The Investigators Day 19

By Cindy and Walt

Eddie learned about the Senator from a report on the TV.  The TV was in a cheap motel just off the Interstate headed into New England.  It was the 8 PM news on the real Foxnews channel not the talk shows that were opinions.  So he was sorta in the loop when his burner phone rang at nine.  

Eddie:  Hello

Lucille:  Have you heard the news?

Eddie:  Yeah, it was on the news.  I assume it was connected to our investigation.

Lucille:  Surprise of all surprises a politician did the right thing.  Of course now I’m out of job.

Eddie:  You won’t go hungry.  I trust you know where enough bodies are buried to find a soft landing.

Lucille:  Yeah me and the kids could never downsize to a share croppers house.

Eddie:  I know.  That’s why I didn’t ask.

Lucille:  So are you going looking for her?

Eddie:  Yes

Lucille:  You going to bring her back?

Eddie:  Only if she wants to come.  If not, I’m going to help her put it in the wind.

Lucille:  Good for you.  I figured we can keep the hounds at bay for a couple of more days at the very least.

Eddie:  I probably won’t need more than that.

Lucille:  To make Rose into someone else?  I’ll bet she can be out of there in an hour.  Anyway I can’t promise you that you will receive a hero’s welcome when you return.

Eddie:  Damn no parade?  Bummer.

Once they hung up Eddie checked his rifle case again and then returned his .38 chief’s special wheel gun to the lock box before turning in.  

He awoke early on the nineteenth work day of the Investigation.  Since he never could sleep well in strange beds waking early was easy.  He walked to the restaurant near the motel for breakfast and carry out coffee.  Then he walked back for a shower.  He skipped shaving as he often did since he retired.

He dressed in his new uniform of khaki work pants and a faded blue work shirt.  They were both still winter weight, as the weather wouldn’t be warm till after lunch.  He had a four hour drive, but that should put him at the edge of the national reserve.  Rose’s one hundred and fifteen acres touched on Maine’s share of the Appalachian Trail.


Back in DC Lucille was closing down the office.  She explained to Salina that she would intercede to keep her out of jail, but her clinic days were over.  However she felt sure that the catholic mission, only a few blocks from the project, could use some volunteer services.  She could even direct her former clients to it.  How she made a living was totally up to her.  The church wouldn’t be able to pay her.

Salina:  I’ll figure something out.  Thank you.

A few minutes later Lucille spoke with Michael.  

Lucille:  Mike I’m sorry we are shutting down this operation.  I’m sorry but I’m going to be out of work in a couple of weeks myself.  If you need a reference of any kind let me know.

Mike:  I’m thinking about trying my hand as a researcher.  Can I count on you for a good reference?

Lucille:  Absolutely.

Mike:  Where is May?

Lucille:  She is taking a few days off then she is going back to the DOJ.  She is the only one whose life is the same today as it was a month ago.

Mike:  I doubt it.  I think everyone changed some.

Lucille:  You know you are probably right.   

Lucille wondered if she would have tried to cover up the Senator’s crimes if she had not met her group of misfits.   She called Wes.

Wes:  So what bone do you have for me?

Lucille:  You are the luckiest of us all.  You got the brass ring.  (Looking at Salina)

Wes:  You are absolutely right.


Eddie drove until it was time for lunch.  He stopped in a roadside local fast food joint.  He took his burgers and went to sit in the parking lot.  He checked his voice mail on his real cell phone.

There was a message from May.  She was busy spending his money it seemed.  He thought about her.  She was young and attractive so what she wanted with him was hard to imagine.  He decided to just let it play itself out.

After the burgers he sat in the Econobox while he charted his course to Rose Seabold’s camp.  The hike would have him either in her house, in a tent somewhere lost on her acreage, or in a hole in the ground.

Thirty minutes later he left everything of any value locked in the trunk of his little car.  He walked in carrying a sleeping bag, a bag of trail provisions, his chief’s special and a .30 carbine of Korean War vintage.  He walked two hours until almost 5 PM.  

Rose Seabold:  You are trespassing.

Eddie looked up to the top of the ridge.  She was back lit by the afternoon sun.

Eddie:  You must be Rose Seabold.  Can I assume you have a couple of loads of buck shot for my ass, if you don’t like my answers?

Rose:  You may indeed.

Eddie:  Okay, what you want to know?

