The Investigators Day 15

By Cindy and Walt

Morning and afternoon

Eddie: Damn, at the next exit with a truck stop, I have to pull over. I really need coffee.

Wes: Yeah, I need coffee and to take over driving. You drive like an old lady. It’s after midnight. At this rate we won’t get home till Saturday.

Eddie: Screw you Wes. I will let you drive though. I’m pretty sleepy.

The second half of the drive took less time than the first half, since Wes drove quite a bit faster than Eddie. They pulled into the parking garage where Eddie’s car was stored at 3 AM.

Wes: So do you want to drive me home or let me borrow the company wheels?

Wes had said it as the rolled up the ramps to the third floor. When they arrived at the office, they found Wes’ car parked there.

Eddie: Looks as though you won’t need the ride after all.

Wes: I guess the protection team took Salina to the safe house.

Eddie: Yes it does. Wait till tomorrow. If the other folks aren’t in the office then call Lucille. She will know what is going on by then. (Pause) And Wes, watch your back. We are the only two the bad guys can find right now. Pull your phone battery.

Wes: No problem. I pulled it before we left the mountains.

Eddie: You should have told me. I’m going to pull mine now. They will know we are back because I showed up on their GPS. You know there is nothing we can do for the others. Why don’t I pull my battery and then you and I go to my place.

Wes: You know they can find us. They are bound to know where you live.

Eddie: Yeah they may kill us, but unlike Mike we can make them pay.

Wes: Ever since I have been working for you, I have been wondering which of us were the real bad asses, the foreign legion or us.

Eddie: So that is a yes?

Wes: Bet your ass it is.

Eddie: I got a couple of shotguns at the house. They come complete with some deer slugs and buckshot. I bet we can make a mess of some of them at least.

Wes: Then forget about pulling the phone battery.


Mike walked down the hall to Salina’s room and leaned against the door.

Mike: Salina.

Salina: (opening the door) You okay Mike?

Mike: My knee and my ribs hurt so bad that I don’t even notice the scrapes.

Salina: Hold on a minute.

She went back in her room to collect a Vicodin and a Benadryl tablet, then returned to the door a moment later.

Salina: Take these and go back to bed. They should ease the pain and help you sleep.

Mike: Thank you, you really are an angel.

Salina: Hardly now go back to bed.


From 4 AM till 9 AM Wes and Eddie slept in shifts. They also slept within reach of a pump shotgun. It turned out that Eddie had collected three pump shotguns from the old stock auctioned off by the Federal Bureau of Prisons when they rearmed the guards. The guns were both old Winchester 1906 riot 12 gauge pump guns. Wes wanted one of them bad, but didn’t even bother to ask. He knew they were not for sale. No gun man in his right mind would sell a gun like it. Especially with the provenance those shotguns had. They were absolutely irreplaceable. Since they were literally loaded for bear, no one came of course.

Eddie: Well we were wrong, nobody wanted us.

Wes: (Smiling) These guys may be smarter than we thought.

Eddie (Into his phone) Lucille, what’s the word on the others?

Lucille: They are fine. I got a call from the protection unit a few minutes ago. One of them just walked through the door with a bag of Egg McMuffins and a dozen donuts. They should be at the office in an hour or so. There is a bit of a line for the shower, I would expect. My guess is May will take the longest.

Eddie: Good. Wes is here with me. We will head that way in a bit. When you stop by the office we have a lot to discuss. (He broke the connection.)

Wes: Well boss all’s well that ends well.

Eddie: You know better. This hasn’t ended. It’s only taken a left turn.

Wes: Couldn’t have said it better myself.


May: Jesus Christ Mike, did something die inside you.

May said that as Mike passed through the bathroom door.

May: God, how the hell am I supposed to take a shower with that smell?

Salina: Cut him some slack those meds do strange things to people. Speaking of that, I want you to hold onto them for me. I don’t trust myself to hold onto them.


Eddie and Mike arrived at the Hole in the Wall at 10:30 AM.

