury sustained before she was a Sheriff.  She had been injured during a drug raid by friendly fire.  A tree beside her exploded from a high velocity rifle round fired by an SBI agent.  The splinters moving at a high rate of speed had shredded her hand.  The damage was something similar to being shot in the hand with birdshot.  The splinters had damaged skin, muscles, and nerves.  They had also bruised bones.  In other words her hand was a mess.  

The emergency room doctors treated her for blood loss and shock, then sent her to a trauma specialist who treated her hand.  There followed months of surgery to reconstruct the hand rather than remove it.  She ended up with a club hand, but it was a working hand.  It just didn’t work a hundred percent.

The thing Salina found most interesting is the reports referred to her as Wildlife Enforcement Officer Porter.  She must have been a Game Warden.  She decided to recommend to Wes that he have Mike check on her official files for a background in Wildlife Enforcement.

She made that decision before Mike showed up.  He was extremely late.  Since she wasn’t his keeper she put it down to when the cats away the mice will play etc.

May arrived first looking less dull than usual.  Anything would be an improvement over the usual drag ass May.  She was like a zombie most mornings, which led Salina to believe she was sleeping poorly.  

May:  Good morning Salina.

Salina: (Skeptical) Good morning.  What have you been up to so early?  Obviously it was someone special to make you all smiles.

May:  Well, it wasn’t sex this morning.  It was a ride down the bike trail in a neighborhood park, which connects with a deserted stretch of a railroad bed.  It was absolutely beautiful.  I rode over ten miles.  Where is Mike this morning?

Salina:  God you are so enthusiastic it’s disgusting.  As you can see Mike isn’t here yet.

The two women put their heads down and continued to read the files Mike had provided.  It was grueling work and no fun at all.  It was almost ten when Mike came limping through the door.

May:  What in the world?

Mike:  Some asshole ran me off the road.  I was on my way home after breakfast and he ran a stop sign right in front of me.  I took to the curb to avoid him.  I got tossed off the bike.  My knee is bruised and my arm and shoulder is scraped pretty good.

Salina:  Did you go to the ER?

Mike:  I don’t think it’s that bad.

Salina:  (In disgust) Oh fuck it, let’s see.

Mike tried but couldn’t get the leg of his jeans over the knee.  It was the same with the shirt.  

May:  You have to go to the ER.

Mike:  I have no insurance.  If I go there, I will be in hock for the rest of my life, not to mention the IRS will find me.  Right now I have no contact with them.  If I check into the hospital, they will be all over me for not paying taxes for a couple of years.  I had hoped to put them off till next year.

Salina:  Yeah the National Health Care Act ties all the support agencies together.  Everybody knows everything.  That is why the people I see don’t go to the ER.  

May:  Then you have to do something.

Salina (to May):  Get your ass to the closest drugstore, get a lot of gauze pads and some tape, not that skin sensitive shit some real tape.  Also get a big bottle of peroxide and two tubes of antibiotic ointment and some ice packs.  Meanwhile I’ll try to get a look, but for god’s sake hurry.

(After May left)

Salina:  You are lucky I carry such a large purse.  I have a small amount of supplies in there.  So let’s get you undressed.  Can you get your jeans off, or do I need to cut them off?

Mike:  I can get them off I think, but it is really painful to bend down for my shoes.

Salina:  Please don’t tell me you rode that scooter to work in this cold dressed like you are.

Mike:  Yeah, and it was pretty cold, but actually I felt better out there than in here pain wise.

From her purse Salina removed some pills.  

Salina:  You allergic to anything?

Mike:  Manual labor. (He smiled sickly)

Salina:  Take this.

She handed him a pill and a cup of tap water.  

Mike:  What is it?

Salina:  Don’t worry, it’s not a narcotic.  It’s a super version of Ibuprofen.  It won’t kill all the pain, but it will help.  Now take these Tylenol tablets.  

Mike:  You sure that it’s safe?

Salina:  Not safe enough to take every day, but safer than riding a bike in DC obviously.

Mike:  Yeah, looks like it.