Rose:  Who are you and what are you doing here.

Eddie:  Until yesterday I was an investigator for the Senate Select Committee for the Investigation of the so called American Foreign Legion.

Rose:  Swamp Dog?

Eddie:  Right.  The senate can’t go after them for their work overseas, so they are investigating their domestic work.  In my investigations your name came up.  Needless to say finding you wasn’t easy.  

Rose:  So you are here to take me back?

Eddie:  Not really.  If you want to testify, I will do my best to see you get there safe.  But someone is trying to hijack my investigation.  I came to warn you that they may be on their way here.  As far as I’m concerned, you can take my phones and I’ll stay here till you make your arrangements and put your ass in the wind.

While she thought about it, he looked at her.  She was very unattractive.  Her skin was like leather and her hair was just like his, cropped short and no doubt done by herself.  Her clothes were dirty and looked as though they would be smelly.  

Rose:  Let’s go to my place while I try to decide what to do.  (She whistled and two spaniels of some kind came running.)  Lady, Tramp now y’all behave don’t chew his arms off, he is not a chew toy.  Don’t worry stranger they don’t have any teeth.  They have turned into damn fine squirrel dogs though.

Eddie:  Good to know.


What should have been Day 19 of the investigation turned out to be the last day.  After the team dissolved they went their separate ways.  Wes and Salina went to her apartment to clear out her things.  She and Wes had decided to share expenses.  By the end of day they had her meager belongings installed in his sparsely furnished apartment.


On that sunny afternoon Mike went for a ride on his scooter.  He found himself back at the “Hole In The Wall” office.  He was feeling a bit lost.  He really didn’t know where else to go so he went home.


May had a full sized bed delivered to the home belonging to Eddie.  She bought the bed with a frame to get it off the floor.  She didn’t get the full bedroom set.  She felt like that might be a little much.  Instead she bought two shoe box shelf sets, one for each of them.  She didn’t disturb his cardboard boxes, but the units would be ready when he returned to empty them.

May tried several times to reach him but he wasn’t answering his cell.  She knew that it could be for many different reasons.


Rose:  Okay I’m going to leave first thing in the morning.  I need to borrow your car just in case the people looking for me are as smart as your man.

Eddie:  Do you think it’s Swamp Dog?

Rose:  If it was Swamp Dog, I would already be dead.  It could be the government, a pissed off client, or someone whose toes I stepped on while doing the job.

Eddie:  Yeah, but they had access to my team.  That worries me.

Rose:  That is your problem.  Mine is to get lost again.

Eddie:  I’m going to forget you are traveling with two Springer Spaniels.

Rose:  Lady and Tramp are Brittany Spaniels.  They are smaller.  Still I thank you for not telling on me.  They would be hard to keep with me, if those looking knew about them.  

Eddie:  I know you always travel with just what you can carry, just so there are no leads.  So are you going to give me the keys to your car?  I’ll drive it home just so they follow a false trail.  

Rose:  If we are going to do that, let’s just go into town tomorrow and change the title and I’ll just disappear.  Give me an open title to your car and I’ll get it filled out later.

Eddie:  When you trade it?

Rose:  You are pretty good.  There is one more thing you can do for me………………

The end.

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sorry it is a mystery.
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41 Responses to The Investigators Day 19

  1. Walt says:

    The end has come and it has been a great ride. Thank you Cindy for the priviledge to assist you in the editing. I hope you can overcome the effects of your seizure and once again write another story for us. If you do, I will be here for you.


    • cindypress says:

      thanks walt I couldn't have done it without you. Do me one last favor I cant remember how to moderate word press if you can figure it out approve everything and answer the comments please

      Sent: Friday, May 23, 2014 at 3:09 AM From: "Maxine's New LIfe part 2" <> To: Subject: [Maxine’s New LIfe part 2] Comment: "The Investigators Day 19"

      • cindypress says:

        Trying this out to see if it works. However I have the feeling the reply may be from Cindypress rather than me. Yes I approved two people this morning and another one just now.


    • Magi says:

      It was interesting to see the different writing styles. I liked them both, but as a guy I was more in tune to walts version. It made me wonder how things would have been different if Cindy would have written it.
      Walt, do you have any stories on SOL?


  2. The Mage says:

    Thanks Cindy and Walt! It, in deed has been a great ride but all thing must end sometime.