Eddie: I guess we are the first to arrive.

Wes: No, there is a security detail inside.

Eddie: What makes you think that?

Wes: Because it’s what I would do. They know we are coming by the CCTV so maybe they won’t shoot us.

The two of them opened the door and were greeted by two police officers in uniform and very much on guard.

Middle aged slightly paunchy police officer: Deputy Superintendent, I’m Patrol Sergeant Norris.

Eddie: I’m just Eddie now Sergeant. Do you know who broke into the place?

Norris: Not yet. The Detectives assigned to the case are on their way.

Wes: Damn Boss we got a Patrol Sergeant babysitting us and a Detective on the way to brief us, I had no idea we had this much juice.

Norris: Would you like for me to contact the safe house and have the others shuttled over?

Eddie: Let’s wait for the Detectives then we can start our day with a threat assessment.

Wes: If they are not safe, the others can work from home.

Eddie: That isn’t your call Wes. It isn’t even my call.

Wes: Yeah, I’m never gonna get used to working for big brother, the all seeing but never seen entity.

Eddie: I’m more used to that kind of thing, but I do miss the chain. Lucille being a cut out makes me nervous, I admit.

The door opens and a man in a suit, which fit way too well for him to be any detective Eddie had ever known.

Man in suit: Detective Rose. (Extending his hand to Eddie and Wes)

Eddie: So what you got?

Rose: Not a lot. No forensics to amount to anything. Lots of prints, but I doubt any are the bad guys. This was your classic black bag gone wrong. That bit of Kleenex saved your asses.

Eddie: No Wes saved our asses. How about the gate CCTV?

Rose: 3:10 AM a black SUV with no tags pulls through the gate. They knew the gate code. They must have known the camera wasn’t being monitored at night. They left through that same gate, with their hoods on at 4:22 AM. They didn’t appear to be armed. They seemed to want an in and out black bag with no muss no fuss.

Eddie: So you found microphones and something in our computer network. Did you find anything else?

Rose: No sir. I hope you backed up your files, because those computer hard drives are never going to be trustworthy again.

Eddie: Mike will know the answer to that, but don’t even bring that shit back in here. We will either close down, or they will bring in new computers and communications systems.

Wes: Good call.

Eddie: (desk phone rings) Hello Lucille.

Lucille: What’s going on?

Eddie: I got cops here now briefing me. Some DI named Rose is here now. Do you want to talk to him?

Lucille: I have a DCI on the way to our office to brief the Senator. Is Mike around?

Eddie: No and I haven’t talked to him. I don’t know what the bad guys got or what they did to our online backup. We may have to scrap it all and start over. You do know there are only two people who could have done this.

Lucille: Yeah, somebody in the government or Swamp Dogs. If the Swamp did it, they have gone rogue. It’s not like them to stage an attack on the US government.

Eddie: They were always rogue. How badly I don’t know, but I’m getting the sense that they made their own rules. It seems they answered to no one, but they have extremely loyal people, unlike us.

Lucille: Find their cracks.

Eddie: We are looking. You check your own house, or should I begin investigating the CIA.

Lucille: Of course not.

Eddie: I hear even at this time of year Cuba is hot. (Puts down the phone)

Wes: Do you think the others are in any danger.

Eddie: Of course they are, but how much I don’t know. Mike could have been a warning, but we can’t ignore it. He never signed up for that kind of thing. We can’t protect them all around the clock. So there is a decision to make.

Wes: Are you thinking about closing it down?

Eddie: That’s an option for sure. So is adding another layer of protection for the office.

Wes: What, cops?

Eddie: I had Church Camp in mind. (Both men laughed)

Wes: We could teach our guys to shoot.

Eddie: Can you really see Mike with a Glock?

Wes: You have a point. He would be just as likely to shoot Salina or one of us.

Eddie: Well, one thing for sure is add more cameras. None of them work alone in the office ever again. We can’t ride together any more. I’ll have to take one of the others.