He got his pants down without screaming.  Salina used non-sterile water to clean the grit out of the scrape.  Her real concern was the swelling.

Salina:  You got a nasty scrape that is going to be painful as hell, but that knee should be x-rayed.  It could be damaged.

Mike:  You don’t look upset enough for it to be serious.

Salina:  (smiling)  It’s messy, but not as messy as a belly wound from an AK-47.

Mike:  (trying to smile)  That’s good to know.

Salina had Mike down to his shorts by the time May returned.  Mike still had a pretty good size paunch.  He didn’t tell them that he had lost eleven pounds in the two weeks he has worked with the group.  His exercise and a controlled access to food accounted for the weight loss.  

The controlled access was mostly due to being out of the house working.  Some of it was his reluctance to go upstairs and confront his mom and her lover dejour.  That was an issue going onto the back burner for a while for sure.

May came rushing in after almost thirty minutes.  Salina used the peroxide to clean the wounds a second time.  Then she coated them with antibiotic ointment and bandaged them.

Salina:  It looks worse than it is, but he is going to have some discomfort.  He should be home where he can lie down.

Mike:  No, I want to work.  I don’t want to be home.  

May:  Well you don’t need to put these clothes on again.  They are bloody.  Call your Mom and have her bring some clothes.

Salina:  Also have her check her medicine cabinet for any leftover prescription pain killing drugs.  You know like Vicodin, Codeine, or anything of that type.  

Mike:  She’s at work I’m sure.  I’ll call her.  She doesn’t know about the fall.  I don’t want to worry her.

May:  Mike you don’t have any choice.  You have to call her or I’m going to take you home.

Mike made the call while May and Salina tried to decide how to handle him.

May:  Should we force him to go home?

Salina:  He won’t be any better off at home alone than he is here.  He is going to need a ride home tonight, but I can handle that.  Once he is home I assume his mother will take care of him.  He probably doesn’t need to be going up and down the stairs there twenty times a day.  But otherwise he should be able to do anything he wants, but I doubt he will want to do very much.

May:  Well I got stairs at my place or I’d take him.  (There was a questioning look from Salina.)  Okay, maybe not.  

Salina:  He is off the phone.  Let’s go talk to him.  (After she walked over to Mike)  You need a blanket?

Mike:  I am getting cold.  

Salina:  I don’t have a blanket but at least put your pants and coat on.  You can change them out after your mom shows up with clean clothes.

This is not the best time to ask, but who was the last person to leave the office last night.

Mike:  Why did I leave it unlocked?

Salina:  No, I was wondering if you remember to set the Kleenex.

Mike:  To be honest, I can’t say that I have a memory either way, why?

Salina:  The paper was on the floor outside when I came to work this morning.  I’m sure that it was there before I touched the door.

May:  We need to contact someone about that.  Mike’s accident may not have been an accident.

Mike:   It was an accident.  Trust me the guy never even looked.  It wasn’t like he planned it.  He was just a jerk.

May:  Bullshit.  Ask Eddie, there are no coincidences.

Salina:  Of course there are.  Everything is not a coincidence though.  Some things are planned to look like random events.  When the boys call in we will discuss it with them.  What we will not do is to discuss this with Lucille.

May:  It’s noon already have you heard from them.

Salina:  No, but it’s okay.  They are running games on the Staff at the Camp.  Remember the call for you to obtain a search warrant then to cancel it?  They are just winging it down there.  They will call later to let us know when to expect their return.  In the meantime, we need to keep going as if none of this was real.

May:  It’s noon, where the fuck is Mike’s mother?  You can bet I would be here in a minute if it was my kid.

Salina:  Spoken like a true woman who has no kids.  (She laughed)

A few minutes later a thin woman in her early forties appeared at the gate.   Mike buzzed her in.  

Mike:  Mom is here.

May went into the parking garage to meet her.  When she opened the door May was surprised to find that the woman looked only a little older than she did.  She was very attractive.  It was hard to believe she was Mike’s mother.  