    I do hope that you overcome your health problems. Always remember that we are all here for you.

    Best wishes,
    The Mage 😀 🙂

    • cindypress says:

      thank you and you have always been here

      Sent: Friday, May 23, 2014 at 3:24 AM From: "Maxine's New LIfe part 2" <> To: Subject: [Maxine’s New LIfe part 2] Comment: "The Investigators Day 19"

  3. Fred Bayliss, Ellesmere, England says:

    Thank you for the stories I have enjoyed them

    I also hope you can overcome your health problems

    Kind regards
    Fred Bayliss

  4. jackballs57 says:

    Thanks Cindy for the great stories. The ride has been great and a fun one. You will always be in our prayers. Best wishes, Stay safe, Get well. Thanks for everything you have done. Keep in touch when you can. Jack

  5. garydan says:

    Words can’t express how grateful I am for your sharing your stories with us Cindy.
    I know many of us readers are older with our own health problems and your stories have many times been the best part of my day, got me focused, and on to other daily activities that keep me going.

    Fare Thee Well Cindy.
    “Parting is such sweet sorrow”

    P.S. A special thanks to Walt for editing Cindy’s stories & I supsect he provided personal encouragement and support as well. I am certain that without him (and Cindy’s uncle as of late) the stories would have ended much sooner and we may never have met Rose Seabold.

    • cindypress says:

      I will break a rule and tell Uncle Fred you like his part at the end. I have read his part and the tone changed but the characters did stay true to the end.

      Sent: Friday, May 23, 2014 at 8:13 AM From: "Maxine's New LIfe part 2" <> To: Subject: [Maxine’s New LIfe part 2] Comment: "The Investigators Day 19"

  6. Margie says:

    Thank you so much for all of your stories thru the years. I also wish you the very best of what you have, and the chance to be better with time and effort. Thanks also to Walt and your uncle for helping finish the story off for you (and us readers!). The dedication of the three of you was great. Best wishes.

  7. Teflon says:

    Thank you, Cindy and Walt. It has been great fun. Cindy, I hope you get well soon.

    • cindypress says:

      thank you I appreciate it

      Sent: Friday, May 23, 2014 at 8:38 AM From: "Maxine's New LIfe part 2" <> To: Subject: [Maxine’s New LIfe part 2] Comment: "The Investigators Day 19"

  8. buffalo says:

    What can I add to the above. It has been something that I look forward to and will miss a great deal. I too hope that the physical problems can be dealt with and you can return to writing. Until that time take care and we will remember the great adventures you have taken us on.

    • cindypress says:

      I think i had the most fun writing it. But im glad you enjoyed it

      Sent: Friday, May 23, 2014 at 8:51 AM From: "Maxine's New LIfe part 2" <> To: Subject: [Maxine’s New LIfe part 2] Comment: "The Investigators Day 19"

  9. Ray Autry says:

    Your stories have been a great pleasure to me. I think that you should have them published, you are a great writer. I hope that your health improves and I wish you the best in life that there is. I will miss you and your stories, but you have to take care of yourself. Good luck and have a happy life.

    • cindypress says:

      thank you ray take care of yourself as well

      Sent: Friday, May 23, 2014 at 8:58 AM From: "Maxine's New LIfe part 2" <> To: Subject: [Maxine’s New LIfe part 2] Comment: "The Investigators Day 19"

  10. Shooter says:

    Thank you for all your stories and your ability to instill a lot of “country girl” smarts and common sense into the story line. It has been a pleasure for me and many others to follow you over the years as one strong female character after another dealt with various scenerios that were more realistic than one would normally find in a fictional account. All in all, you did a magnificent job for an ole mountain gal and let the rest of us old fogies follow along. Best of luck on the health issues and know that we all are pulling for you. Y’all come, ya heah.

  11. KO says:

    Awwww DANGIT! I just didn’t want to see it end, no matter how it turned out! 😦
    I, like everyone else, want to say a heartfelt “THANK YOU” for all of the sories you have shared with us since you started writing! It has indeed been a wonderful ride and we’re all thankful for the time and effort that you have invested in sharing yourself with us!!
    Take care of yourself Cindy and if you ever feel up to writing again, I’ll be checking your site from time to time, hopeful, that you’ll feel up to it at some point.

    Here’s wishing you good health and a long life! You’ll continue to be in my thoughts and prayers!