Wes: Mike is not up to riding a lot of hours in a car at the moment. How about if we have to check on anything, I take Salina?

She was an Army Medic so she should know how to shoot a shotgun at least.

Eddie: Okay, but not one of my antiques. We go to Lucille and tell her we want weapons. If she says no, we go to Walmart and buy a couple of cheap shotguns for the office and the cars.

Wes: You got a handgun?

Eddie: Sure, but I don’t want to carry it. Of course, if I’m going to be responsible for May, I might rethink that. So we go with Mike as Information and Communications Director.

We are going to need a secure communications network. I know the NSA will be listening, so we need to use the burn phone system and a secure code for our emails and in town use. None of that computer encryption shit.

Wes: Okay, we can do that. But you have to explain how dangerous this might be, and give them the chance to quit.

Eddie: Yeah. You be thinking about what you want to do. I’m going to call Lucille and get the meeting set.

Eddie: (on the phone) Lucille, we need a meeting with everyone, even you here in the office. You are the one who can communicate with the safe house. It’s almost time for lunch, so how about this afternoon. I’m on the regular phone, so let me know.

Eddie and Wes went out to eat. They finished and were back in the office before Lucille called.

Lucille: Meetings at 3 PM. I figure we can talk to them and then give them the weekend to decide what they want to do.

Eddie: You know there are going to be some serious changes no matter what they decide.

Lucille: You gonna be everybody’s Uncle Eddie?

Eddie: Lucille, we all go home every night, you understand. We do whatever it takes to get them all home safe.

Lucille: Are you willing to make them killers like you and Wes?

Eddie: We all go home safe after work, no matter what it takes. If not, I bail right now.

Lucille: I’ll let you know what the boss thinks at four. I’m going to have to move the meeting back.

With nothing to do for two hours Eddie and Wes swapped stories. Wes’ were much better, but some of the ones from Eddie’s early days were good also. Those were the days before the Unified Law Enforcement Act was passed. The stories were hilarious, Wes agreed.

The cowboy image was more on Wes’ side, but there were a few reckless moments in Eddie’s career as well.

Wes: So tell me, how and why did you get hold of so many antique weapons?

Eddie: It was part of the Unformed Law Enforcement Act that a weapon manufactured more than a hundred years ago could be bought and sold without license or tracing number engraved on them as long as they aren’t fully automatic.

Wes: So that takes care of the Shotguns, but there were several racks of other weapons in your spare bedroom.

Eddie: I got a couple of 1903 Springfield rifles. They are also classified antiques.

Wes: Where did you find them?

Eddie: Believe it or not Rural Police Departments had them in their arsenals. Also the Federal Bureau of Prisons had a few that were retired for years, but had never been sold. That stash of weapons is my retirement plan.

Wes: So what else do you have hidden away back there?

Eddie: A couple of 1911 Colt .45 pistols. When the stock of Antique weapons ran out, I got a Class C dealer’s license.

Wes: You mean the baby dealer’s license.

Eddie: Under the used weapons registration law, I can buy and sell sporting weapons manufactured within the last hundred years, if they were manufactured more than fifty years, and are not military surplus. In other words I have to have a provenance on the weapons. Bureau of Prisons does not count as Military surplus, even if the rifle was manufactured under an army style contract.

Wes: Huh?

Eddie: I have two .30 cal carbines manufacture and stamped US Bureau of Prisons.

Wes: So if you bring out a handgun, is it going to be a hundred years old.

Eddie: Of course not. Probably the old .38 Detective Special Revolver.

Wes: A fucking wheel gun. That is really old school.

Just then Lucille wandered in, followed quickly by the troops.

Eddie: So what did the esteemed Senator say?

Lucille: See for yourself.

She handed Wes and Eddie each a badge and identification card.

Lucille: Welcome to the Federal Investigative Task Force specializing in Senate Investigations. The others stay on the Senator’s payroll as researchers. You two have permits to travel armed anywhere in the United States.