May:  Hi, my name is May.  I work with Mike.  

Mom:  (not overly concerned) How is he?

May: Pretty banged up, but he isn’t too bad.  Fortunately we have an army medic here, who patched him up.  Come on I’ll let you see for yourself.

Mom:  Sure, lead the way.

May was surprised at her lack of concern.  When they entered the room and the woman saw Mike for the first time she did look a little concerned but the look vanished quickly.  She gave the pill bottles to Salina then went to Mike.

Mom:  How are you Michael?

Mike:  I think I got a bruised knee and some scrapes but I seem to be holding up well.  Salina cleaned me up and I finally got warm.

Mom:  Good.

Salina:  You got a ballsy kid there.  He walked home from the accident, then got on his scooter and came here.  He was in a lot of pain and did all that.  The kid is not just a geek and wimp.  He has real balls.

Mom:  I’m not surprised.  Every mother thinks her child is special.

May:  Well yours is.

Salina removed a pill from one of the bottles Mike’s mother had brought.

Salina:  Take this.

Mike:  Are you sure it’s safe on top of all those other pills.

Salina:  Trust me, I’m a professional.


Eddie:  (Into phone)  We should be finished by 5:30 or we can do it in the morning.  (pause)  Okay then 5:30 it is.

Wes:  Well, we sure showed them.  Now we can drive all night to get home.

Eddie:  Let’s just see how it plays out.  Right or wrong, it’s done now.  You know this interview stuff is all a big staged game show.  It’s all part of the set decorations.

The two of them spent the afternoon running down old employees of the Sheriff’s office.  On a suggestion from a deputy they tried the gym run by the daughter of Sylvia’s old school boxing coach.

Daughter:  My name is Ang and I knowed her yeah.  Her with that skinny ass worked out here.  She brought some other chubby white bitch now and then, but she was here every day.  I can remember the day she took on a regional Golden Gloves finalist in that ring right over there.  They still talk about it around here.

Wes:  How did she do?

Ang:  How do you think she did?  She get her ass whupped.  My pops he had to step in and stop it.  The crazy bitch just wouldn’t stay down.  The other fighters they didn’t smart mouth her after that.  She shore was a bloody mess face all cut up and bruised ribs.  She didn’t come around for a week, but she was back after that and worked just as hard as before.  She had to hold a piece of wooden broom handle in her glove to make a fist.  Pop said she would have broke her hand otherwise.  She didn’t have no grip, she said.  That was one tough skinny blond bitch though.

Eddie:  Anybody else around here remember her?

Ang:  No, it’s been ten years or more since she hung out here.  What we get here is fighter wanna bees and soft little high school boys.  They want to stay out of the gang banger life.  Like my father before me, I try to make them men first, then boxers.

Eddie:  You get any cops in?

Ang:  None old enough to remember Sylvia.  Now and then some black cop will come in to work out.  We don’t have no fancy upscale gyms here.

Wes:  Maybe you should try to get the housewives to come in a couple of days a week.  If you advertised it right, I bet you could get some in.

Ang:  Thanks but I’m doin’ okay.

Eddie looked around at the patrons.  Then he looked at Wes.

Eddie:  Well thanks for your help.

Wes:  (in the car)  Should we drop a dime on her?  You know she is dealing, at the very least, in some of those new human growth hormones.

Eddie:  Not unless you saw some young kids hangin’ out there.  I didn’t see any, and I don’t work for the Feds any more.

Wes:  True and I never was a narc.  You want me to call the office?

Eddie:  Call your girlfriend and tell her we will both be in the office tomorrow, but it might be late.

Wes: (nodded, then spoke into the phone)  Hello Salina.  What is happening back there? (Listened then)  Is he okay?  (Listened again)  Are you sure it was there last night?  Okay, let me talk to the boss and I’ll get back to you.  Be careful in the meantime.  You know where the shotgun is?  Okay.

Eddie:  What the hell is going on back there?

Wes:  Two things both could be serious.  Let me try to get the time sequence right.  Someone may or may not have broken into the office last night.  Mike got run off the road on his bicycle this morning.