    And of course a thanks to Walt for his efforts to keep us reading also! 😉

    Guess I’ll go back to the beginning and reread everything once again . . . 😀

  12. Gary Kellam says:

    Dear Cindy,

    I’m a hypnotherapist who has worked with many clients with neurological difficulties. We now know so much more about overcoming them than we did years ago. One of the most important things to know, if you want to overcome them, is that there is a period just after the event that caused the difficulty when the brain is physically recovering from the shock. During this period, attempts to regain previous memories, abilities, etc., are often not very successful, but if one persists, looking for when the recovery from the shock is over, then it is very, very likely that one can regain what one had before.

    People who had strokes 20 years earlier can regain many abilities they thought they had lost.

    An excellent book to help you have the confidence that you, too, can do it – although it’s also a little outdated by now – is “The Brain That Changes Itself” by Dr. Norman Doidge.

    Believe me, there are newer and newer techniques all the time that give better and better results. And we know more and more about the brain’s ability to repair itself. For example, the brain can actually produce stem cells that are able to replace damaged synapses.

    Part of what is required for regaining abilities is simply the confident belief that you can.

    Please feel free to get in touch with me if you would like more information that might be more specific to your difficulties.

    All the very best,

  13. Mr. T. says:

    Cindy, What can we as readers say, besides a heart felt “thank you” …
    It has been one fantastic ride. I did have one fleeting thought though.

    You could imitate “real life” by giving us occasional sighting reports of Rose as she continues
    to evade her pursuers. The sort of snippets we saw and heard about D.B. Cooper for instance.
    Well, you get the idea.
    It might provide a bit of extra entertainment for you as well, to ‘scratch that itch’ to continue writing…
    And as you know, the readers that subscribed to the WordPress site will still receive email notification that you have once again posted an update.
    All the best.
    Mr. T.

    • cindypress says:

      Cindy has asked me to reply for her. I’m sure everyone knows she greatly appreciates all of your comments. I also thank all of you who mentioned me and I too appreciate your comments.

      While Cindy may not be able to do long stories, she did indicate to me that she may try some short flash stories. As Mr. T suggested if you are on email notification by Cindypress you will know when she does write. If you are not signed up for the email you should do so or you can write me and I will keep a list for notifications.

      Also a reminder that I have some of her stories saved on my personal website (so you don’t have to worry about baddies). If I find more of her past stories I will add them to the group. They are located at


    • cindypress says:

      an excellent idea

      Sent: Saturday, May 24, 2014 at 12:50 AM From: "Maxine's New LIfe part 2" <> To: Subject: [Maxine’s New LIfe part 2] Comment: "The Investigators Day 19"

  14. auldmac says:

    Again thank you for sharing so much with us. To me you have become like a beloved relative that lives half a world away that I love hearing from and about, but have become to old, the trip to long and the fiances to steep for me to travel and see.

    Much love Bonnie Lass.

    PS thank you Walt for keeping the home fires burning.

  15. Allan says:

    Hi Cindy and Walt,

    I want to express my thanks for the stories you have given us readers and for all of the time and effort you have put into them. Cindy I want to let you know how much your stories meant to me. Because of my own illness and my relocating to a new country some years back I do not have much interaction with outer people outside of my wife, my son and the nurses that I see at the hospital every two days. I have looked forward to reading your stories at first every day and then later as you posted them. Your stories were a bright point in my life. I followed your health problems as you informed us of them. I did not post as frequently as some of your fans but that in no way reflects how much I loved your storytelling. I consider you a dear friend who I have not met. I hope you recover to the point that you can enjoy writing again. Until that time I will miss your presence in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the joy and happiness you have brought me. I will continue to send good thoughts for yorr health and recovery.


    • cindypress says:

      You are going to make me cry. I enjoyed writing them more than anyone can imagine. I can look back and see something positive from my last two years. Of that I am proud.

      Sent: Sunday, May 25, 2014 at 2:28 AM From: "Maxine's New LIfe part 2" <> To: Subject: [Maxine’s New LIfe part 2] Comment: "The Investigators Day 19"

      • Allan says:

        I’s OK to cry I was both smiling with found memories and crying like a baby when I wrote it. Meant every word, Very glad to read from Walt that you may ve feeling well enough to to try some short stories.