Eddie: So guys, here is the deal. We had a break in here. You all knew that. Thanks to Salina’s good eyes, I don’t think any of our sources were compromised. I am sure they took pictures of our whiteboards, so they know where we are headed.

Mike got run off the road and thank god he wasn’t killed. I think that if they wanted to do more than send a message, they would have come back and run over him a few times. That’s the good news. The bad news is they might next time.

You all know that Salina, Mike and Wes are all friends. Wes has volunteered to drive them both into work and take them home. However, if he is not available, you may call Lucille and she will arrange a secure ride for you to the office. When you are not working, I suggest that you be extra careful and vigilant. If you feel the need to go anywhere, call Lucille. If you in any way feel ill at ease call Lucille, Wes or me. This sounds serious because it is.

Finally, if anyone feels that they would rather not continue due to the danger, I will understand. Please take the weekend and be sure you wish to continue. Then call Lucille who will contact me or Wes about giving you a ride to work on Monday. From now on no one works in the office alone for any reason.

Now go back to the safe house in the police van and give this some thought.

Wes: Salina it isn’t necessary for you to go back to the safe house. The street gangs where you live have guaranteed your safety.

That left Mike and May in the safe house for the weekend. May said she was going back to her apartment. She was willing to take her chances. Mike did likewise.

Lucille: Well, go home and think about it. Be very careful where you go and what you do until Monday.

Lucille waited until everyone left except Eddie. Then she started on him.

Lucille: Tell me what you think is going to happen. What do you think is going to be the end game?

Eddie: I think we can’t find anything on the Swamp Dog. They worked out of the country and out of our jurisdiction. Unless we are invited in, there is nothing we can do. I’m sure they counted on that.

Lucille: So we are wasting our time and money investigating this.

Eddie: Not necessarily. You are going to need to do an end run, if you want to bring them before the bar. Prove that Church Camp was a domestic arm of Swamp Dog and that they broke the law. If we can do that we might have them.

Lucille: Is that what you believe?

Eddie: Yes finding Rose Seabold is the key. She is the only one of them all I think I can connect to a murder.

Lucille: How about you bring May to my house and I’ll fix dinner for us all. Of course you will have to deal with my husband and the kids.

Eddie: Ask May. I’m going to be her driver for this evening. If she is willing I will be more than happy to have a home cooked meal.

Lucille: I did not promise you home cooking. (Turning her attention to May) Would you like to have dinner with my family tonight? It might be a chance for us to clear the air.

May: Dinner’s fine, Confession is not fine.

Lucille: (Concerned look) Then come at seven.

Eddie: Maybe you should let the police follow you home and check your house. Just as a precaution.

Lucille: They can follow me home, but I have the greatest deterrent of all, two small children. No one in his right mind would lie in wait inside a house filled with kids.

Eddie did not tell her there was a way to handle that. A truly evil assassin would just kill everyone one and sit waiting in the blood for Lucille to return home. Eddie did not tell her, but he exchanged looks with the Sergeant in charge of the security detail.

May: I have decided that if I get horny, I’m going to screw one of the guys on the security detail. Otherwise, I’m staying home with the door bolted.

Eddie: Good call. If you have to screw someone, make it a cop. There would be hundred if not thousands of volunteers to choose from.

May: Is that some kind of a cop compliment?

Eddie: It’s a fact compliments sometimes are and sometimes they are exaggerations. This one was fact.

Lucille left for her home. She had already checked out of the senator’s office for the day. The security detail left with her leaving Eddie and May alone.

Eddie: So where do you want to wait till seven.

May: I guess my place you live too far away.

She gave him a coy smile which she could tell embarrassed him. He was about to explain why he wasn’t interested when she laughed. He knew then that it was part of the running joke from earlier.

Eddie: I hadn’t noticed your wicked humor before. I’m not sure I can deal with it.

May: No one here has seen it. I have to keep it under control or word would get around that I’m an evil slut.

Eddie: I don’t think you are evil at all.

May laughed quietly. It was hard to believe that Eddie hadn’t known what he left her with.



