Maxine’s new life

This is an adult soap opera updated daily.

20 Responses to Maxine’s new life

  1. ted says:

    this may be a “max” site. you just tell the story and i will tell you wheather i like it or not. ted

  2. Twinki says:

    I came here because SOL was always way back in time.
    Today I read episode 370 there and it is still 369 here. What gives?
    Not that I am complaining but I love reading about Maxine’s life and can’t wait to read the latest episode.

    • cindypress says:

      I post here first thing every morning.. since I post there every ten episodes it can be any time of the day. I actually start the next episode right after I post that days. So it will be finished sometime between noon and five or six.

      Usually sol is after I finish here. Yesterday I just decided to get Sol over with early. No conspiracy rofl/

  3. Ryan says:

    Wanted to reply to your story but had trouble finding a way, so this will have to do. The following is an excerpt from the story:

    ***I slept all night, something I couldn’t even manage at home. Of course at home I didn’t have a catheter in my bladder either. I didn’t care for the feeling of it, but it did make life easier. I could only imagine how interesting it would be to have one of those while I drank beer in a bar.***

    Just wanted to provide some info. I am a paraplegic, and use catheters. Just so you know, it is impossible to get drunk while using an indwelling (Foley) catheter. The alcohol doesn’t stay in your body long enough to be absorbed. I could probably explain in more technical detail, but it isn’t that interesting, only the fact one can’t get drunk with it is interesting to know.

  4. Von_In_Your_Mind says:

    You need a proof reader badly. Almost every chapter has some word that is not in context. It is likely an auto correct issue with your word processor or you thinking one thin while you write another. How many hours do you toil over all you write to have it become less for the simple lack of a proof reader?

    • cindypress says:

      what you see is what you get, take it or leave it. They don’t pay me enough to worry about it.

      • Rick says:

        I’m sure that there are plenty of readers that would be happy to proofread/copy-edit for you. If nothing else, you can ask on SOL. I’d offer, but my work schedule is too full right now.

      • cindypress says:

        I really do appreciate the comment and the offer but to be honest I proof for continuity and the rest I don’t bother too much with. The people who read it have learned to overlook my poor skills. It’s all in fun since I have no desire to be a world class writer. I write just to keep the wheels turning in more or less the right direction.

  5. derek says:

    Keep up the good work,.

  6. Chuck says:

    I must have missed the posting. You seem to be back to normal after letting Max go. Thanks for the new story.

  7. Vette Man says:

    Kind of a confusing or difficult read due to grammar and spelling errors. But, once you get past that, it’s an excellent story! 🙂 The thing is, grammar and spelling can be corrected, no problem. What I enjoy about the most about this story is your creativity and imagination. That’s why I read it! 🙂 Can’t wait for the next installment errors and all 🙂

  8. KiwiChris says:

    Read final chpt on SOL. Loved the twist at the end with the factory. Didn’t see it coming. Two big thumbs up from me. Are you writing commercially? I would happily pay for this level of story?

  9. your story is great…spelling and shit? not so much

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