  16. The Mage says:


    I was thinking about your not being able to write your stories on a computer for the time being and had a thought. Have you tried to just laying back and talking into a recorder of some sort? Then your uncle or Walt could transcribe the recordings. The reason I’m suggesting this is your last comment above.

    Thinking of you,
    The Mage. 🙂

  17. OK_Shadeaux says:

    I have greatly enjoyed your tales from the Deputy Porter days, so I’ll just reflect all the thoughts of your other loyal fans with wishes and prayers of restful times followed by a speedy recuperation. Gary’s thoughts on your situation may be the most helpful. Godspeed on your new journey. Richard

  18. Newdust says:

    Hi Cindy and Walt,
    The reading has ended but the stories linger on. I started by reading Trippin then went back and read you other long story. And have read every story of yours since.
    It has been a great read and a great ride. I am looking forward to some of the short stories you may publish.
    May your health improve as the days pass. You will forever be in my thoughts and prayers.
    Walt thanks for stepping up.
    Be well, , , , John

    • cindypress says:

      for me thanks cindy

      Sent: Tuesday, May 27, 2014 at 11:39 AM From: "Maxine's New LIfe part 2" <> To: Subject: [Maxine’s New LIfe part 2] Comment: "The Investigators Day 19"

    • cindypress says:

      Thank you Allan and Newdust for your comment.

      Cindy…I approved two new posters, OK_Shadeaux and Salty. Welcome to both of you.


  19. oldsilvertip says:

    With peripheral neuropathy my handwriting went to hell. Then a couple of years ago my typing skills eroded from 75wpm to about 10 to 15wpm. Now with a parkinsons type of onset, ( thank you Monsanto) keyboarding is a real chore. Enter Dragon. A friend of mine sent me a copy of Dragon. Although I don’t have it loaded on this machine (i’m in hunt and peck mode right now) I do use it a lot on my indoor pc. Even though in everyday conversation I need to repeat often, or have Helen the Child Bride(tm) as my interpreter, Dragon works pretty durn good. I don’t have any financial interest in the software. (thought a disclaimer was needed after all that) At any rate, since you had mentioned a hand eye coordination thing, It might work a bit for you.

    Now for the kudos, you Rock Cindy. I am a definite fan of both you and Walt. Thank you so much for sharing your stories with us, for creating the pathways for our minds to wander through. It’s been a real trip. So far. Hopefully Someday we’ll find out what the one more thing is that Eddie can do for Rose. God bless you Cindy.


    • cindypress says:

      I do appreciate the kid words of all my friends. It has been a great ride for me as well.

      Sent: Friday, May 30, 2014 at 2:33 AM From: "Maxine's New LIfe part 2" <> To: Subject: [Maxine’s New LIfe part 2] Comment: "The Investigators Day 19"

  20. demitheus says:

    Sorry to see you stop writing nearly every day, it must be hard as you put so much of yourself in it.
    I have been reading your work since the 3rd chapter of Maxine, loved every chapter and being in poor health and over 60 I can understand having to give up things you enjoy because your body won’t let you.
    Don’t give up, you just might get a spurt of the old fever and crank out yet another great yarn.

    Ever waiting and hoping the best for you,

    • cindypress says:

      thank you one never knows

      Sent: Saturday, May 31, 2014 at 5:01 PM From: "Maxine's New LIfe part 2" <> To: Subject: [Maxine’s New LIfe part 2] Comment: "The Investigators Day 19"

  21. Allan says:

    Hi Cindy Walt or whoever is reading this for Cindy. just a quick note to Check in and wish Cindy wll. Please let her know that I am thinking of her and wishing her well. I hope that she is felling well and is able to enjoy her time. Thanks again for all the stories and keep fighting.

    If you are able let me know how you are feeling.


    • cindypress says:

      Allan — Sorry I’m late responding. Got an email from Cindy. She read your comment and appreciates it.

      For Everyone – She is doing ok health wise but she still has problems with the memory which is keeping her from writing. I’ll keep everyone posted as I hear from her.


      • Gary says:


        Seriously, if Cindy will start to sing out loud every story she has written, this is now known to retrieve and restructure both memory and the mirror neurons that work with language and communication.

        Since Cindy wrote those stories, singing them can evoke the memory of the kinaesthetic movements involved with the writing of the stories, and the memories of the stories themselves can be retrieved.

        You can look this up; it’s been established to work. What has she to lose, and what has she possibly to gain by doing this for a while?


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