May: I’m going to take a shower. Make yourself at home. (May disappeared down the hall).

Eddie: I think I’ll watch the news on TV.

While May showered Eddie watched the news about a missing airplane. Then they switched to a story about the new Russian Confederation. They were still trying to consolidate their power after the last land grab. Eddie thought it served them right if they lost control to all those different ethnic groups. The US had their diversity due to immigration, so we could always send ours packing. The R.C. had nowhere to send them. It was just chaos there all the time, it seemed, since they began their land grab. The Russians were too heavy handed to control the diverse populations without violence. Some things never change, he thought.

May: (after 15 min) So what do you think?

She was wearing a short black dress with a halter top. It accentuated her slightly thick body, but all women did that in those days. Women had tried to hide their curves in the old days, but now they flaunted them.

Eddie: I think you are going to be mighty cold in that outfit. I also think it would be a bad idea to sit across from any man.

May: Well, if an old man like you thinks it’s too short, it is probably the right length.

Eddie: That’s twice you called your boss an old man. I hope you don’t do that at the D.O.J.

May: No, him I give a blow job now and then.

Again she laughed. That’s what made Eddie suspect that she was all talk. He figured, from having seen her interact with the people around her, that she was an unhappy bisexual female. Not surprising since she was sort of crazy at the time. Women and men were losing their sexual identities. Eddie knew it and even understood it, but thought it was just more shit they had to deal with.

Eddie was known to be asexual. He had long ago lost the need for any human contact. He was quite happy to be home working on his house or cleaning his weapons. People thought it had come about because he had lost a lover, or something equally dramatic. What really happened is he found peace learning to beat the biological imperative to reproduce. He made friendships, of a sort, but none of them were based on the need to spread his seed through the known world. He was way past that, or at least that is what he told himself.

May: So let’s go. We don’t want to keep the real boss waiting.

Eddie: The real boss is not going to be there, just his underling and us.


Wes had dropped Mike off at home. At that time Salina gave him back the pills his mother and the doctor had made available to him.

Salina: You probably need to stay out of the basement for a few days. Try wearing that running suit instead of jeans. They are softer, but keep your scrapes covered. Your mom can help you bandage them. Stay out of the shower as well.

Mike: Gotcha and thanks Salina. You really are an angel.

Salina: Not hardly Mike, but I’m glad I fooled you.

Mike walked into the house. Since he didn’t call first his mom wasn’t home. She probably stopped after work for a drink or a man, he thought. She probably wasn’t going to like the change in their status. It was past due so he wasn’t worried about the next step.


Wes and Salina went back to her place in the project. They were there much less than an hour when people started to show up. At one point in the evening there was a line in the hallway. It was a good thing that none of the Gangs had any business with her. It was very possible that Wes would have gone postal on them.

He frankly needed to kill someone. Wes had thought he was past that feeling, but he wasn’t and probably never would be. His destiny was to either die in battle or in a death chamber somewhere. He honestly liked to kill people. He kept it to evil people. It was indisputable that there was an endless supply of them. It was too bad he hadn’t known about the Swamp Dog earlier.

Salina insisted on skipping dinner to help the people at her door. Wes went outside to make a call on his cell phone. While out there he noticed the black kid in gang colors hanging out across from Salina’s building. He walked up to the kid in the chilled night air.

Wes: You wanna come in?

Kid: What?

Wes: It’s kind of chilly out here. Do you want to come in where it’s warm? It’s okay.

Kid: No man, if Red comes by and I’m not on guard out here, he will be pissed.

Wes: Okay kid. You got a name.

Kid: Moms calls me Leroy.

Wes: Well Leroy, tell Red that the angel’s cracker said thanks. You look out for yourself. There may be trouble here in the next few days.

The kid nodded as Wes made a phone call then walked back inside the building. Even after five years he still wanted a cigarette. He had quit smoking after a heart attack. He quit only because he promised someone special that he would. Even so, now and then, he had the urge.


It was 9 PM when Mike’s mother showed up at home drunk and alone.