Eddie:  Is he okay?

Wes:  Salina patched him up.  Some scrapes and he might have bruised his knee.  He is like a lot of her patients, living off the grid.  He is afraid to go to the hospital for x-rays.  He is in pain and may not be functioning at a hundred percent.

Eddie:  Someone may have broken in for an update on the investigation and they may be stalking our people.  Is that how you paranoid CIA field men would see this?

Wes:  Yeah.

Eddie:  Since it is a possibility tell them to lock themselves in there until I get Lucille to get them some protection.  

Wes made the first call, then Eddie got on the phone.  He told the story to Lucille stressing that it might possibly be nothing.

Eddie:  Even so I want the whole fucking team in a safe house till me and Wes get back tomorrow.  One officer guarding them all will be cheaper than one for each at their homes.  It is also safer than rushing through a weapons permit for each of them.  You got them into this shit now protect them.  If you have any questions remember who we are dealing with here.  

Wes:  No officer for Salina.  That will make her a target in the hood.

Eddie:  Just get Salina home for her clothes with an undercover officer in tow, then to the safe house for the night.  Wes will take care of her after that.  Now get Mike checked out at a walk in clinic with an x-ray machine.  Have the Senate’s budget cover it and treat him as an identity protected witness.

Wes and I are going to see the Church Camp people this afternoon.  We will bring all this shit up with them.  That you can fucking count on.

Lucille:  Eddie listen to me.  If they are stalking you, this could be the break we need.  Do not tip them off that we are onto them.

Eddie:  Okay.  If they kill us at the Church Camp it will be the excuse you need to raid it for sure.  So I’ll call you when we are out safe.  


Mike was in a lot of pain, but he managed to concentrate.  He couldn’t find anything amiss with the computers, but if it was a professional break in he wouldn’t expect to find it that easily.

Since Salina had told him about the ‘tell’, he hadn’t backed up any data to his cloud account.  He hadn’t even gone online since he assumed that his data was all compromised.  That he knew was a bad thing, but if he had a Trojan it would be a worse thing.  

Since Wes had called back with the decisions Salina was expecting a cop just not six of them at the gate.  There were three cars and two officers to a car.  Two of them were marked cars and one was not.  They identified themselves at the front gate for the CCTV before entering the garage.

One of the cops came in the office to motion them outside with a gesture for silence.  He was wearing a polo shirt with the police insignia on the chest.

Man in the polo shirt to May:  I’m Marco.  I am going back inside to sweep the place and search for evidence of an intrusion.  You are finished for the day.  I want you to go back in and get your things.  Keep it quiet okay, and tell the others.

It took five minutes to evacuate everyone to the parking garage area.  The uniformed police took charge of May and Mike.  

Salina:  I can’t stay away overnight.  The people in the projects need me.

Undercover cops.  I’m sorry, but tonight they are going to have to do without their angel.  Your man will be back tomorrow, but tonight you are going to have to go into protective custody.  Do you need anything from home?

Salina:  Clothes and my kit for Mike.

UC:  Okay then we do it like this.  You drive your car, a plain clothes officer will follow behind.  The officer will pass your parking lot.  I will already be in place.  You stay in the car so he can cover you till you spot me.  When you see me go in your building get out of the car and walk quickly to the building.  Nobody will pay attention to me hanging out in the entrance to your building.  I’ll follow behind, when you open your door, I will slip inside.  Got it?

Salina:  Seems like a lot of trouble just because of a kid fell off his bike.

UC:  Could be, but you never know.  They tell me a Senator is taking a special interest in you, so I’m going to be your best buddy for a while.

Salina:  You got a name best buddy.

UC:  Yeah, they call me Jasper.  We will move when the tech guy finishes his sweep.


Eddie answered the phone just before they went into the interview.

Eddie:  Hello Lucille, what you got.

Lucille:  I’m only going to tell you all this because you have friends in low places and can dig it all out anyway.

Eddie:  Fine, just spill it.

Lucille:  The tech people found bugs inside the office and in the stairway.

Eddie:  Were they all yours?  Don’t bother to lie cause I know you had me bugged.

Lucille:  No, not all of them.  The ones in the stairwell were ours, but the new ones in the office didn’t belong to any government agency that I can find.  That does not mean the CIA or NSA didn’t do it.

Eddie:  It could have been the Fed’s Intel unit as well.  Everybody is bugging people these days.  Could they tell how long they had been in place?

Lucille:  Looks like our team got to them on day one.  The bigger issue is your computer network was compromised.  Mike doesn’t think it spread, since he told the tech officer he felt like shit from the accident and didn’t download any new material.  The cloud backup only connects when he calls it.  We think the Trojan they installed is confined to your in house network.

Wes:  How is Mike?

Eddie:  How much damage did the kid have?

Lucille:  Looks like just a bruise and the doc said Salina was doing a good job on his scrapes, so he was released.  He might have also injured a rib or two.  They don’t show up on the x-ray though.  The knee is just a deep bruise.

Eddie:  Good.  (To Wes)  Looks like he is okay.  (Back to the phone)  Is everyone in the safe house?

Lucille:  Yes, all present and accounted for.  All their cell phones are off the grid, so don’t try to call.  I’ll call you, if anything changes.

Eddie:  Fair enough.  You can relay anything I need to tell them.  I have a pad with me.  I’ll use it to set up a new email tonight for messages if you need to send me new information.

Lucille:  We are considering everything compromised.  Any business goes to heat when you get back.

Eddie:  Wes and I will be black till we are back in DC.

Lucille:  Be careful you maybe going into the lion’s den down there.

Eddie:  Gee, I hadn’t thought of that.

Lucille:  Asshole

She broke the connection and smiled.  She had chosen the right crew for sure, from the medic who treated Mike, to the man who put the Kleenex ‘tell’ on the door.  She had the best people in place, people who didn’t trust anyone not even her.


When Wes and Eddie showed up at the gate, they were met not by the caretaker with the shotgun rack in his rusty old pickup, but by a middle aged black woman with just a bit of gray in her hair.  There were two men by her side who were holding shotguns.

Eddie: You know those guys aren’t going to do you much good if a Fed Police swat team comes in.

Rita:  I never show all my cards till the dealin’s done.  My clients have a lot of people who would do them harm.  They come in all shapes and sizes.

Eddie:  Then I assume you know when to fold them and walk away.

Rita:  Not till I see your hand.  So you want to come in and look around.  I will be happy to accompany you.

Eddie:  Good, now that you have had time to sanitize the place, there won’t be any need to go over the place in detail.  I would like to see the safe houses.

Rita:  Sorry they are occupied.  You know you can’t visit them.  You can visit the staff area and the offices, but not the safe house area.

Eddie:  Fair enough.

She might or might not have realized that she had just verified a large part of Wes’ information.  The Church Camp did indeed operate safe houses for the government.

Rita showed them a village of ten cabins which had been renovated years before so that they could be occupied year round.  There were sealed shutters that covered the half screen upper walls.  Those were bolted down for the winter at the time of Eddie’s visit.  The large dining hall and administrative building had the same kind of shutters.

Andrew:  Welcome to Church Camp.  I do hope this conversation stays friendly.  Rita is here just to make sure I don’t say anything that is inaccurate or confidential.

Eddie:  Oh sure I understand it’s going to be ask me anything and as long as I can answer yes or no, I will.  I’m just not going to volunteer any information.  Is that about it?

Andrew:  Unless you brought your own waterboard, that’s about it.

Wes:  Well I’m sure we could improvise, if you volunteer?

Rita:  Andrew most certainly does not volunteer to be tortured.

Wes:  Shame.

Eddie:  Let’s try to get back to the friendly interview.  So with that in mind was Sylvia Porter ever employed by the Church Camp?

Rita:  Just to be accurate define employed.

Eddie:  Was she ever on staff or an operative of the Church Camp?

Andrew:  No.

Eddie:  Was she ever a contract employee.  