Mike: So where you been?

Mom: Out trying to have some fun. You should try it. Besides, when did you become the parent here? This is still my house.

Mike: Actually it isn’t. I checked and I am on the deed. Dad’s Will left the house to both of us jointly. He really wasn’t sure he could trust your motherly instincts. You know all these years I just tried to avoid any confrontation with you, but now I need some things to change.

I am not going back to living in the dungeon. Salina tells me I should not be walking up and down those stairs till my ribs heal, so I’m going to stay in the guest room. And while I am recovering up here, you will not bring men home. If you want to have affairs fine, but don’t do it in MY house.

Mom: Who the fuck do you think you are?

Mike: I’m your son.

Mom: You owe me some respect, I gave you life.

Mike: And you owe me some respect. We are forced to live together so we are going to need some new rules. Tomorrow when you are sober we will decide where we go from here. Now go to bed.

Mom: It’s only 9 PM and I need another drink.

Mike: You have had enough to drink. Go to bed or I will tie your ass up and throw you in bed. I have had a rough couple of days and I’m not up for dealing with a fucking drunk, even if she is my mother.


Eddie found Lucille’s three story townhouse to be very uninviting. It was like everything had been on the pages of Better Homes and Gardens magazine the month before. It was all so decorator plastic. There were very few of her personal belonging on display. Every personal item had to be formal it seemed. There were no snapshots of Lucille and her banker husband. The walls were adorned with posed studio portraits. It was more than a little disconcerting to Eddie who was so open and natural it disgusted most folks.

On the other hand May loved it all. She walked around admiring everything. May went her own way and Eddie was just as happy that she did. He really was uncomfortable around her. She brought back old memories of a time in his life when he was like her. A man on the rise and consumed by the politics of sex and career advancement. Fortunately he had survived it and risen in the ranks. She might do so as well, but for every Eddie, there were a hundred retired patrolmen or detective sergeants.

Eddie found the children playing alone in their playroom. He was thrilled to see the rough wooden cars sitting on a shelf with all the fancy toys.

Eddie: Hello you two.

The kids came running to him. Even the little one who almost never spoke tried to say Uncle Eddie. It was heart warming. The older one showed him around the playroom. He picked up and handed Eddie several of the toys. He handed Eddie a Book. It was Cat in the Hat.

Eddie: You want me to read?

The older child nodded his head vigorously. The younger one did as well. The little one was most likely only mimicking his brother. Eddie had no idea why, but he found himself sitting on the floor back against the toy box reading the story. He got lost in the children’s excitement. So much in fact that he failed to notice Lucille and May standing in the doorway. May looked bored, but Lucille looked pleased with herself. Eddie didn’t like the looks on either of them, but for different reasons.

Lucille: Dinner is ready. I’m afraid it is nothing special.

Dinner proved to be very good. Of course not even Lucille could fuck up a steak. The baked potato might have been a disaster had May not jumped in to help. The kids got something resembling a burger and fries. It only appeared to be a burger because Lucille’s children ate very little meat. Chicken and dairy prevented it from being a vegetarian diet, but beef and pork were off limits.

Lucille: I’m sorry my husband had to go to a meeting. It happens often with him.

Eddie knew, and May suspected, that there were no banker’s meetings on a Friday date night. Lucille’s husband was either avoiding her friends, or he was out with his own. Either way it was fine with Eddie. May, however, would have enjoyed meeting Lucille’s husband. She would definitely have tried to charm him. He was an attractive man in all the pictures hanging on the wall at least.

After dinner and after the kids were put to bed the three adults were sharing a glass of wine, when Eddie raised the question of the five hundred pound elephant in the room.

Eddie: So May where do you intend to sleep tonight. I would feel much better if you didn’t stay alone in your apartment. Do you have someone you can call?

May burst into tears and ran from the room.

Eddie: (To Lucille) What did I say? It was a fair question.

Lucille: Men are such idiots. That question at a time like this reminds a woman that there is no one in her life she can trust.