Rita and Andrew whispered.  Eddie knew that he was onto something at that point.

Andrew:  No

Eddie:  Keeping in mind that your tax records can be subpoenaed by the Select Committee, did she ever do work for you as an independent contractor?

Rita:  Several years ago Sylvia performed contract work for Church Camp while she waited for the outcome of a lawsuit against the State Bureau of Investigation.  Once that suit was settled she did other work on a purely contract status.  She was never an employee of Church Camp.

Eddie:  When did she become an employee of Swamp Dog?

Rita:  That is outside the scope of my clients first hand knowledge.

Eddie:  When did you first learn that she was the Director of the entity known as Swamp Dog?

Rita and Andrew had another whispered conference.

Rita:  We will concede that Sylvia was Director of the Swamp Dog enterprise from the time that the State Government made the unconstitutional take over by law enforcement in the rural areas, until her death last year.

Eddie:  So she led Swamp Dog for about fifteen years?

Andrew:  Fifteen years while the government ran amok.  

Eddie:  And during that time what was Church Camp’s mission?

Another conference was held before anyone answered.

Rita:  Church Camp did not commit any illegal operations at any time.  Church Camp has provided services to the US government during their time of domestic reorganization.  They also provided private security to wealthy or controversial clients.  All of those actions were carried out within the existing laws at the time of the operations.

Eddie:  Would you provide us with a list of operations?

Andrew:  Absolutely not.  Get your fucking subpoena and I will burn the place to the ground before I give you shit.

Rita:  I think this meeting has ended.

Eddie:  One more question.  Do either of you know where Rose Seabold is at this time?  We know she worked for Church Camp.

Rita:  I have no idea.  

Andrew shook his head.

They didn’t realize, but they had verified that Rose had indeed worked for the Church Camp.

Wes:  Would any of the staff know her whereabouts?

Andrew:  I’ll ask around and get back with you.  Now I think you should leave.


Wes:  (Into the phone)  It’s 7 PM.  We are heading home.  I know you aren’t there, but you will get this sometime.  See you soon.

Eddie:  Are you crazy you know we will be back before she can reactivate her phone.

Wes:  I promised I would call, so I called.


Salina:  So May, you want to talk about anything?

May: (Laughing) The angel with dirty hands wants to talk to the sinner?

Salina:  Okay, forget it.  I’ll just watch ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ or ‘The Kardashians’ on the TV.

May:  You know that is extortion.

Salina:  I had no idea.

May:  Okay, so what’s with you and Wes?

Salina:  Wes gets me, that’s all.  He also has a 12 inch penis.

May:  Holy shit, are you kidding?

Salina:  Yeah, he don’t get me at all.  

Salina walked from the kitchen into the living room where Mike sat.

Salina:  Mike do not forget to take your pills.  They are there in the saucer.  Take them now, so they will be working at midnight or whenever you decide to go to sleep.  If you wake up in pain during the night, call me.

May:  You want to share a room?

Salina:  I’m sure Mike isn’t up to it and I know you weren’t talking to me yuppie princess.  

May:  Sarcasm does not become you Angel.

Salina:  Where did you get that shit?

May:  From the undercover cop.  That’s what they call you in the hood isn’t it?

Salina:  Nobody ever called me that.


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6 Responses to The Investigators Day 14

  1. jackballs57 says:

    Oh those bits and pieces will get you every time. Thanks Jack

  2. The Mage says:

    Thanks for another good read! It looks as if the team is cosing in, yet, knowing you there is some sort of twist coming in the story line. 🙂

  3. KO says:

    Catching up once again. It’s very enjoyable to have a few new chapters to read from time to time.

    There have been some interesting developments for sure and these guys really seem to know their stuff. Good for us, maybe not so good for Rose. It also sounds like they are starting to connect more and more dots and are on to something if bugging the work place and trying to scare them is any indication! 😉

    Great stuff, as always! Thanks for the read and entertainment!!

    A belated Happy Mother’s Day to you! Hope that you’re feeling and doing better!!

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