Eddie: Then maybe she should stay with you.

Lucille: You bastard.

Eddie: What now?

Lucille: You just reminded me that with my life may be in danger and my husband can’t be bothered. That is another stupid thing to say.

Eddie: Okay, I’ll stay here till I get a chance to talk to your husband. I can bunk on the sofa.

Lucille: To be honest, I will feel better if you did stay. If he were here my husband wouldn’t be much help in an emergency.

Eddie: Unless it happened before you can’t be sure of that. When he gets here, if he seems competent enough to phone 911, I’m going to go home. So find May a bed for the night and I’ll see you Monday morning.

Lucille: Do you play poker?

Eddie: Everyone plays poker.

Lucille: Not my husband. I’ll get the cards and the chips.

They played a few hands before May joined them in just her almost nonexistent black dress. She sat across from Eddie but fortunately there was a table blocking his view.

Eddie: I’m glad we are playing for money and not clothes. May had almost nothing to bet with.

May: Maybe we should play strip poker. I have a feeling the boss here would win for sure. He is such a gentleman he is almost prissy.

Lucille: He may be a gentleman, but he is definitely not prissy. He is completely remodeling a house in the country.

May: Oh how wonderful, we will all have a weekend place.

Eddie: The hell you say. I bought that place five years ago. It was my get away till I pulled the plug. Now I’m trying to make it livable. All that work and money was not spent for you to drop in with your latest boyfriend.

May: Why not, I’ll bring the beer and not the boyfriend.

Eddie: You have had too much to drink May. Trust me, you would be disappointed. I’m twenty years older than you at least.

Lucille: You aren’t twenty years older than me, ten maybe.

Eddie: Fifteen at least.


Salina: God Wes.

Wes: What, you didn’t enjoy it?

Salina: Of course I enjoyed it. That is probably the best meal I ever had in this shitty apartment.

Wes: The Chef at Mike’s Irish Cantina owes me. I do have to admit it was delicious. I have no idea what the names are, so I just told him to fix what he would fix for his own girlfriend.

Salina: It was delicious for sure. I had no idea you could fuse Irish and Latin cooking. (Pause) What did you do for him?

Wes: I just brought his daughter home.

Salina: Were you a cop or something.

Wes: It was sorta like that. Let’s try that Irish Coffeecake.

Salina: Alright dodge the question so you can pretend to be the strong silent type.


Mike was up at midnight on his ipad knockoff trying to find something interesting to do. He couldn’t do much with just a Pad device. He wanted to get back on the computer at work and try to find out who his hacker was.

He roamed around a couple of adult chat sites and even a few porno sites while he tried to drink the beer. He would rather have had a joint, but he promised Wes and the Boss that he would stay away from the pot till the job was completed.


Mom: Michael, can I get you anything?

Mike: No Mom I’m fine.

Mom: Could we talk?

Mike: Sure, what’s the problem?

Mom: You are right about respect. I have been disrespectful and I am truly sorry. Going forward I promise I will try to find a way we can both be happy, since we are going to share this house.

Mike: Good, but for right now we have to be careful. The people who ran me off the road could be back to finish the job. I do not want you to be hurt, so please be careful who you go out with.

Mom: I promise no more strangers in the house.


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7 Responses to The Investigators Day 15

  1. jackballs57 says:

    Another day looking over their shoulder.

  2. KO says:

    I wouldn’t even want to imagine, let alone try to live, a life like that, looking over your shoulder all of the time!
    It’s developing nicely and with some intrigue sprinkled in to keep us on our toes!
    Keep up the great work and I hope your doing well!! 😀

  3. jackballs57 says:

    i posted a new chapter to my story today.

  4. cindypress says:

    been having problems with the admin functions here so I didn’t get to comment or approve a comment by George Brough. George straightened me out on my gun research about old pump shotguns in Eddies collections. I think him for it.

  5. cindypress says:

    there was another comment by a reader that went to moderation I couldnt get it approved but thanks for the comment.

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